Joey Wheeler (DSOD)

This page notes Joey Wheeler (DSOD)'s skills, level-up rewards, starter deck, and cards and skills you can get by winning a duel against Joey Wheeler (DSOD).
update 27/12/2022

Previous Event

Description in the game

Joey has an unbreakable bond of friendship with both Yugi and the Pharaoh. By battling the toughest opponents–including those who possess Millennium Items–Joey has greatly improved as a Duelist. His dream is to become a professional Duelist... if he can get the grades to graduate.

Signature Card

Red-Eyes Black Dragon [Alternate Art] [UR]

Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
DARK Dragon ★7
ATK 2400 / DEF 2000
Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at Lvl 38 and 40 [UR]
A ferocious dragon with a deadly attack.

How to Unlock

Trigger Event

  • Unlock Mission will appear while you Reach Stage 6 in (DSOD) World.

Joey Wheeler (DSOD)'s Unlock Missions

Complete all Character Unlock Missions.Red Key x50
Achieve 1 No Damage win(s) in Duels against Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at level 30 using Seto Kaiba (DSOD).SR Jewel x3
Win 1 Duels within 7 turn(s) against Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at level 30 while playing as Mokuba Kaiba (DSOD).Gold x8000
Win 3 Duel(s) with Red-Eyes Black Dragon in your Deck.Gold x8000
Win 1 Duel(s) against Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at level 30 without performing any Special Summons.Gold x8000
Win 1 Duel(s) Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at level 30 without using any Skills.Gold x8000


Exclusive Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
My Warriors Buddies
Increase the ATK of all EARTH Attribute Warrior-Type monsters by 200.
Lvl 4
Draw Sense: EARTH
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 1500. During your Draw Phase, instead of conducting your normal draw, draw a random EARTH-attribute monster.
Lvl 13
Fusionmorph: Red-Eyes
Discard of the following monsters from your hand, then change 1 monster you control whose original name is "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" into one of the following monsters:
- Lvl 6 Fiend-Type Normal Monster: B. Skull Dragon
- Lvl 6 Dragon-Type Normal Monster: Meteor B. Dragon
- Lvl 4 EARTH Warrior-Type Normal Monster: Red-Eyes Slash Dragon
This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Lvl 20
Red-Eyes Fusion
Can be used when you have 2400 or less Life Points. Return 1 "Red-Eyes" card from your hand to your Deck and add 1 "Red-Eyes Fusion" from your Deck to your hand. If your Life Points are exactly 2400, you can return 1 "Red-Eyes B. Dragon" from your graveyard to your Deck instead.
This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Time Roulette Go!
When you call the coin toss correctly, the effect of "Time Wizard" changes monsters you control whose original names are the following, to the following other monsters:
- Dark Magician: Dark Sage
- Baby Dragon: Thousand Dragon.
This Skill can only be used once per Duel.
Friends and Foes
Can be used when you control a monster whose original is one of the following:
- Red-Eyes B. Dragon
- Jinzo
- The Legendary Fisherman
Increase the ATK of these monsters by 300 times the number of them you control.
This Skill can only be used once per turn and twice per Duel.
Road to the Pro League
Your Duel Assessment Score for Tribute Summoning monster will be multiplied by 1.5.

Common Skills

Level-Up Rewards

Exclusive Level Up Rewards

Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
DARK Dragon ★7
ATK 2400 / DEF 2000
Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at Lvl 38 and 40 [UR]
A ferocious dragon with a deadly attack.
Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior
Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior
WIND Warrior ★4
ATK 2000 / DEF 800
Joey Wheeler (DSOD) Lvl 35 [UR]
This card can attack your opponent directly. If this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard: You can target 1 Dragon, Warrior, or Spellcaster-Type Normal Monster in your Graveyard; add it to your hand.
Sasuke Samurai #4
Sasuke Samurai #4
WIND Warrior ★4
ATK 1200 / DEF 1200
Joey Wheeler (DSOD) Lvl 30 [UR]
Duel Quest Event [UR]
If this card battles a monster, toss a coin and call heads or tails before damage calculation. If you call it right, destroy the opponent's monster with this effect.
Banisher of the Light
Banisher of the Light
LIGHT Fairy ★3
ATK 100 / DEF 2000
Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at Lvl 11 and 23 [SR]
Any card sent to the Graveyard is banished instead.
LIGHT Spellcaster ★1
ATK 0 / DEF 0
Joey Wheeler Lvl 38 [SR]
Joey Wheeler (DSOD) at Lvl 21 [SR]
Duel-A-Thon [SR]
When this card is Summoned: Target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; this card's ATK and DEF become equal to that monster's original ATK and DEF.

Level Up Reward List

2Gem x10
3Mystical Sheep #1 Mystical Sheep #1
4Skill: My Warriors Buddies
5Deck Slot
6Gem x15
7BIG Win!? BIG Win!?
8Deck Slot
9Gem x25
10Mystical Sheep #1 Mystical Sheep #1
11Banisher of the Light Banisher of the Light
12Gem x35
13Skill: Draw Sense: EARTH
14BIG Win!? BIG Win!?
15Gem x50
16Invader of the Throne Invader of the Throne
17Gem x60
18Blue Flame Swordsman Blue Flame Swordsman
19Gem x75
20Skill: Fusionmorph: Red-Eyes
21Copycat Copycat
22Gem x100
23Banisher of the Light Banisher of the Light
24Gem x100
25BIG Win!? BIG Win!?
26Gem x150
27Deck Slot
28Gem x200
29Gem x250
30Sasuke Samurai #4 Sasuke Samurai #4
31Gold x100,000
32Gems x200
33Invader of the Throne Invader of the Throne
34Gems x250
35Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior Ventdra, the Empowered Warrior
36UR Jewel x1
37Gems x200
38Red-Eyes Black Dragon Red-Eyes Black Dragon
39Gems x250
40Red-Eyes Black Dragon Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Duel Rewards

Starter Deck

Joey Wheeler (DSOD)'s Starter Deck

Red-Eyes B. DragonBattle SteerMasaki the Legendary SwordsmanMasaki the Legendary SwordsmanMasaki the Legendary SwordsmanMountain Warrior
Mountain WarriorMountain WarriorSwordsman of LandstarSwordsman of LandstarBattle WarriorBattle Warrior
Battle WarriorHero of the EastHero of the EastHero of the EastBlock AttackBlock Attack
Stop DefenseStop Defense----

Previous Event

Joey Wheeler (DSOD) Unlock Event - Memories of a Friend


Hot New Top
He hasn't come to the Gate yet...

It's almost past the middle of June...

Either tomorrow or the 20th, I guess...
Now, we need Red-eyes Dragoon and other red eyes fusion monsters
<< Anonymous
No Reply
No god please no
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Red-Eyes Dragoon will never happen in DL for the same reason we will never get Destiny End Dragoon.

Too OP for speed duel format.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Heck, Red-Eyes Dragoon is too OP for the current MASTER Duel meta.

It will never be a fine card in Speed Duel meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I am really sad when i see players asking for op cards. Each time we get op cards the game becomes even more frustrating and the same players ask for bans / linits. If you like the way Yugioh TCG has evolved go play the TCG. We don't want OTK decks that focus on op boss monsters.
why didn't joey get red eyes alternative dragon skill, or the card like Kaiba I don't think it would be too broken the worst you do is get a 4800 red eyes black dragon we already get shiranuis that boost to 5500 attack
Did i really just missed dsod joey unlock??? I came back duel link last 3 week after 2 years n previously i was using red eye deck, so i had been clearing mission in dsod hope to get character unlock mission, but now only found out it was from event, does it mean i nvr able to unlock him anymore???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You're not missing him. Characters will be added to the Gate after two unlock events, and when they are added to the Gate, they can be unlocked anytime, you just need to do the unlock missions.

And Joey DSOD has two unlock events already, so expect him to be added to the Gate (and thus unlockable anytime) in the near future.
"Road to the Pro League" has such a misleading description in my language
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
English man
Added new levels, new crap cards as rewards. Very jelous of kaiba right now
the duel links version is more handsome than in the movie, it's weird
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
His hair tips are also a lot pointier in DL
He has summoning animation for legendary fisherman and jinzo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's the same one.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's dissapointing. They could have gave it a new summoning animation
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Even DSOD Kaiba doesn't have any new summoning animation besides for the new BEWD art.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I was hoping an animation for Blue Eyes Choas Max Dragon since that's another Ace card of Kaiba. Maybe later on they will add it. It took them a while to add Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon as a summon animation. They should add one for Red Eyes Slash Dragon
This dude went to Duel Kingdom with a bunch of normal monsters and ended in the 3rd place.

Meanwhile Kaiba got clapped and lost his soul. Reminds me of Zane Truesdale, cough cough
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
huge lol man
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That's what you get when you go straight to trouble, unlike Joey.
Yugi or Yami Yugi DSOD should come after they release Blair.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yugi, yeah maybe.

Yami Yugi, I can only think he will be available earliest next year and he will come in his true form with true name, Atem
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Well i know Atem definitely won't be added to the game before Diva. I have a feeling they will probably re-release some 5ds characters events & some roaming events sometime this year
block attack nerf lol
<< Anonymous
Sayo Aiba Reply
pls no, I need it
<< Anonymous(Sayo Aiba)
Seto Kaiba Reply
Im cringe.
<< Anonymous(Seto Kaiba)
Anonymous Reply
Original art has playmat after 100 summon?

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