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This page notes Bandit Keith's skills, level-up rewards, starter deck, and cards and skills you can get by winning a duel against Bandit Keith.
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update 19/12/2016
Bandit Keith pages

Character overview

How to farm
Lvl 40



The most versatile skill

Swithcheroo and Restart did not provides direct advantages in the duel, but can be used in any deck to get a card for a combo to win the match. Hence, these skill is best match for such deck that requires full set of cards to activate the combo, for example Karate-man OTK deck. For notes about other skills, check the skill section below.

Get a copy of Metalmorph!

You can obtain a copy of Metalmorph that is one of the most useful cards in current card pool, so you should get his level up to 25 definitely although other duel reward cards are not much useful.

Defeating him is not the priority

Dueling reward cards in “R” rarity obtained from him seems to be useless, as there are more useful card in current card pool now (except “Goblin Thief” spell card which is useful for Burn damage deck). Overall, if the player plans to construct a deck with Coin-toss effect theme-deck or purely Machine theme-deck, Bandit Keith is the only legendary duelists you will want spend gate key to get “UR” and “SR” rarity card from him.
→ Machine: deck recipe

Keith’s skills

How to get skills

There are two ways to acquire skills: level reward and duel reward (drop skill). For details, check our skill database.

Exclusive skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Return 1 card in your hand to your Deck and draw another. The skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.
[Sleight of Hand]
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1500. You add a 7 Completed, that is hidden behind your wristband, to your hand.
Can be used after starting hand is distributed. Shuffle all the cards from your hand into the Deck. Then draw the starting hand again.
[Baggy Sleeves]
If one of yoour monsters of Level 5 or higher is destroyed in battle, in your next Draw Phase a normal draw gives you 2 cards.
[Cheater's Coin]
If your Life Points are at least 1000 more than opponent's, and if you have at least 5 cards in your hand, your coin tosses always land on heads.
Can be used if your Life Points are at 1500 or below. Select and take control of 1 card Set in your opponent's Spell & Trap Zone. This skill can only be used once per Duel
[More skills are expected.]
Report Skill name and details by submitting comments or screenshot at the bottom of the page.

Common skills

For details of the skills below, visit the skill database.
Other acquirable skills
LP Boost αDraw Sense: FIRE
Draw Sense: DARKDraw Sense: EARTH
Draw Sense: Low-LevelsDraw Sense: High-Level
[More skills are expected.]
Report Skill name and details by submitting comments or screenshot at the bottom of the page.


Sleight of Hand

Based on the trick that Bandit Keith manages to pull out, during his duel with Joey in Duelists Kingdom arc of Yu-gi-oh anime/manga. This skill seems to be the only skill that encourage players to use Machine theme-deck. Although taking 1900 damage was almost half of the player’s life points, so player should be sure to turn the table when activating this skill.

Note that during auto-duel mode, your character will not activate and use the benefit from this skill. Therefore, there might be some changes in the future updates of the game.

Other unique drop skill

Based on Bandit Keith cheater’s characteristics from the anime. Although these set of skill are not certain to turn the situation of the game or not, but most of these skills’ (Baggy Sleeves, Cheater’s Coin, and Bandit) condition to activate is quite difficult, so player should use it at your own risk.

Keith's level-up reward

2Gem x10
3The Secret of the Bandit
4[Skill] Switcheroo
5Deck Slot (Bandit Keith)
6Gem x15
7Jinzo #7
8Deck Slot (Bandit Keith)
9Gem x25
10Pendulum Machine
11Machine Conversion Factory
12Gem x35
13[Skill] Secret Draw
14Smoke Grenade of the Thief
15Gem x50
16Sonic Jammer
17Gem x60
18A-Team: Trap Disposal Unit
19Gem x75
20[Skill] Restart
22Gem x100
23Machine Conversion Factory
24Gem x120
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot (Bandit Keith)
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Gem x300

Reward cards

What are reward cards?

Reward cards are card that You can get as reward for gaining a victory over legend duelists.

Exclusive duel rewards

Card / [Rarity]Keith's level
Barrel DragonBarrel Dragon [UR]30 or above
Stim-PackStim-Pack [SR]30 or above
Second Coin TossSecond Coin Toss [SR]30 or above
ReloadReload [SR]30 or above
Heavy Mech Support PlatformHeavy Mech Support Platform [SR]30 or above
Rare MetalmorphRare Metalmorph [SR]30 or above
Ground Attacker BugrothGround Attacker Bugroth [R]All levels
Launcher SpiderLauncher Spider [N]All levels
ZoaZoa [N]All levels
MetalzoaMetalzoa [N]All levels
OverdriveOverdrive [R]All levels
Warrior of ZeraWarrior of Zera [R]All levels
Goblin ThiefGoblin Thief [R]All levels
OilmanOilman [R]All levels

Common duel rewards

Bandit Keith Lvl 10-30 also drops the following cards that are R rarity and common to all Legendary Duelists.

Keith’s starter deck

Monster Cards x20QTY
Barrel DragonBarrel Dragon1
Slot MachineSlot Machine1
Megasonic EyeMegasonic Eye3
Cyber FalconCyber Falcon3
Yaiba RoboYaiba Robo3
Claw ReacherClaw Reacher3
Spell Cards x0QTY
Trap Cards x0QTY


Description in the game

Intercontinental champion Bandit Keith has not qualms about using underhanded tactics to steal the win. His signature monster "Barrel Dragon" has an effect that enables it to destroy his opponent's card.


anoymous 20hour ago
WOW. people are that sad they try to use restart and not do ANYTHING to try and get the opponent to quit!
Why would they not put a countdown for thus!!
anoymous 20hour ago
not letting this guy win XD been waiting for 30 mins now LOL i can wait Oh if you play anyone like this just report them after.
anoymous 2days ago
I got skills:
Lp boost a
Draw sense dark/earth/fire
Draw sense low/high level
Sleight of hand
anoymous 11days ago
[Balance] Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
now for bandit keith too (only mako had it)
anoymous 11days ago
These days every uses Bandit Keith.

anoymous 22days ago
Switcheroo keeps replacing my card with the same card!
Manolo 19hour ago
Blame on the "random" algorithym of the game. I've been facing a lot of inconceivable stuff from a statistic point of view; things that should never occur if random was really random
anoymous 21days ago
anoymous 29days ago
why the hell does switcheroo ALWAYS put the same card that I JUST sent to the deck back in my of the time it seems
Over 9000 29days ago
Preach! I stopped using the skill because of that. I feel the update messed with it somehow.
Lamb 1/1/1970
How do i get the skilll that tosses coin every turn ?
Ik 1/1/1970
Can confirm
CoWorker 1/1/1970
i managed to got 2 skills from grinding Pegasus:

- Draw Sense: Fire
- Draw Sense: Dark
Jonuchi Kazuja 1/1/1970
задание открытия персонажа "Соберите 2 машины" ё моё, да у колода собрана из машин.... Что мне делать?
Yami Shinken 1/1/1970
New skill drop for Kieth:
Clavata 1/1/1970
here we're,,
some skill for bandit
-Draw Sense: High-Level
-Draw Sense: Earth
kijko 1/1/1970
Skill drop "EARTH" imgur link, chrome won't upload the image in my comment :(
kijko 1/1/1970
Another skill drop
Firestar 1/1/1970
The link for how to unlock Bandit is wrong (redirects you on Ishizu) ;)
Dandy 1/1/1970
I unlocked Switcheroo but it doesn't show.. I'm level 6 and my skill slots are empty -_-
Raziel 1/1/1970
He have also lp boost
anoymous 1/1/1970
Is it possible to farm switcheroo to another character? I like this skill but I hate to play as Keith.
Tung Pham 1/1/1970
Skill drop for Kieth
Pie 1/1/1970
I'm i the only one whos seen keith use switcheroo more than twice ? (pvp)
Anoymous Brother 1/1/1970

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