Dark Signer Kalin Kessler

Hats off to this guy, one of the absolute best Yu-Gi-Oh! characters I’ve ever seen. Way better than Bakura who seems to be possessed during the whole show while being a villain, never acting through his own will, better than Yubel who seems to have some... 🔥 vibe around, better than Sartorius who is always hiding behind his twisted and goofy cult he created after (again) being possessed by an external entity. Last but not least, far better than Kaiba (despite the fact I don’t consider this guy a villain) because Kaiba focus his whole life on another person; which is very ironic, someone who is supposed to be full of confidence an arrogance, is always thinking about defeating another guy: “I need to defeat this other person, I need to be better than him, I need to have better cards, I need to demonstrate in front of everyone I’m the real winner, the real champion”, how do you call that? pretty much the embodiment of insecurity. Kalin or Kyosuke Kiryu (Jap version) is completely the opposite; it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a penny in his pocket, it doesn’t matter if he is outnumbered or if he is all alone, HE WILL STILL ATTACK, that’s a given and he doesn’t care if no one supports him. Kaiba couldn’t fight his stepfather as a child, Kaiba couldn’t fight anyone while having no cash at all. Kalin, on the other hand, he is a living hand grenade. But on the top of that, HE WAS MATURE ENOUGH TO CHANGE. The spirit inside the Millennium Ring can’t do it, too much ego, too much stupid hatred and sadly, the same thing happens with Kaiba or Darkness (GX)
I absolutely agree with the guy above.
This guy is pretty much a different kind of antagonist. Way more complex than the ones from DM or GX
<< Anonymous
True story guys
Seto Kaiba
Oh snap
Holy crap, this is legit
A.J. leeds
Definitely one of the most interesting comments in the site, I find it amusing how plenty of Kaiba and Yubel fans got a bit triggered (if not a lot)
<< Anonymous
boo hoo revenge doesn't equal complex, this man is complex as pre-school math.
<< Anonymous
WRONG, as usual, an emotional response, nothing more and nothing less, animal.
And in the naked light I saw... ten thousand people, maybe more. People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, people writing songs that voices never share... and no one dared... disturb the sound... of silence.
<< Anonymous
Lol, I can't believe some guys took this comment so personally, it's just piece of text, c'mon, take a chill pill
Lel, this was quite a huge text, buy hilarious anyway.


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I believe the peak was yubel. That era has been over a long time ago, as most deck today has thei...
I put him in defense position and simply attacked over him with my little Parrotrio.
Use Mokuba's skill See You Later to return it to hand.
ah @@@, here we go again. now let hope at least the event rewards and the structure deck are ok.
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