The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

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The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

Welcome! The forum for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links players to send The Vagabond challenges to each other or to find friends to test their decks!


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Fallen Star 1days ago

I play everyday, thanks!
<< Anonymous(Fallen Star)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Sent me 3 monster challenge
David 16days ago
I'm active daily, so please send me a challange and i will send back quickly
<< Anonymous(David)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
I sent you vaga challange twice and you never reply. Waste my time. What a liar!
Anonymous 1days ago
Add me for vagabond
Anonymous 2days ago
Add me, only 3 monster challenge
Play everyday
Anonymous 4days ago
Raveneu. Add me for vagabond!
Mars 4days ago
Hello all, be friends with 3 stara challenge and friends game/farm.

I am actively playing all the events and daily bonus.

Thanks all, from Hong Kong Asia
Anonymous 5days ago

Hello everyone, I am an extremely active user. I will send 3 monsters on the field, or 7 cards in hand. If you prefer 3 star challenges let me know.

Very warm regards,

Kaiba 8days ago

active daily , exchange 3 star challenges .

only 10 spots left .
<< Anonymous(Kaiba)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
Scammers detected!
Anonymous 7days ago

is my friend code and I've been extremely active lately and probably will continue to be. I also only have one friend who buddied me after an online game but want more.

I'll be sending 3 stars or no special summons and would like to request the same. Thanks.
Recrue 11days ago

Just send me "you cannot use Monster effects"

I'll just stick to one person who is active daily and has no plans to drop the game any time soon.

I'll send 3 stars vagabonds too, if someone added me tell me which vagandbond you want.
<< Anonymous(Recrue)
Miri88 11days ago Reply
Just sent you request i prefer the no special summons
<< Anonymous(Miri88)
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
Alright, I just accept it, once I get the option I'll send the vagabond to ya, cheers.
<< Anonymous
miri 11days ago Reply
just in advance because i'm use to sending the no special summon. if you ever receive that just send me the one you like and ill remember that you prefer that
<< Anonymous(miri)
Anonymous 10days ago Reply
Alright. I had no luck with the vagabonds today this morning, but I'll try later to send you one at least, I hope.
Anonymous 16days ago
Active daily. Send me a challenge with 1 card starting hand. I have one to send back right away.
<< Anonymous
Miri88 11days ago Reply
Just sent request

I prefer you cannot special summon
Miri88 11days ago
Request here if you prefer “you cannot special summon”


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i miss sylvan ,CA and red eyes on this list
Chain scrap storm to it or summon it while having multiple searchers in grave to activate multipl...
destiny heroes are in the meta so its unnecessary
It does work when face-down flipped up from battle destruction.
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