The Vagabond

This page notes what the vagabond is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, where to find, and the list of challenges assigned to a player .
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update 19/12/2016

The Vagabond

What the Vagabond is

The vagabond is neither a standard duelist nor a legend duelist. He is a man of few words and looks the player character in the other Yu-Gi-Oh game, the Tag Force series.

Where to find

The character appears in Duel World randomly. Have a duel against him when you find him fortunately.

Great amount of EXP

By winning a duel against the vagabond, Players can gain EXP by about three times the amount usually gained.


Since players can gain a lot of EXP by winning a duel, the vagabond does not show up often. Additionally, players are assigned challenges during a duel. For details of conditions, see the list below.

List of Challenges

ChallengeDegree of
Small monster zone
Opening Hand: 3 Card
Opening Hand: 2 Card★★
Opening Hand: 1 Card★★★
Opening Life Points: 1000
Only 1 Spell/Trap Zone is Available
No Monster Effect Activation★★
No Special Summons★★
Starting a Duel with 3 Spell/Trap Cards on the Vagabond's field★★
Starting a Duel with 3 Monster Cards on the Vagabond's field★★★

Starting Hand Reduction

Use versatile cards to win a duel with the challenge. Combos and summons, such as fusion summon and ritual summon, is not easy to use in a duel with less hand.

Spell/Trap Zone Reduction

Build a deck with less spell/trap cards, and fight with mainly monster cards.

Negate Monster Effects

Only your monster card's effects are negated on the field, in the hand, and in the graveyard. Monster cards with low lever, high ATK, and negative effect, such as Nuvia the Wicked and Giant Orc, will work well,

Starting with set 3 Spell/Trap

The degree of difficulty of the challenge depends on what cards are set on the vagabond's field/spell zones.

Starting with 3 Monsters

Maybe the most difficult challenge. The 3 monster cards on the vagabond's field are randomly selected. That means high level monster can be there. You may want to use cards increasing your monsters' ATK, such as Riryoku and Metalmorph


Hot New Top
B. 8hour ago
Add me for 1 card challenge. I play everyday so i can send when I'm able.

580/385/473 Brishawn
Fistycuffs10 20hour ago
Add me for Vagabond 1 hand challenge. I play everyday 263-073-793.
<< Anonymous(Fistycuffs10)
fistycuffs10 20hour ago Reply
I will send the Vagabond back to you if sent to me of course!
KAZZZ 21hour ago
Add me for 1 Hand Challange!
Every Day online!
Justin 6days ago

I play around an hour or two every day, so usually will get a 1 card challenge from me.
<< Anonymous(Justin)
Red Eyes B. 3days ago Reply
I'll reciprocate in kind... You're a life saver.
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
Oh yeah ! 081-605-209
<< Anonymous
Red Eyes B. 3days ago Reply
Darn it... I made mistake and sent the challenge to someone else. I'll delete everyone else right now ! Sorry.. ><
<< Anonymous(Red Eyes B.)
Red Eyes B. 3days ago Reply
Alright ! Ur my only friend now ! The NEXT one is heading to you ! One card challenge right ?
Anonymous 4days ago
Fuck the Vagabond.
gabe 6days ago

add and send 1 card challenge if you would like to exchange 1 card challenges
Anonymous 7days ago
Is his deck specific designed to counter the deck that you use against him? If I do a special summon deck then he cancels them, if I do tribute summons he destroys them and if I do a beat down Deck he just changes the positions them plus he begins every duel with windstorm of equata set. I can never beat him because no matter what I do he has the perfect counter set up.
<< Anonymous
laperen 7days ago Reply
He uses a random select out of existing player decks. The deck he uses or duel condition has nothing to do with the deck you use, it's pure coincidence. With that said, player decks can be pretty strong so fighting with a handicap against them will be a challenge if not impossible. But losing against the vagabond isn't all bad, the exp he gives is a flat value + 500 for win and 250 for lose.
Anonymous 11days ago
The challenge of starting a duel with only one card grants 2250 xp if you loose and 2500 xp if you win. Most other challenges grant 1250 xp for a loss and 1500 xp for a win bit I have ended a Vegabond duel with 1050 xp and I have had over 1500 xp before. Can't someone create a guide for the xp you get for a win and a loss per challenge? It would be nice to have a guide to this. I send opening hand: one card evety time because it grants the most xp but a guide for this would be ideal.
Anonymous 12days ago
Starting with 1000 LP is actually an advantage if you have Titan Showdown. It's guaranteed double battle damage at the start of the duel.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 12days ago Reply
And also Cyber-stein deck
Bbear 12days ago
This event is good for stage 57 and 58 where you have to win against Vagabond with Assessment score of 3500 and 4000.
Don Atari 13days ago
Add me 373-686-378
I always send back, I m lvl 58
<< Anonymous(Don Atari)
Active Player @54 13days ago Reply
I'll add u, I have to manage my growing inactive friend list.
Active Player @54 13days ago
Duelist ID: 918-249-259
Plays every day. Add for Vagabond. Thanks!

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