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update 25/10/2016

Gladiator Beast Andal

Gladiator Beast Andal
Monster TypeBeast-Warrior
Card typeNormal
ArchetypesGladiator Beast


This one-eyed warrior bear is an aggressive hunter that strikes down its prey with the powerful swipes of its claws. No one can bear the brunt of his tremendously fast and heavy blows.

How to Get

PackGalactic Origin [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Strong ATK stats.
  • Can be easily summoned to the field without any tributes.


  • Normal monster does not have any effects.


  • This Gladiator Beast is a good to defend your field and buy you some turns into drawing your Gladiator Beasts combo.
  • This monster is also a very strong Normal monster to be used alongside Vorse Raider or Knight of the Red Lotus combo decks.

Archetype Support

This field spell is specifically tailored for Gladiator Beasts, and it increases their ATK and DEF by 100 for every Special summon counters this card has. The counter increases for every Special summon conducted by either players.

Grants the Gladiator Beast the ability to destroy 1 Spell/Trap during End Phase after it attacks. This card will return directly to your hand if the equipped Gladiator Beast is returned to your deck.

Negates activation of Spell card and destroys it, but you need to return 1 Gladiator Beast monster from your hand to your deck as cost. This is useful to prevent cards like Enemy Controller, Super Rush Headlong, Tribute to the Doom, and even Ritual Spell cards.

Negates activation of trap card and destroys it, but you need to return 1 Gladiator Beast monster from your hand to your deck as cost. This is useful to prevent Floodgate Trap Hole that can jeopardize your Gladiator Beasts’ effects.

Use this cards to increase your draw power. This is particularly useful to shuffle unwanted Gladiator Beasts back to your deck because their Special summon is from your deck.

Normal Monster Support

Andal can also be used in Normal monsters deck and will benefit from these cards.



Gladiator Beasts



Hot New Top
GB Andal Lover
No one can bear the bear =w=

I like Bear Andal it's really cute
<< Anonymous(GB Andal Lover)
Not a bear Reply
I’d give him a big fat hug
<< Anonymous(GB Andal Lover)
Jet Reply
He almost eat Syrus today
why this non effect normal monster with 1.9k attack is worth rating A+ . sorry i am new in Yugioh duel link. Other gladiator beast with effect such as Gladiator Beast Laquari only B+ with attk 2.1k if s.summon by gladiator beast effect. is shuffling back to deck is mandatory for gladiator ?
<< Anonymous(Viper)
Anonymous Reply
all you have to know for today Viper is that Naicha is milk tea.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Joey's Field of the Warriors ability makes it a 2100/1700. As long as Order to Charge is still one of the more consistent removal cards, normal beat sticks will always have a place.
<< Anonymous(Nostalgia)
Worms4lifeyo Reply
I'm still here tho'.

Worms rule!!!!1111
<< Anonymous(Nostalgia)
Worms4lifeyo Reply
I'm still here tho'.

Worms rule!!!!1111
Better vanilla beater than Vorse Raider
Hey guys go and check out if you want to get good at dueling! xD
Is this card even gladiator beast? LOL
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Are you even a human being?
Beruang Andalanku
Naicha = milk tea!!!
google says Naicha = milk tea!!!(Chinese to English)
this Naicha must be asian!? but how??? that doesn't make sense?! He uses difficult vocabulary, Asian American??
<< Anonymous(hmmmm....)
Anonymous Reply
You are a quack then if you can't see through this simple deception. There's no real naicha in this particular thread.
<< Anonymous
hmmmm.... Reply
That naicha is real you know what I bet your not the real Anonymous you're just some copycat wannabe
<< Anonymous(hmmmm....)
Anonymous Reply
Ohh? An anonymous copying an anonymous? Do you really think you IMPRESSED me here?
<< Anonymous
hmmmm.... Reply
I'm so sick of everyone copying and stealing names why can't you just be your own person just leave anonymous alone it's not funny grow the up
Gladiator Beast Anal
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
hmmmm.... Reply
please delete first character from the left.. I don't want to see any of it, just the long thing on the right :)
<< Anonymous(hmmmm....)
Anonymous Reply
Y <=====8
I pulled 2 of these (one from free SR deal, and one gem-drawn), but I'm not that happy? Why do I feel this sudden emptiness? Is this really just a beatstick that after a period of time will get powercrept to oblivion? :(
<< Anonymous
Dr. Quack Reply
Dr Keke Odin or spelltemple to cure that emptiness in your heart. Thank me later.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not really, I find it very useful in a GB deck. It is one of the strong ATK GB that can hold your field before you get those Fusion GB out. 3 Laquari is not enough honestly.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
+ He can be used as 1 of the GB to get your boss GB out, goddamn, other tech GBs can't even do what he does which is to stay on the goddamn field with less reliance on protection.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Okay thanks. I'm not really planning on making a GB deck, and I just realized now that this card has a "Gladiator" archetype on it. I might as well try the deck if it will pique my interest. :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no , voli has that gleaming white majestic fur, while this fella is all dark in complexion, it's not aesthetically pleasing in the eyes unlike voli
When full moon is out, Vorse Raider turns into this werebear LOL

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It is so hilariously ironic how Aster complained about people copying his deck in the english dub...
I heard that Yubel is rumored to be the next new GX character released after Zane.
You do notice that Duel Links' appeal at launch was the fact that it was made around an olds...
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