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This page notes what the score is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, the list of conditions, and how to gain high score.
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Special Thanks!
Killua, Raven

Based on Duel Assessments

The amount of score is based on the conditions players achieve in a duel. The more amount of score can be obtained as the achieved assessments are difficult.

One Reward by 1,000 Score

Players can obtain one reward per 1000 score when winning a duel. For example, when the score is 2000 or more but less than 3000, you can get 2 rewards.


Over 6,000 score

Quick Victory and Comeback Victory can be active at the same time and gives you score of 2,500. Not easy to achieve two of them in a duel, but not impossible.

Over 9,999 Damage and Cards on the Brink

To achieve those two is the most popular way to get high score from Legendary Duelists. See the list of cards that can increase their ATK over 10,000.

DeckHow to use
Mythical Beast Cerberus
Mythical Beast Cerberus
Currently the best card to get "Over 9,999 Damage!" Duel Assessment.
→ High Score Cerberus Deck
Guardian Baou
Guardian Baou
Not easy to use due to its very low original stats.
→ High Score Baou Deck
Piercing Moray
Piercing Moray
Can boost the ATK of itself by 500 each time when you tribute a WATER monster. will be used with Jam Breeding Machine.
Millennium Scorpion
Millennium Scorpion
Can gain ATK by 500 each time when this monster destroys a monster your opponent controls. Will be used with Insect Imitation.

Quick Victory and No Damage

Quick Victory and No Damage are the easiest conditions to achieve. Using high stats monster cards and equip spell may also allow you to achieve Over 3000 Damage.

Depends on your opponent

If your opponent use spell cards decreasing your life points, LP on the Brink will be easier to achieve. Understanding cards in the opponent's deck is important.

List of assessments by type

Standard conditions

Following conditions cannot be overlapped.

Duel Victory
2,000Win a duel.
Duel Loss1,000Lose a duel.
Quick Victory2,500Win a duel within 2 turns.
Deck Out Victory
2,100Win a duel by reducing you opponent cards in the deck to 0.
Surrender0Surrender a duel.

LP/deck on the brink

Following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Comeback Victory2,500Win a duel when your life points are lower than that of your opponent and the difference is 2,000 or more.
LP on the Brink1,000Win a duel when you life point is 100 or less.
Low LP500Win a duel when you life points is 500 or less.
Cards on the Brink500Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 0.
Few Cards200Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 5 or less.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Victory by Effect Damage Only1,000Reduce the opponent's life points to 0 by only effect damage.
No Damage Taken
500Win a duel without receiving damage.
Destroy 10
(or 7 or 5)
Destroy 10 or more monsters.
Over 3000 Damage!500Decrease the opponent's life points by 3,000 or more with one attack.
Over 5000 Damage!1800Decrease the opponent's life points by 5,000 or more with one attack.
Over 9999 Damage !3,000Decrease the opponent's life points by 9,999 with one attack.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Perform a Tribute Summon300Conduct at least one tribute summon.
Perform a Ritual Summon400Conduct at least one ritual summon.
Perform a Fusion Summon400Conduct at least one Fusion Summon.
Activate a Spell100Use at least one Spell card.
Activate a Trap100Use at least one Trap card.

Glossy/Prismatic card

The following conditions can be added to the score by each. More score you can get as you use more glossy/prismatic cards.

Played Prismatic Card200Use a prismatic card.
Played Glossy card100Use a glossy card.

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KiiX`z 24days ago
I ever did it
anoymous 1/1/1970
LP 500 or below is Low LP and reward is 500
LP 100 or below is LP on the brink and rewards is 1000
Cards on the brink is winning having 0 cards and the reward should be 500
few Cards is below 5 cards and reward is 200
GameA1 1/1/1970
Hi anonymous, Thank you for your comment, I fixed that.
OS 1/1/1970
There is also the "Over 5000 Damage!" assessment, which gives 1800 points. Confirmed with my farming combo of Kaiba Beatdown + Crab Turtle + Blue Eyes White Dragon + Riryoku, giving Blue Eyes 5175 Attack.

How did anyone discover the "Over 9999 Damage!"?
Its seems impossible to have that much damage.
GameA1 1/1/1970
Hi OS, Thank you for your question. I will make an article that will help you and other players see how to achieve the assessment.
Raven 1/1/1970
Over 5000 damage gives additional bonus (1800 points)
GameA1 1/1/1970
Hi Raven, Thank you for submitting information. Now the table has the assessment. Your name is added to Special Thanks table at the top of the page :)
Killua 1/1/1970
The Deck out victory is 2100 not 2000
sky 24days ago
May I ask how Deck Out and Comeback achieved at the same time? The Comeback requirement seems not simply the life difference listed above.
hanv 30days ago
Played Glossy card is now 50 per card (16/12/2017)
hanv 31days ago
How is Played Glossy Card? Killua, Tks for answer.
GameA1 1/1/1970
Hi Killua, Thank you for your information. I added correct value to the page. Also check Special Thanks message at the top of the page :)


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