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update 03/08/2017

Treacherous Trap Hole

Treacherous Trap Hole
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect
ArchetypesTrap Hole


If you have no Trap Cards in your Graveyard: Target 2 monsters on the field; destroy those targets.

How to Get

PackVisions of Ice [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--




  • Destroy 2 monsters on your opponent’s field for no cost.


  • You can only activate this card if you do not have any Trap cards in the graveyard.


  • It is best to run this card in a deck that doesn’t use any other Trap cards.
  • You cannot activate this card when you have another copy of it in the graveyard. What you can to is turn on self chain so that you can activate 2 of these at the same time, destroying all your opponent’s monster.

Remove Traps from the Graveyard

Here are some cards to help you remove Trap cards from the graveyard so that you can use Treacherous Trap Hole. Use the effect of Diskblade Rider to remove from play Trap cards in your graveyard and gain an attack boost. Pot of Benevolence can return Trap cards back to your deck allowing you to reuse them.




Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesDestroys Monster Cards


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Anonymous 4days ago
but Jinzo is coming... but Jinzo is coming...
Anonymous 5days ago
Non lv silent swordsman would be great right now. It would change spell books. Run traps and the only spells silent slash. So much broken potential. All we need is one card Konami. One card
Anonymous 24days ago
At least jinzo is coming soon in the game... be gone ssa, archfiend call, all trap holes (specially this cancer card) and other cancers like wall of disruption and amazoness onslaught
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Archfiend Emperor can still just destroy Jinzo with its effect.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
and spellbook doesn't give a shit about your jinzo
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
yes but horus has a few words with you
scavara17 24days ago
What is the point of Sylvan, Amazones and Spellbook decks? Wow you are winning it all and you are the best. No, you are classic idiot who cant use any other deck. And this card is too powerfull, you are torturing through duel to summon some monster from extra deck and he uses this card to destroy it? In anime Yugioh and GX would finish duels in first two turns with this cards, i dont see the point of that powerfull cards. Dueling should be fun, not Rose Lovers or Amzones Onslaught trap cards, the Duel links.
<< Anonymous
scavara17 20days ago Reply
Wtf competitive? All i can see in WC are idiots with same cards wow finals going to be is Sylvan vs Sylvan, that is competitive spirit? You are idiot.
Look at my deck and look at that Sylvan shit.
<< Anonymous(scavara17)
Aquablast 20days ago Reply
I'm quite anti-meta as well, and I agree, dueling should be fun... but you honestly can't blame people for wanting to win. Losing stinks, and that's why people will do whatever they can to win, even if it means playing the same deck as everyone else. It's sad, but that's how it is with TCGs. (Though I'm sure some will argue it is sadder not getting winning rewards.)
<< Anonymous(Aquablast)
Xenon 20days ago Reply
The only thing worse than 'cancer' decks is connection fail...
<< Anonymous(scavara17)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
if you want variety then you need good options, most good cards are very hard or expensive to obtain. these decks run good cards that are the easiest to obtain. blame konami for the lack of diversity, not the players
Anonymous 10days ago
Fuc.king card in legend rank
3 of these would make a good deck.
<< Anonymous
DaTaMagician Reply
You're forgeting that you can use the other 2 as tribute foders for Vision Hero Witch Raider!!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
3 English lessons would help you speak proper English AND build a decent deck.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous. 11days ago Reply
" Anoymous
3 English lessons would help you speak proper English AND build a decent deck."
The way he phrased his comment was fine you dickhead. maybe you're the one that needs lessons.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Lol wut semantics might be correct but the grammar is another story
Anonymous. 11days ago
This card screws over geargia players so much it just isn't funny.
Anonymous 17days ago
Too damn strong with current format that limited to very few special summons
Anonymous 22days ago
All spell/monster oriented deck now include this card as the only trap. This treatment remind me of royal decree in TCG.
It's funny how this card becomes staple hahaha
I don't know why but i think this card will need some nerf soon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Rose Lover needs some nerf. This trap is useless against all current meta.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
What... It already have nerfed in its nature
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nerf? How exactly are they going to do that? Limit it? Most people only put 1 anyway. And I don't think they are going to ban any card from a box
Konami, dafuq r u doing? This is totally cancerous. Sylvan,masked hero,ca still rn't powercreeped enough and now they release this to make them have ONE backrow. Good job!
<< Anonymous
fuck u konami Reply
exactly i ran into masked shit decks and amazons and they ruin this shit game even more

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