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update 17/06/2017

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Is Mokuba avaialble?

Although Mokuba Kaiba is unavailable currently, leaked images imply he will appear in the game in the future.


Since Kaiba Seto is his role model, there is a possibility that his deck will be around “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”. And if his appearance in duel links is the same as Yugi Muto’s events, it is possible that player could obtain other Blue-eyes White Dragon’s supporting card from him.

In Duel Terminal

In the Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Terminal, a player can challenge against Mokuba Kaiba. He uses the following three cards at least.


In Manga/Anime

Mokuba is Kaba Seto’s younger brother who is totally devoted to his brother. Although he is not seen as a duelists and is frequently get kidnapped several times by his brother’s enemies, but his supporting roles is not less important than any other main characters. For his beloved brother’s honor, he won’t back down for any challenge.

Exclusive reward cards from Mokuba Kaiba

Card / [Rarity]Level
Darkflare DragonDarkflare Dragon [UR]30 or more
Kidmodo DragonKidmodo Dragon [SR]30 or more
Divine Dragon ApocralyphDivine Dragon Apocralyph [SR]30 or more
Beacon of WhiteBeacon of White [SR]30 or more
Advance DrawAdvance Draw [SR]30 or more
Lava DragonLava Dragon [R]All levels
Divine Dragon RagnarokDivine Dragon Ragnarok [R]All levels
Dragon's RageDragon's Rage [R]All levels
D. TribeD. Tribe [N]All levels
The Dragon's BeadThe Dragon's Bead [N]All levels


Hot New Top
Yugi 1days ago
I wanted one more Darkflare Dragon but i am not complain :D
JohnFTW 1days ago
This card in gravekeeper deck's could be really sick... pls next event pls konami!
<< Anonymous(JohnFTW)
JohnFTW 1days ago Reply
Mystic Tomato pls konami
Kaibakas 2days ago
I've played and beaten him lvl 30 & 40, with 7000/8000 points each time and still haven't seen a single advance draw or darkflare dragon. I have like a million beads, rage, ragnaroks, beacons
Anoymous 3days ago
How old r u in season 3 season4 and season5 mokuba? ??i know in season 1 ur 10 season 2 ur almost 12
Mokuba is honestly a terrible choice for a new character. What would make his deck or skills different from Kaiba?
Much better choices would be Bonz, Espa Roba(though Jinzo is OP), PaniK, Umbra/Lumis, or even Jaden from GX.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
They should have espa roba as a legendary character that u can get as for the event he should have a psychic deck with jinzo I or jinzo support cards
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 7days ago Reply
Jaden's not going to be added because he's from GX.
<< Anonymous
Panos 5days ago Reply
There are leaked characters of who is gonna enter duel links and they are espa roba,arkana,bonz,yami joey,and all the protagonist of gx
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 3days ago Reply
If mokuba had a deck i would make it a strong trap and spell card deck and cards 2 increase his lifepoints and a few good monsters Traps like mirror force negate attack Shadow spell kunai with chain spellbinding circle.....shadow ghoul and discard 35 monsters and power up shadow ghoul and win the duel in 2 turns....
Anoymous 3days ago
Why do ur eyes turn black when u get hypnotized? ????
Anoymous 3days ago
Do u still care about noah even after he kidnaps u and knell by u and looks directly into ur eyes with his red eyes and hypnotizes u?
Anoymous 3days ago
Why do u say yes sir not a word ur my only brother noah? ???why do ur eyes glow red and u say no.noah is the only brother i have?and why do u say give kaiba corp 2 noah now.....
Amanda adams 3days ago
Your my favorite character mokuba.....
I have a question ive always been wondering why does noah kidnap and hypnotizes u?????
ponyboi 12days ago
Well this sucks... I wanted bonz or Marin whatever he better have good cards
<< Anonymous(ponyboi)
Anoymous 9days ago Reply
Who the hell is Marin?
<< Anonymous
Silverookami 8days ago Reply
I think they probably mean Varon, that'd be my guess, at least.
<< Anonymous(Silverookami)
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
Is that the biker oricalcos (can't spell that) spell card guy...
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
He meant Marik and Marik is like Yami bokura except he looks like he tried steroids and it didnt work for him
Anoymous 6days ago
Dam I need more kidmodo dragon
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 5days ago Reply
I don't care if they put in Mokuba. As long as they keep the other generations OUT!
<< Anonymous
lord2022 10days ago Reply
we will get gx some day maybe at 2018
<< Anonymous(lord2022)
Player J 10days ago Reply
I don't have a problem with them releasing next generation characters, some day! However, I will have a problem with them if they skip over all first generation characters. The game of Yugioh has been a show for over a decade! Kids & Adults have fell in love with this show at different stages of it's creation! I personally feel as if no character should be omitted! Continue...
<< Anonymous(Player J)
Player J 10days ago Reply
I feel the show people fell in love with wouldn't be the same if characters were omitted! Some characters had huge parts. Some characters played small roles which helped build up other characters! No matter how big or small, They all played an important part in the making of the show. We love the show because of the way it unfolded.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 8days ago Reply
The rank and pendulum icon's were in the game release data... if you can't except the extra deck your not a very loyal yugioh fan

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