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update 23/07/2018

Maintanence Period [Time Zone]

Time ZonesPeriod
Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST; UTC+10:00]Jul 23 15:00 - Jul 23 18:30
Brasília time [BRT; UTC−03:00]Jul 23 02:00 - Jul 23 05:30
British Summer Time [BST; UTC +01:00]Jul 23 06:00 - Jul 23 09:30
Central Time [CDT; UTC -05:00]Jul 23 00:00 - Jul 23 03:30
Central European Summer Time [CEST; UTC+02:00]Jul 23 07:00 - Jul 23 10:30
Eastern Time [EST; UTC -05:00]Jul 23 00:00 - Jul 23 03:30
Indonesia Western Standard Time [IWST; UTC+07:00]Jul 23 12:00 - Jul 23 15:30
Pacific Time [UTC−08:00]Jul 22 23:00 - Jul 23 02:30

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Zane Truesdale Unlock Event

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Anonymous 4hour ago
<< Anonymous
Dr.Agon latest Reply
You guts are just crybabys... A secind ciber end is worth 1k gems.
Anonymous 5hour ago
Anyone want to subscribe to my channel for duel links, Id appreciate it .
<< Anonymous
Anonymous latest Reply
Anonymous 5hour ago
you can show other time acronym whatever BUT always must have GMT or UTC and it's also understood GMT/UTC does not have daylight saving. nobody for f**K sake care about DST unless you have it. So the format above is very good as you include UTC/GMT though i prefer GMT than UTC.
YT IAMLGAMES 6hour ago
British is "GMT" by the way, not "BST; UTC"
<< Anonymous(YT IAMLGAMES)
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
No it’s not, BST is correct. GMT is from the end of October until the end of March. During the summer it is British Summer Time
Osa sama 6hour ago
Indonesia 15:30 cant wait
how long you have to update this game. today i went on the game told me i need to update the game and when i did. we i update to the next i can not evrn play it no more
When theres gonna be an event to unlock a new character?
As of v1.7.1, the AI no longer uses Jam Breeding Machine given to them with Gift Exchange or Surprise Present. They only set it. Rest in Pepperonis boys!
Is it ... happening ? OCG's video with a Duel VS Yami Marik !
pretty sure duel links has been hacked. a few duels I have been in I cant summon monsters or spell cards are treated as 0/0 monsters game is wacked out for sure.
My game is not working since I downloaded version 1.7.0. Anyone help? It stays black ln the screen where you can see the character none of the menus work
So this happened to me

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You guts are just crybabys... A secind ciber end is worth 1k gems.
Level up rewards are trash.
You don't need any farm at Underworld Duel since you get 5k for free due to bonus, 2500 for ...
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