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Yami Marik unlock event announced!
update 08/05/2017

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Period (GMT +00:00)May 9 - May 16

Event Details

For a limited time only, new duel quizzes will be available. Complete the special challenges available in Duel School to obtain Skull Knight, gems, and other rewards! You can only obtain each rewards once.

Event Rewards

The last obtainable reward shown is Skull Knight, which does have high attack and good defense, but both the fusion material monsters are low level fiend monsters with low stats. These cards seems to be aimed towards newer players, or fiend decks as the event description says.

Challenge Schedule

The first and second challenge are available after the maintenance, next challenges will be released daily. The event ends on May 16th, while the last written challenge is going to be released on 13th. This could either mean more challenges added later, or just giving some time for players to finish the quizzes.


All duel quizzes have the same objective, which is to use the cards given to you and "win in this turn!" This section contains spoilers for the answers to the quizzes. Do not read further if you prefer to not know the answers.

Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Challenge #3

  • Summon Victory Viper XX03.
  • Use 2 Power Capsule to increase viper's attack by 400 twice.
  • Use the last power capsule to special summon a token.
  • Attack with token first, then viper to attack directly.

Challenge #4

Challenge #5

Note: The set monster on the left is Rigorous Reaver, the one on the right is Empress Mantis.

Challenge #6


Hot New Top
God bless the internet
this is how to solve 4-6 challenge
When u attack with Nimble Musasbi do u chain Yellow Baboon or no?
Card rewards would've been decent for new players if you got 3 of each (would allow a decent Budget Fusion deck), but only 1 of each is useless unfortunately.
Yes! I finally got Skull Night, one of my favorite cards! I personally think this is a really cool event.
<< Anonymous(Mereth)
Anoymous Reply
Thank you helpful people on the Internet.
Funny event, we should get at least 1 per week
How do you solve challenge six?
No offense for any readers here, but actually IMO the rewards are retard, and the only thing I love in this event is the "quiz", so I didn't read any walkthrough of this event written here or other pages, hope I got the same one :)
solve thew challenges in japanese
Handy Helper
Challenge #6 is not that hard but it can trick you a bit: You do the following:

1. Activate Obedience Shooled (while you control no monsters of course) and Special Summoned the 3 listed monsters in Attack Positon.

2.Tribute Summon Green Baboon in Attack Position by offering Rodenut and Uniflora.

3.Enter Battle Phase and attack with Nimble Musasabi vs Sonic Duck, then activate Yellow Baboon's effect to Special Summon it from your hand in Attack Position (it doesn't matter what monsters you banish)

4. Activate Nimble's effect to Special Summon 2 more to your opponent's field.

5. Attack both Nimbles with Green and Yellow Baboons.

6. You win
<< Anonymous(Hau)
Anoymous Reply
Just follow those instructions and you will win.
<< Anonymous(Hau)
AussieRiolu Reply
Yeah because Nimble's effect activates in the Graveyard. Even if say Skill Drain was activate, it'll still trigger because it's no longer on the field. Same with Obedience Schooled.
<< Anonymous(Handy Helper)
Player J Reply
I went to "test" whether or not the effects of Nimble were being negated by Obedience School. Obedience School is negating Nimbles continuous effect which is "cannot be Tribute for Tribute Summon". If you try to tribute it for Yellow or Green as a test, You will see it does allow them to be summoned. Thus, Obedience School is negating the the field effects like it suppose to be.
<< Anonymous(Handy Helper)
Rudy Reply
Thks bro.
This doesn't work

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