This page notes what the Gold is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, how to earn faster, and the effective ways to use.
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update 19/12/2016


What is the Gold?

The Gold is used to use obtain cards from Card Trader. Players can earn Gold by completing missions, exchanging cards, and winning duels.

How to Earn

Stage/Weekly Missions

Completing stage and weekly missions is the most effective way to earn gold. Players will finish easy missions at fast.

Card Conversion

Cards can be converted into gold. Players can gain more amount of coins by converting rarer cards.

Rewards for Duels

Gold is also reward for winning a duel, but it is not the efficient way. Gold does not appear as reward ever time, and the amount is less.

Effective Way to Use

Trading with the Card Trader

Gold is currently only used to trade with the Card Trader. The required amount of gold varies based on the rarity of cards.


Hot New Top
Give me cardz for monei i had 4 millons and now i buy all stuff on trader i need moar cardz
<< Anonymous
Mikey Reply
I'm new to this game, what stage do u obtain the card trader
<< Anonymous(Mikey )
Anonymous Reply
Please learn to use the GameA search bar.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
im sitting at 9,141,194 coins. does anyone know what the max coins is? im currently guessing maybe 10 mill, if not it would have to be 999 mill
<< Anonymous
akubane Reply
im not sure, but on YT ive seen people with 11 million, so its atleast 99.999.999
It'd be nice if you could use gold to convert cards from the booster packs to glossy/prismatics. Already buying 3 of everything from the Card Trader, and then farming stones to gloss/prisma them.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or at least let us convert gold into Keys, and let us choose the color.

I know a lot of players have too many keys already, but remember, a lot doesn't mean everyone. Newer players who only started playing this year like me, still needs a lot of keys.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Forgot to add, it should be something like 10000 gold for 1000 keys.
many players have their gold and keys overlfowing

someone please suggest konami to do something with it, maybe just limited time converting these stuff to gems?
seems like most players r overflow with useless gold. anyone could suggest konami to do something with it?
would be best if it can be converted to gem, or better cards to trade ...
Never have I played a game where I lamented having too much gold but here Duel Links comes with the surprises. So much useless gold with nothing to convert it to. If gem conversion is too much, just being able to trade for more keys would be great.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, we should be able to trade golds for keys....right now I need more green and basic keys to farm Mai.
need guide to farm gold
Maybe I'm a little too rich in duel links. And I can get richer if I convert all my SR and UR cards that exceed three copies.
Have so much gold and don't know how to use it
<< Anonymous(Abby )
Lilhonky420 Reply
Hey me too yo how we spend dis gold homies?
<< Anonymous(Lilhonky420)
Anonymous Reply
you guys are stupid. the card trader idiots.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Maybe they haven't unlocked the card trader yet, asshole.
<< Anonymous
IgneelO1 Reply
It's obviously the fact that they have too much gold that they can be like every card in the card shop 3 times that they will still have plenty leftover, i rather just trade my gold for more keys or something.
Wish I could convert gold into gems. I'm sitting at almost 1 million. There's nothing I want at card trader so I just hoard the gold
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Noob idea.
I think gold should be used 2 buy card packs eventually. thats just my opinion
<< Anonymous(Atreue)
Anonymous Reply
Lmao no way when you get to higher stages youll have no gold left to even afford the card trader
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yea im here now because of this
got lost of gold easily when buying cards, damn SR and UR i wanted so much hahaha
even though i saved around 400k, already in 80k now so sad

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Yes, but it requires 1 card as cost and also only can destroy face up card.
It's still good, but not the best now.
Magnet warrior will be a tiered deck but is still too slow to challenge other top tier decks. It ...
To be honest. The electromagnet Warrior are a nice archetype for swarming. But Konami screwed th...
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