Stage 27-32

From Stage 27 to 32, Standard duelists use Lvl 27 decks.

Brutality LVL 3

Burning Damage

Burning Damage Lvl: 27

Monster Cards xQTY
Flash AssailantFlash Assailant
Parasite ParacideParasite Paracide
Spell Cards xQTY
Final FlameFinal Flame
Trap Cards xQTY
Attack and ReceiveAttack and Receive3
Skull InvitationSkull Invitation3

Circus Trick

Circus Trick Lvl: 27

Monster Card x9
Dream ClownDream Clown3
Crass ClownCrass Clown3
Blade RabbitBlade Rabbit3
Spell Card x10QTY
Trap Card x11QTY
Windstorm of EtaquaWindstorm of Etaqua3
Curse of AnubisCurse of Anubis3
Labyrinth of NightmareLabyrinth of Nightmare3

Fusion Plants

Fusion Plants Lvl: 27

Monster Card x15
(Fusion monster x5)
Darkworld ThornsDarkworld Thorns3
Feral ImpFeral Imp2
Silver FangSilver Fang2
Flower WolfFlower Wolf3
Rose Spectre of DunnRose Spectre of Dunn2
Spell Card x10QTY
Vile GermsVile Germs3
White Elephant's GiftWhite Elephant's Gift3
Centrifugal FieldCentrifugal Field1
Trap Card x0QTY

Insect Multiplication

It's All Traps

It's All Traps Lvl: 27

Monster Cards x0QTY
Spell Cards xQTY
Trap Cards x20QTY
Attack and ReceiveAttack and Receive3
Embodiment of ApophisEmbodiment of Apophis3
Judgment of AnubisJudgment of Anubis2
Windstorm of EtaquaWindstorm of Etaqua2
Tiki SoulTiki Soul3

Mokey Mokey

Reverse Trap

Ritual Summon


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so when is konami planning on adding a level option for standard duelists so i dont have to get stuck with bullshit lv33 decks that sacks broken 1-of cards on the first turn every game. ive said this numerous times on every survey already: fix your game and get rid of all the standard duelists lv27 and over so i can go back to playing against lv20 duelists when it was actually fun. i refuse to use boring ass counter decks with a dead cosmic cyclone just because you dont know how to put in a level option that shouldve been in the game from the start. put level select in the goddamn game konami you braindead trashass company. holy shit
<< Anonymous(alexsingagliarulez)
Anonymous Reply
build a deck with 10-12 random level 4 beater , 2 position changer, 3 monster removal, 3 backrow removal, and 1-2 specific counter (straight flush for level 27, reverse trap for level 33 & 39). then do auto duel, enjoy your winning.
Circus trick is the worst, i'v lost countless times against it.
If he picks the right hand there is nothing you can do
<< Anonymous
Mattyice Reply
I just won... all I did was let his deck run out of cards
<< Anonymous
Sojiro Reply
There were some weakness of Circus Trick:
- They don’t have tribute monsters
- They don’t have spell/trap card negate/destroy
- They just destroy your monsters, not their own

My solve:
I use these cards:
- Lava Golem
- Wall of Disruption
- Draining Shield
- Massivemorph
- Straight Flush
- Jar of Avarice
- Cup of Ace
- Solemn Wishes
- Enemy Controller

Just use as you need
<< Anonymous(Sojiro)
Anonymous Reply
Or just wait until we get Jinzo (which should be soon).

Lv27 SD Decks like Circus Trick, It's All Traps, and Reverse Trap, completely relies on their Trap card to function (Labyrinth of Nightmare in Circus Trick's case). Jinzo easily and completely stop those Traps, and make those decks crumble apart.
<< Anonymous
Sojiro Reply
Jinzo just negate trap’s effect, nor monsters’ effect, if you have Angel07(negate monsters’ effect) and Jinzo(negate trap’s effect) in the field, problem solved, but both of them need 2 tribute monsters. So i choose the simplier solve
I've been playing for a year now and still staying on stage 31, only to unlock Lv. 40 LD and just because these SD are the easiest to auto duel with.
Playing against circus trick is a real tragedy
<< Anonymous
NitroCheese Reply
I am slightly triggered by that pun
<< Anonymous(NitroCheese)
Anonymous Reply
You got pun-ished
How to defeat the ritual deck plz tell
<< Anonymous(Genius Gennoh)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Easy, Black Horus dragon works if you can level it up quickly. Lv 7 can cancel trap cards. Also, I’ve used a blue eyes summoning deck with restart and a silent magician deck and have yet to lose. Fusion decks work okay as well. Traps such as curse of Anubis and floodgate trap hole work great
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I meant cancel spell cards
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The ritual deck is only hard if it gets a ritual into the field and then equips it with Ritual Weapon.

Otherwise, the deck isn't tough at all, the deck's max ATK without Ritual Weapon is only 2000 lol
If you're still having trouble with Circus Trick, just fill your deck with Tenkabito Shien (you can get it via Card Trader), E-Hero Wildheart, Trap Jammer, and Straight Flush. Fill the rest of your deck with normal monsters with 1500+ ATK and DEF (to bypass Curse of Anubis and to ensure they wouldn't be beaten in combat while in defense) and spell/traps that can destroy traps and hopefully set cards, and you should be good, even with Auto-Duel. Yes, compared to other decks of this stage, Circus Trick is *far* ahead. Still, just push ahead, and once you reached Stage 33, you won't have to worry about this deck ever again. Making a separate deck might be annoying... but this is the stuff you will be doing to farm Lv40 Legendary Duelists anyway.
Right now, until Jinzo is obtainable, the best way to deal with Circus Trick is to start the duel, immediately surrender, and move to the next standard duelist.

Saves a lot of time.
3 anubis and 3 etaqua sure is OP, now I know why Konami limited both to 1 copy for us players
I cant wait to build my own circus trick deck for pvp.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Go for it!
Why is Espa Rona not playable. Why. So horrible. His data is already there. He'd murder those cancer circus and reverse trap decks so easily.
The Reverse Trap deck can be really annoying too if you can't deal with it fast enough. Reverse Trap in particular, if you can't counter or lock it down, you'll ends up hitting into a 4000 ATK Flash Assailant.
Wow lots of people complains about circus trick, just use normal beater + xing zheng hui + straight flush and you're ez.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Depends on your hand and field, even the monsters can be a real issue.

The Circus Trick deck is just plain stupid.

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Yeah, here is your main box UR trap in place of the N mini box trap that we limited to 1. LOL
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