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The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

Welcome! The forum for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links players to send The Vagabond challenges to each other or to find friends to test their decks!


Rules & Prohibitions

Any texts violating the rules are subject to delete.

  • Be well-mannered
  • Duel Links-related topics
  • No selling/buying account
  • No advertisement
  • No slander


Hot New Top
Kommei latest
725-196-808 daily player 1-card hand only sooo add if ya like :)
Anonymous latest
779-345-295 I play pretty much 24/7 and will send 1 card hand challenges only.
Lulu 1hour ago
I'm on the game constantly, Add me "468-237-625"
I will send out one card challenges
Anonymous 5hour ago
Play daily 932-257-580
816-092-616 13hour ago
I play daily, will send 1 card Hand
Anonymous 15hour ago
159-753-245 add me and i will send you 1 Hand requests ONly :D
338-791-255 9days ago
I live for the game, on it so much I’ve reached 4000 duels before my 30 day login reward. Need someone to send me 1 hand vagabond requests as I’m currently at stage 59 in DM and 30 in GX. I’ll send you one back ASAP. 1 HAND REQUESTS ONLY.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22hour ago Reply
Also, I'm "Max" by the way (last three digits "100", KOG). I sent you a request, so keep in mind, I WILL pay you back, and the first one might be fast, but the next ones might take longer because I have to pay back other people.
<< Anonymous
338-791-225 17hour ago Reply
Yea I can’t keep track with everyone flooding my friend request area haha I’ve maxed out on friends so I’ll give it a week or two and delete a few people. I mean I have to delete some because it’s full now, what would you recommend I do to weed out the people who don’t send them?
<< Anonymous(338-791-255)
338-791-255 17hour ago Reply
Everyone my friends list is now full, you can still add me because I’ll be eventually taking people off and adding newer ones on but it may take some time so if you’re going to add me remember to send me the vagabond requests so you won’t get deleted
<< Anonymous(338-791-255)
338-791-255 17hour ago Reply
Also it may take me a little time so send you one back but know that I do keep a log sheet and I WILL send you one back if you send me one. Also thanks to everyone who made this comment top in the “hot” section
Maulveroux 1days ago
Daily PLayer, willing to send one hand challenge, please send it to me aswell,

tqran 1days ago
daily active player, will send 1 hand opening

Anonymous 1days ago

Plays everyday. Please send 1 card challenge and I will send u the same
Anonymous 1days ago
837-247-809 , 1 hand, will send it back always :)
Anonymous 1days ago

20hr activie ( 1 card pls.. Max exp)

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725-196-808 daily player 1-card hand only sooo add if ya like :)
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