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update 08/06/2017
Available card boxes
The Ultimate RisingAge of DiscoveryNeo-ImpactFlame of the TyrantValkyries Rage
Wonders of the SkyChaotic ComplianceLand of the TitansCrimson KingdomDawn of Destiny
Electric OverloadEchoes of SilenceServants of KingsGalactic Origin
Blades of Spirit----


Rating (Versatility)
7.5 (Mid High)
Strengthened decks
  • Standard Beatdown
  • Fairies
  • Spirit
  • Fusion decks
  • Ritual decks
  • Status

    The release of Valkyrie's Rage box has strengthened some monster types that needed support because they were rarely seen in play. Increasing the chances and consistency of decks based only on Fairy and Dark type for example, with cards like Sky Scourge Enrise, Dunames Dark Witch, Escape from the Dark Dimension and the addition of Spirit monsters with its support cards. It has many versatile cards which can fit in different deck ideas.

    Who should roll the pack?

    Cards you should get

    [UR] Dunames Dark Witch

    ATK 1800/DEF 1050
    Even when all odds are against this brave fairy, she will press onwards in battle and never retreat.

    One of the best 4-starred normal monster available so far in the game for having 1800ATK, a great addition to Harpies' Hunting Ground and other Normal based decks.

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    Monster cards

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    Cheaper tribute summons:

    Soul Exchange makes tribute monsters more viable and might make some changes in the meta game. Running multiple copies of this card in a deck with high level monsters might turn a duel around, since not only can you summon a big monster for a cheaper price, but you also destroy an opponent monster, regardless of level, type/attribute, or stats. You won't be able to attack the turn you use it, but this weakens their defense while strengthening your attack.

    Negating some card effects:

    With cards like Angel O7 and Divine Wrath, you can effectively negate or prevent enemy monster's effects, while Xing Zhen Hu is used to lock down 2 cards that your opponent set, preventing them from being used.

    Banish Strategy

    With Creeping Darkness and Escape from the Dark Dimension, a deck strategy can be built around them with the objective of banishing your own dark monsters and bringing them back as extra monsters without tributing.

    Ritual summoning Dark monsters

    With the addition of Ritual Raven and Contract with the Abyss, this will make ritual summoning DARK monsters much easier. Cards like Garlandolf, King of Destruction might be used more often.

    Spirit Monsters

    This new pack introduces a new monster type with its own unique style. Spirit monsters are monsters that always return the turn they are summoned, but this pack also includes their support cards, cards like Mirror of Yata and Shinobird Power Spot will empower them and also covers their weaknesses.


    Hot New Top
    Me, Myself and I 1days ago
    I just wanted fking Unhappy girl T_T, opened over 60 packs only got 2 and this shit...
    all that i need in first 10 pack because fuck rng
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    i meant 30 packs lel
    4 packs = 2 UR + 1 SR
    First pack
    << Anonymous(Anonymous.)
    Anonymous Reply
    Jesus christ, it's a fucking joke man calm down.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    cool joke loser
    << Anonymous(Anonymous.)
    Anonymous Reply
    Either it's his 2nd pack due to his card count or he just sold everything aside from the few in a picture and reset box+pull 1 pack.
    << Anonymous
    Anonymous Reply
    I think he was showing that he got soul exchange the first time ass hole
    this was a nice draw
    38 packs left, yet there are still 9 SR and 3 UR I haven't get. Rip this so called RNG.
    i already got my 1st soul.... the pack got megacyber, dunames, the traps n sky... should i reset my box? 89 packs left, i want megacyber but just for have that card.... thanks !
    Thx Kommai RNG God for sparing me 950gems
    << Anonymous(Realm)
    Realm Reply
    << Anonymous(Realm)
    Anonymous Reply
    Feels good
    Yami Bakura
    i literally only have like 18 more packs to go until i have opened all 200 of them and i still haven't gotten escape from the dark dimension which is one of the few cards for which i have even started to open valkerie's rage packs to begin with!

    am i the only one experiencing like this or is this card just harder to get than other ultra rares in this pack? i'd love to hear what happened to all of you guys and if you were luckier than i am..
    << Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
    Realm Reply
    I got it having 47 packs left.
    << Anonymous(Yami Bakura)
    Realm Reply
    1 of the last 3 ur in my lastest box.
    First 3 packs i waste all my luck i guest
    Does Victory Viper Deck really need the lord british? I sorta traded it out since I needed light for cerberus orz
    Also should I reset? I got most URs sans divine wrath, soul exchange (want maybe worth it?), dimensional alchemist and azure fighter
    Please, can yo tell me what to change from this deck.
    << Anonymous(Luigi)
    Ryouta Reply
    First of all, LP boosts of any kind are terrible and you should use a different skill. Dimensional Alchemist doesn't help you, you have no fuel for Wrecker Panda, Unhappy Girl doesn't help you, Rigorous Reaver makes you discard as well so it's not great. Add more Dai Greiphers, use metalmorph or some generic equips instead of Banner of Courage. Replace burning land with twister or de-spell.
    << Anonymous(Ryouta)
    Anonymous Reply
    Did u say any lp boost is terrible?? Look at KOG deck. There are deck using lp boost alpha
    << Anonymous(Ryouta)
    Ryu. Reply
    "Rigorous Reaver makes you discard as well so it's not great." Only if you put it face down and use as a flip effect moron. Otherwise, it only lowers opponent's attack of the monster that destroys it.
    << Anonymous(Luigi)
    Anonymous Reply
    Keep the panda, put the highest 3-4 star beat stick monsters instead of unhappy girl and reaver - drop a trap hole for a windstorm if you can. Good to go! If you have a cocoon - you can drop the panda, and burning land for de spell x2 and run mind scan Pegasus.

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    The Ultimate RisingAge of DiscoveryNeo-ImpactFlame of the TyrantValkyries Rage
    Wonders of the SkyChaotic ComplianceLand of the TitansCrimson KingdomDawn of Destiny
    Electric OverloadEchoes of SilenceServants of KingsGalactic Origin
    Blades of Spirit----



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