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04/24/2017 09:02

Jade insect whistle

Is there a certain stage you have to be on to get jade insect whistle I'm on 47 and still do...
04/24/2017 09:01

Why can Pegasus still summon Toon monsters after I destroy toon world?

Slightly confused when duelling level 40 Pegasus.
04/24/2017 09:01

Ultra rare "drop rate"

If i buy a whole pack in the shop (lets per say the Neo pack), does it necessarily means that i w...
04/22/2017 03:56

Does Titan Showdown stack with Piranha?

Does Titan Showdown stack with Piranha Army? For example if my opponent has 4000 LP and I have...
04/20/2017 02:20

Michizure doesn't combo with Enemy Controller?

When you use the second effect to tribute your monster... why can't you chain it with michiz...
04/19/2017 00:55

Gate keys

Will I be rewarded respective gate keys if I use that character? Example: I am using Rex against...
04/18/2017 02:22

Skill Drops

Do Lvl 10 legendary duelists drop skills like Harpies Hunting ground, destiny board and etc? T...
04/16/2017 03:08

Cards that assist with Doomsday Horror?

Please write me some cards that assast with my Doomsday horror. This card get his power from my b...
04/16/2017 03:08

Victory of revenge

I am in 57level. how do i get 40 victory for revenge
04/16/2017 03:08

Bug Report - Visual

If you start up duel links, then 'minimize' (home or power button), a series of visual ...



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So I been thinking that relinquished is only really weak to spell/traps. And psychics are bad at ...
Big Bang's piercing damage always goes to the opponent of the person that's using it. S...
My deck, started playing 3 weeks ago so i couldnt get 2nd kuriboh/senju/bird :/ Working on getti...
I think, this card will only work when the inflicted damage is from your opponent (not your self)
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