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Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem

Balance skill is unnecessary. It's used to increase the chance of getting Polymerization or Fusion Sage in your starting hand.

Sample Deck

Ancient Gear GolemAncient Gear GolemAncient Gear GolemKing of the SwampAncient Gear EngineerAncient Gear Engineer
Ancient Gear EngineerAncient Gear KnightAncient Gear KnightAncient Gear KnightThe Earth - Hex-Sealed FusionThe Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion
Ancient Gear BeastAncient Gear BeastAncient Gear BeastFusion SageFusion SagePolymerization
PolymerizationPolymerization--Ultimate Ancient Gear GolemUltimate Ancient Gear GolemUltimate Ancient Gear Golem
[Skill] descriptionUser
Balance (skill)
Your starting hand will reflect the card balance of your deck.
Various LDs

Other Useful Cards

Water Beatdown

You can use WATER monsters to make a beatdown deck by swarming the field and simply relying on their high attack. It's relatively cheap to make since many of them are low rarity or from the card trader. Mako's skill - Mythic Depths is recommended to used in this deck too.

Sample Deck

Hammer SharkHammer SharkHammer SharkUminotaurusUminotaurusUminotaurus
Atlantean Attack SquadAtlantean Attack SquadAtlantean Attack SquadSpined GillmanSpined GillmanSpined Gillman
Super Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerMirror Wall
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption
[Skill] descriptionUser
Mythic Depths
Begins Duel with the Field Spell "Umi" activated.
Mako Tsunami
Mako Tsunami

Other Useful Cards

Beast/Beast - Warrior Beatdown

Essential cards
CostLow - Mid
(Box reset)
Blades of SpiritBlades of Spirit

Sample Deck

Exarion UniverseEnraged Battle OxEnraged Battle OxEnraged Battle OxMad Dog of DarknessMad Dog of Darkness
Mad Dog of DarknessNin-Ken DogNin-Ken DogNin-Ken DogEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Wild Nature's ReleaseWild Nature's ReleaseMirror WallWall of DisruptionWall of DisruptionBeast Rising
Beast RisingBeast Rising

Other Useful Cards

Dark Beatdown

Essential cards
CostMid Expensive
(Box reset)
Electric OverloadElectric Overload

Sample Deck

Archfiend CavalryGenex Ally PowercellGenex Ally PowercellGenex Ally PowercellGil GarthGil Garth
Gil GarthArchfiend SoldierArchfiend SoldierArchfiend SoldierSuper Rush HeadlongSuper Rush Headlong
Enemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerSword of Dark RitesSword of Dark RitesMirror Wall
Wall of DisruptionWall of Disruption

Other Useful Cards

Two Fusion Dragons

Essential cards
CostLow - Mid
(Box reset)

Sample Deck - Best

Thunder DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon SummonerBlue Dragon Summoner
Mystical Sheep #1Goddess with the Third EyeVersago the DestroyerRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. DragonRed-Eyes B. Dragon
Meteor DragonMeteor DragonMeteor DragonPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Fusion GateFusion Gate
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonTwin-Headed Thunder DragonMeteor B. DragonMeteor B. DragonMeteor B. Dragon

Sample Deck - Budget

Thunder DragonThunder DragonThunder DragonMystical Sheep #1Goddess with the Third EyeVersago the Destroyer
Two-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexTwo-Headed King RexCrawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2Crawling Dragon #2
Jar of GreedJar of Greed
Twin-Headed Thunder DragonBracchio-raidusBracchio-raidusBracchio-raidus

Other Useful Cards

What are auto decks?

Auto decks are decks that are mainly made to be used with the "Auto-Duel" function. The reason why people often want to go with Auto-Duel is simply because it is done much faster than manual play, since it is fast forwarded and easy to use with just one button. Keep in mind that win rates for auto decks vary depending on what level of Standard Duelists you are going against.

SD's decks

2 types of auto decks

1. Made to win

Some decks are made to have a high chance of winning and ends fast. This is good if you ever want to level a character quickly or buy a "Boosted Duel Orb" from the shop. With only an hour of infinite standard duelist spawns, winning the duels quickly can earn you a lot of exp, levelling a character up quite fast.

2. High score for items

The other type of decks are made to get a high score with auto duels. These decks might not have a consistently high win rate compared to the ones made to win, but they can often give up to 3000 or 4000 easily by using auto duel from the start. Earning a lot of points from the Duel Assessment will give more rewards like golds, stones/orbs, and most importantly, the standard gate keys and the colored ones used to farm Legendary Duelists.

How to make an Auto Deck

3 things you should know to build a good auto deck:

1. AI Interaction
You will need to get a good understanding of how the game's AI work, which can change from time to time. Press the auto-duel and see how they interact with some of the cards. It's recommended to keep things simple by using cards like Reinforcements, Metalmorph or Riryoku.

2. Which monsters and spells work best
Making an auto deck that's made to just win the duels can be pretty easy. All you need is to put a lot of monsters with high attack like Warrior Dai Grepher or Jerry Beans Man, and use spells that can increase their attack like Banner of Courage, Reinforcements or any equip spell cards like Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou.

3. Check the Duel Assessment page
To make an auto deck that gives a lot of points, you will need to understand first what are the things you need to do to get a lot of points. Take a look at the Duel Assessment section. Make an auto deck that can tribute, fusion or ritual to get more points, destroy 5 enemy monsters or be able to summon Meteor B. Dragon to deal over 3,000 damage. Being able to end the duel fast from either turn 1-4 can also earn the quick victory bonus.

Useful skills

AI cannot activate skills manually. That means you will set a skill activated automatically to your auto deck.

Example of skills work in auto duel

Power of DarkPeak Performance
Dinosaur KingdomeMythic Depth
BalanceLP Boost skills

Example of skills AI cannot use

As mentioned above, skills activated manually cannot be used in Auto Duel since AI do not activate them. You should not build auto duel decks with those skills. Here are examples of such skills.

SwitcherooDraw Sense skills
Draw PassRestart

How to speed up

Change the "Power Usage" from the in-game settings and set it to max to increase the game's speed. It will make it look more fluent and smoother, but it will of course drain more of your battery to run it.

More examples of auto decks

In the game, you can also find a lot of people sharing their auto decks that work well for them and might be good for anyone that have those cards. Visit the deck board from the right most building to see what they use, and use the copy feature to copy the recipe to your characters. Check for the highly rated decks and see their deck names, if they have "オート" written on them, it means that they are an auto deck.

Comments appreciated!

Got any Auto Deck? Feel free to share them in the comments below by attaching a picture of your deck, be sure to post which level of Standard Duelist it works well against too!


Hot New Top
I use this deck to autoduel SD lv 51 and has high win rate. It is expensive but some cards can be replaced.
<< Anonymous(milk)
smegma Reply
Just tap on them
<< Anonymous(smegma)
Ben Reply
Easiest way to find cards from images yiu dont know. Go to card catalouge. You can see its a 4 star monster. And the type is at the bottom. Then find the same image. Then it also tells you how to get them. These are all easy cards. This is cheap imo
<< Anonymous(Ben)
mcarlinod Reply
He say how to see the names in the lord skylar's immage not in general
<< Anonymous(Lord-Skylar)
SomeDude Reply
How is this shit expensive lmao
Ibrahimdest 11days ago



LiKe and SubScriBe for MoRe .
<< Anonymous(Ibrahimdest)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
that deck is not easier to collect than this one.... UR from packs. Here you can farm it all from raptor and buy the rest from the trader.

<< Anonymous(Ibrahimdest)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
"LiKe and SubScriBe for MoRe"
Seriously? The small caps and big caps... turned me off. I was just about to click your link, but when I see this shitty way of writing, I rolled my eyes and will probably not re-roll ever again.
Anonymous 11days ago
This is my auto duel deck
Stage 60 sd 57
Skill: ballance
Saladfingers 11days ago
Aliens are a good Auto-Deck.
The AI may get a know...mentally challenged from time to time, but it usually wins because of the strong base it has. It can make big mistakes and not come back but other times it can cope and end up winning in the end.
<< Anonymous(Saladfingers)
Saladfingers 11days ago Reply
I run auto-duel 'cause I'm usually at work, so I need a good, non-skill based, "cheap" deck to achieve a high win ratio without paying too much attention to the duel, Alien has been my favorite because it can be used without skills and still work the end, the losing streaks are outweighed by the wins.
Anonymous 11days ago
I don't have a picture, but you can auto duel fairly well with Destiny Heroes! I only have Aster up to level 21, and have his Structure Deck. Take out the Vision Heroes and keep in 3 Drilldark. Make ALL monsters D-Heroes so the fusion monster can have it's full potential, and it's an easy win against at least the level 27 SD and up to level 40 LD. Vagabond is just luck though.
Anonymous 11days ago
here another proof of AI shitness : econ take for nothing.
Candend 12days ago
Just what another comment said, Never Auto Duel coz AI sucks. More than 20 times I do Auto Duel with standard beater and increasing Atk cards and destroyer monster cards. For example when my AI have 1 1900 atk monster and have Super Rush in the hand he activates it even the opp. Monster is set. Then he crush it but on the next turn opp. Activates equip spell to increase Atk and destroy my monster which has lower atk and AI already activated Super Rush and no backrow then I lose. It's awful
You want a tip NEVER AUTO DUEL, is garbage the AI is programed to lose every time no matter what deck you use
<< Anonymous(Xcross)
Anonymous Reply
look mate, the AI is not shit, it is programmed to win and lose from time to time to dorce players to play by themselves, still, you can use auto-duel to farm but, sometimes it will win and sometimes it will not, is more a subject of statics than economic conspiracies
<< Anonymous(Xcross)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
The A.I. makes some very idiotic decisions at times, but mine still has a 70-80% win-rate with just a cobbled together deck made from 6 days of playing and only opening about 50 packs. It regularly wins against the lvl 30-40 wanders too.

Just feed it something that isn't *complete* garbage and it should produce some wins.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
And sets Kaibaman when you have a Blue eyes in your hand
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
I'm using dinos for autoduel and I have a 95% win rate. The only problem is insect fortress deck
Anonymous 15days ago
AI just getting dumb and dumber day by day
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
I never trust the AI to begin with, I don't know why people love the auto-duel feature.

Dueling by yourself just takes a bit more time, it's not like it's gonna become a 1 hour duel without the AI. And there will be way less stupidity involved since you should know more about your new combo than an AI that requires update from Konami first.
Xenon 20days ago
The AI cheats.
I found 2 cases in which the AI do moves, it never showed before.

I have a Skull Guardian in defense position + Skelengel set. Next turn nothing(except Skull switch to attack and destroy opponent monster). Next turn suddenly - without any tribute/ritual possible(in hand) Skelengel is switched face up and it draw a BEWD and tribute both. Else it don't switch Skelengel up(not even for the remaing ATK needed for Killblow). Cheating nr. 1.

If opponent(Vagabund deck) has a specific backrow set, it will not attack too. Don't remember the exact card, but I saw this as I had to manually attack(the monster was in Attack position not defense) to see what the AI feared... Had to be SRH or so that trigger on specific condition(not a dmg changing card).

Another BS: If the opponent has a clearly stronger ATK monster out, the AI switch YOUR weaker monster to attack position to attack set opponent monster.
Use this to autoduel any level and if ur on a budget. Assessement points btwn 2500 to 4000 but usually in 3k range. Balance almost always guarantees u get out 2800 atk beater on first turn. Pretty high winrate even against lv 57 SD :)
<< Anonymous(joker173)
DstuLA Reply
Thanks i try to use against SD 39, it is an easy and low cost deck
<< Anonymous(joker173)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Name of card player,im new on yugioh and f2p player
here is my auto duel deck. it uses beast warriors and can be used by any character. it can brick when opponent can summon 2100 atk+ in 1-2 turns. but this deck mows down AI't pretty fast. ( currently on SDlvl 33) ( if possible switch the yashka/barong for another glad beast Laquari/Andal)
usefull tips are Always welcome
<< Anonymous(Salice)
Salice Reply
also this deck can be used to farm lvl 30-40 Legendary duelists with no distroy cards. ( this deck can get extremly easy 7-8k points against Odion, just keep using beast rising to buff up 1 guy, last turn summon a extra enraged battle ox in case opponent summons a monster when you attack with your 10k+ atk monster)
<< Anonymous(Salice)
Tom Reply
Does great thanks bro I tried this ..

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