How to Get High Score

This page notes what the score is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, the list of conditions, and how to gain high score.
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update 15/02/2017
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How to get high score

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Based on Duel Assessments

The amount of score is based on the conditions players achieve in a duel. The more amount of score can be obtained as the achieved assessments are difficult.

One Reward by 1,000 Score

Players can obtain one reward per 1000 score when winning a duel. For example, when the score is 2000 or more but less than 3000, you can get 2 rewards.


Over 6,000 score

Quick Victory and Comeback Victory can be active at the same time and gives you score of 2,500. Not easy to achieve two of them in a duel, but not impossible.

Over 9,999 Damage and Cards on the Brink

To achieve those two is the most popular way to get high score from Legendary Duelists. See the list of cards that can increase their ATK over 10,000.

Quick Victory and No Damage

Quick Victory and No Damage are the easiest conditions to achieve. Using high stats monster cards and equip spell may also allow you to achieve Over 3000 Damage.

Depends on your opponent

If your opponent use spell cards decreasing your life points, LP on the Brink will be easier to achieve. Understanding cards in the opponent's deck is important.

List of assessments by type

Standard conditions

Following conditions cannot be overlapped.

Duel Victory
2,000Win a duel.
Duel Loss1,000Lose a duel.
Quick Victory2,500Win a duel within 2 turns.
Deck Out Victory
2,100Win a duel by reducing you opponent cards in the deck to 0.
Surrender0Surrender a duel.

LP/deck on the brink

Following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Comeback Victory500Win a duel when your life points are lower than that of your opponent and the difference is 2,000 or more.
LP on the Brink1,000Win a duel when you life point is 100 or less.
Low LP500Win a duel when you life points is 1000 or less.
Cards on the Brink500Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 0.
Few Cards200Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 5 or less.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Victory by Effect Damage Only1,000Reduce the opponent's life points to 0 by only effect damage.
No Damage Taken
500Win a duel without receiving damage.
Destroy 10
(or 7 or 5)
Destroy 10 or more monsters.
Over 3000 Damage!500Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 3,000 with one attack.
Over 5000 Damage!1800Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 5,000 with one attack.
Over 9999 Damage !3,000Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 9,999 with one attack.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Perform a Tribute Summon300Conduct at least one tribute summon.
Perform a Ritual Summon400Conduct at least one ritual summon.
Perform a Fusion Summon400Conduct at least one Fusion Summon.
Activate a Spell100Use at least one Spell card.
Activate a Trap100Use at least one Trap card.

Glossy/Prismatic card

The following conditions can be added to the score by each. More score you can get as you use more glossy/prismatic cards.

Played Prismatic Card200Use a prismatic card.
Played Glossy card100Use a glossy card.

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ucupio 14hour ago
*use 5 or more glosy card = 500 score
OkazakiMarik 1days ago
You forget to mention draw on standard type give you 1500..
SourMongoose 4days ago
Victory By Effect Damage Only can also be achieved by dealing any amount of effect damage, then winning by deck-out.
anoymous 2days ago
I thought so. This is significant and should be added in
Midori 9days ago
If you lose a fight the points per Glossy card used becomes 50. I do not know about Prismatic cards.
Midori 9days ago
Special summon is 100 points (cards like Big Wave Small wave, Stray Lambs)
anoymous 10days ago
draw is 1500
elderwar 11days ago
Hey, deck out victory is 3100, not 2100.
anoymous 11days ago
it's only because there's an event going on right now that increases each duel by 1000 pts
Mau 11days ago
What's a glossy card
Harris 11days ago
Wait a while, and it will gloss in card preview in your deck
specnazzltu 11days ago
oh forget to mention whats wrong... quick victory win duel in 4 turns now
specnazzltu 11days ago
its an old info. pls update
anoymous 12days ago
Comeback victory should be a victory condition. Ie I got quick vitory after taking 2500 damage and ending the duel on the fourth turn. Npc did do 600 damage at turn one(I started turn two).
TOXIC27 12days ago
This is my high score
Shinji 6days ago
How did you do this ?
duler 8days ago
Share us your deck
TOXIC27 12days ago
Another 9000++
kennypowers 13days ago
do u get anything for ranking in pvp?
KennyGump 12days ago
Search the forum. It says that you will get 50 gems for each rank you reach (silver to gold, gold to KOG) but from silver 1 to silver 2, you wont get any rewards.
KennyGump 13days ago
Quick Victory now is 3500 instead of 2500? Can anyone confirm? Because i only did it twice, and both gives 3500. Will try to do it again.
KennyGump 13days ago
Sorry my bad, turns out it is a bonus event of 1000 points.
BreakCloud 13days ago
This is an extremely stupid question but high score decks like cerberus are for pve right not pvp? Are these decks pvp viable?
anoymous 13days ago
yes it's pve only, no it's not pvp viable.
Daemon Blitzkrieg 14days ago
You guys forgot that a Special Summon of any kind adds 100...and only 100. They should change it to be like the Glossy bonuses...
CreativiTimothy 17days ago
Does "No Damage Taken" still count if you use a card that requires you to "pay" lifepoints such as Twister?
anoymous 8days ago
If real Yu-Gi-Oh! a cost isn't "damage" so I guess it's an oversight.
anoymous 14days ago
Paying counts as damage.
anoymous 16days ago
hwtr 18days ago
whether it posible to get a duel assessment for quick victory and comeback victory? because I have tried it and it did not work. (OTK karateman, I get combo in turn 1, I let oponent hit me to recieve damage on turn 2 and OTK in turn 3 but does not count for both, only one.
(sorry for bad eng.)
anonymouse 13days ago
yeah yeah smart ass moose, dont hear him @hwtr, he is just stupid, @anonymoose can you read? he is asking is it possible to get Quick Vict and Comeback Vict at a same time. 1) You can achive Quick Victory in 2 of "your turn". 2) Seriously? No way
anonymoose 13days ago
The Quick Victory doesn't count as your second turn, but the second turn in the entire duel. Meaning it can happen only when your opponent goes first and you finish them on your turn, or you go first and you finish them on your opponent's turn. Any more turns than that won't give you the bonus.
Derdrak 19days ago
I have to say sorry in advance because somehow i can't post images in the reply section of my post, and so i have to do 3 more posts for the images of my tests (i have merged my 6 images into 3 to avoid taking too much space)...again sorry
First test:
Tyler 18days ago
Just upload the files to imgur :)
Uroucyon_GameA 19days ago
the information is definitely very helpful! and the page is corrected/updated with it. The comeback victory can be a little vague sometimes, but from what i'm getting, it's when the music starts to play, which is when opponent's total attack is higher than your LP and you have no monsters, or if they can be destroyed which equals to a lose. not entirely sure yet.
Derdrak 19days ago
I have spent my last hour trying to upload in any way the images but somehow i can't upload anything, maybe a problem with my pc...i don't know. So, for now all i can do it's leave you a link where i have left them so that you can still see what i have tested; and again sorry for all this mess... Here is the link:!mhw0mYwJ!lSyESOcFuebs3YZJ7kkLVg
Derdrak 19days ago
If possible I would like to suggest you few things that should be checked because I have done tests by myself and I have noticed that maybe some things work differently compared to what you have written, or maybe are missing:
1)The "Low LP" bonus of 500 points requires to have at least 1000 or lower LP, not 500 or lower (see images);
2)Performing any kind of “Special Summon” (even the ritual and the fusion ones counts) gives you 100 points once (1st image);
3)About the “Comeback Victory”, as others I have noticed too that it doesn’t work always with the 2000 LP difference. So I have done 3 tests where I have lowered Tea LP to 3000 and then mine to 1000 (2nd and 3rd images), I have only lowered my LP (4th and 5th images) and I have lowered again Tea LP to 3050 and mine to 1000 (last 2 images). Even if I have always tried to leave 2000 LP as difference, you can see that in the first I don’t have receive the bonus while in the second I have gotten it. So, and this is my actual theory, it works as you said only if the opponent has never lost LP, otherwise you need to lose MORE THAN 2000 LP, like you have to do for the “Over X Damage”, and this looks like confirmed in the third test that is totally equal to the first except for those 50 extra LP.
Also please change this bonus in “500 points” from 2500 points”, or in another way, because otherwise it looks like you get both the 2000 from winning a duel and 2500 if it was a comeback, while you get only +500 from it.
Of course this is still up to tests but I hope it can be useful to you and your big and great work^^
anoymous 12days ago
The game literally says how to get Comeback Victory, why is there controversy over this? You just need to be first to get hit to meet the conditions.
xOWN3Dx 19days ago
WOW man, GJ!
Derdrak 19days ago
First test:

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