Set card list: Valkyrie's Rage

First pack
nice grats, you mean this booster
MrChick 1/1/1970
First pack////
You're a pathetic liar, asshole. That's NOT your "first pack". You've bought many packs before, then used "reset box" and bought 1 pack. The tab there is set at "cards you own" and not "remaining cards in the box".
That's why all those UR cards are greyed out, because they're cards that you owned previously after having bought many packs before.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
lol stupid anon. if he already owned the card, they wouldn't be greyed out (and the counter isn't 0) when the tab set at "cards you own".
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Jesus christ, it's a fucking joke man calm down.
<< Anonymous
cool joke loser
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anoymous 16days ago
Either it's his 2nd pack due to his card count or he just sold everything aside from the few in a picture and reset box+pull 1 pack.



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hahaha some kid is just so fucking butt hurt that he loses to good cards. i agree. people shouldn...
where can i find how many points i have in the game
ok i have awoken from my daydream and i think gx characters will come on either saturday or sunday
Thank you
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