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update 08/04/2017

Example auto decks

Fortress Whale
Ritual Level 7
Will be your first deck for Auto Duel. Easy to build relative to other decks.
Hungry Burger
Ritual Level 6
In case you opened a lot of Neo-Impact packs.
Meteor B. Dragon
Double Fusions
Very expensive but works well even against SDs Lvl 45.
Kazejin & BEWD
This deck is not pefectly auto-oriented. Play by yourself to summon BEWD or Kazejin, and tap "Auto" button.
Insect level 5
An auto deck with a good win rate using insect monsters.
Enemy Controller
EXP earning
An auto deck focusing on getting as many EXP as you can by winning more often.

What are auto decks?

Auto decks are decks that are mainly made to be used with the "Auto-Duel" function. The reason why people often want to go with Auto-Duel is simply because it is done much faster than manual play, since it is fast forwarded and easy to use with just one button. Keep in mind that win rates for auto decks vary depending on what level of Standard Duelists you are going against.

SD's decks

2 types of auto decks

1. Made to win

Some decks are made to have a high chance of winning and ends fast. This is good if you ever want to level a character quickly or buy a "Boosted Duel Orb" from the shop. With only an hour of infinite standard duelist spawns, winning the duels quickly can earn you a lot of exp, levelling a character up quite fast.

2. High score for items

The other type of decks are made to get a high score with auto duels. These decks might not have a consistently high win rate compared to the ones made to win, but they can often give up to 3000 or 4000 easily by using auto duel from the start. Earning a lot of points from the Duel Assessment will give more rewards like golds, stones/orbs, and most importantly, the standard gate keys and the colored ones used to farm Legendary Duelists.

How to make an Auto Deck

3 things you should know to build a good auto deck:

1. AI Interaction
You will need to get a good understanding of how the game's AI work, which can change from time to time. Press the auto-duel and see how they interact with some of the cards. It's recommended to keep things simple by using cards like Reinforcements, Metalmorph or Riryoku.

2. Which monsters and spells work best
Making an auto deck that's made to just win the duels can be pretty easy. All you need is to put a lot of monsters with high attack like Warrior Dai Grepher or Jerry Beans Man, and use spells that can increase their attack like Banner of Courage, Reinforcements or any equip spell cards like Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou.

3. Check the Duel Assessment page
To make an auto deck that gives a lot of points, you will need to understand first what are the things you need to do to get a lot of points. Take a look at the Duel Assessment section. Make an auto deck that can tribute, fusion or ritual to get more points, destroy 5 enemy monsters or be able to summon Meteor B. Dragon to deal over 3,000 damage. Being able to end the duel fast from either turn 1-4 can also earn the quick victory bonus.

Useful skills

AI cannot activate skills manually. That means you will set a skill activated automatically to your auto deck.

Example of skills work in auto duel

Power of DarkPeak Performance
Dinosaur KingdomeMythic Depth
BalanceLP Boost skills

Example of skills AI cannot use

As mentioned above, skills activated manually cannot be used in Auto Duel since AI do not activate them. You should not build auto duel decks with those skills. Here are examples of such skills.

SwitcherooDraw Sense skills
Draw PassRestart

How to speed up

Change the "Power Usage" from the in-game settings and set it to max to increase the game's speed. It will make it look more fluent and smoother, but it will of course drain more of your battery to run it.

More examples of auto decks

In the game, you can also find a lot of people sharing their auto decks that work well for them and might be good for anyone that have those cards. Visit the deck board from the right most building to see what they use, and use the copy feature to copy the recipe to your characters. Check for the highly rated decks and see their deck names, if they have "オート" written on them, it means that they are an auto deck.

Comments appreciated!

Got any Auto Deck? Feel free to share them in the comments below by attaching a picture of your deck, be sure to post which level of Standard Duelist it works well against too!


Hot New Top
MarcusRC 22hour ago
whats happening to the auto duel AI? It's getting dumb and dumber.. like.. it must be bugs!
He does dumb stuff as tribute equipped monster for weaker monter (without equip), using metalmorph ON THE ENEMY and attacking that enemy and dying because of the metalmorph (all this happened on a single turn).
It does more silly stuff as using stray lambs, and then using riryoku to get half ATK from enemy and giving to the DEF position lambs, wasting the card.
Also tributing facedown hane hane without flipping it first. Putting monsters on defense posiiton instead of attacking (even with a clear field sometimes), resulting most of the time in my death the next turn.
Seriously, I can't let auto-duel to play solo anymore cause it's just messing up my game. What's happening here?
<< Anonymous(MarcusRC)
Anoymous 16hour ago Reply
Complainer whiner. U just have to make a simple deck for ai use thats all. Ai are not human, you can't expect too much.
<< Anonymous
Idiot 11hour ago Reply
Dude shut up, the ai should be smart enough not to put a mefalmorph on an enemy, gtfo anon
<< Anonymous(Idiot)
Anoymous 10hour ago Reply
Lol said by you? "Should be smart enough... " Maybe you can write the ai code for konami. Action prove stronger than words idiot.
Anoymous 1days ago
best auto duel deck to farm level 27 sd
Ren 19days ago
Sorry :( Best (to me) auto duel deck with no skill

<< Anonymous(Ren)
Anoymous 14days ago Reply
For which SD Lvl?
<< Anonymous
Ren 9days ago Reply
38 ~ 37 and below.
Nameless 11days ago
Auto Duel vs Lv.57 SD's
<< Anonymous(Nameless)
Pro 11days ago Reply
otc is the worst choice for ai, and you dont need 3x econ, 1 is enough. If you use 2-3 mirror wall and 2-3 rising energy you get +%95win rate.
<< Anonymous(Nameless)
Nameless 11days ago Reply
This Deck is well over 95% win rate, I had 30 wins in a row before my 1st loss now back to 15 wins. 45-1 not bad if you ask me. Thank you for the opinion tho! Just wanted to share a more well rounded deck for those looking.
Anoymous 11days ago
For any level
The Taxman 13days ago
SD level 45
Using Joey only because I'm levelling him now. Skill doesn't matter for this. Ofc something like Dinosaur Kingdom with Dino normals or Uni with the Shark for example instead of the level 4s is a win. Cards are just from my pool through levelling and buying packs. No cash spent.
<< Anonymous(The Taxman)
The Taxman 13days ago Reply
Umi rather ;)
lol the AI in this game is so unbelievably one of my auto decks that I created, I have Cu in it and the AI will summon it but then there are times when it won't activate the ability so it will leave it in attack position with only 500 ATK and I'm just over here like WTF?!? Stupid AI making me rage haha
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
lol AI is stupid because the programmer is stupid I had matches where the A.I. will place my cocoon of evolution in attack position WTF is that? That programmer should die in a ditch whoever he/she is.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
Your response is just pure toxicity
<< Anonymous
Arren 22days ago Reply
Programming AI for this game is really difficult, the billions of combinations. You should attempt to code an AI that tries to handle everything.
<< Anonymous
not yami yugi 14days ago Reply
it's not that easy trying to code AI
ren 19days ago
last time lol
Ren 19days ago
Best (to me) auto duel deck with no skill.
Anoymous 28days ago
That's a tittle expensive auto duel deck but works really well to level up characters, and wins really fast, just don't get much points (using it on level 39 duelists, but works on higher ones too)
Alejandro Araya 28days ago
I've been using this automatic deck since Stage 53, I'm 56 now but it has a very high win rate against SD Lv51. It is very expensive but if you have Heart of the Underdog (the key of this deck) you just have to add your powerfull magic/trap cards to divide enemy's monsters or multiply your 4 stars normal monsters with highest ATK points to burst your enemy. Normally achieve between 2.5k +3k duel points, it depends of your glossy/prismatic cards. It name is NORMAL BURST, you can test it and add this info to this gamea website
Drofnad 28days ago
After 4million points.... are there any secret unlocks? Or just farming for his drops?
<< Anonymous(Drofnad)
Anoymous 28days ago Reply
just drop items

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