Set card list: Valkyrie's Rage [2/27 updated]

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A list of expected new cards!
update 27/02/2017

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New pack!?

On January 1st, a banner describing "New card box, Valkyrie's Rage, has been added" had appeared In Japanese App Store. It seems that was an accident since the banner was replaced with another one mentioning "Neo-Impact", the card box that had been released recently.

Card list

So here is a list of expected cards. Those cards are picked based on the name of the upcoming booster pack and decks that standard duelists use in the game.

It is expected that the booster mainly contains Fairy-type monsters and their supports. Check currently buildable Fariy decks and useful Fairy cards.

New cards at JUMP FESTA 2017

Here is the list of cards that were playable at Jump Festa 2017.

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New pack information

On some SNS, new pack information/rumor spread fast.
→Set Card List: Flame of the Tyrant


anoymous 11days ago
WTF. Sangan... would that be banned or limited?
anoymous 6days ago
sangan actually has gotten an errata and is not that broken now... but for duel link format i guess it will be limited (just speculation)
Hafiz94 14days ago
I hope there will be a trading card with friends..

And can u add this new edition of dark megician edition card. Thx u :)
Yesman 5days ago
That would be awesome
Robert 19days ago
Where's the ancient god cards?
Anderson 20days ago
I'm hoping to be released more field magic this makes a big difference in game play
spiderxyz 21days ago
we need more water cards call the pack free willy
player 24days ago
Add this edition thx
Private trade? 1/1/1970
Can we trade/ ante up cards?? If not that would be awesome
player 1/1/1970
it will be great if we can trade card with others who play tho.
MAGNVM 8days ago
"and i can see how many people (including me) will abuse the trade-between-players system if they did implement it" ... Are you really that much of an idiot kid??
anoymous 9days ago
I don't see this feature ever being added. To easy to game the system, and it cuts into their pack selling profits.
anoymous 20days ago
Simply make that you can trade just UR with UR and SR with SR, a fair trade, ok you can "reroll" your Ur and Sr but you cant have just Ur for free
anoymous 24days ago
Yup would also totally abuse it with multiple accounts, i mean grinding a account to lvl 30 yields like 200packs and takes a few days.
anoymous 31days ago
and i can see how many people (including me) will abuse the trade-between-players system if they did implement it

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Maybe they can set up a rule where you can only use a maximum of 3 UR and 8 SR in a Deck.
Looks like there's finally a solution to farming Kaiba consistently AFTER the update!! I fou...
Good job at being consistent Kuriboh. 300 atk is awesome
Ok I'm gone shut my ancient ass up

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