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update 25/03/2019

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Time ZonesPeriod
Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST; UTC+10:00]Mar 25 16:00 - Mar 25 18:30
Brasília Time [BRT; UTC−02:00]Mar 25 03:00 - Mar 25 04:30
Greenwich Mean Time [GMT; UTC +00:00]Mar 25 05:00 - Mar 25 07:30
Central Time [CDT; UTC -05:00]Mar 24 23:00 - Mar 25 01:30
Central European Time [CET; UTC+01:00]Mar 25 05:00 - Mar 25 08:30
Eastern Time [EST; UTC -05:00]Mar 25 00:00 - Mar 25 02:30
Indonesia Western Standard Time [IWST; UTC+07:00]Mar 25 12:00 - Mar 25 14:30
Pacific Time [UTC−07:00]Mar 24 21:00 - Mar 24 23:30
Mountain Time [MT; UTC−06:00]Mar 24 22:00 - Mar 25 00:30

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Sartorius Kumar Unlock Event

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YTDan fan 10hour ago
I believe they call Konami like that because EA is so pissed at them that they actually sent trolls all over the internet to create negative content against them.

Like wtf bro, grab a dino deck
grab a hazy flame YTDan deck and u can compete 4 free during endless months
<< Anonymous(YTDan fan)
Anonymous 10hour ago Reply
Some dudes just need to chill from time to time, lying is not a good thing this must be one of the best f2p decks around. Prove me wrong
Anonymous 1days ago
Why is Konami called komoney?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
lol ^ it's true XD
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. 21hour ago Reply
If you need to ask that, you are either, stupid, retarded, autistic or all of the above.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20hour ago Reply
for real who doesnt care about money? the whole world moves about money and you guys act like a bunch of cry babys go back and suck on your mother tits.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 16hour ago Reply
Yeah we all care about money but there’s a reason why it’s called komoney.
Ever heard a game that doesn’t include save slots and you have to pay for each slot. The game has several endings and the game changing points are in different moments. Yeah that game was a Konami game. Imagine if you had to pay for a save slot in Pokemon or dark souls lol
It said that just 25mb, but when I tap "ok" it's download more than 300mb -_-"
<< Anonymous(Anonym)
Anonymous Reply
At least u get into game, I still got Stuck at the mainscreen zzzz
<< Anonymous(Anonym)
Next... Reply
And then disconnect, when I reconnect that notice appear again -_-"
<< Anonymous(Anonym)
Anonymous 17hour ago Reply
LOL true story
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17hour ago Reply
GMT + 4 I believe
Sorry i must unninstall duel link from my smartphone... because cannot login
<< Anonymous(noname)
Anonymous. 1days ago Reply
No need to apologise.
I don't think anyone cares that you cannot get into duel links. It doesn't bother them.
<< Anonymous(noname)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Congrats, stop this addiction before it’s too late. I can’t quit the game I’m bloody addicted
Anonymous 1days ago
It's possible that they gonna announce the next main box when the maintenance ends.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
No, the next main box will be before KC Cup event during next month.
Anonymous 1days ago
So is anyone else bothered by CDT or are we just gonna switch to Central Dtandard Time now?
Anonymous 18days ago
yami's new skill for the battle city. " A Card Entrusted ". At the beginning of the duel, add 1 "Fiend's Sanctuary" to your deck
Anonymous 28days ago
They better give us 100 gems
Anonymous 28days ago
So litterally i gotta wait till the servers arent clogged
What the heck is it?
I'm a comeback player, pls help me.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why ppl can't log in after the KC cup happended
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Don't be fooled by the guy telling you.As you can see the above text is maintenance info.Just be patient until the maintenance is done.I was reading an issue that konami took a longer time for the maintenance
Honesty, is anyone still got login probs? I still can’t get access into game.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
New england

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this card so broken
Bro, it's an UR in a MAIN BOX, for a 2100atk, are you serious?
This event is ridiculous, 0 R tickets yesterday and 0 SR tickets today. This event is a joke, the...
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