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02/25/2017 02:30

Defense deck

Looking through the cards in the shop, I see that pretty much all of the cards are high attack. B...
02/25/2017 02:29

What if?

What if i just sold a card that was unique on the card packs? i mean i sold by mistake the car...
02/25/2017 02:29

Whats the name of this card

There is a card that lowers the summoning two levels so you can special summon higher level monst...
02/25/2017 02:29

Monster animations

I want to know what animations there are for which characters. For instance there are animations ...
02/23/2017 01:47

Server error

This happens everytime i try to change my character and my coins,gems had been reset
02/23/2017 01:47

Why Some asian players have " hapie father duster" card ? , because in america we cant get this card

because in america and south america we cant get this card , so WTF
02/23/2017 01:46

Use skills 2 times?

So i should do 20 battle? Is there away to use skills multiple times in one match?
02/23/2017 01:46

Are there any new decks coming to the shop?

I was just wondering if anyone has heard any news of any new decks being added to the shop
02/23/2017 01:46

How do you post Screenshots?

Title says it all
02/23/2017 01:46

Untap bug in pvp

Does it happen to you in pvp duel that you can't bring a monster to Attack Position on your ...


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Maybe they can set up a rule where you can only use a maximum of 3 UR and 8 SR in a Deck.
Looks like there's finally a solution to farming Kaiba consistently AFTER the update!! I fou...
Good job at being consistent Kuriboh. 300 atk is awesome
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