Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound

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update 04/02/2019

Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound

Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound
TypeMachine, Effect


Cannot be Special Summoned. If this card attacks a Defense Position monster, inflict piercing battle damage. Up to twice per turn, when this attacking card destroys a monster by battle: You can discard 1 Machine monster; this card can attack again in a row. If this card on the field is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can add 1 "Polymerization" from your Deck to your hand, and if you do, add 1 other "Ancient Gear" monster from your GY to your hand.

How to Get

PackAncient Gear Awakening [UR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Good stats.
  • Inflicts piercing damage.
  • Can attack up to 3 times per turn.
  • Adds cards to your hand when destroyed.


  • Cannot be special summoned making him extremely difficult and costly to summon.
  • Lacks the protection effect of most Ancient Gear monsters.


  • Cannot be used to summon Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem because it requires “Ancient Gear Golem specifically”. Although you could use is as one of the 2 generic Ancient Gear monsters when summoning Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem.

Ancient Gear

Here are some of the monsters you can retrieve when Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound is destroyed. Ancient Gear Box is a particularly good choice because he lets you search out another monster from your deck.

Effect Protection

You can use Ancient Gear Cannon to temporarily cover Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound’s lack of Battle Phase protection while also inflicting slight burn damage to your opponent.

You can equip Ancient Gear Golem Ultimate Pound with Rare Metalmorph to make him immune to spell effects or Gravity Blaster to protect from monster effects while also giving him an attack boost. Keep in mind that Rare Metalmorph will negate Gravity Blaster when they are used together.


Equip Break! Draw! or Oilman to Ancient Gear Golem - Ultimate Pound to draw a card when he destroys an opponent’s monster by battle.


Surprised it wasn't localized to be "Ancient Gear Golem-Mechanized Melee"
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Crowler cries this 🔥 when summoning him! MECHANZIED MELEE!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Strangely enough, besides Burst Stream of Destruction, this is the only other "Attack Name" card whose attack name part of the card's name in English, doesn't match the English dub version.

With Burst Stream it's really iconic and was the first "Attack Name" card, so it gets a pass, but that's not the same case with Crowler and AGG....
this card is nasty in a superheavy deck with the waraji to summon right away since superheavy is almost exclusively machine monster deck you can swing three times if they have no back row to worry about
The card in the structure deck that nobody will play, because it has zero synergy with the rest of the archetype.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It is possible to play, but you need a deck completely dedicated to this and Hydra. (You need Hydra as well because it's the only way AGG - UP can have battle protection)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Wonder if ValleCulla ever try to test such deck, he/she seems to be a big fan of Ancient Gears.
crazy effects, maybe UAGG is going to be too easy to summon? :o
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You cannot summon UAGG using Ultimate Pound. It specifically requires 'Ancient Gear Golem'.
Critical Hit
...Um it's good if the backrow is cleared big it has no protection unlike AGG plain. No thanks.
<< Anonymous(Critical Hit)
Anonymous Reply
This card is meant to be used alongside Ancient Gear Hydra, which is also in the structure deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not really, there's no real advantage to using both. (Well, I guess running 1 copy of Hydra as a Geartown target in an Ultimate Pound-focused deck makes sense.) Ultimate Pound's something you have to build around, though. Your typical Ancient Gear builds shouldn't use it.
<< Anonymous(Critical Hit)
Anonymous. Reply
"Um it's good if the backrow is cleared big it has no protection unlike AGG plain. No thanks."
Every good card effect also needs a drawback you moron. Balance reasons.
does not have antique gear protection the "cannot activate spell/trap" so its just a big fat beatstick only ...pass !
>Can't be special summon
>Don't have a "this card is treated as ancient gear golem"
>Don't have "your opponent can't activate spell/traps when attack"
I think "A-" is too high for him.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, this card would be used more only if we also get Ancient Gear Frame.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The spell card in the structure deck can be used to summon him and it also protects ancient gear monsters from monster,spell or trap card effects.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
I mean the ancient gear fortress card
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
By the way,ancient gear frame is inside the structure deck.
I never noticed this guy doesn't shut down backrow on attack declaration.
<< Anonymous(ValleCula)
Anonymous Reply
The card will be OP if it can do so!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ancient gear fortress should be more than enough though for protection
I think this will be our first card in DL with Vrains era PSCT for monster type in effect.

(Notice how it says "you can discard 1 Machine monster", omitting the "-Type" from "Machine-Type"? That's a brand new PSCT that TCG only started using in Vrains era)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Note that I said Vrains era PSCT, not Vrains era card.

The first Vrains era card in DL was Air Cracking Storm.
Mr. Sexy Crowler
You're all coming to Pound Town
Pound is going to be the Blue Eyes Solid Dragon of the box. Everyone will play Reactor Dragon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
noup is pretty strong with geartown and a single canadia u can summond you can discard box for example and get it back when the golem get destroyed and get a wyvern and a poly, in your turn if you still alive u can use wyvern for other box and get the knight and fusion ez XD I LOVE A.G. i have it on tcg im so happy right now

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Use spell/trap removal or something like Karma Cut
Amazoness Ra works too. Just keep banishing his monsters and destroying his S/Ts with Amazoness ...
I feel the sane way when gnat happens to me. This duel was so intense I couldn’t see your m...
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