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Saving your account

To save your account, you can go to the "Data Transfer Settings" from the Gear icon when you are in-game, then choose "Data Transfer with KONAMI ID". Register a new account if you don't have it yet and bind it to the account.

June 7th update

Recently, there were problems associated with making a KONAMI ID, which has now been fixed, but a new method to save your account is now added as well. You can now set up a data transfer to back up your account using Google Play Games. Simply log in to your Google Play account when you are in-game, and choose "Data Transfer Setup (Google Play Games)" in the Data Transfer Settings.

Setting up a data transfer

1. Tap a gear-shaped icon

2. Tap "Data Transfer Settings"

3. KONAMI ID or Google Play Games

You can link your game data to both a KONAMI ID, or Google Play Games. In case one of them isn't available, you can use the other to restore your data. You can link your game data to a different KONAMI ID, or Google Play Games if you accidentally used a different or wrong account, but it will replace the previous one. If you plan on transferring from using Google Play services to iTunes, make sure you use KONAMI ID instead.


If you are using KONAMI ID, login or generate first before linking your game data to it.

4. Done!

If you did everything correctly, your account is now saved so you don't have to worry about losing it if your phone is broken, a data error or if you uninstall the game. You will have to re-download all of the data files though.

Using your account on a different device

When you want to use your account on a different device, you will need to log in to your account. When you first launch the game, before you tap "INITIATE LINK!", tap the button below for "Data Transfer" and log into your account.


If you set up using a KONAMI ID, simply log in to your registered account that you linked your game data to. If you are using Google Play Services, make sure you are logged in to the right account.

Account Recovery

If you lost your account before you managed set up a data transfer, you can try recovering it from the "Contact Us" and "Submit Player Data Recovery Inquiry" from the gear icon in-game.

1. Tap a gear-shaped icon

2. Tap "Contact Us"

3. Read through the description & Tap the button

4. Submit inquiry

You will need to provide your information as accurately as possible for them to be able to identify that it is yours. Simply giving them your player ID is not enough, since anyone can look that up and is not a very reliable information. Try to remember stuff like deck names, latest card obtained of certain rarity or what device you used it on.

Next step is to wait patiently and check your email for a reply from their support team.


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Trash 8days ago
How to send my account info when the site doesn't exist?
<< Anonymous(Trash)
Anonymous 3days ago Reply
also having this issue. just comes up as a white page.
Kuribabylon 26days ago
If I played the steam version, do I still need to do this?
is my account is already saved with the steam ID?
<< Anonymous(Kuribabylon)
Anonymous 23days ago Reply
Hope there is help out there I'm having a hard time to transfer my game data I made a new yahoo mail account I went on the device that I want to save the data from. I hit the gear at the top selected data transfer settings then data transfer with konami id it opened a web site I clicked generate konami id got the confirmation in my email. I then did the same thing again gear icon to transfer data settings then data trans. with konami id this time I put in my konami email add. the yahoo one that I used and the password that I used for my konami the screen took me back to the first start up page. So I thought everything was good I tried to login with my new phone but got the message that there is no user data associated with your konami id I tried both with my email address and with my konami id neither worked....Please if anybody know what I am doing wrong please help thank you very much haku.
<< Anonymous(haku)
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
This was happening to me too. The problem is that, after you insert your data in the Konami website, you're supposed to be transported back to Duel Links. There the game will be on the options screen, where a "Transfer Succesfull" message will appear. Since however, on return your Duel Links boots up again, I believe the transfer is never being completed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
In my case this happened because my tablet is old and closes Duel Links if I leave it for more than 30 seconds. To be able to properly transfer data I had to improvise and keep switching from the browser to Duel Links and vice-versa every couple of seconds, to keep DL open on the options screen and prevent it from closing.
So i had this old account and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if there was a way for me to download that old data on to a computer
Earlier today, I made the mistake of trying to get the Japanese audio onto my Steam app after watching a youtube video. Followed the instructions to the letter only to have my game sort of...gone. Had to delete and get a new duel links app for steam. I did the data transfer back-up with my Konami ID stuff that I had created a while ago with data transfer settings. Even so, I was nervous as heck when it downloaded and the credits started playing like I had just started a new game again. Thankfully, everything is still here and I didn't lose anything. I really can't stress enough just how important the Konami ID and data transfer is.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
w Reply
When I in Hungary, The audio and language changed English. This is the first time I created Konami ID, then delete the game. I download the game, and it's changed back Japanese audio and language. LOL my head destroyed when I saw "Joey Wheeler" and censors. I never know, other countries play censored cards and English names. (I'm from Japan, if anyone not know it, you can see my English is bad)
<< Anonymous(w)
Valencia Reply
Wow. Yeah, the Steam version doesn't officially have the Japanese audio because of some copyright issue. I will never try to do that again. The title screen was just a big blue thing with a little red box at the bottom and no way to get into the game. I should just be happy with the English voices. The Zane voice is still pretty sexy. Xd
Ken (update)
I found out there is a chat option to contact Konami. Clearly able to do something about it the rep. told me that it will take 4-5 days. I explained to him how absurd it is and that I want my account back immediately. "Anthony" (the rep) than responded with, "thank you for your patience." Than ended the chat! How unprofessional is whatever is this company?! If this game wasn't so good I would have said f%$k it by now cus I've never had to deal with such crap in my life.
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
Anonymous Reply
- The game data for your current Duelist ID will all be deleted if we perform the recovery.
※Even if you had purchased card packs with your current Duelist ID, you will be unable to use it. This is because the data from the two accounts cannot be integrated into one.
- The recovery procedure takes around 2 weeks; however, it may take much longer depending on the situation.
- If we are unable to i
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
ken Reply
identify your account or verify your identity as a result of the investigation, there are cases when we will be unable to conduct the recovery.
- We will only conduct account recovery this one time. To prevent the issue from happening again, please be sure to conduct data transfer settings with your KONAMI ID on your Duelist ID.
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
Anonymous Reply
So i got this message too. So do we just do nothing for two weeks and let Konami fix it themselves? Im confused...
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
Safari younes Reply
Dear Konami
I'm a pes playing my account is lost ,changing password through reset Konami password. I don't understand how my account is lost.plzz help me
... someone add smooshkitten, and fwd me the friend i.d. # you can reach me on twitter @smoosh_kitten
Yesterday I downloaded the game and I clicked data transfer,but it says that there is no data associated with that ID.Does that mean that i had made a registration without saving my progress.Is this possible?Beacuse I remember my e-mail and my password and I can log in
Why i couldn't transfer my account?... more than 1 year playing and i lose all the cards and events... thanks Konami...
So my device crashed, I lost my account, data transfer didn't work because it said my password was wrong (I tried to change password but konami doesn't reply, 1 week has been passed), google play also seems to not work either (game says the google play account isn't the correct one, I only have one so you tell me). I did the summit inquiry thing with spot on information, with literally everything needed without a fail.

They were unable to recover it.

Fuck this game, konami, I'm out.
<< Anonymous
same Reply
google play never worked for me anyway ive lost my data only once though i dont even know why they give you the option to use gplay if the konami account link is the only way to properly save.
<< Anonymous(same )
Anonymous Reply
oh i thought its just me that cant link to googleplay account..
actually i had 2 accounts, funnily my alt acc can connect to gplay but the main one cant..
<< Anonymous(same )
Anonymous Reply
Google play is useless for anything. Sync with Facebook if the option is available to save game data.
i got this game on luanch and for any one thata remembers that they were giving out a shit load of gems i bought multiple new discovery packs and had a lot of tickets that i never turned in ( because i didnt know what they were used for at the time)i swithed to ios like 1 year later and remembered how badass this games was so i tried to recover my account and i couldnt!!!!!!!wtf i had like over 100 thousand gems in that account !!!!!!
Having serious issues and it's becoming seriously frustrating. I tried to do the data transfer from my Ipod (I want to play on my android as it never crashes) I go through the whole song and dance, data transfer settings, sent to the site, enter info, asks if I want to open duel links again but everytime it opens the app again I'm just back at the menu before you play, no messages or anything, just the main screen. Try the transfer with my android, weirdly enough entering the email doesnt work, just tells me it's invalid or something so I enter my konami id and it takes me back to the app, EVERYTIME I get the stupid message that there's no data on this account. Honestly I'm about to lose it, I don't want to play on my ipod anymore because it's old and constantly crashes but it won't let me do the data transfer!! Anyone have something helpful and not google popping up with a hundred "how to data transfer" links instead of something that helps me solve my problem? I'm really about ready to lose my mind.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Ok same guy, i actually found the solution and would like to share for anyone who has the same issue. So it wasnt the connection or konami it was the Ipod. Solution, gamecenter data transfer to another/better device, do the data transfer/Konami ID setup on the better device and there ya go! Data transfer setup complete and already downloaded on my android

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