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This page notes what the score is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, the list of conditions, and how to gain high score.
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update 15/02/2017


Based on Duel Assessments

The amount of score is based on the conditions players achieve in a duel. The more amount of score can be obtained as the achieved assessments are difficult.

One Reward by 1,000 Score

Players can obtain one reward per 1000 score when winning a duel. For example, when the score is 2000 or more but less than 3000, you can get 2 rewards.


Over 6,000 score

Quick Victory and Comeback Victory can be active at the same time and gives you score of 2,500. Not easy to achieve two of them in a duel, but not impossible.

Over 9,999 Damage and Cards on the Brink

To achieve those two is the most popular way to get high score from Legendary Duelists. See the list of cards that can increase their ATK over 10,000.

Quick Victory and No Damage

Quick Victory and No Damage are the easiest conditions to achieve. Using high stats monster cards and equip spell may also allow you to achieve Over 3000 Damage.

Depends on your opponent

If your opponent use spell cards decreasing your life points, LP on the Brink will be easier to achieve. Understanding cards in the opponent's deck is important.

List of assessments by type

Standard conditions

Following conditions cannot be overlapped.

Duel Loss1,000Lose a duel.
1,500End a duel in a draw.
Duel Victory
2,000Win a duel.
Deck Out Victory
2,100Win a duel by reducing your opponent cards in the deck to 0.
Quick Victory2,500Win a duel within turn 1 - 4.
Special Victories3,000
Surrender0Surrender a duel.

LP/deck on the brink

Following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Comeback Victory500Win the duel when your LP is lower than your opponent at the start of your turn.
LP on the Brink1,000Win a duel when you life point is 100 or less.
Low LP500Win a duel when you life points is 1000 or less.
Cards on the Brink500Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 0.
Few Cards200Win a duel when the number of cards in your deck is 5 or less.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Victory by Effect Damage Only1,000Reduce the opponent's life points to 0 by only effect damage.
No Damage Taken
500Win a duel without receiving damage.
Destroy 10
(or 7 or 5)
Destroy 10 or more monsters.
Over 3000 Damage!500Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 3,000 with one attack.
Over 5000 Damage!1800Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 5,000 with one attack.
Over 9999 Damage !3,000Decrease the opponent's life points by more than 9,999 with one attack.


The following conditions can be added to the score by each.

Perform a Ritual Summon400Conduct at least one ritual summon.
Perform a Fusion Summon400Conduct at least one Fusion Summon.
Perform a Tribute Summon300Conduct at least one tribute summon.
Perform a Special Summon100Conduct at least one Special Summon.
Activate a Spell100Use at least one Spell card.
Activate a Trap100Use at least one Trap card.

Glossy/Prismatic card

The following conditions can be added to the score by each. More score you can get as you use more glossy/prismatic cards.

Played Prismatic Card200Use a prismatic card.
Played Glossy card100Use a glossy card.


Hot New Top
Robin Lionheart 17days ago
Looks like Glossy cards are only worth 50 points now, not 100.
<< Anonymous(Robin Lionheart)
Xenon 17days ago Reply
You didn't lose or? Because this half the appearance bonus(glossy/prismatic). What I recognized is, that set glossy/prismatic monster don't count until they are flip summoned from you(if destroyed by opponent, they don't count too).
<< Anonymous(Xenon)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Just to add, if you used a glossy/prismatic card as fusion material from hand, or discard the glossy/prismatic card from your hand to pay a card's cost, it also won't be counted as playing a glossy/prismatic card.
Brings it something, like a better chance of a UR/SR, when I get a High score about 10.600 ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Very technically, in that you have more rewards and so more chances. Each reward has the same chance still though.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So it brings nothing. 8000. Not more or less.
Yo, don't forget to udpate this page. there is a new category : summon divine card( winged dragon of ra, obelisk the tormentor, and schliffeer the sky dragon) worth 1000 points.
<< Anonymous(IceBerg)
Anonymous Reply
slifer not schliffer
<< Anonymous(IceBerg)
Anonymous Reply
You got slider??!!
<< Anonymous(IceBerg)
Anonymous Reply
You got slider??!!
Does anyone know if tokens count as monsters destroyed? I think not
<< Anonymous
Common sense Reply
Actually no... if an effect does not say destroy a monster or card and a monster or card is not destroyed by battle then it is not destroyed, banishing a card is not destroying, returning to the hand is not destroying, tributing for a ritual or fusion summon is not destroying... on a side note... IF IT DOES NOT GO TO THE GRAVEYARD IT IS NOT DESTROYED.
<< Anonymous(Optional)
Optional Reply
Well dam. Honestly tho it doesnt even matter because at most you get like 300 DA and thats like nothing.
<< Anonymous(Common sense)
Realm Reply
You are an idiot.
<< Anonymous(Common sense)
Anonymous Reply
btw, sending a card to graveyard is also not destroying.
dont forget exodia gives the special victory with 3000 points
Does special summoning a fusion monster count as performing a fusion summon?
<< Anonymous
Realm Reply
Fusion summon counted as Special Summon.
Special Summon isnt counted as Fusion Summon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Fusion summoning is like a square and a rectangle.
The square would be a special summon
The rectangle is fusion summoning
A square can be a rectangle but a rectangle can't be a square right? So a special summon could be a fusion summon but a fusion summon can't be a special summon.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No, sadly it does not.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The square rectangle analogy is totally wrong. Most extra deck summons are special summons, ie synchro fusion xyz link, but fusion summon is specifically when you use a card that says "fusion summon a monster" on it. So if you use neo fusions or gladiator beasts who don't use poly, then they are special summons but not fusion summons.
Como assim vitória deretorno, no meu fala que tem que ganhar uma revanche contra o Chazz usando Yuki mas eu luto contra ele e nada
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
English please
<< Anonymous
Segamegadrive Reply
Brother de retorno eh o mesmo que de virada
<< Anonymous
Gordo Duelista Reply
Luta de revanche, você precisa estar com seus LP abaixo do oponente (tipo, oponente com 4000 e você com 2000) aí você vai e vira o jogo, ou seja, mesmo com LP menor que o do oponente (tem que ser uma diferença considerável, geralmente eu deixo cair 2k de diferença pra virar o jogo) e ganha.
I no longer get comeback victory if my LP is lower than my opponent's at the beginning of the final turn before winning. It show up occasionally and I can't figure how to meet the condition. Anybody knows if it has changed? Also Prismatic now gives me only 100 DP
Did they remove the Played Glossy Card points? I'm not getting it anymore!
<< Anonymous(Wyulliam)
Anonymous Reply
It worked today for me
where can i find how many points i have in the game
Juan Umana
Duel links is a cool way to kill the downtime at work.
<< Anonymous(Juan Umana)
Piroca Reply
Yes! But it's actually killing the uptime too! Unemployment soon :(
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Joeisjack Reply
<< Anonymous(Piroca)
Anonymous Reply
Piroca, If you get in trouble for playing games at work that's no one's fault but your own.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
No shit. Did piroca try to blame someone/something else?
in "Victory by Effect Damage Only" you don't have to reduce enemy life to 0, its enough if you make him damage with a spell and he doesn't get damage from battles.
for example against LVL10 LD you can summon on the first turn a monster with 1700 ATK so he wont attack and make him damage with spell cards and than just wait to his deckout

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