How to beat/farm Vellian Crowler Lvl 40 (Gate)

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Vellian Crowler pages

Vellian Lvl 40
Vellian Lvl 40

Vellian Crowler is now available at the Gate! Collect Green Gate Keys to duel against him.

His deck is same to one he used at the unlock event

Amazoness (7,000 - 8,000)

Amazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness PrincessAmazoness QueenAmazoness SageAmazoness Sage
Amazoness SageSanga of the ThunderAmazoness FighterAmazoness FighterGravekeeper's VassalAnti-Magic Arrows
Union AttackUnion AttackDownbeatDownbeatDownbeatSecret Pass to the Treasures
Amazoness OnslaughtSpirit Barrier----

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Can be used only once after starting hands are dealt. Reveal and redraw your starting hand.
Bandit Keith
Bandit Keith


  • Use Anti-Magic Arrows during your final battle phase to prevent Vellian from using Zero Gravity.

Click below for more details

Medusa Control

Essential cards

Example Deck

Mystical Beast of SerketGuardian StatueGuardian StatueMedusa WormMedusa WormMedusa Worm
Gravekeeper's VassalPlanet PathfinderPlanet PathfinderAnti-Magic ArrowsUnion AttackUnion Attack
Temple of the KingsSystem DownArray of Revealing LightArray of Revealing LightArray of Revealing LightAcid Rain
Acid RainAcid Rain---Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon


  • Always declare Machine-type with Array of Revealing Light so that Vellian's monsters cannot attack the turn they are summoned.
  • Since Vellian's monsters cannot attack immediately, Guardian Statue and Medusa Worm will allow you to control the board by removing your opponent's monsters from the field when they are flipped.
  • Remember to always use their effects to flip them back face-down for reuse next turn.
  • Only have 2 Guardian Statue/Medusa Worm on the field at most. Reserve one of your monster zones for Gravekeeper's Vassal.
  • Sometimes Vellian will have more monsters than you can remove with your Guardian Statues and Medusa Worms, in this situation use Acidic Downpour or System Down to remove all Machine-type monsters from the field.
  • Before your final turn, make sure you either normal summon Gravekeeper's Vassal or tribute summon Mystical Beast of Serket while Temple of the Kings is on your field.
  • Send Mystical Beast of Serket and Temple of the Kings to the graveyard to special summon Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • Remember to use Anti-Magic Arrows during your final battle phase to avoid Vellian's Zero Gravity.


Destiny Draw version

The Winged Dragon of RaKiseitaiKiseitaiKiseitaiGolden LadybugGolden Ladybug
Cosmic CompassAnti-Magic ArrowsDouble SummonShard of GreedShard of GreedSupremacy Berry
Supremacy BerrySupremacy BerryTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's Eye

No Skill version

The Winged Dragon of RaKiseitaiKiseitaiKiseitaiCosmic CompassAnti-Magic Arrows
Double SummonTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's EyeGood Goblin Housekeeping[Good Goblin Housekeeping
Good Goblin HousekeepingCurse of AnubisJar of GreedJar of GreedJar of Greed

Catapult Turtle version

Catapult TurtleKiseitaiKiseitaiKiseitaiPlanet PathfinderPlanet Pathfinder
Planet PathfinderSoul ExchangeA Legendary OceanSupremacy BerrySupremacy BerrySupremacy Berry
Pot of BenevolenceTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's EyeTemple of the Mind's EyeJar of Greed


  • The main strategy is using multiple massivemorph on Ancient Gear Golem so they cannot attack directly, then have them destroy Kiseitai so that you can you can heal your LP every turn equivalent to half their attack points. This will heal you so much that any other attack Vellian does cannot kill you.
  • Temple of the Mind's Eye turns any battle damage you will receive into 1000 points, helping you survive longer.
  • Good Goblin Housekeeping and Jar of Greed helps you draw out the cards you need.
  • It is best to use Curse of Anubis during the start of the battle phase when Vellian cannot summon anymore monsters and before he attacks with his ancient gear monsters with protection effects.
  • On the final turn, set a Temple of the Mind's Eye face down to destroy the current active one. Summon Cosmic Compass and bring out two other tokens and then use double summon to tribute into The Winged Dragon of Ra. Activate The Winged Dragon of Ra's effect to boost his attack and remember to activate Anti-Magic Arrows at the start of the battle phase.

The Regulation of Tribe (Destiny Draw )

Created by a famous JP Duel Links player, this deck locks down Vellian's Machine-type monsters with using The Regulation of Tribe trap card.

SkillDestiny Draw

Example deck

Black PteraBlack PteraBlack PteraGravekeeper's VassalUnion AttackUnion Attack
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerStormJam Breeding MachineJam Breeding Machine
Jam Breeding MachineThe Regulation of TribeJar of GreedJar of GreedWindstorm of Etaqua


  • The Regulation of Tribe is your main stall card. Search it from your deck with Destiny Draw. Always declare Machine-type
  • Now you will need cards you can continuously tribute to maintain The Regulation of Tribe. Black Ptera returns to your hand everytime he is tributed so you can use him as cost every turn, just remember to summon him. Jam Breeding Device special summons Tokens every turn that you can use as cost.
  • Use Massivemorph on Ancient Gear Golem so that it cannot attack directly, and to give it high attack for when you steal it later.
  • You can use Enemy Controller when stalling but remember to reserve at least one of them for your final turn.
  • On your final turn, use Storm to get rid of your Jam Breeding Machine and Regulation of Tribe along with your opponent's backrow, prioritize destroying Vellian's set spell/trap cards.
  • Use Enemy Controller to tribute Black Ptera or a Token to take the boosted Ancient Gear Golem.
  • Summon Gravekeeper's Vassal and use the 2 Union Attack on him.

Elements Unite!

SkillElements Unite!

Example deck

Gravekeeper's VassalGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterGravekeeper's RecruiterWonder WandWonder Wand
Wonder WandSupremacy BerrySupremacy BerrySupremacy BerryUnion AttackUnion Attack
Shard of GreedShard of GreedAnti-Magic ArrowsDian Keto the Cure MasterHorn of the UnicornHorn of the Unicorn
Horn of the UnicornSecret Pass to the Treasures----


  • Immediately Summon Gate Guardian by tributing the monsters you get from Elements Unite. Gete Guardian should be in DEF position first unless Crowler will attack you with his monster equipping Ancient Gear Tank.
  • The next thing you need now is to activate at least 1 healing card so that Crowler does not burn you to death with Ancient Gear Tank. Once you regain enough LP, it's better to switch the position of Gate Guardian to ATK.
  • Lastly, you need to equip Gate Guardian with at least 2 Horn of Unicorn so that Crowler cant overpower your monster, both in attack and defense position.
  • After that its now only a matter of getting to zero cards quicker. Use Shard of Greed for extra draw power. The combo of Gravekeeper's Recruiter and Wonder Wand to get 3 cards out of your deck. It is best to search out another Gravekeeper's Recruiter if possible to reuse the combo.
  • Remember to use Anti-Magic Arrows at the start of your final battle phase.

Lvl 40 Vellian Crowler's deck

Duel Rewards

Other GX Duelists Lvl 40


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you noob
this card is quite annoying and very disturbing when farming
<< Anonymous(you noob)
Anonymous Reply
Even more annoying part is that Crowler runs 2 copies of this.....
Kelvin 19days ago
Anyone can share your deck to farm Dr. Clowler?? thaks alot
Anonymous 21days ago
I have spent about 5k green gate keys with no Ancient Gear Workshop dropped. Is it bugged or just a really long streak of bad luck. For reference I have farmed him successfully for 8k or more assessment points about 85% of the matches.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Komoney know what you're trying to get. So they rigged the drop or pack.
Anonymous 25days ago
If anyone is wondering whether 'Elements Unite' is worth using, it sure is! Here is one with which I had 75% success rate yesterday:

1x Gravekeeper's Vassal
1x Antimagic arrows
1x Dian Keto the cure master
2x Union Attack
3x Supremacy Berry
2x Noble Arms - Caliburn
1x Card Advance
1x Pot of Benevolence
1x Secret Pass to the treasures
3x Spikeshield with Chain
3x Jars of greed
1x Windstorm of Etaqua

The key 2 cards you want in your backrow are 1 spikeshield and 1 spikeshield/caliburn. Always start with Guardian in defense and keep him like that until you get your first healing spell. You only need to destroy 2 of his monsters for Benevolence to recycle them, then if you have Spikeshield just switch in defense mode until you have the union combo. Don't forget to activate anti-magic arrows on last turn.

What's crazy is after I beat him 15x with this deck yesterday I didn't receive a SINGLE Gear Knight or Golem. Today after duelling him 5x at level 10, not worrying about max score he finally drops a freaking Gear Knight!
Lord otter
F2p friendly
<< Anonymous(Lord otter)
Anonymous Reply
this has about a 20% win rate for me
<< Anonymous(Lord otter)
Regiultima Reply
Could replace Hey, Trunade with Anti-Magic Arrows for a more F2P friendly version
<< Anonymous(Lord otter)
Lil peep Reply
What’s in the Extra deck
Is Sylvan Ra Consistent?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not very consistent in my experience
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Thanks Mate

Will go for Medusa Control then
The Medusa control is surprisingly consistent. I literally never lose against crowler in the gate.
FARM Dr. Crowler lvl 40
DATE : 2018219

Required Skill: RESTART

Silent Magician LV8.
Silent Magician LV4: He helps summonning Silent Magician LV8.
Gravekeeper's Vassal: For the final attack.
Crystal Seer: To boost drawing.
Anti-Magic Arrows: To disable traps.
Super Rush Headlong: To defend your monster from Zero Gravity & 3500+ ATK monsters.
Union Attack: To boost Gravekeeper vassal's ATK.
Level up!: To special summon SM LV8.
Secret Pass To The Treasure : To let Gravekeeper Vassal attack directly.
Windstorm of Etaqua: To defend your monster from Zero Gravity & 3500+ ATK monsters.

-Summon SM LV8 as soon as possible.
-Put all Super Rush & Windstorm on the field as soon as you get them.
-Use Crystal Seer to get the necessary cards.
-Keep destroying his defence position monsters.
-Use Super Rush & Windstorm after Crowler activates Zero Gravity.
-On the final turn, summon Gravekeeper. Use All Union Attacks & Secret Pass on it. Activate Anti-Magic. Then, Attack Crowler dircetly.

-If you summoned SM LV8, DON'T summon ANYTHING.
-You can only activate Super Rush and Windstorm AT THE BEGINNING OF THE BATTLE PHASE.
-DON'T attack any monsters in attack position & avoid attacking directly. So you can get 1000 points for effect damage only.
-DON'T put Anti-Magic on the field.
-Use as many Glossary/Prismatic cards as you can.
-It's better to use Crystal Seer rather than any other traps/spells that help drawing. Because Crystal Seer defends against one attack + you get to view top 2 cards + pick one them. (It's a 3-in-1 card)
<< Anonymous(Philanthropist)
Anonymous Reply
Are you straight?
<< Anonymous(Philanthropist)
can i add you bro? Reply
my id is 109-793-429

new gamer here been playing for 17 days i think
<< Anonymous(can i add you bro?)
Philanthropist Reply
"new gamer here been playing for 17 days i think" -- Cool. I sent a request. :D
<< Anonymous(Philanthropist)
Anonymous Reply
how do you get restart on dr. crowler
yugi mutou
How i can complete come back victories crowler?
<< Anonymous(yugi mutou)
Anonymous Reply
Take a pvp or beater deck, take some damage (think it's 2000) and then summon your beaters to win
<< Anonymous(yugi mutou)
Anonymous Reply
Kill him after your LP reach 1000 or less
<< Anonymous(yugi mutou)
Anonymous Reply
All you need is to have lower life points than Corwler the turn before you win(Your Turn, then Crowler, again your turn and win), you can use any card to lower your points, heal Crowler, pay a cost etc.
does the elements unite deck have high chance of winning?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
nope eu deck is terrible, if you draw your healing he'll summon a 3600 atk gear golem and destroy your unbuffed golem, if you get your draw he'll tribute someone with the equip spell and do 600 damage, litterally 5% win rate at best
admitedly i've only tried once but the standard dark paladin deck for bastion also worked for crowler
Got a quick question for everyone, what's a good deck to use to unlock Crowler? A friend's having trouble (I already unlocked him via event, but she joined after the events) with the requirements.
<< Anonymous(Sorrel)
Anonymous Reply
If you can just be more honest and tell us it's YOU who's having a problem unlocking crowler, then I would have gladly helped you. Since you're so bent with preserving your image and reputation which doesn't even matter in this site where there's anonymity, I have to pass up on your question so you can learn one bit.
<< Anonymous(Sorrel)
Anonymous Reply
Considering the different missions you have to do in order to unlock him. You should just make several decks and try each one.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Since this "community" is so bent with critisizing others, I wouldn't admit anything to be honest.
To sorrel, I don't know which are the missions for unlocking him. But it's usually just playing around. For comeback victory, just use a pvp or beater deck, get some damage and then win

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