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update 01/03/2017
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Valkyrie's Rage overview

The release of Valkyrie's Rage box has strengthened some monster types that needed support because they were rarely seen in play. Increasing the chances and consistency of decks based only on Fairy and Dark type for example, with cards like Sky Scourge Enrise, Dunames Dark Witch, Escape from the Dark Dimension and the addition of Spirit monsters with its support cards. It has many versatile cards which can fit in different deck ideas.

Strengthened decks
  • Fairy
  • Spirit
  • Ritual
  • DARK-attribute
  • Machine
VersatilityRelatively high

UR cards

SR cards

R cards

N cards





Cheaper tribute summons:

Soul Exchange makes tribute monsters more viable and might make some changes in the meta game. Running multiple copies of this card in a deck with high level monsters might turn a duel around, since not only can you summon a big monster for a cheaper price, but you also destroy an opponent monster, regardless of level, type/attribute, or stats. You won't be able to attack the turn you use it, but this weakens their defense while strengthening your attack.

Negating some card effects:

With cards like Angel O7 and Divine Wrath, you can effectively negate or prevent enemy monster's effects, while Xing Zhen Hu is used to lock down 2 cards that your opponent set, preventing them from being used.

Banish Strategy

With Creeping Darkness and Escape from the Dark Dimension, a deck strategy can be built around them with the objective of banishing your own dark monsters and bringing them back as extra monsters without tributing.

Ritual summoning Dark monsters

With the addition of Ritual Raven and Contract with the Abyss, this will make ritual summoning DARK monsters much easier. Cards like Garlandolf, King of Destruction might be used more often.

Spirit Monsters

This new pack introduces a new monster type with its own unique style. Spirit monsters are monsters that always return the turn they are summoned, but this pack also includes their support cards, cards like Mirror of Yata and Shinobird Power Spot will empower them and also covers their weaknesses.

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Anoymous latest
I've bought 100 packs of Valkyrie's Rage and only have 2 copies of the Unhappy Girl. Should I kill myself now?
First pack
<< Anonymous(MrChick)
Engrish Reply
nice grats, you mean this booster
<< Anonymous(MrChick)
Anonymous. 12days ago Reply
MrChick 1/1/1970 First pack//// -- You're a pathetic liar, asshole. That's NOT your "first pack". You've bought many packs before, then used "reset box" and bought 1 pack. The tab there is set at "cards you own" and not "remaining cards in the box". That's why all those UR cards are greyed out, because they're cards that you owned previously after having bought many packs before.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anoymous 12days ago Reply
lol stupid anon. if he already owned the card, they wouldn't be greyed out (and the counter isn't 0) when the tab set at "cards you own".
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anoymous 11days ago Reply
Jesus christ, it's a fucking joke man calm down.
How long will this pack stay?
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 23days ago Reply
It won't stay long so you won't be able to get much cards from this pack
Ghost Knight of Jackal rated at 7/10 but Skull Lair rated at 5.5/10? I'm impressed at how bad these ratings are.
Please, can yo tell me what to change from this deck.
<< Anonymous(Luigi)
Ryouta Reply
First of all, LP boosts of any kind are terrible and you should use a different skill. Dimensional Alchemist doesn't help you, you have no fuel for Wrecker Panda, Unhappy Girl doesn't help you, Rigorous Reaver makes you discard as well so it's not great. Add more Dai Greiphers, use metalmorph or some generic equips instead of Banner of Courage. Replace burning land with twister or de-spell.
There is a new booster pack: "wonders of sky"
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
NEW PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Someone tell me what cards I should get before I reset the box? Thinking of dunames, soul, div wrath, and nobleman.
Lol ppl need to realize that heat wave = dino deck revival
<< Anonymous
rozinx Reply
you can still set to defend from heat wave tho
Is this deck going to be gone on March 8?
Tailor of the Fickle is a lot of fun to use. It catches a lot of people off guard who think the set is a Mirror Wall or something and attack a monster equip with something.
This pack is lackluster IMO. Maybe it's not as bad as Flame of the Tyrant, because that pack was filled with Fire Attribute cards that had no competitive potential because of the Water meta deck, but this pack doesn't really boost any characters besides Yugi, and you'd rather get FotT for The Golden Apples if you're serious about playing Yugi anyway. If Soul Exchange were not an UR, I might have considered it, as that is indeed a potentially meta warping card, but as is, 9/10 players aren't going to have more than 1, which kills its potential. I still see no reason to drop the Dinosaur deck as my go-to.
<< Anonymous(Bryce)
xyz Reply
today ppl bring 2 twister or 1 twister and despell
<< Anonymous(Bryce)
Anoymous Reply
Dino deck is already dying. Even with 2 order of charge. Too easy countered by simply removing the field. And now we even have burning land.
Can Sea Lord's Amulet prevent Daedalus from being destroyed by Divine wrath? If yes, I'll totally run that lol.
<< Anonymous
silentlofd Reply
Yes but the effect will still negated.

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I've bought 100 packs of Valkyrie's Rage and only have 2 copies of the Unhappy Girl. Sh...
lol, this event is super easy. The cards that the paradox brothers use in their deck is so bad an...
yep, that's exactly what I did on the Pegasus event
How do you guys pass lvl 30 Paradox. Can't even do that?
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