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update 28/02/2018

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Destiny Rulers


Monster Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Destiny HERO - DogmaDestiny HERO - Dogma1-/10
Destiny HERO - Dark AngelDestiny HERO - Dark Angel1-/10
Destiny HERO - CelestialDestiny HERO - Celestial2-/10
Destiny HERO - DrilldarkDestiny HERO - Drilldark
Destiny HERO - DreamerDestiny HERO - Dreamer1-/10
Vision HERO - VyonVision HERO - Vyon
D3D3 (D Cubed)3-/10
Spell Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Cyclone BladeCyclone Blade2-/10
Trap Card [Rarity]QTYRating
D - FortuneD - Fortune2-/10
D - FusionD - Fusion1-/10
Extra Card QTYRating
Vision HERO TrinityVision HERO Trinity1-/10
Destiny HERO - DangerousDestiny HERO - Dangerous

Notable cards

Destiny HERO - Dogma [SR]

Destiny HERO - Dogma
Destiny HERO - Dogma
DARK Warrior ★8
ATK 3400 / DEF 2400
Destiny Rulers [SR]
Cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. Must be Special Summoned (from your hand) by Tributing 3 monsters, including at least 1 "Destiny HERO" monster, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. If you still control this face-up card during your opponent's next Standby Phase after you Special Summoned it: Halve your opponent's Life Points.

D3 ( D Cubed) [R]

D3 (D Cubed)
D3 (D Cubed)
DARK Machine ★1
ATK 0 / DEF 0
Destiny Rulers [R]
If this card is Normal Summoned: It is treated as a "Destiny HERO" monster while it is on the field. You can only use each of these effects of "D3" once per turn.● You can discard up to 2 cards; Special Summon the same number of "D3" from your hand, Deck, and/or Graveyard, also you cannot Normal or Special Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except "Destiny HERO" monsters.● If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect: You can send 1 "Destiny HERO" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard.

Destiny HERO - Dark Angel [R]

Destiny HERO - Dark Angel
Destiny HERO - Dark Angel
DARK Warrior ★1
ATK 0 / DEF 0
Destiny Rulers [R]
If you have 3 or more "Destiny HERO" monsters in your Graveyard: You can discard this card, then target 1 "Destiny HERO" monster in your Graveyard; Special Summon it to your opponent's field in Defense Position. Negate any Spell Cards or effects you activate, and if you do, destroy that card. During your Standby Phase: You can banish this card and 1 "Destiny HERO" monster from your Graveyard; each player chooses 1 Normal Spell Card from their Deck and places it on top of their Deck.

Vision HERO - Vyon [R]

Vision HERO - Vyon
Vision HERO - Vyon
Destiny Rulers [R]
If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can send 1 "HERO" monster from your Deck to the Graveyard. You can only use this effect of "Vision HERO Vyon" once per turn. Once per turn: You can banish 1 "HERO" monster from your Graveyard; add 1 "Polymerization" from your Deck to your hand.

Destiny HERO - Dangerous [R]

Destiny HERO - Dangerous
Destiny HERO - Dangerous
DARK Warrior ★6
ATK 2000 / DEF 2600
Destiny Rulers [R]
1 "Destiny HERO" monster + 1 DARK Effect MonsterDuring either player's turn: You can discard 1 card; send 1 "Destiny HERO" monster from your hand or Deck to the Graveyard, and if you do, all "Destiny HERO" monsters you currently control gain 200 ATK for each "Destiny HERO" monster currently in your Graveyard, until the end of this turn. You can only use this effect of "Destiny HERO - Dangerous" once per turn.


Hot New Top
exdb 7days ago
I hope they will release Dreadmaster and Clock Tower Prison in the future. As somenoe who play D-HERO a lot, I'm going to be really exceited
<< Anonymous(exdb)
exdb 7days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(exdb)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
As someone who use stall/burn, I also looking forward for Clock Tower Prison.
Anonymous 11days ago
And they won't add Destiny Hero Dragoon
Valencia 20days ago
I am just about ready to get this. Is it still good to use if you only get one? I'm not trying for KOG, I just want to know if I can still make the deck be okay with other stuff added to it.
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
Valencia 18days ago Reply
I also decided to use Destiny Calling. It's more fun with drilldark and celestial.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
DrillDude 18days ago Reply
Do you use Vyon? Vyon seems like a lesser version of blazeman (poly searcher), but I dont like the fact that I need to banish a hero in grave to search poly.
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
R 11days ago Reply
I’ve been using 2 Vyons, the deck thinning is nice
<< Anonymous(DrillDude)
Valencia 11days ago Reply
Vyon seems to be showing up in my starting hand (sometimes with poly) almost all the time. So I switched back to including fusion now. Had a great duel a few days ago. The key is to be cautious with the fusion. I am thinking of doing a RedEyesSlash build now since I only have 1 structure deck.
Anonymous 11days ago
Dunno if anyone consider it as cheap or not, but this deck is definitely the most affordable deck atm. You only need 500 gems + 1.99 $ to make the consistent build (well, cheap doesnt mean F2P). Even Alien need more than 3k gems to get the complete playset, but if you're lucky with the pull, thats another story.
Anonymous 12days ago
Can i get 3 celestial?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Yes, but you need to buy one more with real money
churex 13days ago
only 2 celestial and only 1 dangerous, p2w confirmed if u want build a d-hero deck
<< Anonymous(churex)
blyat 13days ago Reply
It's only 1.99 bucks to have a competitive build tho. Worth buying than building a Dark World deck *cough cough* a failed whale deck
Anonymous 19days ago
everyone speak about destiny hero, but no one show a decent deck list
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Ojama King 16days ago Reply
tried to replace 1 d-fusion for destiny draw but i feel like deck works better with more protective traps and with destructive guy+celestial draw combo you don't really need to care about more draw, or rather care to don;t mill yourself! lol. malicious can be substitute for dreamer, for d-fusion, so if you don't have 3 dreamers you can try to replace them.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Ojama King 16days ago Reply
honestly, is not worth to build d-fusion deck without 2 dangerous, trinity is very situational used only for otk and dangerous is bread and butter of this deck. if you have only x1 then you want to focus on trinity maybe with anti-magic arrows. there is example of deck im currently use, another d-fusion instead d-draw works better, about 60%+ winrate in plat, though this deck wont go up to kog.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Ojama King 16days ago Reply
maybe destiny signal+destiny mirrage would work best for plasma and poly decks, instead d-fusion.
<< Anonymous(Ojama King)
Valencia 14days ago Reply
I went back to using Vyon and just 1 poly. It works better because I'm almost always getting either one or even both of them in my starting hands. I'm not even gonna bother with destiny draw.
Anonymous 14days ago
Grass-Cutting Destiny Hero Deck:
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
better picture
Anonymous 16days ago
i want destiny hero dynamite for dogma combo.release more d hero cards pls komoney.i love destiny hero archetype
<< Anonymous
Kim Jong-Un 16days ago Reply
U meant this? This shit is Kuriboh, Parasyte, and Idaten mixed in one card. So the answer is... HELL NO!!!
<< Anonymous(Kim Jong-Un)
Kim Jong-Un 16days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(Kim Jong-Un)
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
If is only 1 maybe
Anonymous 15days ago
Know what we still need? Dystopia Guy. Give D-HEROes an easiy to summon ace already. Bloo-D is awesome and so is Dogma Guy, but Dystopia Guy is not what Dark City needs, but the one it deserves.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Dystopia Guy is still too strong for DL while Dogma Guy is too weak. They should add Bloo-D as Edo's drop/lvlup instead. Its strong but harder to summon than Dystopia Guy. That or more Dagger Guy/Destiny Draw as lvlup bonus.

Also D-Fortune is a complete garbage, they should've add D-Counter instead
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
To hell with that, is very strong but not SSA, they should add dystopia in the next main box. If not, Adoration and/or witch rider would be awesome in duel links
Anonymous 18days ago
Has anyone else noticed the terrible voice lines for aster and the monsters here? Vyon is mispelled on the effect activation and dangerous is called destructive guy. Its so lazy and disappointing imo.
<< Anonymous(Aster)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
All the other monster and character pairing in the game have the correct English name, so the complaint is valid.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Destructive guy sounds better and more badass
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
Honestly the <name> Guy names sound pretty bland to me. Sometimes they're both kinda meh (Blademaster vs Dagger Guy), but a lot of the time it's an improvement. I like Dangerous more than Destructive Guy, and some, like Dogma or Dasher are clear improvements.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Destructive Boi seems gud for me
Wildfloki 17days ago
I am getting good results with my deck:
monster 11
1 Destiny hero Decider
1 Destiny hero Fear Monger
1 Destiny hero Blade Master
2 Destiny hero Celestial
3 Destiny hero DrillDark
1 Destiny hero Dreamer
1 Visio Hero Vyvon
1 The dark Hex Sealed Fusion

Spell 6
Cosmic cyclone
1 D draw
1 Dark city
2 Enemy controller
1 Polymerization

Trap 3
1 Mirror wall
2 wall of disruption

2 Destiny hero Dangerous
2 Red Eyes Slash Dragon
1 Vision Hero trinity

I found out that most of the times I got first turn a fusion on the field with just 1 poly if you prefer 2 polys thats your choice. Most of the time the second poly was a dead draw for me.
<< Anonymous(Wildfloki)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
1 MW & 2 WoD lmao
<< Anonymous(Wildfloki)
Captain obvious 15days ago Reply
This deck really dos work well
Tried it against my friend he fell fast

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