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update 14/03/2020

Treacherous Trap Hole

Treacherous Trap Hole
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
ArchetypesTrap Hole


If you have no Trap Cards in your Graveyard: Target 2 monsters on the field; destroy those targets.

How to Get

PackVisions of Ice [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Destroy 2 monsters on your opponent’s field for no cost.


  • You can only activate this card if you do not have any Trap cards in the graveyard.


  • It is best to run this card in a deck that doesn’t use any other Trap cards.
  • You cannot activate this card when you have another copy of it in the graveyard. What you can to is turn on self chain so that you can activate 2 of these at the same time, destroying all your opponent’s monster.

Remove Traps from the Graveyard

Here are some cards to help you remove Trap cards from the graveyard so that you can use Treacherous Trap Hole. Use the effect of Diskblade Rider to remove from play Trap cards in your graveyard and gain an attack boost. Pot of Benevolence can return Trap cards back to your deck allowing you to reuse them.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Monster Cards


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Anonymous 31days ago
This card has something wrong with it whenever I put it in a deck I draw it first hand very often.
My opponents open with it very often too.

I wonder why that happens
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 31days ago Reply
It’s called observer bias
This card is rigged or what?
I put second copy in my deck, played 5 games and it was in my starting hand all the time, no joke
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes. It is rigged. I dueled someone with a 24 card cluster🔥 deck of red eyes and koaki with just one tth. And of course, he got tth, slash dragon, maximus, and ice all on his first turn to clear my whole field and win. I am starting to wonder if players who get tth turn one all the time like this against impossible odds have had to make some kind of pact with a demon in exchange for such luck.
I'm bothered by the extremely large amount of people really obsessed with this card, to the point of running 2 copies of it in their decks AND still running tons of other traps. What's the big idea? Everytime I destroy one trap card they have and then they get this as a dead draw. When I destroy this and see it was this card I sigh and say they never learn.
<< Anonymous
Faruk Aksoy Reply
FYI, this card is currently not in the most popular trap cards list
<< Anonymous(Faruk Aksoy)
Anonymous Reply
Yeap. Treacherous has lost its shine since better removal traps got released like balista squad, karma cut, fiendish chain. Also, most tier archtype fdecks have at least 1 of thei main card semi limited so no room for treacherous. Despite that, should remain in banlist. Still a very strong chainable card that can offer +1 advantage
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Now imagine if traptrix xyz cards were in the game activating this thing from the deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I just checked and it's back on the popular list, but in very last place, just behind Chain Lost. Maybe it's a consequence of the most played decks having cards in the limited list?
Still a broken card after a year of release. TCG would’ve been banned this card if this happened to be this game changing for more than a year.
<< Anonymous(PepsiMan)
... Reply
if two deck play it then play it cos of 1 trap?fk logic.
<< Anonymous(PepsiMan)
Anonymous Reply
So true.
Drowning Mirror force is very F2P. Just use a Dream ticket and boom.

If you don't like it, then use all of your gems to buy six sam or ancient gears and boom.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I have to agree. This game is very F2P. I obtained 3 copies of Levianeer for free thanks to dream tickets.

I don't understand people who are leaving duel Links on the pretext of "too expensive cards"
<< Anonymous
Mah boi Reply
Liar! You cannot get Chaos Dragon Levianeer with Dream Tickets!
I can not put 1 treacherous trap and 2 econs in the same deck, anybody knows why that is? The game simply wont allow me to put in an extra econ, if I already am running one econ and one Trap hole, its says I can only run 2 copies even though Im only running one.
<< Anonymous(Yeison)
Anonymous Reply
Both cards are limited to 2. Your deck can only have 2 cards that are on the Limit-2 list. See it like this: you have a bag full of Limit-2 cards, you can only pick 2 in total.

Let's take another example with the Limit-1 list. You wouldn't be able to add <Massivemorph> and <Amazoness Onslaught> in one same deck, because both cards are limited to 1. You can only choose one between those two cards.
<< Anonymous
Yeison Reply
Okay thanks for the response! That sucks!
There is usually only one of this in someone's deck when I look at it. Yet somehow almost everyone I face keeps pulling this piece of 🔥 on me turn 1. How is it possible that I am seeing this card MORE after the limits hit it!?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
because its still broken OP regardless of the limit on it unfortunately. i find it funny that you don't have to give up life points to use it, dont have to discard a card, don't have to reveal a card, don't have to have to wait 3 turns...things that a whole bunch of other cards with way less usefulness make you do.
<< Anonymous
Aiire Reply
The reason is because you can only use 1 in every duel usually. Plus most decks run some sort of trap blocker/negater so that you never get it off. Also, there are more annoying/problematic cards like WoD or floodgate, where one f**ks up your field while the other just f**ks up your offence. The only case where this is op is where they can't block TTH and/or can't special summon from the GY.
It seems to me, or this card now is more common than before the limitation

I think I see Treacherous trap hole turn 1 - 2 in almost 60% decks in Legend.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
60% in Legend? Feels more like 90% to me...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
6 sams don't use it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
well that's bc they cant
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Every Meta deck asides from 6 sams, Koaki, and spellbooks (since they’re still tiered) can run tth atm
for some reason when I go to "Visions of Ice" box, the card is grey with a 0 on it as I've already obtain one. Does this mean I can't obtain a 2nd one?
<< Anonymous(Roy)
Anonymous Reply
You can if you reset the box
Honestly in some situations I see Wall of Disruption and Floodgate Traphole more broken then this. I typically run backline removal so I can breathe a sigh of relief when I take out one trap, meaning Treacherous isn't going to ruin me.
Disruption is a permanent minus 1600 to 2400 on all your creatures, and since they usually play it during your turn, your screwed. Floodgate just ruins nice things from happening and has not restrictions unlike this.
Suck for whoever wasted gems to get three of these.
<< Anonymous(rakuzan)
Anonymous Reply
If you can banish trecherous used and any other traps in the gy then you can use another one, can't you.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Yes, you can
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People DO run more than one, despite can only be used once. The card is that ridiculous.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
If they run more than one, it's either because they can recycle it, or simply to add consistency.
Guys is it worth it to get a second one?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
no i suggest going for canadia instead

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