The Vagabond [Jun 11 Updated!]

This page notes what the vagabond is in Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, where to find, and the list of challenges assigned to a player .
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update 11/06/2018

The Vagabond

Who is the Vagabond

The vagabond is neither a standard duelist nor a legend duelist. He is a man of few words and looks the player character in the other Yu-Gi-Oh game, the Tag Force series.

Where to find

The character appears in Duel World randomly. You can also ask your friends to send you The Vagabond when they get the chance. Duel against him when you find him.

Great amount of EXP

By winning a duel against the vagabond, Players can gain EXP by about three to five times the amount usually gained.


Since players can gain a lot of EXP by dueling The Vagabond, he does not show up often. Additionally, players are assigned challenges during a duel. These challenges are set at random when the Vagabond randomly spawns, or set by your friend when he sends you The Vagabond. For details of conditions, see the list below.

From v2.5.0 onwards, when challenging the Vagabond, the player is told what Deck he is using and who was the player who built it, and is allowed to look at said Deck after the duel.

List of Challenges

New Challenges Added!

ChallengeExp for WinExp for LoseDegree of
Opponent begins the duel with 1000 LP New!1900950
Draw 2 cards during your Draw Phase New!1900950
Defeat The Vagabond New!1900950
You can Normal Summon twice per turn New!22001100★★
Both players begin the duel with 3 Monsters on the field New!22001100★★
Begin the duel with Spell/Trap Cards Set.New!22001100★★
Begin the duel with 8000 Life Points New!22001100★★
Tribute summons do not require tributes New!22001100★★
Both players begin with 7 cards in hand New!22001100★★
Start the Duel with 3 Monster Cards on the Vagabond's field22001100★★
Begin the Duel with 1 card in your hand25001250★★★
You cannot Special Summon25001250★★★
Monster effects cannot be used2500 1250★★★

Begin the Duel with 1 card in your hand

Use versatile cards that work well on their own. Combos and summons, such as fusion summon and ritual summon, are not easy to pull off in a duel with a smaller starting hand.

Monster effects cannot be used

Only your monster card's effects are negated on the field, in the hand, and in the graveyard. Monster cards with low lever, high ATK, and negative effect, such as Nuvia the Wicked and Giant Orc, will work well,

Both players begin with set 3 Spell/Trap

The degree of difficulty of the challenge depends on what spell/trap cards are set on your field. It would be very much a disadvantage to clog your backrow with unusable spell/trap cards. To give yourself an advantage, only use spell/trap cards in your deck that are helpful at any point in the duel, like Wall of Disruption, Enemy Controller, etc. If your deck runs a very low spell/trap count, you can use only three spell/trap cards so you will be sure what is put on your field.

Both players begin with 3 Monsters

Again the difficulty of this challenge depends on what gets put on The Vagabond and your field. To put this challenge in your favor, fill your deck with high stat monsters with powerful effects. Additionally, it is possible to tilt this challenge even more to your favor, by filling your deck with hard to summon monsters because this challenge bypasses their summoning conditions.


Begin the Duel with 8000 Life Points

You can use an Aromage deck against this challenge to take advantage of their effects which activate when you have higher LP than your opponent. this immediately put you at an advantage. Another option is to use Mausoleum of the Emperor and use your extra LP to quickly summon a powerful monster.

Start the Duel with 3 monster cards on the Vagabond's field

This very much places you at a disadvantage depending on what monsters are put on The Vagabond's field. Cards that can disrupt multiple monsters like Windstorm of Etaqua, Curse of Anubis, and Wall of Disruption are helpful.

Example Deck

Armed Dragon LV10Sorcerer of Dark MagicSilent Magician LV8Forbidden DressForbidden DressSuper Rush Headlong
Super Rush HeadlongSuper Rush HeadlongEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerEnemy ControllerDivine Wrath
Divine WrathDivine WrathMirror WallWall of DisruptionWall of DisruptionCovering Fire
Curse of AnubisWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Both Players begin with 7 cards in their hand

Use a Burn deck to take advantage of the huge starting hand to FTK The Vagabond even before he gets a chance to play.

Tribute Summons do not require tributes

Fill your deck with high-leveled Normal summonable monsters, preferably ones that can activate their effects even without being tribute summoned.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 4days ago
it is just me or if you use destiny hero plasma on "start duel with 3 monster". he is not automaticly on the field?
*hmm they had time to fix this lol*

nice exp change too konami, i hope people are happy about this and this game keep growing in terms of player base. might as well hoping for new content this game could bring *not new card, but content/pve event or whatever*.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
I think special summon only monsters not always 100% summoned on the field. Sometimes my Horus lv. 8 not automatically appear too, only Plasma and Dark Sorcerer appear.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
If the monster is part of your opening hand, it won't appear on the field.

Basically your opening hand is already determined first by the game before the Vagabond challenge is applied. If your opening hand contains the monsters....well, you're screwed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
It happened to me once, Berserk Dragon got into my opening hand so I ends up having just 2 monsters on the field.

Even worse, Vagabond goes first, and his backrow cards screwed over one of my monster, so I ends up with just 1 monster on the field. Lost the duel because of that.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
"If the monster is part of your opening hand, it won't appear on the field."

ohhh, this is the answer!
Pardon 5days ago
Can’t Seem to get the cards from the win against him
<< Anonymous(Pardon)
Anonymous 5days ago Reply
He doesn't give special cards. I don't remember atm if he even drops the normal NPC card drops.
<< Anonymous(Pardon)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
I never got any card drop from him.
Anonymous 4days ago
TheCharlie 6days ago
Daily Play, i'll send back
Devides 6days ago
ID: 444-489-990
no Monster effects (or whatever you have sent me ;))

playing since a year, 102 days in a row..
Brishawn 6days ago
So did they changed the amount of xp given for 1crd challenge? If so which one gives the most.
<< Anonymous(Brishawn )
Brishawn 6days ago Reply
Nvm. I see above but i thought i gotten less than what's listed above.
Ruffy 18days ago
Send "No-Monster-Effects" and I will send you back :)
<< Anonymous(Ruffy)
HeelsChaser 14days ago Reply
354-064-172 , sent
<< Anonymous(Ruffy)
Markus 9days ago Reply
added, 177-940-841
Anonymous 17days ago
185-898-299 no monster effect
<< Anonymous
HeelsChaser 14days ago Reply
354-064-172 , sent
<< Anonymous
Markus 9days ago Reply
added, 177-940-841
HeelsChaser i added you as well
Anonymous 13days ago

No monster effects. Add me :)
<< Anonymous
Markus 9days ago Reply
added, 177-940-841
Anonymous 9days ago
D*ck move on 3 monster challenge:
Put 3 Dark Eradicator Warlock
The rest of it, put 17 Normal Spell
Anonymous 10days ago
For 3 monster, use earth hex sealed fusion and blade skater to summon cyber blader.

Then add 1 monster of choice.
Brishawn 10days ago
For those who added me. Just an update, vagabond has shown up for me at least 3 or 4 times but wouldn't allow,me to send the challenge. So bare with me

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