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The goal of this deck is to swarm the field with Destiny Hero monsters, you can use these monsters to special summon your Boss monster Destiny HERO - Plasma or just beatdown your opponent little by little with the help of Dark City. Destiny HERO - Plasma is your win condition, use the skill Bring It! to easily draw him.

SkillBring It!
Essential cards
(Box reset)

Example deck

Destiny HERO - PlasmaDestiny HERO - DasherDestiny HERO - DasherDestiny HERO - Blade MasterDestiny HERO - Fear MongerDestiny HERO - Fear Monger
Destiny HERO - Fear MongerDestiny HERO - MaliciousDestiny HERO - MaliciousDestiny HERO - Doom LordDestiny HERO - Doom LordDestiny HERO - Doom Lord
Destiny DrawDark CityOver DestinyDestiny SignalDestiny SignalMirror Wall
Mirror WallWindstorm of Etaqua-----

Set skill

Bring It! - Aster Phoenix

How to use

Special summon

Destiny Heroes don't usually have anything in common, that is why they usually work better in other decks than with each other. But the one thing many of them have in common is their ability to special summon.

Spell/Trap support

There are also spell/trap cards that will help you special summon Destiny Hero monsters, additionally these cards will also help thin your deck.

  • Destiny Signal special summons a level 4 or lower Destiny Hero monster from your deck after a monster you control was destroyed by battle.
  • When you have either Destiny HERO - Plasma or Dasher in your graveyard, you can use Over Destiny to special summon a low leveled Destiny Hero monster from your deck.(Although, if Destiny HERO - Plasma is in your graveyard your chances of winning are already extremely low.)

Attack boost

Destiny Hero monsters generally lack attack power, so you need to buff if you want to destroy enemy monsters and deal some damage.

  • During your opponent's battle phase you can discard Destiny HERO - Blade Master to have all your Destiny Hero monsters gain 800 attack. Use this while your opponent is attacking to trick him into losing a monster.
  • Destiny HERO - Dasher can gain 1000 attack by tributing another monster on your side of the field.
  • Dark City is a really good way to boost your attack, but only during your damage step and only if your attack is lower than your opponent.

Destiny Hero - Plasma

The only truly powerful monster in this deck, although quite difficult to summon. Destiny HERO - Plasma negates every monster effect on your opponent's side of the field, and can absorb your opponent's monster to gain even more attack.

Other useful cards

Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat
Mecha Phantom Beast Hamstrat
Gives you tokens to help you summon Destiny HERO - Plasma.
Cosmic Compass
Cosmic Compass
Gives you tokens to help you summon Destiny HERO - Plasma, faster than Using Hamstrat but number of tokens depends on the number of opponent's monsters.
The A. Forces
The A. Forces
Boosts your Destiny Heroes, boost increases with the number of Warrior or Spellcaster-type monsters on your field.
The Warrior Returning Alive
The Warrior Returning Alive
Retrieve a Warrior-type monster from your graveyard.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 11hour ago
Is so sad how lowwww and weak the stats of this cards are :S and without support they just suck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9hour ago Reply
Well... se will have to wait until konami remenver they and release at least Dreadmaster to us...
Anonymous 11hour ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
shit card? all tcg/ocg players be laughing at how stupid this guy is
alittlebit 2days ago
Tried this card in an Ojama deck, kind of works when you consider how low level 2's are easy to summon from deck...
Anony 22days ago
I really want this deck to. Be meta.. I love Destiny hero decks.. More than any other archetypes.. Konami should bring in more support
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous 14days ago Reply
ya agree, GX just come out lol
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
Yeah introduced GX world WITH Cyber Angels as the meta that comes along with it? Why only favor Alexis' monsters and not other GX chars? Help me here.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Konami release good support for Alexis' and Chazz's decks but not for heroes because Konami itself is a villain, and villains never want heroes to grow up. (ignore Bastion tho)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply and ojama already strong in duel link and Konami give more support to them so sad to new player . anyone play vanguard here? It very fun to play too .sorry bad English
Valencia 21days ago
Can anyone tell me their opinions on this deck if they are using it? I only just got Aster.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
He is in the game, but disk commander is not is what I meant. Stratos is used by lv40 Jaden. Disk commander is not at all involved.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
I run a pure plasma deck using reinforcements suggested cards: bubonics kuribohs + multiply troop dragon solemn shouting and mirror wall (for reinforcements trigger) blockman (for the f2p) warrior returning (although you'll never use it) i'll suggest more when I come to it
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous 18days ago Reply
I run a pure plasma deck using reinforcements suggested cards: bubonics kuribohs + multiply troop dragon solemn shouting and mirror wall (for reinforcements trigger) blockman (for the f2p) warrior returning (although you'll never use it) i'll suggest more when I come to it
<< Anonymous
Valencia 11days ago Reply
Thanks. Even if it's just Plasma, I want to try something that uses at least one Destiny Hero. It is starting to feel awkward to hear Aster ramble on about them when I don't even have a deck for them with him yet.
Anonymous 21days ago
I have all drop cards, but i need to get aster 40.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
I have Aster at level 40, but I have none of his drop cards.
Anonymous 14days ago
C'mon komoney, at least give us celestial... or dystopia guy, idfc if he's from arc-v
Anonymous 14days ago
Don't know how konami thinks dakini is fine while Destiny End Dragoon isn't...
Anonymous 19days ago
please konami... at the very least give us D. Hero Dreadmaster and Prision Clocktower
Captain obvious 20days ago
Hahahhah budget. Clearly they haven't seen my RNGs
Anonymous 21days ago
I thought "The D" isn't stand for destiny
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
it stands for elemental
Anonymous 22days ago
plasma cant protect himself from srh or any backrow in this game, we havent the D

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