KC Cup: 1st Stage [April 2021]

Duel Links KC CUP April decks, the top meta of Duel Links in April 2021.
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Duelist Chronicle 5D's: The Three Emperors of Iliaster
update 19/04/2021


1st Stage Duration6 April 2021 - 19 April 2021

Rank & Duel Level

RankDuel Level
Rookie & BronzeDLV1
Legend & King of GamesDLV10

1st Stage Shared Decks

Email to GameA
Subject (Title)Lvl Max deck (KC Cup)
Body (Text)
  • Your IGN
  • A small note to show how to use your deck or how you reach Lvl Max (if necessary)
Attach Files
  • a screenshot of a deck you used to reach Lvl Max
  • a screenshot of KC Lvl Max proof

Send us screenshots of your deck which is used to get through the 1st stage of the KC Cup and the proof.

Number of users per deck

Blackwing Synchro1
Blue-Eyes Synchro7
Buster Blade DNA Surgery2
Dark Magician1
Evil Eye1
Masked HERO1
Thunder Dragon3
Water Xyz3
Weather Painter1



AmazonessYatoAmazoness Yato2
IGN: Yato, Skill: Holy Guard, Date Submitted: Apr 17

Blackwing Synchro


BWSadgeBW Sadge2
IGN: Sadge, Skill: Level Reduction, Date Submitted: Apr 10

Blue-Eyes Synchro


BEtirasBE tiras2
IGN: tiras, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Apr 10


IGN: JORGE V, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Apr 12


BEMilanstaBE Milansta2
IGN: Milansta, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Apr 12


BEMichaelMike1BE MichaelMike12
IGN: MichaelMike1, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Apr 15


BEReshiramBE Reshiram2
IGN: Reshiram, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Apr 17

Ricky Kaiba

BERicky KaibaBE Ricky Kaiba2
IGN: Ricky Kaiba, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Apr 17


BEc7ronaldo7BE c7ronaldo72
IGN: c7ronaldo7, Skill: Ultimate Dragons, Date Submitted: Apr 19

Buster Blade DNA Surgery


Buster Blade DNA SurgeryAlfredoBuster Blade DNA Surgery Alfredo2
IGN: Alfredo, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Apr 15


IGN: HERETIC, Skill: Switcheroo, Date Submitted: Apr 17



DarklordvistaDarklord vista2
IGN: vista, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Apr 7


DarklordgrittyDarklord gritty2
IGN: gritty, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Apr 17

Dark Magician


DMmkmkpanDM mkmkpan2
IGN: mkmkpan, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Apr 13



IGN: イん乇ズノ刀ムᄊメ, Skill: LP Boost α, Date Submitted: Apr 15

Evil Eye


Evil Eyelogo2game
IGN: logo2game, Skill: Titan Showdown, Date Submitted: Apr 14



HarpieDolphinHarpie Dolphin2
IGN: Dolphin, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Apr 8


HarpieBlackCat22Harpie BlackCat222
IGN: BlackCat22, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Apr 17



LunalightEdvardLunalight Edvard2
IGN: Edvard, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Apr 12


LLHeartfiliaLL Heartfilia2
IGN: Heartfilia, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Apr 15


LunalightDestinyXSunLunalight DestinyXSun2
IGN: DestinyXSun, Skill: Destiny Draw, Date Submitted: Apr 19

Masked HERO

Yami Aster

Masked HEROYami AsterMasked HERO Yami Aster2
IGN: Yami Aster, Skill: Master of Fusion, Date Submitted: Apr 15



Onomatolinks3150Onomato links31502
IGN: links3150, Skill: Onomatoplay, Date Submitted: Apr 12


OnomatomoyasiOnomato moyasi2
IGN: moyasi, Skill: Onomatoplay, Date Submitted: Apr 17



PaleozoicJuulpodPaleozoic Juulpod2
IGN: Juulpod, Skill: Territory of the Sharks, Date Submitted: Apr 17



Photonlapar4duelPhoton lapar4duel2
IGN: lapar4duel, Skill: Galaxy Photon, Date Submitted: Apr 15


PhotongalaxystarPhoton galaxystar2
IGN: galaxystar, Skill: Galaxy Photon, Date Submitted: Apr 15

Thunder Dragon

DA Eduu

Thunder DragonDA Eduu
IGN: DA Eduu, Skill: Level Augmentation, Date Submitted: Apr 12


ThundramazikaThundra mazika2
IGN: mazika, Skill: Level Duplication, Date Submitted: Apr 15


ThundraVideyThundra Videy2Thundra Videy2
IGN: Videy, Skill: --, Date Submitted: Apr 15

Water Xyz


Water XyzSherwood
IGN: Sherwood, Skill: Territory of the Sharks, Date Submitted: Apr 9


Water Xyzwavemotion22Water Xyz wavemotion222
IGN: wavemotion22, Skill: Territory of the Sharks, Date Submitted: Apr 17


Water XyzYugi93
IGN: Yugi93, Skill: Territory of the Sharks, Date Submitted: Apr 19

Weather Painter


Weather PainterAlpertunga28Weather Painter Alpertunga282
IGN: Alpertunga28, Skill: Grit, Date Submitted: Apr 17



YosenjuDartzYosenju Dartz2
IGN: Dartz, Skill: The Tie that Binds, Date Submitted: Apr 9


Hot New Top
Done Dlv Max

5 wins streak against

- Yubel
- Shooting star
- Dinosaur dino dna
- Galaxy eyes
- Necrovalley
[This image is being checked...]
<< Anonymous(GhostBird)
Anonymous Reply
Maaan, those such easy match ups... And here I'm stuck at 22, facing Harpie, Harpie, Harpie, Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon, Harpie, Thunder Dragon till infinity
#DuelReplay #DuelLinks

The heroes we needed, but never deserved.

AKA The Dark Scorpions make an Aromage player rage quit
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Balance made your opponent brick. I don’t know why they keep playing having high leveled monsters in their deck.
Can Blue-Eyes just die already? I’m tired of seeing Sage, Stone, Cards, Karma, Spirit every first turn into Blue-Eyes, Spirit Dragon or Vermillion, and Twin Burst.

Ultimate Dragons is stupidly strong, and between this deck and Aromage sitting behind Gardening, Dried Winds, and Blessed Winds I’m losing my sanity.

Sorry for the rant. It’s been about 27 of my last 30 duels and it’s frustrating.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
"I am sory, bewd just die match on my hazy deck...7 win of 10 match"

Show us your deck, master.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you hate Aromage that much just play Evil eye. Good matchup againts blue eyes too as long as you can storm their karma cut and banish stone whenever it hits the GY.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Why you guys keep getting 🔥 at Blue-Eyes? When I was at 2nd stage all i'm seeing are broken machs. You guys are getting 🔥 at the wrong thing. There are no interaction between mach, when I was playing harpies. At least with blue-eyes they tend to brick and you get to play your cards.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
M-a-d is censored lol
Well, didn't reach level 20, but definitely finished with this stupid event. My last 10 duels were 4 Kaibas who opened triple CoC and double KC with Alt + Twin Burst, Invoked Magician Girls who sat behind every trap under the sun until making Magellancia and Purgatorio, an Odion that I can't recall but won against, FTK CyDras with double Rampage on the first turn, God hand Onomats, Evil Eye (I did beat them), and T.G. with turn 1 3 synchros from 2 cards into Trecherous and Black Rose with a 6000 ATK Omnimaru that nuked my field.

I got everything except the last 150 gems, but this was a ridiculous war to even get there.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Time zones really can make all the difference sometimes.thout to try around 10:00-11:00 ETS to a wonderful result.This is the OP, and I Finally reached level 20 with Subterrors. Worst war of attrition I’ve seen in a while, and thought I was screwed vs Amazoness for the final match but got lucky with Flip-Flop, Kraken, Pawns, and Final Battle with a Umastryx on the next turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
For anyone curious on the list I used, it was this.

Skill: Labyrinth Builder
2x Umastryx
1x Tsukuyomi
2x Stygokraken
3x Flip Flop Frog
3x Nemesis Warrior
3x Paleozoic Canadia
3x WL Pawns
3x Final Battle

I did not use an extra deck because I don't have a wide variety of Xyz monsters, and no Book of Moon because I don't see a point to selection boxes with how expensive they are for a chance.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Flip Flop is a godsend against decks like Lunalight and Evil Eye. The little guy does not target and flipping him up with WL Pawns triggers his effect. Pretty sure I made a NK player salty earlier by always bouncing his summon with two of them and a WL Pawns earlier.
<< Anonymous
Juulpod Reply
🔥 duel 4 times a day and be happy.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
su-i-ci-de is censored lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That why I just name those decks "Your Social Life" and call it a day. Either way, its something that's six feet under.
Aromage Feat Larva golem feat Lp increases trap card vs Galaxy Eyes Photon Dragon

i gave him winning despite of his patient play and manage to summon number C39 Utopia Ray

It is inappropriate to deck out him since 30 card deck vs him 20 card deck

#DuelReplay #DuelLinks
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
imagine still using Larva Golem and not Butterfly Golem
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I don't even have Cocoon Golem yet. How do I get that one? Or does it evolve straight into a Butterfly?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Golem Cocoon is a quick play spell card.
Use it on Larva Golem to evolve it into Butterfly Golem.
<< Anonymous(anonymous)
Anonymous Reply
Or use metalmorph to make metal-Golem
8 duels, 8 Blue Eyes decks.
That’s just the same of last KC Cup, despite it had Desperado too.
The lack of creativity is disturbing... :p
<< Anonymous(EAP)
Anonymous Reply
Sorry anon but you are looking for something that just doesn't exist here
Darklod is new tier1
Be tier2 ahah
<< Anonymous(Anonymous)
Steo Kiaba Reply
Dark Lord is not new.
It just returned.
Got dl max with a buster blader deck. Thanks to all bewd players out there.
<< Anonymous
Steo Kiaba Reply
You're welcome.
Guess what deck is dominating KC again? Aromages. It’s so almost impossible to beat. Something needs to be done to a near invincible deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
In that video, it shows that Blue-Eyes= Tier 0, that is above tier 1.

Kids nowadays like to comment without understanding the context first. Sigh
<< Anonymous
Videy Reply
u just need to destroy the aeromages spell/trap and they cant do anything
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So you’ve never played against D/D/D. It’s way more powerful. Aromage deck is not tier 1 by the way. Cyber dragons and Blackwings are also really challanging decks to be defeated
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If you’re going against Cyber Dragons or Blackwings and they get to go second, you’re gonna have a bad time.
This is my deck ND20 MAX
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I think it'll be an onomat deck
<< Anonymous(イん乇ズノ刀ムᄊメ)
Anonymous Reply
It must be a different one form the list in this page.......maybe evil eye?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And you're all wrong. It's a noobish Desperado deck.
<< Anonymous(イん乇ズノ刀ムᄊメ)
Anonymous Reply
It works I used a similar one I used cyberdark stuff instead of quarantine and card of the soul since I barely saw any blue eyes
harpia needs list it is way too powerful

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