How to beat/farm Bastion Misawa Lvl 40

How to beat Bastion Misawa Lvl 40, Bastion Misawa's Deck, Decks to farm Bastion Misawa, Rewards
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update 30/09/2017
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Bastion Lvl 40

Dark Paladin

Score7,000- 8,000
Essential cardsDark Paladin

Example deck

King of the SwampBlue Dragon SummonerBuster BladerBuster BladerBuster BladerGravekeeper's Vassal
Beastking of the SwampsBeastking of the SwampsDark MagicianDark MagicianDark MagicianFusion Gate
Union AttackUnion AttackAnti-Magic ArrowsPolymerizationPolymerizationPolymerization
Emblem of Dragon DestroyerSecret Pass to the Treasures--Dark PaladinDark Flare Knight


Labyrinth Builder

A guide to this deck will be added soon!

Example deck

The Fiend MegacyberDekoichi the Battlechanted LocomotiveDekoichi the Battlechanted LocomotiveGravekeeper's VassalCrystal SeerCrystal Seer
Crystal SeerShard of GreedShard of GreedUnion AttackUnion AttackAnti-Magic Arrows
Shield & SwordSecret Pass to the TreasuresGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingGood Goblin HousekeepingJar of Greed
Jar of GreedJar of Greed----

Lvl 40 Bastion's Deck

Exclusive Rewards

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Anonymous 21hour ago
no anti magic arrow?
no union attack?
use this! :P
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21hour ago Reply
stop trap/discard riryoku(this time)->secret pass->riryoku on panda->double marthyr->over 9999 damage->8k score
100% win 8100 score.
first turn special summon gate guardian in defense position, then draw until win.
i dont have labyrinth builder because RNG doesnt drop me.
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
As long gate guardian in defense position u will safe he just set riryoku
<< Anonymous(Leukocyte)
Dantagnam 3days ago Reply
Can confirm what OP said, if monsters are face-up defense position they won't be affected by Riryoku
<< Anonymous(papo)
Dantagnam 3days ago Reply
Very helpful, thanks for the tip ^_^
<< Anonymous(papo)
Game dude 2days ago Reply
Oh my god I can’t believe it worked. I even accidentally fusions my twin thunder and put it in def and he didn’t attack it.
siuleeboss 11days ago

more farming deck
Anonymous 16days ago
WTF Konami?
Artema 19days ago
You also need 1 fusion twin headed thunder dragon. 1st turn summon Gate guardian on defense Mode. Draw all your deck and on last turn summon Vassal,activate Treasure pass and both unions,change Gate guardian to atk and fusion thunder dragon.Go to Battle step and activate antimagic arrows and direct attack.Ez 8k
energy absorbing monolith works instead of antimagic arrows you twats
<< Anonymous(no)
Anonymous Reply
It doesn't because the trap card negates the attack
<< Anonymous
Leukocyte 23days ago Reply
You forgot to call him a twat. :)
Walter Bishop
<< Anonymous(Walter Bishop)
Walter Bishop Reply
This is my deck for Bastion. Super easy, 100% win rate!
<< Anonymous(Walter Bishop)
Ragnarök Reply
Nice. Labyrinth + Dark Mimics + Dark Necrofear also works for me.
<< Anonymous(Walter Bishop)
Anonymous 28days ago Reply
calla mrd
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
C mamo
Anonymous 30days ago
Works pretty well
Easy farm pro
Easiest farm = ojama
Something is wrong with the game, farmed hime for over 40 games all over 8000 and only 1 super rare. Brought packs worth 2500 gems and only 1 SR :(
<< Anonymous(j17)
Sentou Reply
You know, I bought 103 packs from Electric Overload, just to get 3 Troop Dragons. 103 packs to get those 3 specific Rares... It's raining...
you need to destroy/block magic cylinder, just use whatever fusion monster over 2000, it will get over 9999 damage.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
wrong image sorry hahahahhaha
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
After you summon gate guardian, do you need to attack every monster bastion got on the field? It seems hard to summon early Dark Paladin on the field to negate Riryoku.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Not reliable because one riryoku and it's over.

A 100% win rate farming deck , have fun

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