Best level reward cards

This page notes what level reward is, level reward tier, and the list of all level reward cards.
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update 03/05/2017

Level reward

What is level reward?

Level reward card is what you can obtain by leveling up characters, including gems, cards, skills, extra deck slots. Which cards and skills you acquire is different according to which character you get to level up.

Level reward details

A table below describes what sorts of reward and how many of each you can get by leveling up a character to 35 (current max level).

Reward typeObtainable quantity
Extra deck slot3

Best level reward cards


With so many characters now available, it can be difficult keeping track of them and knowing which ones to get and what cards to aim for, while also considering if they're still effective in the meta. Here are some things to help you get started:

1. Windstorm

A defensive card that can be used in all decks, which can ensure that your monsters survive. This can also be used offensively during your turn, you can switch your opponent monster's position to whichever status is weaker. Cards like Cocoon of Evolution has high defense but 0 attack, you can switch it to attack so you can destroy it to deal some damage. Try to unlock Mai as soon as you can, and level her all the way to at least 25 to get this card.

2. Curse of Anubis

Similar to Windstorm, it's a great defensive card that you can use for most decks. Main difference is, this only affects effect monsters, including yours. If you are using a normal monster deck, then this is highly recommended. If you haven't unlocked Odion yet, start using a lot of traps in every duel so you can unlock him early.

3. Metalmorph

It's a useful attack increase equip card that will let you handle high attack monsters, but since it's a trap card, you won't be able to use it immediately when you get it from your deck. Not really a character exclusive card since it's obtainable from Joey at the gate against level 30/40, but since it can be a little difficult to farm him to get a rare drop, it's worth mentioning that an easier way to obtain this is if you level up Keith instead.

4. Interdimensional Matter Transporter

Considered to be one of the best defensive card for monsters, this will guarantee that your monster will survive for at least a turn, with the exception that it needs to be face-up, and at the cost of your LP if you don't have any other monsters to protect against your opponent. This is best used if your monster can make a difference if it survives, like Relinquished.

5. Cobra Jar

Quite a versatile card since it can be used in different ways. It's good for tribute summoning, dealing effect damage, or protecting you from attacks. This is mostly because it's a flip effect instead of activating when destroyed, which can make a token, essentially making it 2 monsters with just 1 card.

6. Heart of the Underdog

Not suited for most decks, but generally, in a normal monster deck, this is quite useful. With just this 1 card, you can essentially draw your entire deck, only if they are mostly normal monsters of course, it also has a unique interaction with Reload.

7. De-Spell

Easiest spell removal card that you can get. It's only low on this list because it's obtainable at low level, essentially obtaining it automatically. Once you get better cards, you can switch it to cards like Wild Tornado or Storm.

8. Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight

Has potential in certain decks, being able to summon a monster with a high attack and searchable by using Gateway to Chaos allows for some OTK potential.
→ Example deck

Notable Cards

Many of the others level up card rewards aren't really the best for "general" use, but they are good additions to certain decks even if you can only get 1 copy of that card.

Fusion Subs

It's worth mentioning that these monsters can serve as a good substitute for strong fusion monsters. If you don't have one of the required fusion monster, you can use any of these instead, or put them in the deck even if you have the required fusion monsters to ensure you get the required cards early.
→ Example deck

Fairy monsters

Most of Tea's card rewards from levelling up are for fairy or light type monsters. If you plan on playing a fairy deck, or if fairy gets strong in the meta due to newer packs, consider levelling her up to get cards like Freya, Spirit of Victory, or Court of Justice since you can get 3 copy of each.

Harpie Cards

Levelling up Mai offers some harpie cards that are good in harpie decks. They are considered strong mostly due to her exclusive skill that you can obtain as a drop instead of level reward. If you manage to get her skill Harpies' Hunting Ground, consider levelling up Mai to level 35 to get Harpie Lady 1.
→ Example deck

Dark Magic Attack & Burst Stream of Destruction

Definitely very strong in their respective decks, and has the ability to turn the duel around if you manage to use them, but since only 1 card is obtainable, drawing it at the right time can be a problem.

Levelling up faster

To level up faster, make an auto deck that can work against the standard duelists at your levels with a high win rate. You can also purchase Duel Orbs to get standard duelists to keep appearing without limit for an hour long. Make the best of it by making an auto deck first before doing so.

The other way to level up faster is to add friends and get them to send you vagabond with the "Opening Hand: 1 Card," which will give you the most exp even if you lose the duel. Keep in mind, that Vagabond will not always ask you about other players whenever you win the duels, so other players won't be able to send you Vagabond all the time.


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Update page, admin.
The best one Iv got so far is Hell poemer its extremely effective
TIP: Level everyone to level:35 it good enough 40 is worth it ha sea other 40 is crap
<< Anonymous(Itzmolin)
Itzmolin Reply
Dark ruler ha des the only good level 40
All character need an update I farm with same card got same thing over n over j mostly got all the card character have it all lol
Update this pls
I think we should all make a suggestion in the surveys etc. that the Level 40 (and/or Level 35?) reward cards are retroactively made prismatic. That or suggest that a future event reward or anniversary item is a foil-upgrader for any card. The fact that the only way to get Blue Eyes Shining Dragon, Amazoness Paladin, Armed Dragon Level 7, Harpie Lady 1, Dark Ruler Ha Des, etc. is through Level Up rewards limits them to non-foil is annoying. We can’t grind or farm or convert or purchase a glossy/prismatic version of those cards. I think they should either fix that or give us the means to change that. Anyway, we all should suggest that in future surveys :p
Andrea hall
I to duel ?

So I never bothered farming my characters and I'm at stage 48 now.

Should I have been farming my character levels in early stages? Or am I fine. My highest level characters are Yugi, Joey, Mai, Rex and Keith all at LVL 26.

Maybe I should just hold off before going on to stage 51? The lvl 45 standard duelists arent impossibly hard, but I havent tried making a good auto dueling deck for them.
<< Anonymous
RIP Gandora Reply
I thinks it is ok to level up your character and go further stage at the same time. Currently I at stage 56 and face SD level 51. I use auto deck blue eyes and winning rate around 85% to 95%. For some SD at level 51 - 56, as long as you can summon blue eyes, win is already guarantee.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol all my character are at level 30+ and im still stage 38 :)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
theres no good autodueling decks for lvl 51 sds. trust me. lol shoouldve stayed at 39 in my opinion.
When you reach level 30 you get only 50 gems. It should be 500 gems like I've seen before early this year (started 2 months ago). Also, you get so little gems after level 30 and it's hard getting them. I've maxed out kiba and the have 3 characters left till level 30. After that, each character would take a shitload time to level up just to get 900 more gems from 30 to 40 for each character. Considering I'm Stage 60 and only spent $5 for duel orbs when the exp bonus we came out, it'll be hard for me to get more gems now. Shit, I don't even have a single Sphere Kuriboh LOL.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
im feeling it too man. Nearly stage 60 on DM and stage 27 on Gx. my characters are all 30 except for the gx ones. gems are hard to come by. just imagine when stages are done on both Dm and Gx and the characters are all maxed on level. how do we get gems? lol.
Guys is there anyone who feels like you don.t get enough gems after lvl 30? Like you get 200 fockin gems for leveling up a char to 37. It takes 30.000 points. While at lvl 28 you get 200 gems as well and only need 15.000 points. I feel like it.s unfair towards players with experience. Once you get every character to lvl30, which i am really close to now, it is impossible to get sufficient gems. I think that.s a REALLY BIG PROBLEM, as expeeienced players are actually being disadvantaged at a point of the game. And i find it stupid and unfair , and it really takes away my mood to keep playing
In this year, Konami will add Yugi Muto, Mokuba Kaiba to playable. they add powerful cards to destroy Alexandrite and Luster dragon in card trader. 2018 Will they add a new gate : Yugioh Gx. First Three Playable Character: Judai Yuki, Asuka Tenjoin, Manjoume Thunder.
<< Anonymous(Yami)
Feeding time Reply
L4 atk alexandrite 2000 & luster 1900 ._.???

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