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For a limited time only, new duel quizzes will be available. Complete the special challenges available in Duel School to obtain exclusive cards, gems, and other rewards! You can only obtain each rewards once.

Event Rewards

Event RewardsRating
Gravekeeper's VassalGravekeeper's VassalA
Dark HunterDark HunterC

Challenges Guide (Jan 31 - Feb 5)

Work in progress...

Challenges Guide (Sep 14 - 21)

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

All duel quizzes have the same objective, which is to use the cards given to you and "win in this turn!" This section contains spoilers for the answers to the quizzes. Do not read further if you prefer to not know the answers.

Challenge #3

Challenge #4

Challenge #5

Challenge #6

Challenges (May 9 - 16, 2017)

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Challenge #3

  • Summon Victory Viper XX03.
  • Use 2 Power Capsule to increase viper's attack by 400 twice.
  • Use the last power capsule to special summon a token.
  • Attack with token first, then viper to attack directly.

Challenge #4

Challenge #5

Note: The set monster on the left is Rigorous Reaver, the one on the right is Empress Mantis.

Challenge #6


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Andrew Bacon
... Lols, r u serious? this is very easy, why dont people are not able to comprehend these? I guess retards need 2 look up answers on the internet first things first :P :)
<< Anonymous(Andrew Bacon)
Harry Mustard Reply
I'm a musTARD, do I qualify?
<< Anonymous(Harry Mustard)
English Motherfucker Reply
That's a question for the club committee.
<< Anonymous(English Motherfucker)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Andrew Bacon)
10 year old loli Reply
that's what a site like this is for to tell us what we want to know
To you guys posting the answers of 'Duelist Challenges', You da real MVP
<< Anonymous(Jekimoh)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Jekimoh)
Anonymous Reply
^ego no one can solve this challenge
<< Anonymous(Jekimoh)
Anonymous Reply
^ego no one can solve this challenge
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Challenge 5:
Normal Summon [Trance Archfiend]
Activate [Trance Archfiend]'s effect, Discard [Snoww, Unlight of Dark World]
[Snoww, Unlight of Dark World]'s effect activates, Add [Dark World Lightning] to your hand
Activate [Dark World Lightning], Destroy [Dark Coffin], Discard [Ceruli, Guru of Dark World]
[Dark Coffin]'s effect activates, Destroy [Trance Archfiend]
[Ceruli, Guru of Dark World]'s Effect activates, Discard [Broww, Huntsman of Dark World]
Special Summon [Dark Necrofear]
Activate [Advance Draw], Sacrifice [Dark Necrofear]

<< Anonymous(Archi)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you kind sir
<< Anonymous
Archi Reply
Thanks, once again (-_-;;) don't mention it, I can't help myself if I can 'think'. :)
<< Anonymous(Archi)
Likes to Mention it Reply
Thanks man, I was not gonna make it in my own
<< Anonymous(Archi)
Anonymous Reply
What is wrong with you, sickhead!?
Challenge 1:
Activate [Minoan Centaur]'s Effect.
Special Summon [Battle Ox] and [Beaver Warrior] in Attack.
Activate [Unity], Target [Battle Ox]
Activate [Wild Nature's Release], Target [Battle Ox]
Attack with [Beaver Warrior]
Attack with [Battle Ox]

Challenge 2:
Activate [Morale Boost]
Tribute Summon [Archfiend of Gilfer] by tributing [Wooldland Sprite]
Attack with [Archfiend of Gilfer]
Activate [Archfiend of Gilfer] effect from Graveyard, equip to [Gearfriend the Iron Knight]
Repeat above step till Opponent LP reaches 0

Challenge 3:
Do not chain on any of these steps. HINT: Toggle off Chain.
Activate [Harpies' Hunting Ground].
Activate [Powerful Rebirth], target [Harpie Lady].
[Harpies' Hunting Ground]'s effect activates, destroy [Divine Wrath].
Activate [Harpie Lady]'s effect. Return [Harpie Lady] to hand. Summon [Harpie Dancer].
[Harpies' Hunting Ground]'s effect activates, destroy your own [Wild Tornado].
[Wild Tornado]'s effect activates, destroy any Ojama.
Tribute Summon [Swift Birdman Joe].
Activate [Harpies' Hunting Ground].
Activate [Parallel Twister], Send [Harpies' Hunting Ground] to the graveyard, destroy any Ojama.
Activate [Tribute to The Doomed], discard [Powerful Rebirth], destroy the last Ojama.
Attack with [Swift Birdman Joe].

Challenge 4:
Summon [Magician's Rod], select [Thousand Knives]
Tribute Summon [Dark Magician Girl] by tributing [Legion the Fiend Jester]
Activate [Legion the Fiend Jester]'s effect from Graveyard and select [Dark Magician]
Activate [Ancient Rules] to Special Summon [Dark Magician] from hand
Activate [Thousand Knives], destroy your opponent's [Dark Magician]
Attack with all your monsters
<< Anonymous(Archi)
Anonymous Reply
(Insert “kevin durant you da real mvp” gif) lol thanks man
<< Anonymous(Archi)
DragonFerrets Reply
Thanks! Exodia and the harpies were keeping me up, LOL!
<< Anonymous(DragonFerrets)
Archi Reply
It's no problem :D Don't EVEN mention it. LOL.
Copying decks isn't enough, now you guys copy puzzle solutions too? I see a very bright future for you all with your critical thinking skills. That was sarcasm by the way, since I'm sure you can't tell.
<< Anonymous(some 10 year old)
Anonymous Reply
I COULDN'T TELL IF THAT WAS SARCASM?? Lol. JUST kidding. I can critically thihkn just fine thanks, n I see a particlarly BRIGHT future 4 ur an u 'SARCASM' skill, buddy boy -_-;;
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not everyone knows how each and every different card combos with others. And not everyone is good at the game to begin with, but want the gems and cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
its not that hard, if you have critical thinking and can read its really not that hard.

and looking up solutions on the internet will really help you get better
<< Anonymous
Wataponkuriboh Reply
Duelist Challenge #5
1.Summon Trance Archfiend
2.Activate Archfiend to discard Snoww
3.Search for Dark World Lightning
4.Use Lightning to destroy Dark Coffin, discarding Ceruli
5.Dark Coffin destroys Archfiend
6.Ceruli discards Broww
7.Summon Necrofear
8.Activate Advanced Draw
Get your college degree while waiting for exodia animation to finish
<< Anonymous(Yavuz)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Yavuz)
GameA Admin #9333332 Reply
Thanks! 5 other people submitted the answer before us though, but yeah thanks!
Check youtube channel ahmad rivaldi for duel challenge guide
<< Anonymous(Helped)
Anonymous Reply
Why should we bother open youtube if we can see all the answer here? Weird.
<< Anonymous(Helped)
Anonymous Reply
indo jancok
I bet people who cant solve these challenge (that meant to be solved by themselves) are platinum or lower scrubs and meta faggot
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Haha ya and people who can't use proper English what noobs
@archi thanks man
How to solve exodia challenge?
<< Anonymous(Duuuude)
Anonymous Reply
Thanks man!
<< Anonymous
Duuude Reply
I know. It's definitely fine. I said it's no problem.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
thanks man, came on here looking for exactly that. goo detail
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
layman challenge 4
1.a click and got to the gate screen and klick on duel school OR
1.b click on duelist challenge and klick on to the event.
2. click on challenge 4
3. click on start
4. click on ok
5. chpc (click hold pull to center and release) magicians rod
6. click on normal summon
7. click on yes
8. click on thousand knives and click on confirm
9. chpc dark magician girl
10. click on normal summon
11. click on yes
12. click on legion the fiend Jester and on confirm
13. click on yes
14. click on dark magician and confirm

<< Anonymous(layman challenge 4)
Anonymous Reply
15. chpc ancient rules
16. click on acitvate effect
17. see 14.
18 click on attack position and confirm
19. chpc thousand knives
20. see 16.
21. see 14.

Change to battle phase and attack with all monsters.

<< Anonymous
Blitzkon Reply
idc who post the answer is better then me having to figure it out thanks for the tips :)
Would be nice to have Tour Guide From the Underworld as playable character
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tour guide is a card it makes no sense to have her as a playable character
<< Anonymous
Valencia Reply
I think that she might be Yami Bakura's secret girlfriend. XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yubel is also a card, isn't it?

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