Kalin was formerly leader of his own gang The Enforcers which consisted of himself Yusei, Jack, and Crow. Before the events of the series Kalin was imprisoned and there became part of the Dark Signers bearing the Giant Mark. Kalin uses an Infernity deck whose strategy is keeping his own hand empty. His ace monsters are Infernity Doom Dragon and Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu.

How to Unlock

Kalin's Skills

Leaked Skills

[Skill] descriptionHow to get
Seal of the Immortal
Until your opponent's next end phase, "Earthbound" monsters you control are not destroyed by their effects. This skill can be used once per Duel.
Dark Tuning 100
At the beginning of the Duel, add 2 "Infernity Avenger" to your deck, and 1 "Hundred Eyes Dragon" to your Extra deck.
Handless Combo 100
Begin the Duel with 0 starting hand and 1 "Hundred Eyes Dragon" on your side of the field.
Avenger & Doom Dragon
At the beginning of the Duel, add 2 "Infernity Avenger" to your deck, and 1 "Infernity Doom Dragon" to your Extra deck.
Handless Combo Infinity
Begin the Duel with 0 starting hand and 1 "Infernity Doom Dragon" on your side of the field.

Exclusive Skills

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Best laugh ever
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6hour ago Reply
Anonymous 17hour ago
Konami, release it. It’s since june 2018, his name is in the game files
Aster lover
Agh, we gotta wait until at least April or longer to get this guy. It is kind of depressing. Please, let there be a dark signer event in April! I don't even care if they make him have the scary eyes like these pictures, I just want to duel as Kalin!
<< Anonymous(Aster lover)
Kiryu 1days ago Reply
Same he’s my favourite character in the whole of yugioh I would play as him all the time wouldn’t even change characters maybe except for yusei, Zane and Jesse
<< Anonymous(Aster lover)
Anonymous 17hour ago Reply
Are u gay? Why do u always prey on guys? Yet I haven't seen u rooting for Carly or complimenting Akiza, etc. Do u hate girls, and why?
"Satellite's Shooting Star?
More like Satellite's FALLING Star!"
One of very few duelists to get a true, not to mention literal, upper hand on Yusei.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
That’s my favourite duel in all of Yugioh
Considering this is Dark Signer Kiryu, maybe his alternate ace won't be Infernity Doom Dragon, but Hundred Eyes Dragon instead.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
Anonymous 20days ago
Release it
Proud Virus Type
I think the sprite of Dark Signers is already made, but I just hope they give Kiryu an Evil and Twisted looking one just like in this pic.
<< Anonymous(Proud Virus Type)
inb4 Reply
What an evil looking fella, but I must admit he had the best laugh in the whole ygo series.
<< Anonymous(inb4)
Anonymous Reply
Best laugh? No laugh is better than kaiba’s, both the sub and dub laughs are so fun to listen to.
<< Anonymous
Kaiba Laugh Reply
"Wahahahaha too bad, Amelda !"
"Wahahahahah see you in hell, Gozaburo !"
<< Anonymous(Kaiba Laugh)
Anonymous Reply
100% evil
Lovely Aster
How much hope for an April release? I think he has a good chance.
So much style. I want him lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
So much edge, I thought Zane was the only edgy guy Jesus
I hope If Kalin/Kiryu would be unlocked, he able to learn restart skill... just hope...
Man, Kiryu Kyosuke turned into Kalin, damn, such a weird and boring name, hope someday I can use the original names even playing in another language
<< Anonymous(PX-115)
Kiryu Kazuma Reply
The english names aren't their acctual names anyway, they are just localized translation for united states ppl
<< Anonymous(Aster lover)
Anonymous Reply
They must use the name "Yusei", they want every single Yugioh protagonist to keep their "Yu" across different regions.

Even Judai keeps his last name ("Yuki") outside Japan, since that's where his "Yu" is.
<< Anonymous(PX-115)
lul Reply
And Kiryu Kyosuke is not a cringy as name? Might as well call him Stud Eagleman.
<< Anonymous(lul)
Anonymous Reply
He has "ryu" (dragon) in his name, so yes, not cringy at all. It's a cool name.

Heck there's actually a monster with the name "Kiryu" in Yugioh, it's just not in DL yet.
make 5Ds great again
Imagine they released all of the dark signers at the same time with a big event and you can only unlock just 1 of them how cool would that be!

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Nah mate, 2 maximus and 1 ice is best deal without killing an archetype
Hahaha they wont do anything to ag, its p2p deck and lost to km cuz how easy km to win
Koa’ki Meiru OTK makes this meta beyond stale. 7/10 times it’s against the same stale...
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