This page notes what the Gold is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, how to earn faster, and the effective ways to use.
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What is the Gold?

The Gold is used to use obtain cards from Card Trader. Players can earn Gold by completing missions, exchanging cards, and winning duels.

How to Earn

Stage/Weekly Missions

Completing stage and weekly missions is the most effective way to earn gold. Players will finish easy missions at fast.

Card Conversion

Cards can be converted into gold. Players can gain more amount of coins by converting rarer cards.

Rewards for Duels

Gold is also reward for winning a duel, but it is not the efficient way. Gold does not appear as reward ever time, and the amount is less.

Effective Way to Use

Trading with the Card Trader

Gold is currently only used to trade with the Card Trader. The required amount of gold varies based on the rarity of cards.


anoymous 23days ago
got lost of gold easily when buying cards, damn SR and UR i wanted so much hahaha
even though i saved around 400k, already in 80k now so sad
Abby 26days ago
Have so much gold and don't know how to use it
Lilhonky420 8days ago
Hey me too yo how we spend dis gold homies?
Atreue 1/1/1970
I think gold should be used 2 buy card packs eventually. thats just my opinion
anoymous 1/1/1970
what's the fastest way to earn gold? I play a significant amount everyday. Definitely more than average, yet can't get a lot of gold. Im at maximum stage and no more missions to do. Any fast way to grind for gold?
anoymous 1/1/1970
Fight level 10 legendary duelist using farming deck. Yield about 1.6k gold per match assuming you converted all the cards gain from the LD.

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