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Welcome! The forum for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links players, Yu-Gi-Oh beginners and specialists. Use this forum to invite your friends to your Duel Room!

Duel Room (Beta) is now available!

It is currently still in Beta, and still has some issues with the new feature, making it somewhat buggy. Spectate mode is not available yet, but will be added in the future.


[5/17] Spectator mode

Launch dateMay 24 (GMT+00)

According to today's announcement, spectator mode will be available from May 24.

[4/28] Known issues

  • Some players have experienced problems with the duel room feature where duels cannot be started even though both players are in the table. The issue is still being fixed.

  • If you re-enter a Duel you were disconnected from, your hand is displayed Face-Down and the Duel becomes stuck.

  • If your opponent leaves the table as the Duel is beginning, the table will display "Duel in Progress," but the Duel will not begin. If this happens, please exit and re-enter the table.

  • If you leave the room by disconnecting, your name is still displayed at the table despite no longer being in the room.

  • Even if your opponent leaves the Room after a Duel, your opponent's name is still displayed on the table, and you can still tap on "Begin Duel." However, you cannot actually Duel that opponent unless they re-enter the Room.


Rules & Prohibitions

Any texts violating the rules are subject to delete.

  • Be well-mannered
  • Duel Links-related topics
  • No selling/buying account
  • No advertisement
  • No slander


Hot New Top
I can't get some of my friends into the room, because i have no way of giving them the id
305-574-937 add me :)
anyone want to help me farm for Joeys last gamble still i been going against the AI at level 40 for a while now and ran out of keys
suiciding skill drop deck, join
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Erm what's the purpose of this room? We kill each other ASAP?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"Erm what's the purpose of this room? We kill each other ASAP?"

You must be fun at party, eh??
After How many hours will a duel room disappear
Hi, im I the only one who get those no win no defeat in pvp after a match? like the guy lost signal during the game? happen to me after few matches, dont get the xp, win or lose just a - - -
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
even tho we went thru the duel
why does my opponent in PVP have 200 more AP on the same card as I have summoned under the exact circumstances (Kaiba, Peak Performance, Heiratic Dragon of Nuit) When he summons its 2100 attack, when my summons its 1900 attack? Does he have some legitimate advantage or is he using a cheat code somehow?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The duelist is bryann36, ID 938-510-648, two duels against them, same thing each time.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Was Mountain on both fields when you played your Hieratic Dragon of Nuit? If not, that is most likely the problem right there.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its either you or that guy still not update to the new version why whould he cheat for something that stupid ? and you straight accuse that guy for no reason lol
<< Anonymous(Shs)
Anonymous Reply
you still in im looking for somebody to play
just add double duel already... come on
<< Anonymous(nick)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(nick)
SuperWill123 Reply
As much as we all want this feature, I doubt it will be integrated due to the small screen and field size. Although if they DO find a way, I will be ESTATIC.
<< Anonymous(SuperWill123)
Pharaoh Atem Reply
The files are sizable, and I'm sure they will do it, but first they are thinking of sales tactics it would need to be profitable.
<< Anonymous(Pharaoh Atem)
Anonymous Reply
thhey need to use 5 card zones again, it's th eonly way this game'll fly and show its true potetnaial
I keep getting duel room id is invalid. WHY??
room ID: 539577 join for fun duels :)
Pharaoh Atem
I'm looking for a practice partner my DUELIST I'D is 605-039-906
<< Anonymous(Pharaoh Atem)
Anonymous Reply
398-645-870 duelist iD
<< Anonymous
Pharaoh Atem Reply
Duel Room ID#:483188 to 10 players to join an duel common in!

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where is the red eyes slash dragon deck
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