• An easy way to clear some of the required missions is to build a working deck of around 15-17 cards and use the rest as filler for putting in spells, traps and/or ritual cards, this is so that you can use auto and still get a win and being able to use the copy deck feature so it can be easily copied to other characters.
  • Use cards like shard of greed to be able to get the required cards faster, or cards that can retrieve cards from the graveyard to re-use them in one duel.
  • Keep in mind that in the later stage, you will be required to unlock Ishizu and Odion. It is recommended to unlock them early by using a lot of trap cards and summoning a lot of Light monsters.


Do I need to win the battles for them to count?

Missions like use spell/traps # of time(s) or tribute summons and ritual summons will still count even if you don’t win the duel.

What is effect damage?

Refer to a link below:

How can I win # consecutive duel(s)?

If winning the duels consecutively is a struggle, you can use the keys that you obtained and duel against lvl 10 legendary duelists from the gate.

How to get a win against the Vagabond?

Occasionally the Vagabond will appear, bringing difficult requirement or challenge. In order to make it easier, you can ask a friend to set an easier challenge to send to you.

Note: You will need to add people to your friend list.

Stage 31-40 missions/rewards

Stage #
Unlocked Facility/Feature
  • None.
Use Trap Card 35 time(s).Stone of Trap x2
Successfully perform 2 Ritual Summons in 1 Duel World Duel.10,000 Gold
Inflict 120000 points of battle damage.SR Jewel x1
Play as Weevil Underwood and win 1 Duel(s) against Rex Raptor at Level 30 in Duel World.Card Sleeves
Complete all Stage Missions[31].Gem x50
  • None.
Defeat Legendary Duelists 5 time(s).10000 Gold.
Use Spell Cards 40 time(s).Stone of Spell x2
Win 30 Duel World Duel(s).Gate Key x30
Play 1 Duel against Mako Tsunami.Black Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[32].Gem x50
  • None (Standard Duelists become Level 33).
Use Trap Card 40 times.Stone of Trap x2
Use Field Spell Card 1 time(s) in one Duel World Duel .R Jewel x3
Play as Mako Tsunami and win 1 Duel(s) against Yami Yugi at Level 30 in Duel World.Card Sleeve
Win 32 Duel World Duel(s).Gate Key x30
Complete all Stage Missions[33].Gem x50
  • None.
Use Spell Card 30 times with using Tea Gardner.Stone of Spell x2
Successfully perform 10 Ritual Summons.Gem x10
Inflict 10000 points of effect damage in Duel World.20000 Gold
Inflict 150000 points of battle damage in Duel World.Gate Key x40
Complete all Stage Missions[34].Gem x50
  • None.
Successfully perform 30 Tribute Summons.Stone of Light x3
Win 15 consecutive Duel(s).Gem x30
Win 40 Duel World Duel(s).Gate Key x40
Play 1 Duel against Bandit Keith.Red Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[35].Gem x125
  • Card Sleeves obtained.
Destroy 80 monsters.20,000 Gold
Destroy 5 monsters in a Duel against Joey Wheeler.Stone of Flame x2
Win 1 Duel against Joey Wheeler at Level 30 with using Bandit Keith.Card Sleeves
Win 42 Duel World Duel(s).R Jewel x3
Complete all Stage Missions[36].Gem x50
  • None.
Win 10 Duels against the Legend Duelists.Gem x10
Use Trap Card 35 times with using Mai Valentine.Stone of Trap x2
Successfully perform 80 Normal Summons.SR Jewel x1
Inflict 180000 points of battle damage.Gate Key x50
Complete all Stage Missions[37].Gem x50
  • A player obtain playmat.
Successfully perform 10 Fusion Summons.Stone of Water x6
Win with a Duel Assessment of at least 3000 with using Weevil Underwood.Green Gate Key x20
Win 47 Duel World Duel(s).Gate Key x50
Play 1 Duel against Ishizu Ishtar.White Gate Key x20
Complete all Stage Missions[38].Gem x50
  • None (Standard Duelists become Level 39).
Use Spell card 5 times in 1 Duel against Seto Kaiba.Gem x10
Win with a Duel Assessment of at least 3000 with using Rex Raptor.Yellow Gate Key x30
Win 1 Duel against Seto Kaiba at Level 30 with using Ishizu Ishtar.Stone of Light x4
Win 50 Duel World Duels.Gate Key x50
Complete all Stage Missions[39].Gem x50
  • None.
Successfully perform 35 Tribute Summons.Stone of Flame x4
Inflict 210000 points of battle damage.Gate Key x60
Win with a Duel Assessment of at least 4000.SR Jewel x1
Win 1 Duel against the Vagabond.Gem x10
Complete all Stage Missions[4].Gem x150


Hot New Top
stage 31 . Successfully perform 2 Ritual Summons in 1 Duel World Duel. who can help?
<< Anonymous(edgykid69)
That still didn't work. Tried it against a standard duelist and joey at the gate.
<< Anonymous(I HATE GEARS)
edgykid69 Reply
Damn, I'm sry to hear that : it worked for me somehow
<< Anonymous(-Azo-)
Anonymous Reply
Play in gate with joey, and wait your chance, to sumon ritual
<< Anonymous(edgykid69)
anno Reply
im at the same stage, i performed tribute/special/ritual/fusion/synchro and nothing worked, idk how to go trough this
I'm having trouble with Stage 36, Destroy 5 monsters in a duel against Joey Wheeler. I have been doing so but the mission is still incomplete.
<< Anonymous
AgentOfChaosHD Reply
Have you been doing it all in one duel?
<< Anonymous
Dantesku Reply
After failing twice trying to achieve it I succeed in the following way:
1) Joey Wheeler level 30
2) Avoid to banish the monsters (just send them to the graveyard)
Anybody have a deck that can complete the "Use Trap Card 35 times with using Mai Valentine." stage mission fast?
<< Anonymous(AgentOfChaosHD)
Anonymous Reply
Just stick a bunch of summon traps like Tiki Spirit and the like accompanied with the rest of your deck space being traps and do Yugi LVL 10. You should finish it within 2-3 duels.
Stuck on stage 31. I haven’t unlocked weevil yet, despite having over 500 standard duelist victories, and beat him multiple times at the gate at lvl40. Any idea how I get him? Google searches aren’t telling me anything
<< Anonymous(Ronin)
Anonymous Reply
Beat him at Lv 30, gain 1000 LP in a duel and cast 30 spells.
Stuck on the last mission in Stage 38, Win using Weevil Underwood with a Duel Assessment of at least 3000. Any tips on this one?
<< Anonymous(Matt)
Adriàn Reply
Just use cerberus farm with Weevil against a lv 10 legendary duelist at the gate
Any tips to building first fusion deck? I just need it for stage 31 but I'm sure I'll need it again.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Sorry, I mean ritual.
<< Anonymous
Me, Myself and I Reply
Just add a lot of beaters and around 3-4 Ritual Monsters and the relative spells, the rest add some deffence and backrow removal. Ez pez not even sweating lemon squez.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
U can get from the event tag duel a cheap ritual card
I stay at stage 38. Easy decks except some annoying decks like Flip, Magical Hats and Thunder deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ghost trick can beat that deck .just banished they card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Like I said only annoying to defeat, but easy
<< Anonymous
Me, Myself and I Reply
Funny, you said almost all the decks XD
Are you currently getting batter rewards than when sandard duelists were at level 14?
anyone know a basic cheap fusion deck?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Jaden Yuki's structure deck...
stage 33 SD, heart of the underdog duelist got birthright from the new pack
I'm stuck on stage 31. I need to preform 2 ritual summons. But i don't have matching ritual cards yet. Does somebody knows a way how to get them?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Buy from box or get from level up alexis if u have
I'm stuck on stage 40. I must do the "Win with a Duel Assessment of at least 4000" and even though I beat several standard or legendary duelists while they were having 4000LP or more, it still does not want to count the win. Is it a glitch or I do something wrong?
<< Anonymous
Battle Theme Hunter Reply
Dude . Duel assessment is the score you get after the end of the match . So you must get 4000 points and above .
Win 2000pts
No damage 500pts
Activate Spell 100pts
Activate Trap 100pts
Over 3000 damage 500pts (i think)
Over 5000 damage 1500pts
Low Lp(Your Lp) 500pts
Prismatic Card 400pts
Shining Card 300pts (i think)
Destroy 10 opponent monster 300pts.
<< Anonymous(Battle Theme Hunter)
Anonymous Reply
y does nobody seem to know what those are its pretty simple and self explanatory

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Thank you :D
You likely need to unlock him first. You need to win 50 duels, each with 3 or less cards left ...
Well, they buffed that Red-Eyes Fusion skill now, and now it's really good apparently.
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