The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

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The Vagabond Trade/Friend Request

Welcome! The forum for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links players to send The Vagabond challenges to each other or to find friends to test their decks!


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I live for the game, on it so much I’ve reached 4000 duels before my 30 day login reward. Need someone to send me 1 hand vagabond requests as I’m currently at stage 59 in DM and 30 in GX. I’ll send you one back ASAP. 1 HAND REQUESTS ONLY.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Also, I'm "Max" by the way (last three digits "100", KOG). I sent you a request, so keep in mind, I WILL pay you back, and the first one might be fast, but the next ones might take longer because I have to pay back other people.
<< Anonymous
338-791-225 Reply
Yea I can’t keep track with everyone flooding my friend request area haha I’ve maxed out on friends so I’ll give it a week or two and delete a few people. I mean I have to delete some because it’s full now, what would you recommend I do to weed out the people who don’t send them?
<< Anonymous(338-791-255)
338-791-255 Reply
Everyone my friends list is now full, you can still add me because I’ll be eventually taking people off and adding newer ones on but it may take some time so if you’re going to add me remember to send me the vagabond requests so you won’t get deleted
<< Anonymous(338-791-255)
338-791-255 Reply
Also it may take me a little time so send you one back but know that I do keep a log sheet and I WILL send you one back if you send me one. Also thanks to everyone who made this comment top in the “hot” section
My fans on Patreons wanted me to try this game out, so please add me for some matches. I'm available on any day I announce to Stream this game during my normal streaming hours

<< Anonymous(DSPGaming)
Anonymous Reply
you're a leech on society
<< Anonymous
DSPGaming Reply
I won 4th place at EVO in 2005 and I worked at a Helicopter Company before I got laid off in 2010, I am not a leech
<< Anonymous(DSPGaming)
Anonymous Reply
ur an incompetent leech
<< Anonymous(DSPGaming)
Cancer Kuriboh Reply

1 Card Hand (maybe even 2)
Will be returned undoubtedly


<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
FLY Reply
I did it, possible for sure. Help this duelists dreams
<< Anonymous
Robert Reply
<< Anonymous
Loc Reply
Done, same man
unrelated question here: Any of you guys ever farmed for a special skill (hhg, 3sd)

Just wondering how long it took, or its jus based on rng luck?
<< Anonymous
kordalopaido Reply
hhg & 3sd about 1-2 hours, (duel standby) 2 weeks andnothing yet..
<< Anonymous
Lovers Reply
Duel standby, you will get it free when you use Tea farming Legendary duelist. Because she quite often is used to farm several LD.
<< Anonymous(kordalopaido)
Anonymous Reply
jus got harpies last will from a level 10 bandit k...i jus saw harpies and i shat myself..soo u could tell how pissed i am when i saw last will instead of hunting ground
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
just got HHG yesterday from a losing a duel with mokuba kaiba level 40.... so its pretty much rng
Pegasus is bae
Why everyone wants the 1 card hand? I mean it's not the easiest smh
<< Anonymous(Pegasus is bae)
Anonymous Reply
It gives the most experience
<< Anonymous
Konstantin Reply
Why should we want the one with the most exp?
<< Anonymous(Konstantin)
Ace Reply
even u lose ...u get high exp
<< Anonymous(Pegasus is bae)
Anonymous Reply
becoz u want to level up ur character faster and get those fifty gem to open packs
Active daily, my current buddies aren't
I only send Vagabond 1 hand duels
looking for people who also send 1 hand duels back
<< Anonymous
Robert B. Reply
Why does everybody ask for 1 hand duels? I find the other challenges to be more fun.
<< Anonymous(Robert B.)
Robert B. Reply
Also, I just did a Vagabond but didn't get an option to send it to anyone, any reason for this?
<< Anonymous(Robert B.)
Anonymous Reply
It gives the most experience relative to the other duels, even if you lose. More experience = faster character leveling.
<< Anonymous(Robert B.)
Anonymous Reply
You don't always get to send/return a vagabond duel. I'm not really sure for the reasoning, maybe someone else here does...
what is the purpose of doing tis?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I smell a noob
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
stfu idiot answer with brain
<< Anonymous
Gav Reply
The purpose for this is to re-send Vagabond Challenges to farm EXP and level up your characters quicker since Vegabond gives the most experience and doesn't require Duel Orbs to be refilled.
Hi, I'm new to this game. Like 2 weeks. Why is everyone asking for the 1 card challenge? What am I missing out on?
<< Anonymous(Sigma)
Anonymous Reply
It gives you highest EXP you can get from vagabond
<< Anonymous
Sigma Reply
Oh, but it's so hard. Never won the 1 card challenge. Thanks for the info =]
<< Anonymous(Sigma)
Anonymous Reply
Even if you lost you still get high ammount of exp compare to other easy challenge
I'm currently trading the opening card 1 hand challenge with 3 people. I'm looking forward to trade with more. Send the challenge, and I'll send back! I'm on very often, so we can duel as well.
<< Anonymous(YooWho15)
Aredev Reply
Add m3 b4ck
<< Anonymous(YooWho15)
Steex Reply

Add back plz
<< Anonymous(YooWho15)
Redboi Reply
495-243-602 add back

Playing every day.
Currently KOG as a free player.
Will return every challenge.
<< Anonymous(Burner)
waterer Reply

I don't wanna friend you filthy casual scum. get a job freeloader
<< Anonymous(waterer)
Earther Reply
Screw you water!
<< Anonymous(Earther)
winder Reply
waterer has a point tho.
Hi. I'm looking for wife, add me.
<< Anonymous
Is it ok if I don't Reply
Hi, my husband just died because some asshole's impossible-to-read comment killed him!! Please assist me at this moment! I do not use the internet(s?) and would like to know what to do! I am a little saddened, but would like to get this stiff body off of my very valuable carpet, if you will!!
<< Anonymous
jmogzz Reply
We can help each other as I am pretty active and can send 1 card hand vagabonds back and forth. Thanks in advance.
FC- 382-263-466
<< Anonymous(jmogzz)
i'm leaving this emp Reply
Hello, I came back to this site, to thank you all! For absolutely nothing and being wastes of space, that is! Assuming you all 'exist', I'm pretty sure you're all letters behind the screen! My husband left a very bad stain on our carpet, it will take a long time to take it out!! I will look into suing your company 'Konami' and you shall say bye-bye to your beloved Korean game, 'YuKiO's'!!!!!!!!!!!
I'll add the first person. Always send you vagabonds and expect the same. Deal?

<< Anonymous
Number Reply
Bro i just sent you a friend request(my username is number), I hope you friend me so i can give you 1 hand vagabonds and you can to to me because i need to lvl up arcana!
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Number)
Anonymous Reply
I did man, we're in buisness

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