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update 27/01/2017

Saving your account

To save your account, you can go to the "Data Transfer Settings" from the Gear icon when you are in-game, then choose "Data Transfer with KONAMI ID". Register a new account if you don't have it yet and bind it to the account.

June 7th update

Recently, there were problems associated with making a KONAMI ID, which has now been fixed, but a new method to save your account is now added as well. You can now set up a data transfer to back up your account using Google Play Games. Simply log in to your Google Play account when you are in-game, and choose "Data Transfer Setup (Google Play Games)" in the Data Transfer Settings.

Setting up a data transfer

1. Tap a gear-shaped icon

2. Tap "Data Transfer Settings"

3. KONAMI ID or Google Play Games

You can link your game data to both a KONAMI ID, or Google Play Games. In case one of them isn't available, you can use the other to restore your data. You can link your game data to a different KONAMI ID, or Google Play Games if you accidentally used a different or wrong account, but it will replace the previous one. If you plan on transferring from using Google Play services to iTunes, make sure you use KONAMI ID instead.


If you are using KONAMI ID, login or generate first before linking your game data to it.

4. Done!

If you did everything correctly, your account is now saved so you don't have to worry about losing it if your phone is broken, a data error or if you uninstall the game. You will have to re-download all of the data files though.

Using your account on a different device

When you want to use your account on a different device, you will need to log in to your account. When you first launch the game, before you tap "INITIATE LINK!", tap the button below for "Data Transfer" and log into your account.


If you set up using a KONAMI ID, simply log in to your registered account that you linked your game data to. If you are using Google Play Services, make sure you are logged in to the right account.

Account Recovery

If you lost your account before you managed set up a data transfer, you can try recovering it from the "Contact Us" and "Submit Player Data Recovery Inquiry" from the gear icon in-game.

1. Tap a gear-shaped icon

2. Tap "Contact Us"

3. Read through the description & Tap the button

4. Submit inquiry

You will need to provide your information as accurately as possible for them to be able to identify that it is yours. Simply giving them your player ID is not enough, since anyone can look that up and is not a very reliable information. Try to remember stuff like deck names, latest card obtained of certain rarity or what device you used it on.

Next step is to wait patiently and check your email for a reply from their support team.


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Devito8 21hour ago
When I went to data transfer my account to my new phone somehow my old phone got overwritten by the new profile on yuhgioh. Now everytime I try konami Id login it just sends me back to the new profile that I dont want. My email never changed and now I'm stuck with this new profile on both phones
Can anyone help me find my ID searching for my account in the look for a friend page? My username is (probably) Zero. I say probably because I was playing two years ago so I don´t remember if I had any details on my username. But you will probably find it easier because of how many days it has been without logged in.
<< Anonymous(Zero)
J4kox3 4days ago Reply
If you want i can search it.
can't do data transfer on the same steam account? i have 2 laptops. one is good, another can't link to konami id
<< Anonymous(hung91)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
Anonymous 25days ago
I'm trying to do a data transfer before I apply the new update but I'm still getting a server error. If anyone knows a way around this I'd greatly appreciate it. I've set up a Konami ID and done the data transfer before. Do I need to do the transfer again so I can apply the new update? Since I've set up the transfer before what will happen if I uninstall the game from my mobile phone and then reinstall it. Will I lose all my progress and have to start again, or will my progress still be intact?
i wanted to transfer my mobile data to pc steam yugioh but.... i download and create-save my new yugioh data to konami id, can i save the old at the same konami id and finally transfer it to the pc
The account id was Brenguere and i had a Phoenix deck and a red eyes zombie.I started playing with yugi and i last played it in 2018
R.I.P. Steam transfer data
<< Anonymous
Steam user Reply
Is it still buggy after all this time?
<< Anonymous(Steam user)
Anonymous Reply
Duel Links on Steam is very problematic
Use Konami ID
Creating a Konami ID is the easiest thing you could do.

You only need an E-mail address. It's like registering any account through the internet.
<< Anonymous(Use Konami ID)
Joshua Reply
Can confirm this works as intended.
Ken (update)
Ken(last update) latest
Thank you for contacting KONAMI Customer Support. We appreciate your effort for contacting us and we apologize for the inconvenience. Regarding your concern, kindly be informed that we will confirm this matter with the department-in-charge. Rest assured that we will contact you immediately once we have an update about this. We ask for your kind patience in the matter.
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
Ken Reply
I lost it when I found that they're lying to me.
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
Mik Reply
Maybe see if anyone on social media, here or other forums are talking about putting a case together. I'd be happy to offer any testimony I can, though I doubt it would mean as much as someone's who's suffered financial loss.
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
Anonymous Reply
lack of customer service*
<< Anonymous(Ken (update))
Jon Reply
You’re lucky you got that far. My phone was stolen, so I bought a new one, unaware of the need of linking your account to a Konami ID. I attempted answering the survey they offer to prove it’s really my account. Twice. They said “the conditions did not match” so they can’t help me and that when I start over I should link my account. I’ve been playing for 2 years. I REALLY don’t want to start over.
So i did the transfer the wrong way and wiped my main data off with a fresh version, ffs
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Preeeetty sure it gives you a pretty detailed "are you sure" prompt, so that would be your fault.
What if you need to submit an enquiry to recover your old account and you don't remember you player ID number? How do you look it up, if that's even possible?
Does anyone know if you could try to submit a player data recovery inquiry playing from an emulator without getting your account banned or something?

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