This page notes what the Gem is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, how to earn gems faster, and the effective way to spend gems.
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What is gem?

Gem is one of the in-app item. It is used to get cards in the Shop and unlock standard duelists.

Purchasable Item

At the beginning of the game, players can get gems easily (see below for more details of how to get gems). However as they make progress, the main way to get gems will be in-app purchase.

How to Get

Leveling up characters

Gems can be obtained as reward for leveling up characters. When characters reach level 30(max), players can get 500 gems which can purchase 10 packs.

Weekly missions

Players can receive gems and gold by completing weekly missions. To get those reward, players have to finish missions within a week a mission is held.

Stage missions

As well as weekly mission, players can get gem reward for completing stage mission. It can be obtained just for one time.

Duel Quiz

Duel quiz also provide gem reward.

In-App Purchase

Since in-app purchase is not available in the Beta version, it is not sure that how much gems cost at this point.

Tapping Display

By tapping a a point on the display like the screenshot above, players can find gems sometimes. See screenshots below for free gem locations.

Roof of the Card Shop

Street Lamp


Garbage can

Efficient Way to Earn Gems

Completing easier missions

Finishing easy missions, such as "winning a duel", at first. Then you can get gems and new cards. That is important to make your deck well established.

Solving puzzle match

Duel quiz have three different level based on degree of difficulty. Level 1 also works as a tutorial and is very easy.

Getting powerful cards

To complete missions, you need to build a good deck to win a duel. Therefore getting cards is also important.


anoymous 15days ago
Why is that my gem pack comes only with 2 packs for 100gems instead of 10 packs for 500gems is this normal.
anoymous 11days ago
Yup. You must have gems below 150 right?
anoymous 2hour ago
Siempre te va mostrar la cantidad q puedes comprar con la cantidad actual de gemas q tenes x ejemplo si solo tienes 100 gemas te mostrara q puedes comprar solo dos sobres si tienes 200 gemas te mostrara q puedes comprar 4 sobres si tienes 250 gemas te mostrara q puedes comprar 5 sobres y así sucesivamente
Out of Gems Solved 1/1/1970
If you like this game so much, have no real money or gems and maxed ur account completely
Why not make another account to focus more on other decks, other playstyles and all that.
I mean how hard is it to add your good friends again. Or start farming again.
Besides of that is it also fun to be able to play different OP decks without spending real money
Only thing u need is a new Konami-ID to get ur account safe.
Please stop wining about pay 2 win.
If you play tactical before you start this game u can optimize ur deck without spending money.
I suggest choose a deck style, like dino or GK or relinquished or whatever you think that will be nice to play or get you to KOG or whatever you play the game for.
Check this awesome website to note where the required cards come from, and focus on these decks.
Also besides of that when making a new account and you get the beginning gems between 500-1500 i think it was.
u can buy ur first boxes to get some UR's, if you dont get it, just remove the app data and remake the account to buy the packs again till u spend ur starting gems well and get some nice rewards, then continue playing this game.
Every problem has a solution.
i will post my deck aswell without paying, and i have shitloads of UR´s cause of this method.
I hope this will help u ppl that cant or dont have money irl to spend on this game.
Out of Gems Solved 1/1/1970
* and focus on these boxes in the shop and focus on the LD rewards (instead of focus on the decks)
Out of Gems Solved 1/1/1970
With the App Data i mean re install the game or remove the data so it has to be re downloaded to be able to make a new account
Rex 1/1/1970
Does Tapping Display stop giving free gems when you reached Stage 55?
I was able to synchronize the Daily Tapping time to make all 4 objects give me gems once per day before. (Usually at 8am in my country)
But I noticed the objects stop giving gem to me these days, im stage 57, almost complete all mission at the moment.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Wow you newbs complain way to much.
Orishalcos Seal 1/1/1970
Bottom line, after reaching stage 50 (you will probably have already finished the quizes) the only way to get gems is through leveling up every character. Once you've done it the game is over, unless you're rich and don't care to pay to win. That's very discouraging!
anoymous 1/1/1970
Well you could still trade with card trader. You could still get the crummy cards from npcs and convert them. Though you probably only get a few cards a week so it'll be much slower. You'll probably want to save some gems for when new packs come out then.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Yeah, seems like another p2w game disguised as f2p. Eventually you will simply run out of gems, while they keep pushing out better and better cards, so you are forced to buy them to stay competitive.
anoymous 1/1/1970
That's just Konami being the money hungry Jews they always are. They ruined the franchise and now they ruin this game too smh...
anoymous 1/1/1970
Well, actually every game comes to this point and they *NEED* people to buy gems to keep the game going. They have employees and servers in their payroll. You can farm LD lvl 40 for gems. U get gems also for skill conversion. If u dont like the game as it is, u can leave. If u like the game, u can buy gems or farm the hard way. Your choice.
Etherion 1/1/1970
Except the face that they keep adding characters and each character can give 2000ish gold after max level. Also there are so many events that give out gems including special events like Pegasus and KC cup. Whiny babies can only cry though.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Can gems be earned by beating level 40 legendary duelists? I got some while farming level 40 Pegasus.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Yes. Beat LD lvl 40 over and over.
EMFS_JONI 1/1/1970
Make a Obelisk the Tormentor card pack pls!
Credit Card 1/1/1970
One of the most op things in the game, if you have a lot of Gems, then you can have a higher chance at being the best in the GAMEMSMEMEMEMEME
Bestreader10 1/1/1970
TSP_LUFFY 1/1/1970
Tips- Don't buy bundle 10 packs, just buy packs 1 at a time, Save your Gems until 1000,then go to the shop and try your luck... Hope you can get the cards you want... Good luck
anoymous 1/1/1970
That really doesn't matter. First of all, it's just superstition that a streak matters, and secondly, Duel Links' packs aren't as random as you think: just like how it's decided that 1 complete set has 1 of each UR, the same thing is the case for cards of lower rarities: you can swipe the screen to see the other cards per rarity and their quantities.
anoymous 1/1/1970
There is no point in saving gems if you're going to use them later anyway. you're delaying the progress, especially because a streak won't do anything that buying a small group of backs would. There is a certain amount of cards in a box, so there is no real randomness in the boxes, so the outcome is almost always tame.
anoymous 1/1/1970
I was blowing a lot of gems on neo impact trying to get mirror wall. If I didn't start saving part way then I would have missed my blue eyes ultimate in the ultimate rising deck (and a bunch of other useful stuff).
anoymous 1/1/1970
Ps that comment was refering to when they announced the end of ultimate rising pack I dumped the saved gems into ultimate rising pack that would have otherwise been blown on neo impact. Now I can take my time on neo impact for mirror wall.
anoymous 1/1/1970
Ps that comment was refering to when they announced the end of ultimate rising pack I dumped the saved gems into ultimate rising pack that would have otherwise been blown on neo impact. Now I can take my time on neo impact for mirror wall.
Etherion 1/1/1970
You guys are noobs. Of course buying one by one isn't meant to increase chance of getting something. If you get a sphere kuriboh for example in first pack itself then you basically wasted 450 Gems. If you buy one by one, you can reset immediately after you get what you want. Lol

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