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Yubel event guide!
update 18/06/2019

Updated Information

Challenges Guide (15 June - 21 June, 2019) updated

Event Details

For a limited time only, new duel quizzes will be available. Complete the special challenges available in Duel School to obtain exclusive cards, gems, and other rewards! You can only obtain each rewards once.

All duel quizzes have the same objective, which is to use the cards given to you and "win in this turn!" This section contains spoilers for the answers to the quizzes. Do not read further if you prefer to not know the answers.

Challenges Guide (15 June - 21 June, 2019)

Event Information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #3: Start from 16 June 13:00
  • Challenge #4: Start from 17 June 13:00
  • Challenge #5: Start from 18 June 13:00

Event Rewards

Challenge #1Gems x10
Challenge #2R Ticket x1
Challenge #3Gems x20
Challenge #4SR Ticket x1
Challenge #5Gems x20

Challenge #1

  1. Normal Summon Genex Undine then activates its effect to send Needle Sunfish from the deck to the graveyard and add Genex Controller to your hand.

  2. Use Needle Sunfish's effect to decrease Metal Armored Bug 500 ATK.

  3. Activate Double Summon to Normal summon White Tiger Summoner then use its effect to special summon Genex Controller .

  4. Synchro Summon Giganticastle by using Genex Controller, White Tiger Summoner and Genex Undine.

  5. Attack Metal Armored Bug with Giganticastle for victory.

Challenge #2

  1. Normal Summon Red-Eyes Baby Dragon then use it to attack Man-Eater Bug.

  2. Activate Red-Eyes Retro Dragon's effect to special summon itself and Baby Dragon from the graveyard which is destroyed by Man-Eater Bug's effect.

  3. Use Baby Dragon to attack Torike then trigger its effect to special summon Red-Eyes B. Dragon from your deck.

  4. Attack directly with Red-Eyes B. Dragon for victory.

Challenge #3

  1. Activate Fabled Soulkius's effect in the graveyard and discard Sunny Pixie and The Tricky.
  2. Normal Summon Junk Synchron and revive Sunny Pixie.
  3. Use Sunny Pixie and Fabled Soulkius to Synchro Summon Ancient Sacred Wyvern.
  4. Direct attack with Junk Synchron first and then direct attack with Ancient Sacred Wyvern.

Challenge #4

  1. Activate Neos Fusion to fusion summon Elemental HERO Brave Neos by sending Elemental HERO Neos and A/D Changer from your deck.
  2. Normal Summon Dream Clown on the field and use A/D Changer to change it into Defense Position.
  3. Activate Crass Clown's effect to destroy Granadora.
  4. Direct attack with Brave Neos for victory.

Challenge #5

  1. Equip both Axe of Fools to the Jinzo and Silent Insect.
  2. Activate Widespread Dud on Jinzo and Silent Insect.
  3. Normal Summon Breaker the Magical Warrior on the field and use its effect to destroy Widespread Dud.
  4. Direct attack with Breaker the Magical Warrior for victory.

Challenges Guide (3 May - 9 May, 2019)

Event information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #3: Start from 4 May 13:00
  • Challenge #4: Start from 5 May 13:00
  • Challenge #5: Start from 6 May 13:00

Event Rewards

Event RewardsRating
Quantum CatQuantum Cat [SR]C+
Deal of PhantomDeal of Phantom [R]C+

Challenge #1

  1. Special Summon Vice Dragon then Normal Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Warbluran.

  2. Activate Synchro Boost on Warbluran to increase its Level from 1 to 2.

  3. Synchro Summon Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda by using Warbluran and Vice Dragon as materials.

  4. Activate Warbluran's effect to special summon one Mecha Phantom Beast Token on the field then tribute the token to special summon Warbluran by using Concoruda's effect.

  5. Attack directly with Warbluran for victory.

Challenge #2

  1. Activate Wind-Up Soldier's effect to boost up its attack.

  2. Activate both Wind-Up Warrior's effect to boost up Wind-Up Soldier's attack.

  3. Activate Overwind to double Wind-Up Soldier's attack.

  4. Attack Five-Headed Dragon with Wind-Up Soldier for Victory.

Challenge #3

  1. Special Summon Scrap Breaker on the field.

  2. Activate Scrap Searcher's effect and special summon it from the graveyard.

  3. Tribute summon Scrap Golem with Scrap Searcher and activate its effect to special summon Scrap Searcher to the opponent's field.

  4. Activate Scrap Searcher's effect and destroy both Labyrinth Wall on the opponent's field.

  5. Attack the Scrap Searcher with Scrap Golem for victory.

Challenge #4

Challenge #5

Challenges Guide (25 Feb - 3 March, 2019)

Event information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #3: Start from 26 Dec 13:00
  • Challenge #4: Start from 27 Dec 13:00
  • Challenge #5: Start from 28 Dec 13:00

Event Rewards

Event RewardsRating
Dark Burning AttackDark Burning Attack [SR]B+
Deal of PhantomDeal of Phantom [R]C+

Challenge #1

  1. Normal Summon Silent Swordsman LV3 then activate Silent Sword Slash on him.

  2. Banish Silent Sword Slash from the graveyard to search out Silent Swordsman.

  3. Tribute Silent Swordsman LV3 to special summon Silent Swordsman and crash him into the Skull Servant.

  4. Activate Silent Swordsman's effect to special summon Silent Swordsman LV7 and attack for game.

Challenge #2

  1. Normal Summon Lock Cat and activate his effect to special summon Key Mouse from the graveyard.

  2. Special summon Chain Dog from the graveyard by activating his effect.

  3. Use Berserking's effect to halve Chain Dog's ATK and increase Lock Cat by an equal amount of ATK.

  4. Synchro Summon Thunder Unicorn by using Chain Dog and Key mouse as materials.

  5. Attack Phantom Gryphon with Lock Cat and use Thunder Unicorn to declare a final attack.

Challenge #3

  1. Activate Unexpected Dai to special summon Galaxy Serpent from your deck.

  2. Use Cost Down's effect to discard Phantom Gryphon to the graveyard and normal summon Knight of the Red Lotus which its level reduce to 3 due to the Cost down's effect.

  3. Use Knight of the Red Lotus' effect to special summon Phantom Gryphon from the graveyard.

  4. Synchro Summon Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg by using Galaxy Serpent and Phantom Gryphon as materials.

  5. Attack first with Knight of the Lotus.

  6. Banish Phantom Gryphon from the graveyard by using Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg's effect to increase its ATK to 4000 and declare a final attack for victory.

Challenge #4

  1. Normal Summon Koa'ki Meiru Urnight and use its effect to special summon Koa'ki Meiru Powerhand from your deck.

  2. Special summon Koa'ki Meiru Maximus by banishing Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru and use its effect to destroy one of Nuvia the Wicked.

  3. Attack first with Koaki Meiru Powerhand to Board Soldier then attack the left copy of Nuvia the Wicked with Koaki Meiru Urnight.

  4. Attack directly with Koaki Meiru Maximus for victory.

Challenge #5

  1. Normal Summon Karakuri Komachi mdl 224 "Ninishi" and use its effect to additional normal summon Karakuri Muso mdl 818 "Haipa" from your hand.

  2. Synchro summon Karakuri Shogun mdl 00 "Burei" by using Karakuri Komachi and Karakuri Muso as material.

  3. Activate Karakuri Shogun's effect to special summon Karakuri Bushi mdl 6318 "Muzanichiha".

  4. Use Karakuri Shogun's effect to change the one copy of Blue-Eyes White Dragon's battle postion from attack into defense.

  5. Activate De-Synchro and Special Summon the Synchro Materials.

  6. Synchro Summon Karakuri Shogun again with Karakuri Komachi and Karakuri Bushi as material.

  7. Activate Karakuri Shogun's effect to special summon Karakuri Strategist mdl 248 "Nishipachi" with defense position.

  8. Activate Karakuri Strategist's effect to change itself into ATK position.

  9. Activate Karakuri Shogun's effect to change Karakuri Muso into defense position.

  10. Synchro Summon Second Karakuri Shogun using Karakuri Strategist and Karakuri Muso as material.

  11. Activate Karakuri Shogun's effect to special summon Karakuri Ninja mdl 7749 "Nanashick".

  12. Activate Karakuri Anatomy's effect to draw the both Karakuri Gold Dust from your deck.

  13. Attack with one Karakuri Shogun into the defense Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

  14. Attack with the Second Karakuri Shogun and activate Karakuri Gold Dust from your hand to change the First Karakuri Shogun in defense to boost the Second Karakuri Shogun's attack.

  15. Activate the left copy of Karakuri Golden Dust to change the Second Karakuri Shogun in defense to boost the Karakuri Ninja mdl 7749 "Nanashick"'s attack and attack with Karakuri Ninja for victory.

Challenges Guide (21 Dec - 27 Dec, 2018)

Event Information

New Challenge will be added over a period of time

  • Challenge #1: Start from 22 Dec 13:00
  • Challenge #2: Start from 23 Dec 13:00
  • Challenge #3: Start from 24 Dec 13:00

Event Rewards

Challenge #1

  1. Attack Snowman Eater with Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem to trigger its effect and destroy Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem.

  2. Activate Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem's effect and special summon Ancient Gear Golem from the graveyard.

  3. Attack Hane-Hane with Ancient Gear Golem.

Challenge #2


Hot New Top
Caroline Elizabeth D

This was even faster than I could dream of, Dr Noble ( Thank you for taking time to listen to me and answering all my emails. I feel emotional strong again. My confidence is back and I see my future clearly. I am forever grateful for your help for re-uniting me with my old love.
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Challange 5#

You can also summon Breaker the Magical Warrior and use his effect to destroy one Equipment spell from your Opponent.

then use both axe of fools on your Breaker the Magical Warrior then attack Silent Insect and you will make 2000 damage.

In my solution you don't Need the trap ;)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So... does it mean there was another way to solve the mission?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'm surprised there were a sizeable number of people that didn't realize the intended route with Widespread Dud. o.o

It did cross my mind that it might be possible to beat over the Silent Insect for game, but I went for the Dud route since it was more obvious.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's what makes duel puzzles great. Sometimes, there's more than one way to solve the mission.

Another great example is in the Vrains anime, during the Cyberse deck puzzle.
People found out multiple solutions for it, aside from the one used in the anime.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I loved that Den City Cyberse deck puzzle.
An R ticket? Seriously!? Like I can't already get that five billion times in this game! Not even a card reward this time!
<< Anonymous
JK Reply
You didn't noticed?
This is a "special" R ticket.
It has Cosmo Brain & AG Wyvern in it.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
the R ticket is bad, yeah.

But look at the SR ticket, it has Pair Cycroid. Meaning people don't have to endlessly farm Syrus anymore just to unlock Zane, since it feels like Syrus just has 0,01% chance to drop Pair Cycroid.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think it has the same cards as the train kuriboh s/u ticket.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, the Kuriboh ticket doesn't have Pair Cycroid. This is actually the first time since Zane is unlockable, that Pair Cycroid is available outside Syrus drop.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I see milenium shield and battleguard rage at the ticket so that's the difference between this ticket and kuriboh ticket
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Pair cycroid was also available in KC cup SR tickets.
Piece of cake and thanks for the gems
Free Gems
These events are always gem give away for everyone. Really nice.
<< Anonymous(Free Gems)
Anonymous Reply
Yep, thanks for the gems.
clown challenge plz
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Are u a 🔥? Just use AD Changer to change Dream Clown position it took me only a few milliseconds to get that right while u choose make yourself look like a washed-up potato.
Not that I want to, but if one wished to sell an account with nearly 20000 gems, where is the best place to do it?
gameA why this page contains solution's from like months ago?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
This. I think the solution for previous Duelist Challenges shouldn't be kept in this page, it only clutters the page with useless information.
Nice way to teach u how to use the toggle button with armades
"While Armades, Keeper of Boundaries is attacking, activate Dust Tornado to destroy Security Orb. Security Orb's effect will not activate because of missed timing."

Security Orb doesn't miss the timing, it's second effect is mandatory. It's Armades that stops it.
Challenge 5
summon junk synchron, then special summon dark verger. Synchro summon armades, then special summon gigantes by banishing dark verger. attack with armades first. while attacking, activate dust tornado to destroy security orb. then attack with the rest. widespread ruin will only destroy armades.
<< Anonymous(Anon-san)
Anonymous Reply
you 're clever my boy....
<< Anonymous(Anon-san)
The pariah Reply
Dudes like these should be allowed to post tricks and tips in this site
<< Anonymous(Anon-san)
Anonymous Reply
Note: when summoning armades, use verger as material so you can banish it from the graveyard to summon gigantes.

Also, you need mushroom man on the field, otherwise you won't have enough ATK stat to win the duel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Then again, Gamea already put it up in the article, so I guess I actually didn't need to post my above reply lol XD

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