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update 14/03/2020

Treacherous Trap Hole

Treacherous Trap Hole
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
ArchetypesTrap Hole


If you have no Trap Cards in your Graveyard: Target 2 monsters on the field; destroy those targets.

How to Get

PackVisions of Ice [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Destroy 2 monsters on your opponent’s field for no cost.


  • You can only activate this card if you do not have any Trap cards in the graveyard.


  • It is best to run this card in a deck that doesn’t use any other Trap cards.
  • You cannot activate this card when you have another copy of it in the graveyard. What you can to is turn on self chain so that you can activate 2 of these at the same time, destroying all your opponent’s monster.

Remove Traps from the Graveyard

Here are some cards to help you remove Trap cards from the graveyard so that you can use Treacherous Trap Hole. Use the effect of Diskblade Rider to remove from play Trap cards in your graveyard and gain an attack boost. Pot of Benevolence can return Trap cards back to your deck allowing you to reuse them.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Monster Cards


Hot New Top
Rigged 🔥. All the time this is what the enemy sets on the first foookin turn
<< Anonymous(Fackyoukomoney)
Anonymous Reply
Then run backrow removal like everyone else, fool lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Night beam FTW
I can not put 1 treacherous trap and 2 econs in the same deck, anybody knows why that is? The game simply wont allow me to put in an extra econ, if I already am running one econ and one Trap hole, its says I can only run 2 copies even though Im only running one.
<< Anonymous(Yeison)
Anonymous Reply
Both cards are limited to 2. Your deck can only have 2 cards that are on the Limit-2 list. See it like this: you have a bag full of Limit-2 cards, you can only pick 2 in total.

Let's take another example with the Limit-1 list. You wouldn't be able to add <Massivemorph> and <Amazoness Onslaught> in one same deck, because both cards are limited to 1. You can only choose one between those two cards.
<< Anonymous
Yeison Reply
Okay thanks for the response! That sucks!
This **** deserves to be banned
I cant believe some guys actually thought this card was broken. Whatever.
<< Anonymous(Stg)
Anonymous Reply
A trap you can only use once, and limits you from running other traps? Lol garbage
<< Anonymous(Lmao)
Anonymous Reply
Some decks just don't require many traps. Blue Eyes, AG, Metaphys, Crystron, and certain deck with triple Canadia like Triamid (since Canadia can summon itself from GY then banished when it leaves the field, it makes you easy to manipulate your GY)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Metaphys and Crystron both uses traps bro, they can’t run TTH
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Metaphys kinda can for the same reason Subterror can - their main Trap card are continuous, they stay on the field.

Amazoness can run TTH too for the same reason, but it's harder due to all the semi-limited cards.
can you make someone lose the special summon effect from desperado when destroying monsters with treacherous?
<< Anonymous(Desperado)
no Reply
Still a broken card after a year of release. TCG would’ve been banned this card if this happened to be this game changing for more than a year.
<< Anonymous
Aiire Reply
im glad SOMEONE has a brain they can use. This is definitely not the most op trap in the game. This may be the 3rd at a stretch, but there are similar cards that can work too. While I see what people mean, no-one is complaining about WoD/FTH, 2 stronger trap cards. I mean destroying 2 cards isn't as bad as not being able to use 1 or losing 2400 attack instantly for the rest of the duel.
<< Anonymous(Aiire)
Anonymous Reply
What about drowning mirror force? I feel like that is wiping my board turn 1 or 2 so much nowadays that I'm afraid to have all my monsters in attack position every time I attack now.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Six sams and Ancient gears 🔥 on Drowning mirror force
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But I don't play either of those decks...
There is usually only one of this in someone's deck when I look at it. Yet somehow almost everyone I face keeps pulling this piece of 🔥 on me turn 1. How is it possible that I am seeing this card MORE after the limits hit it!?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because its still broken OP regardless of the limit on it unfortunately. i find it funny that you don't have to give up life points to use it, dont have to discard a card, don't have to reveal a card, don't have to have to wait 3 turns...things that a whole bunch of other cards with way less usefulness make you do.
<< Anonymous
Aiire Reply
The reason is because you can only use 1 in every duel usually. Plus most decks run some sort of trap blocker/negater so that you never get it off. Also, there are more annoying/problematic cards like WoD or floodgate, where one f**ks up your field while the other just f**ks up your offence. The only case where this is op is where they can't block TTH and/or can't special summon from the GY.
This should be the first card in forbidden list.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
*Starlight road activates* *negates TTH and summons stardust on top of that*
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yeah how often do you have Starlight Road ready to stop TTH?

And that's assuming your opponent even plays TTH. If your opponent doesn't play it, that Starlight Road is now a dead card.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
And that is exactly what would happen if I tried to play it. Just like with cc, I would never draw it on time, while they will still get their tth on the first or second turn. Someone even pulled it turn one on me in a 30 card deck when it was the only tth in their deck.
<< Anonymous
Aiire Reply
did you forget about six samurai, you can't even activate it in the first place. It's actually balanced, and not many people realise it until you reduce the amount of TTHs available in a deck. Instead of it being a dead card, you now cannot even draw it to begin with without using odion. And nobody uses odion anymore.
It seems to me, or this card now is more common than before the limitation

I think I see Treacherous trap hole turn 1 - 2 in almost 60% decks in Legend.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
60% in Legend? Feels more like 90% to me...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
6 sams don't use it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well that's bc they cant
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Every Meta deck asides from 6 sams, Koaki, and spellbooks (since they’re still tiered) can run tth atm
This card is rigged or what?
I put second copy in my deck, played 5 games and it was in my starting hand all the time, no joke
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes. It is rigged. I dueled someone with a 24 card cluster🔥 deck of red eyes and koaki with just one tth. And of course, he got tth, slash dragon, maximus, and ice all on his first turn to clear my whole field and win. I am starting to wonder if players who get tth turn one all the time like this against impossible odds have had to make some kind of pact with a demon in exchange for such luck.
for some reason when I go to "Visions of Ice" box, the card is grey with a 0 on it as I've already obtain one. Does this mean I can't obtain a 2nd one?
<< Anonymous(Roy)
Anonymous Reply
You can if you reset the box

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