How to beat/farm Sera (DSOD) Lvl 40

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update 23/03/2020

Core Destroyer Farm

Example Deck

Ally of Justice Core DestroyerAlly of Justice Core DestroyerAlly of Justice Core DestroyerGravekeepers VassalFlamvell PounFlamvell Poun
Flamvell PounUnion AttackUnion AttackLeeching the LightSecret Pass to the TreasuresCounter Gate
Counter GateCounter GateLegacy of Yata-GarasuLegacy of Yata-GarasuLegacy of Yata-GarasuJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed----


  • Ally of Justice Core Destroyer alone can stall all of Sera's monsters because they are LIGHT attribute.
  • Get to Core Destroyer with Draw effects like Legacy of Yata-Garasu, Jar of Greed, and Counter Gate. Flamvell Poun can search Core Destroyer.
  • Have 2 Core Destroyers on your field before your final turn.
  • During the final turn, Summon Gravekeeper's Vassal and use Secret Pass to the Treasures, Leeching the Light, and 2 Union Attacks on him in that order.
  • Select Sera's strongest monster with Leeching the Light.

Sera Lvl 40 Decklist

Sera Lvl 40 Drop Rewards


great character.
but the plot was kinda bad.
sera is very bangable.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous Reply
sick person.
She's a little girl
They never mentioned her being at the Gate for this month during the last month's upcoming updates.
hmmm, seems cloudian can bully her I assume

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Thank you! Cost. I’ll remember that ;)
Future box or something?
Got the Icon, the cards don't really interest me the way Carly's rerun & Crash Town...
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