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update 03/01/2017

Memory Loss

Memory Loss
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeActivation requirement / Card effect


When a face-up Attack Position monster your opponent controls just activated an effect (except during the Damage Step): Negate that effect, and if you do, change that monster to face-up Defense Position.



How to Get

PackRampage of the Forest [SR]
Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--


  • Negates your opponent monster's effect.
  • Switches them to defense position.
  • Doesn't require a cost.


  • Does not destroy the monster.
  • Won't help against monster effects that can activate more than once per turn.


Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke, Tragedy & Gravity Axe - Grarl

Just switching your opponent's monster to defense alone won't really help much, but cards like Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke and Tragedy can be used to destroy defense position monsters without needing to target them. If you simply want to stall the duel, you can use Gravity Axe - Grarl to keep them locked, which can be good in farming against certain Legendary Duelists.

Sylvan Komushroomo, Sylvan Komushroomo, Slate Warrior, Jowls of Dark Demise & Magical Merchant

This card can be a good counter to negate Flip Effect monsters such as Sylvan Komushroomo, Slate Warrior, Jowls of Dark Demise or Magical Merchant (situational)




ActionsChanges Battle Positions
Monster/Spell/Trap categoriesNegates the effects of your opponent's Effect Monsters

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Ojama King 9days ago
worse than divine wrath? i think not, divine wrath makes you discard. this x3, x3 tragedy and pulse mines, windstorm anubis. fun.
<< Anonymous(Ojama King)
Anonymous 9days ago Reply
This cards can't stop effects: from hand like Ebola, monster you control like Golem/Parasite, from graveyard like Rose Lover, during damage step like D.D Warrior, monster in defense like most flip effect, monster that sent to graveyard as cost like Exiled Force.
It also only stop the effect once and doesn't destroy the negated monster so cards like Snipe Hunter can spam its effect again. NOPE
<< Anonymous
Ojama King 9days ago Reply
I wonder if this card negates Slash Dragon effect. It's still good, negates Hazy, Hammer Shark, Flying Fish, Citadel Whale effects, perhaps also Insect Queen, and Aliens? While Divine Wrath leads to card disadvantage, until your derk works on discard.
<< Anonymous
Ojama King 9days ago Reply
Forgot to mention it runing combos of CA. Memory Loss is atm alternative for DL to Fiendish Chain and Breakthrough Skill that would be too game breaking. I can definitely see this card being played. Mark my words.
Anonymous 10days ago
Money Loss that is
Anonymous 10days ago
Good. This cant counter D-Hero Dangerous :)
Tearingupapartwheni 11days ago
Chalice way better
Anonymous 11days ago
Just for farm
Anonymous 13days ago
budget floodgate?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 11days ago Reply
how in the hell is this a budget floodgate a budget floodgate is more like acehsion trap hole not this more like chalice or divine wrath
Anonymous 13days ago
Looks like a worst forbidden chalice
Anonymous 13days ago
looks like worse divine wrath.
Ojama King 13days ago
more like for stall decks
Anonymous 13days ago
Dakini counter
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Lol try to actually do that when its released. You'll learn of how bad this card is when its failed to do its job.

I would stick to econ thank you

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Triple UR. Super easy farm
Ties of the brethren works, but you can't fusion summon Ojama King right after you used it.
YGOwiki This card's design may be inspired by a real man named Filomeno Patacsil, a Hawai...
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