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Decks to farm Mokuba Lvl 40!
update 17/06/2017


Period (GMT +00:00)June 19 - June 28

The Mokuba event is only a Duel World appearance event, similar to the Yugi Muto event. He uses a Hungry Burger ritual deck at level 30, and a Lord of D. deck at level 40. His exclusive card drop rewards are mostly Dragon supports, with Darkflare Dragon as his only UR card reward, despite him not using it in his own deck.

Lvl 20 Mokuba's deck

Lvl 10 Mokuba' deck

Mokuba Rewards


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Ace 2hour ago
Keep farming and carry the game
<< Anonymous(Ace)
Anoymous latest Reply
Yup, just keep farming and enjoy the game. This is what i got so far, almost got the same amount as you.
Anoymous 2days ago
time to test my new deck, thanks mokuba
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 21hour ago Reply
bad deck, you need kidmodo ... otherwisr darkflare dragon is useless in this deck
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 16hour ago Reply
i already made it bro, nice deck
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 15hour ago Reply
^^ bad deck? useless darkflare? lol no need kidmodo since i need battle phase to otk
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1hour ago Reply
looks great
BlastWatermelon 3days ago
Another great example on how Konami doesnt give a shit about their player base. These spawn rates are shit. Meanwhile there is gonna be people hacking the game spawning Mokuba whenever they want.
<< Anonymous(BlastWatermelon)
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
I actually get him often but with 9 matches and 8k i got the ur an 1 kimodo
<< Anonymous(BlastWatermelon)
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
You can't say they don't give a shit, just man up and farm like everyone else has to. They obvs give a shit, look at all the free gems and that you get just for playing the game.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 22hour ago Reply
I actually liked lots of their events like Duel-a-Thon, card flipper, and duelist unlocking event but I hate how they keep this kind of shitty event around. Don't they heard how playerbase hates this kind of event? You can't control anything in this kind of event. Everything is decided purely by RNG and you can't even farm him by spending keys or duel orb to improve your chance to get the SR/UR
<< Anonymous(Crapobese)
Anoymous 7hour ago Reply
No need to respect someone who casually said they fine when didn't get any SR/UR but actually already got them without trying with no concern for people who's been continuously waiting and farming yet got none. Those kind of guys deserved getting 0 SR/UR from all the future events. Just to see how much of a hypocrites they are when it actually happen
Anoymous 10hour ago
A limited time only, RNG-based, bullshit event? THANKS KONAMI. Mokuba literally appears about every 3 - 4 hours at lvl 30. I've farmed him approximately 15 times at lvl 40 and obtained absolute shit. PLEASE REPLACE THE KONAMI STAFF ALREADY. These people have the brain power of a fucking sandwich.
:) 18hour ago
I don't understand why people complain when they didn't spend money to join the event.. I mean sure they may have spent money for the packs, but that's a different thing.

I'm f2p, don't have the Darkflare yet but have 3 copies of each reward. I don't mind. The event lasts for a week. Plenty of time to play.
<< Anonymous(:))
Anoymous 17hour ago Reply
Luk who is talking...u have 3 copies of every other majority of the people are trying for at least 1 copy
<< Anonymous(:))
Anoymous 17hour ago Reply
you already have 3 copies of each reward other than darkflare...easy for you to be talking big and acting like a saint kissing konami's butt
<< Anonymous(:))
Anoymous 12hour ago Reply
You wouldn't say that if you wouldn't have gotten even one SR or UR. Fuck you!!!
<< Anonymous(:))
Anoymous 10hour ago Reply
I would rather something I can pay for. This RNG factor to obtaining cards is RETARDED. No matter what I do, I can't use certain cards in the game while others can who put less effort in. Its complete bullshit.
Anoymous 11hour ago
Three days into the event... only got 1 SR. I have battled him over and over, every time I could. I am getting sick of orbs and gold. 15 D. Tribe, 15 Lava Dragon, 13 Divine Dragon Ragnarok... really, why?
Chirag 28 12hour ago
If you don't want to give me SR or UR, That's fine. I don't care... but at least give the fuckin chests of 10 gems, 2000 gold or repetitive skills. I won't mind. Fuck you!!!
Incognito 13hour ago
Thank you for the great rewards Mokuba lv 40
ImLosingMyPatience 13hour ago
I'm kind of getting sick of farming him 8k at lv 40 and only receiving gems, keys, coins, Lava Dragon and Divine Dragon Ragnarok...
<< Anonymous(ImLosingMyPatience)
Anoymous 13hour ago Reply
Same here. Besides most of the times he appears as LV30
pls say how to do 2days ago
how to do mokuba spawn infinite exploit?
<< Anonymous(pls say how to do)
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
enter the code, ← → A B
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 1days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(pls say how to do)
Anoymous 17hour ago Reply
Incognito 18hour ago
Bruh this event is even worse then the yu gi muto. I beat this guy always 7k-8k but not even 1sr or ur only get the fk divine dragon wtf :(
<< Anonymous(Incognito)
Anoymous 18hour ago Reply
try beat using kaiba :V
<< Anonymous(Incognito)
Anoymous 18hour ago Reply
I got 3 ur and 8 sr still need 1 more kidmodo
<< Anonymous
Incognito 17hour ago Reply
I dont get it?
Anoymous 21hour ago
i have 3 UR Darkflare Dragons and 2 Advanced draws but cant seem to get the other SRs for some reason.

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Yup, just keep farming and enjoy the game. This is what i got so far, almost got the same amount ...
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