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Well, he is a legendary duelist not a normal 5 years old standard duelist after all, plus if someone gives you jam breeding mac in a rank duel and you coincidentally have a de-spell/stamping destruction in your hand, normal player will destroy it to prevent stalling. Don't blame your poor farming technique on a good AI programming when it is playing just like what a normal player will do.
It is hard to determine. I'm got lucky since I face him during konami 1000 DA bonus campaign few weeks ago.
Stop being stupid, this does not even work on tier 5 kkkkkkkkkk
I dont mind it in ranked, but the instant standby Tea plays COA or starts burning I restart the app. If i dont get to have fun you dont either lmao
- 2 Harpies' Lady Effect monster - 2 Jelly Bean - 2 Sonic Bird - 1 E.Con - 1 Mirror Wall - 1 Metalmorph + 2 Harpies' Lady Normal monster + 1 Bird Face + 1 Dunames Dark Witch + 1 The Atmosphere + 1 Harpies' Lady Sister + 2 Elogant Egotist + 1 Trap Jammer
Can't believe it. I'm finally done with him.
I hear ya, finally got my third girl with 41 packs left in the box. Finally I can go back to opening ultimate rising packs.
Before we move on to another event...can we at least get 1 of each SR from the Joey event. I don't get it. I hardly get any drops and when I do it's the same sr's I already have. or worse, 2 sr in one duel both the same. why is it fair that others receive the best sr's and other don't? How will that be fair at worlds? Because points are more important than actually wining a duel? I don't remember yugi worrying about farming? ah right yugi wasn't secretly wanting duelist to buy packs....
I've put together a Kaiba lvl 40 farm deck with this card, anyone's got a better idea? skill: Tea's Holy Guard - 1 Invader of Darkness - 3 doomdog - 3 unhappy girl - 3 rai-mei - 1 ladybug - 2 kotetsu - 1 vassal - 1 flamberge baou - 1 secret pass - 1 soul exchange - 2 union attack - 1 divine wrath Goal is to get unhappy girls on the field to stall while you get the flamberge and Invader, then you can summon invader with soul exchange and equip it with flamberge, once you get this setup there's basically nothing that kaiba can do, right? Divine wrath is in case you have to summon Invader and has no flamberge, that way you can negate one DD warrior. Maybe instead of ladybug I could put a cocoon of evolution to make it easier to summon Invader.
I don't mind the card its the fact that it works on cards not in my control like ritual and deck cards not even summoned cards not even in play yet shouldn't summon with all counters in effect it's ridiculous
Everyone fucks with marik more than paradox bros
tribute doll is useless there lol This deck is worse than trash
I want them too and maybe Lumis and Umbra as well as Espa Roba
Do I just have to keep playing LD's till it drops ? Is it random ?
Did* not didn't
Understand your point but please see writer mentioned "Can be alternatively special summoned on your final turn by using Mystical Beast of Serket and Temple of the Kings."
Possessed Dark Soul says hi. PDS is more common compared to Ladybug.
SR card. 32k gold, 5 SR jewels, 40 light stones.
This deck is way better combined with tyrant dragon. And with the new dragon support; Vanguard dragon, this has potential to be OP. I'm suprised no one has made a deck around this card yet on the ladder, or I haven't seen it yet. I've been playing around with a tyrant dragon+REBD variant deck. I've made it to gold with it. need some work.
874-233-438 looking a friend (1), to trade all vagabonds trade available, (better one hand card), i trade ALL I CAN with u, u trade ALL U CAN with me. Add, pls write to know ur id, and send to you!. 874-233-438
To play a quick play spell they would still need a free spell trap zone.And there are some monsters that have the ability to empty spell trap zones, like that one wind bird with a flip efect to return 2 spells traps to the hand and the toy magician with the ability to destroy them
F*ck off Joey! for the past two days nothing but Lv30 has spawned for me, and when Lv40 does appear i only get N cards and normal Joey rewards. Lv40 should not give you N cards!!!
Yep got 1 2 to go :)
They are great when you're the first turn,you can send it without caring
Love this card. It destroyed Relinquished for me.
Balance is giving me Jar of Greed not Poly :/
This game is getting more and more glitches. Magic cards and attack don't work right in the Joey event. I have contacted support several times, but it doesnt look like theyre going to do crap about it as usual.
The only card I could get
RNGesus loves you... RNGesus absolutley hates me :-(
Did the opponent use it the turn you set it?
The game does not offer this card to be used after activating The Golden Apples.
Im not even farming him, I just auto duel and I got 2 of these lol
But if you already had a monster it would work
Same for me. No obvious effects in play that should have prevented this. No way he's not classed as a 'monster' card...
All those new cards added in the trader and I'm still waiting to get my hands on this one..
good card for bakura deck with skill fiend firewall, quick summon necrofear
Half shot works because face-up is not a summoning
Konami please forward the date of pack ultimate rissing and age descovery
Dont be salty if you cant get red-eyes spirit :3
The answer is : Yes. Why? Because I always use Surprise Present's skill to farm any LD (except Kaiba because you know what), and everytime I win, I always get Destroy 10 monsters from Duel Assesment. Just try it :D
I looked up the rulings on this one. Apparently it does not work on continuous spell or trap cards, equip spell cards or field spell cards. In other words, this card isn't really useful...
This card is sooo good. It combos with wild tornado It combos with dark coffin (or bluff trap) It combos with security orb And it may even save your monster.
I can see it's built for Element Saurus, but there are only 3 Fire attributes in total, which is why I said to replace 'em OR to look into more Fire Attributes. The lack of Fire Monsters does not warrant the use of bad cards, but it does warrant a change in strategy.
in my opinion : one of best farm decks in that game that u can get easily if u are new player and want to farm some LD like Rex, weevil , Odion , Mako Level 40 get : Victory Viper XX03 X (3) Power Capsule X (3) Riryoku X (2) and Farm alot of LD easily !!!
Lol said by you? "Should be smart enough... " Maybe you can write the ai code for konami. Action prove stronger than words idiot.
Odion 42
deck list please?
Got it from a lvl 30 weevil in the world on mai.
People who doesn't spend real life money buying gems.



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Well, he is a legendary duelist not a normal 5 years old standard duelist after all, plus if some...
It is hard to determine. I'm got lucky since I face him during konami 1000 DA bonus campaign...
Stop being stupid, this does not even work on tier 5 kkkkkkkkkk
I dont mind it in ranked, but the instant standby Tea plays COA or starts burning I restart the a...
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