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The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

Welcome! The forum for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links players to send The Vagabond challenges to each other or to find friends to test their decks!


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Anonymous 3hour ago
Stop sending the one card in hand challenge. They no longer give you over 2,000 exp even if you lose (which mostly happens).

1 star challenges = 1900 WIN
2 star challenges = 2200 WIN
3 star challenges = 2500 WIN


active daily , exchange 3 star challenges .
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 3hour ago Reply
Don't add this guy.. he is a liar.
Anonymous 5hour ago

Send start with 3 monsters. Active daily let's Rev it up!
Nobi 5hour ago
send 3 star - no special summon
Id : 283-305-101

active daily. Looking for vagabond trade partners, need for lvl up. Exchange 3 stars challenge
<< Anonymous(SENNA)
Anonymous 8hour ago Reply
Last online 24days ago lol ...
Date: 8:59 PM 25/9/2018
Matt 10hour ago

Please send any vagabond I just need one to complete stage 9
Disto 11hour ago

See you soon ahah
Anonymous 1days ago
Monster Efect Only
send 3 star - no special summon
Anonymous 1days ago
662-831-309 (active player)

send 3 star - no special summon
Anonymous 3days ago
Monster Efect Only
Anonymous 3days ago
Daily Player

Add - (565-544-291)
Anonymous 4days ago
Tenho 600+++ dias jogados consecutivos, bora trocar andarilho galera!!!


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I picked Silent Magician to spite the EX.
And furs beat the other 2 like a drum :)
meaning 0%? because having a special summon deck with a monster on the opponent's deck that ...
let this toxic kid, keep whining. he is not going anywhere but let him cry... he is a kid, after ...
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