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Yami Bakura event get delayed!
update 18/01/2017
3/22Wonders of the Sky pack notes
KC Report 2
Two Fusion Dragons deck updated
Yami Bakura event page
3/21KOG decks forum for current session
Yugi Muto farm pages updated:
How to farm Lv30
How to farm Lv40
Wonders of the Sky card pages updated
3/20SD's decks updated:
SD Lvl 51
SD Lvl 57
Yugi Muto farm pages updated:
Dino against Lv30
Cerberus against Lv40
3/19Yugi Muto event pages updated:
3/18New card set: Wonders of the Sky updated.
Latest news
3/17New card set: Wonders of the Sky
Reroll Tier List updated
Best Cards updated
Card Sets overview
Yugi Muto event pages updated:
3/16Yugi Muto event pages:
3/15Yami Bakura pages:
Back Row Destruction deck
Advanced Guide updated
3/13Special Duels page updated
Sword and Balloon deck
Best Decks page updated
Advanced Guide
Best Decks page updated
High Score Scorpion updated
DARK D.D.deck
3/12KC Cup top decks page updated
3/11Best Decks page updated
Standard Duelist Lvl 57 page updated
3/10Best Cards page updated
Special Duels page updated
Double Union Attack for Keith lv40
Special Duels page updated
Lv40 Bandit Keith farm page
Standard Duelist Lv51
Meta information (Mar, 2017)
3/9Relinquished by King Halo
KC Cup Top Decks updated
Stage 58-59
Special Duels page updated
Lv40 Bandit Keith farm page
Pumer Deck
3/8Stage 54-57 Updated
Serket deck to farm Yugi Muto Lvl 40
Special Duels (Mar 13-Mar 21)
Auto duel decks and tips
Lvl51 SD's decks
3/7Stage 51-53 Updated
High Score Cerberus Deck updated
Dino Kingdom Deck updated
3/4 KC Cup decks.
KC Cup
3/3 Valkyrie's Rage individual card pages updated.
Spirit Deck.
3/2 Valkyrie's Rage overview and playstyles.
Reroll Tier List updated.
Notable Cards updated.
3/1Pages of each card from Valkyrie's Rage being updated.
KC Cup updated.
New stage missions & level rewards will be unlocked .
2/28Valkyrie's Rage released.
2/27Leaked information updated.
Some Card Trader cards removed.
Double Gate Keys & Gold Campaign.
KC Cup Release.
2/25Vietnamese 2017 Spring tournament decks shared with GameA.
Relinquished deck updated.
2/24Skill section added to the main page.
2/23Leaked information updated.
KOG's decks [Feb 20 ~ 27] updated.
KC Cup updated.
Tips for farming LDs updated.
Patch 1.3.0 notes.
2/22How to beat/farm Tea Lvl 40 updated.
The following deck pages updated:
2/20New Harpy deck added.
Card Trader page updated.
2/19List of icons updated.
2/18Character details pages updated.
2/17Updated card list pages:
Updated farming tips pages:
Updated guides:
2/16Tips for farming LDs updated.
The following pages updated:
2/15The following pages updated:
2/14Overviews added to all monster types pages. See "Card List" section below.
Some posted questions published.
Insect Uprising: deck recipe updated.
2/13How to beat/firm Weevil Lvl 40 updated.
Auto Duel deck guide published.
New duel reward cards page updated.
2/12Ritual Level 6 Auto Duel deck updated.
Some monster type pages updated.
2/11The following pages updated:
2/10The following pages updated:
Card sleeves and Gamemat page updated.
Amazoness: deck recipe updated.
2/9The following decks added/updated:
Meta deck information page added.
Fairy: Monster Type page updated.
2/7The following decks added/updated:
How to get drop skills page updated.
The following Pegasus event pages updated:
2/6The following decks added/updated:
New upcoming cards for Legendary Duelists added.
2/4Reroll (pack card) tier list updated.
The following new deck added/updated:
The following decks to farm Pegasus Lvl 40 updated:
Deck database updated.
2/3The following Pegasus event pages updated:
New pack: Flame of the Tyrant available.
Overview of available cardsets updated.
The following decks added/updated:
1/31The following decks added.
Set card list: Flame of the Tyrant page updated.
Leaked information page added.
1/303 hours maintenance is schduled!
Reroll tier list updated.
Card Trader got 5 new cards.

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You need to adjust your thought. Because the AI seems to know what you wanted the most and decide...
i am so upset that yugi muto didn't drop even 1 union attack but i have been fighting lv.30 ...
I see this more of a Zombie type rather than Fiend type.

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