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update 03/08/2017


This deck can quickly brings out high leveled monsters and also offers great draw power to keep up your swarm tactics. With balance your starting hand would always be 3 monsters and 1 spell card. This is good because both spells in this deck need monsters in your hand to be activated.

Example deck

General Gantala of the Ice BarrierGeneral Gantala of the Ice BarrierDance Princess of the Ice BarrierDance Princess of the Ice BarrierDance Princess of the Ice BarrierDai-sojo of the Ice Barrier
Strategist of the Ice BarrierStrategist of the Ice BarrierStrategist of the Ice BarrierSamurai of the Ice BarrierGeneral Grunard of the Ice BarrierGeneral Grunard of the Ice Barrier
Royal Knight of the Ice BarrierBlizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierBlizzed, Defender of the Ice BarrierMoray of GreedMoray of GreedMagic Triangle of the Ice Barrier
Magic Triangle of the Ice BarrierMagic Triangle of the Ice Barrier--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUsers
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
Check here!

How to use

Summon your big monsters

Use Magic Triangle of the Ice Barrier to destroy a card your opponent controls and special summon your strongest Ice Barrier monster on hand. For offense and swarm, the best choice would be to special summon General Grunard of the Ice Barrier or General Gantala of the Ice Barrier. For defense best choice would be to special summon special summon Dai-sojo of the Ice Barrier.

Draw cards

Drawing cards will help you thin your deck faster so you can get the cards you need.

Protection from spell/trap cards

You would want to protect your monsters from spell and traps, especially your generals, since it would be very bad if your biggest monster on the field was destroyed.

Other useful cards

For cards that can be used in any deck, check the link below.

Samurai of the Ice Barrier
Samurai of the Ice Barrier
1800 attack beater. Can also be used as draw power.
Big Wave Small Wave
Big Wave Small Wave
Can help you summon big water monsters in your hand.
A Legendary Ocean
A Legendary Ocean
Attack boost and helps you summon high-leveled WATER monsters easier.

King of Games [Mar 2018]

DLTW | 棄療

IGN PlayersSet SkillDate Submitted
DLTW | 棄療Duel, Standby!March 26


Hot New Top
Now that 'Balance' got nerfed, what skill should you use?
<< Anonymous(Rian)
Anonymous Reply
I'd assume probably Beatdown. Maybe Switcheroo given they have consistency issues and it's the least-nerfed consistency skill.
<< Anonymous(Rian)
HJMW 18days ago Reply
I personally take out the morays of greed and add more monsters, then run drawsense spell/trap. But then again i'm hardstuck plat 1. I'm thinking about experimenting with the deck listed up there with duel standby as the most important part of ice barriers is having the cards in your hand to reveal
<< Anonymous(Rian)
Worstedfish 9hour ago Reply
Draw sense water
<< Anonymous(Rian)
Anonymous 2hour ago Reply
I choose destiny draw. Simply the deck relies on luck. If you cant use triangle in the first two turn or even first turn then you will probably lose. Destiny draw really help when I play first.
The player can remove its opponents monster with Magic Triangle then summon 3 monster is the same turn? lol. And it isnt OP,yes?
This game is so broken.
<< Anonymous
Worstedfish 9hour ago Reply
It's pretty rare that you'll have 3 monsters in the same turn with this deck. Also there are way more op decks out there
<< Anonymous(Worstedfish )
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
The original comment was posted at a time before the first Balance nerf. Back before Echoes of Silence.

Back then it was really easy to get 3 monsters out in one turn with this deck. It and REZD was the reason why Balance was nerfed.

<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
^ Continued

You would have 4 monsters and 1 spell with Balance. So you would use Triangle to destroy an opponent's card and summon Grunard. Then summon Dance Princess and reveal the 2 monsters on your hand to bounce their backrow. Next, you summon one of the other monsters (thanks to Grunard's effect) and attack with all 3.

9 times out of ten it would be an OTK.
Anonymous 30days ago
Any thoughts on sylvan ice barrier deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
Not good since sylvan has a chance to throw your defensive trap/spell to bottom of ur deck
I've made it to KoG 3 times in a row with Ice Barriers, it's a fun deck.
Dam these ice barriers.. Its not fun losing at turn 2. Ice and naturia are wrecking everyone's gaming pleasure. What can we do about it? Not having a protection spell, trap at starting hand equal gg for the player, this isn't fair at all.
<< Anonymous
BubblePig Reply
I’m not an Ice Barrier or Naturia deck player and I think players like you are whiny little babies. Boo-hoo you can’t figure out how to win every single time you play. These decks are just better than yours. Put your big girl panties on and figure out a better deck. I play a Daedalus deck and I do fairly well against these decks. Do I win the majority of the time? Maybe not but I don’t whine
<< Anonymous
Srta Layla Reply
Though I faced them and should have lost at turn 2, my Sylvans made me resist until turn 8.
<< Anonymous(Srta Layla)
Anonymous Reply
So you still lost lol
<< Anonymous
ImLosingMyPatience Reply
It's funny to read this comment now, the dude was complaining about Ice Barrier and Naturia, and now we have decks like Sylvan and Masked Hero.
Despite this deck quite though even with my budget zombie deck can beat it with 3 strong monsters 1 each: REZD, Gozuki, Heavy Knight and Tutan Mask as protection and no WoD or Mirror Wall
So how to best deal when playing against this deck? On turn one and two, it returns all three of my set spells to hand, leading to a minimum two turn ko.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Just now I won against an ice barrier deck. Use fast trap cards like Anubis and Etaqua, still, hard to counter, their weakness is the lack of backrow.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I used Aromage deck and once bergamot and aroma garden is out even gantala is no match lul
That awesome, that make u easy winning at 2 turn. Make u oppnets use a card and ka-boom
Konami really needs to release General Raiho already. Deck is great but punishing Hand size for effect activations would really help match ups.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did you really say Naturia OP? I smell a noob
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Where did he say Naturia was OP? He said compared to Naturia, which is stronger than Ice Barrier. Learn to read, kiddo.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Learn to get a life, sucker
<< Anonymous
M Reply
Learn how to form sentences that make sense
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What deck you playing? I'm gonna call it nerf as well. Ban all cards all of them are op as fuck, just stop playing this games, delete it
i'm losing at turn 2, lel

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