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update 20/09/2016

Destiny HERO - Plasma

Destiny HERO - Plasma
Monster TypeWarrior
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeSummoning condition / Continuous Effect / Ignition Effect
ArchetypesDestiny HERO / HERO
Fusion Material forDestiny End Dragoon


Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 3 monsters you control, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Negate the effects of all face-up monsters your opponent controls. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster your opponent controls; equip that target to this card, and this card gains ATK equal to half the ATK of that equipped monster (you can only equip 1 monster at a time to this card with this effect).

How to Get

Level-up rewardAster Phoenix LVl 45
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherAster Phoenix Starter Deck




  • Negates the effects of all face up monster your opponent controls.
  • Can increase its attack by taking control of your opponent's monster.
  • Special summon.


  • Very low defense.
  • Can only be special summoned by tributing 3 monsters.
  • Equipping your opponent's monster takes a slot in your spell/trap zone, which can end up limiting your spell/trap cards, or clog your own field.


Summoning multiple monsters for tribute

Cards that can give you multiple monsters or tokens can quickly let you summon Plasma in a turn. Cosmic Compass is can be a good and quick turn around card even when you have no monsters on the field since you can normal summon into special summon.





ActionsTributes for cost
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesTreats monsters as Equip Cards / Negates the effects of Effect Monsters
Summoning categoriesCannot Normal Summon / Cannot Set / Nomi
Stat changesThis card gains ATK

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the funniest shit ever is when people try to hit this card with the massivemorph/amazoness swords woman combo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. 5days ago Reply
"the funniest shit ever is when people try to hit this card with the massivemorph/amazoness swords woman combo"
This is what makes this card so good. It's rather "obscure", not many players use it and don't know of it's negating effect which is very useful.

Hope it continues to be underused, because it makes a good "surprise" to unexpected opponents who don't know of what it can do.
just got tilted by this guy in a fur hire mirror match.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
lol, i use this guy in my fur hire deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. 5days ago Reply
I don't play FH, but I never realised that card is splashable on that deck, until I realised that it's summoning requirements only say 3 monsters. Not "at least 1 destiny hero" unlike dogma.
Anonymous 8days ago
They need to make people believe the Earth is flat so the summon animation of this guy can actually become reality. Interesting.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 8days ago Reply
Will Mausoleum of the Emperor work with this?
<< Anonymous
DrillDude Reply
Nope, because this is special summon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It wouldn't even if it were a Normal Summon. Most, if not all, monsters that require 3 Tributes (such as God Cards or Steelswarm Hercules) can't be Normal Summoned WITHOUT doing so, preventing Mausoleum being used.
The real hero who rapes all the satanic archtypes in the game aka fur hire
I have seen people have 2 of this guy in their decks, and as far as i see you can obtain only a single one by unlocking Aster. WTH?
<< Anonymous(Steel)
konami Reply
so sorry! yes. problem noted. will ban everyone who beat you. Thanks!
<< Anonymous(Steel)
SomeBody Reply
Steel you get 1 from unlocking aster and another 1 from aster level up reward
I got this card and am trying to use it but when I read the description it says that you can only equip 1 monster at a time to it which makes me believe that I can unequip and then equip a different monster to it but when I try to unequit I can't please anybody tell me what I need to do to unequip 1 monster so that I can equip another. Thank you
<< Anonymous(sal)
Anonymous Reply
You have to destroy or remove the equipped monster manually with other card (double cyclone, parallel twister, storm, etc)
Hey so I use the effect equip face down card to this but the atk doesn’t increase not sure a bug or intended to be that way
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's a bug. When my relinquished equip a face down monster, the game prompt me win automatically
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If a monster is face down, its considered to have 0 ATK and 0 DEF. So thats why the increase didn't happen.
Fires of Doomsday on your opponents end phase was the old school way of doing it.
In anime, Plasma not just absorb the opponent's monster but he can use their effects (if any). But has no negating effect monsters except with "D-Force" card
Another upgraded version of relinquished and The Atmosphere, but its way of summoning is hard as hell
<< Anonymous(Dlgge)
Anonymous Reply
But not as hard as Water Dragon. I’m serious here. This guy only requires that you have any 3 monsters out on the field, but Water Dragon requires all 3 spots to be used up with exactly 2 hydrogedons and an oxygedon and have the necessary spell card to summon it while you can end up drawing Water Dragon as a dud that gets in the way of summoning itself.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Water dragon can easily be played in a diamond dude deck..

This guy's summon conditions aren't so hard easy. Go for a venus or hamstrat deck et voila.
<< Anonymous
Same guy Reply
Scrap easy.
<< Anonymous(Orion)
Anonymous Reply
you just need 1 cosmic compass when your opponent control 2 monster
Why can't I summon him sometimes even though I control 3 monsters?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe you control monster(s) that won't tributed

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So.......what are you going to say now? They actually nerfed it into Fusion Summon only now.
From kog worth to popular
They FINALLY hit Box SR. I wouldn't be surprised if Anki, a box UR, will be hit as well i...
Well bye bye cheap cyber stein decks
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