[Job Offer] Need Duel Links Gamers! [2/25 updated]

We need your help!
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AI now attacks your Spirit Ryu!
update 25/02/2017
We stopped to hire writers for Duel Links currently but look for writers for the new upcoming games. Check the bottom of this page below!

Horizon Zero Dawn

SiteHorizon Zero Dawn GameA Wiki

Join to GameA!

GameA provides comprehensive game databases/guides to help players enjoy games more efficiently. Let's join to our team if you love to play games and write tips for other gamers like the followings:

  • Updating deck tier list
  • deck building/wiring how to use the deck
  • Writing meta deck analysis

PayHourly or Project base.
Payment: Made on 20th day in the following month (negotialbe to draw salary in advance).
How to pay: Paypal
  • 3 or more days in a week
  • 10AM - 5PM (1 hour break)
Be negotiated if you work based on project.
CommuteNone (Remote working)
  • PC
  • Internet Access
  • Excellent writing skill in English
ApplicationSend email to:[ ]
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email
  • About yourself (Country, How Many Hours/Days you will able to commit, and other useful information to show your knowledge of Duel Links)
  • Required screenshots
IncentivePlease introduce this job to your friend, and receive $10 if he/she works more than a month.
If you are interested in but does not fit into work description above, send email to to discuss.

Noteworthy information

  • We will compensate writers who work regularly for in-game purchase to guarantee quality content. An upper limit on the amount will be discussed and negotiated. We will be glad to invest in gaming to achieve our goal.
  • We will check how many hours writers play the game in a week/month to make sure they play the game much and it might be possible that the amount paid per article increases based on that.


Is the recruitment still open?

Yes. We need a someone who is sincerely serious to playing games to guarantee quality contents at the GameA website, but it is not easy to find/see it. To increase the chances, the recruitment will keep opening.

Who will be good fit to the position?

A person who plays games every day with passion. A heavy gamer.

Should I be familiar with HTML or other coding?

No. You will be asked to build tables, but it is very easy to write code for simple tables that are used on the GameA sites.

What kind of works will I commit?

Just writing/creating contents that helps gamers all over the world. You will be asked to work on theme assigned by a leader of the team or suggest to the leader what information players need from your perspective/experience. Additionally, to keep providing quality articles, you may also need to pay attention to SEO/trend issues.

Why didn't I get replied?

Some reasons are suspected. For example, you should read through the recruiting page and understand what information GameA want you to send. That does not mean you need to perfectly achieve the requirements. Actually the hired one is on Stage 49 now. However, please note that the team sincerely appreciate your interest in the job position and read all applications for sure.

Now hiring game sites

Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

SiteDuel Links Wiki GameA
RequiermentsStage 50
Duel King rank
3 or more max level Duelists
Advanced knowledge of TCG and Original Yu-Gi-Oh manga/anime
AttachScreenshots showing requirements achieved.

Other possible games

SiteFire Emblem Wiki GameA

For Honor

Destiny 2


Our goal

The goal of GameA is to make gaming job for gamers. Although our team is currently small, we hope we grow with you gamer. We really thank you for your support.

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