The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

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The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

Welcome! The forum for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links players to send The Vagabond challenges to each other or to find friends to test their decks!


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Anonymous 1hour ago
045 - 899 - 718 active player! 3 monster please thx!
Anonymous 1days ago
261-156-608 I send daily vagabonds
Anonymous 2days ago
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 2days ago Reply
Very active
Anonymous 6days ago
628-195-393 start with 3 monsters pls ty
<< Anonymous
Danny 5days ago Reply
Just added ya. I'll try to send you the vagabond as soon as I can.
Anonymous 10days ago
I play/send every day
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
Sent start with 3 monsters
Anonymous 10days ago
Add me, I’ll return the favor. Active player here:
Anonymous 12days ago
1 card hand challenge plz
Anonymous 12days ago
Competitive KoG player
Active Vagabond exchange (i.e. everyday)
Anonymous 12days ago
"Start with 3 monsters"
JesterDragon 13days ago
add me for Vagabond Exchange
Send 1-Card Hand challenges please.
Evan 13days ago
I'm having issues adding a friend of mine on the game. I sent her a request but she isn't receiving it.
<< Anonymous(Evan)
Anonymous. 13days ago Reply
She might be lying and doesn't want to add you pretending she isn't receiving it.

girls are often lying b**ches.
<< Anonymous(Anonymous.)
Anonymous. 13days ago Reply
or in case she's not lying.. (lol)
check her game ID details carefully. might've missed something..
Anonymous 14days ago
Please send 3 monster Challenger. Active player here.

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Would be awesome with Fires Of Doomsday quick play spell fortunately I have my 3rd one XD
Well a certain POSTER basically owns that page. I mean seriously one guy has made that his person...
Yea. poor Arcanite Magician when get Canadia'd.
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