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update 27/01/2017

Saving your account

To save your account, you can go to the "Data Transfer Settings" from the Gear icon when you are in-game, then choose "Data Transfer with KONAMI ID". Register a new account if you don't have it yet and bind it to the account.

June 7th update

Recently, there were problems associated with making a KONAMI ID, which has now been fixed, but a new method to save your account is now added as well. You can now set up a data transfer to back up your account using Google Play Games. Simply log in to your Google Play account when you are in-game, and choose "Data Transfer Setup (Google Play Games)" in the Data Transfer Settings.

Setting up a data transfer

1. Tap a gear-shaped icon

2. Tap "Data Transfer Settings"

3. KONAMI ID or Google Play Games

You can link your game data to both a KONAMI ID, or Google Play Games. In case one of them isn't available, you can use the other to restore your data. You can link your game data to a different KONAMI ID, or Google Play Games if you accidentally used a different or wrong account, but it will replace the previous one. If you plan on transferring from using Google Play services to iTunes, make sure you use KONAMI ID instead.


If you are using KONAMI ID, login or generate first before linking your game data to it.

4. Done!

If you did everything correctly, your account is now saved so you don't have to worry about losing it if your phone is broken, a data error or if you uninstall the game. You will have to re-download all of the data files though.

Using your account on a different device

When you want to use your account on a different device, you will need to log in to your account. When you first launch the game, before you tap "INITIATE LINK!", tap the button below for "Data Transfer" and log into your account.


If you set up using a KONAMI ID, simply log in to your registered account that you linked your game data to. If you are using Google Play Services, make sure you are logged in to the right account.

Account Recovery

If you lost your account before you managed set up a data transfer, you can try recovering it from the "Contact Us" and "Submit Player Data Recovery Inquiry" from the gear icon in-game.

1. Tap a gear-shaped icon

2. Tap "Contact Us"

3. Read through the description & Tap the button

4. Submit inquiry

You will need to provide your information as accurately as possible for them to be able to identify that it is yours. Simply giving them your player ID is not enough, since anyone can look that up and is not a very reliable information. Try to remember stuff like deck names, latest card obtained of certain rarity or what device you used it on.

Next step is to wait patiently and check your email for a reply from their support team.


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Bob 2days ago
Thanks so much for this write-up. I couldn't figure it out for the life of me.
Kalle21 3days ago
My old smartphone is damaged and I can't use it anymore... How can I get my duel links account back on my new phone
Anonymous 26days ago
hello guys i have the same email and i cant recover the old accound plz help me !!!!
Anonymous 29days ago
hey guys!!! I started to play it today and I still do not linked my account and I trying but it dont happen, if I dont do that I will lost my account? help me I'm very anxious, I has Anxiety illness
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 29days ago Reply
Yes you will lose everything if you don't link your account to a Konami I.D.
Use Konami ID
Creating a Konami ID is the easiest thing you could do.

You only need an E-mail address. It's like registering any account through the internet.
<< Anonymous(Use Konami ID)
Ken (update) Reply
it solved the problem for me.
<< Anonymous(Use Konami ID)
ed Reply
it will not connect for me my duel links whit my konami account on my phone
<< Anonymous(Use Konami ID)
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous(Use Konami ID)
Kevin Reply
just create the ID if you own an account.
Konami ID solves all problems
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
People need to stop being lazy
<< Anonymous
Kevin Reply
Indeed man, wtf
Hi Konami yesterday my wife has deleted Yugioh duelink from my mobile and i was not transfered my game data with KONAMI ID and google ID .. how can i recover my old account ? Please
<< Anonymous(Waymaker)
Anonymous Reply
This is not konami, but if my knowledge is correct you should contact the support from duel links and if you have a receipt to prove that the account is yours they might be able to fix it. If you had never spent anything in game you may be out of luck...
#DuelReplay #DuelLinks
I want to be able to play my duel links account on my PC. I currently use the phone app through Google. I understand the steps listed above but I'm still having an issue. So yes, you need to create a Konami ID, but when I click 'Data Transfer with Konami ID' the log in page pops up, but the button that says 'Generate Konami ID' is no where to be found. I've scoured google and cannot find a place to create a Konami ID. The page just says Login and under than Forgot Password, Forgot Konami ID and Data Transfer (And when I click data transfer it says to log in with Konami ID) Is there an alternative way to create a Konami ID? Do I have to do it while on my phone/in the app? Or is there a way I can go to Konami's website and create an ID and then try the Data transfer process through the app?
<< Anonymous(Bee)
Bee Reply
I FIGURED IT OUT. Okay, so you can't select Data Transfer from the main start up page. You have to go into the game > settings > data transfer > Transfer with Konami ID. I was using the Data Transfer button on the start up page *face palm*
John doe
All right guys i m trying to find my friends duelist ID the poor guy has no internet or WiFi to lo onto the main page how could he or I troubleshoot this problem please any ideas welcome plz
<< Anonymous(John doe)
Anonymous Reply
Firstly, find a WiFi.
Lol this place is no place for troubleshooting. All you get here are spammers
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Did you try reseting your device?

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