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Dude, A free win ain't can cer .
Exactly 7 deck Will be limited but that's not seem a nuclear. I think with New main box and New World, we Will see New meta list.
The biggest problem is the Rampage Dragon. It should not be summoned easily like this in 4000LP format. Skill was the one made it broken. Too many @@@ can cer abusers in this game. Cydra should not be like this.
Now both Aloof and Gold Sarco at limit 2. Serve you right.
WEll well well Grats for your new skill nerf AS IT SUPPOSED TO BE
Finally, banlist is here!! take this limit 2 you @@@ @@@ing dog. @@@ TD players pretending to be innocent Metaphys users. This card is pure @@@ can cer.
since this card is Antinomy's level up reward, use it with T.G. There are T.G. monsters with various types.
dId YoU kNoW YoU doN't NeEd tO dEsTrOy SpIrIt BaRrIeR gUyS!!1!!
One of Jaden's skills man. Wake up.
Thanks it’s just mainly it American times so I was just confused about that thanks
Yeah, they're nuts. It took me forever to do that just using an old Amazoness deck in duel world missions and stuff. I really want Melodious to be made into a decent meta contender early because I just don't care about the decks of the other 3 at start.
Red eyes structure deck, buy 3 copies and get 3 copies of wall of disruption to get a meta deck
this card works very well with Raccoon Sandayu
Can recycle a Sage from the GY and summon Alternative for a second time if needed be. Considering to keep one copy of this guy in the deck isn´t that far-fetched.
Not quite. Water XYZ decks can speed that strategy up with Bahamut Shark. Use him to bring out Acid Golem without materials, then find a way to give it to your opponent (Mystic Box, anyone?). Now, your opponent has a beatstick that can´t even attack, deals them damage every turn, and stops them from Special summoning anything. To start this off you just need 2 Lv. 4 Water monsters, easy peasy.
It is only fun when your PvP opponent uses a 30 card bronze rank deck.
Yes, there is no way they release arc v without pendulum related cards.
-Thank you for playing Duel Links.
If Shinchu L is a drop....we better be getting 3 copies of Shinchu R as level up reward.
Yeah, being able to use Poly or other fusion spells for Evil Hero fusions isn't really an advantage when you don't have enough deck space for Poly or its friends anyway. On the other hand, this card is free, plus Poly is free too, so I guess you can run some kind of "budget" Evil Hero deck using multiple copies of Poly and this card.
more cards should be dump into limit 2 just like what they did to darklord, shiranui, blackwing
This card is F+. Chain rules make this card practically useless as anon said. Heck, Rush Recklessly is twice better than this card.
because we need to locate Uranus
Or they chain Karma to Dress. Dress is a card that sounds good at first glance but does horribly fail in reality.
It's not a fusion deck in the first place. It's a deck that can use many different Extra deck monsters and even Ritual monsters. But the focus is not that much on Fusion.
Thanatos Note "Just According to Keikaku" Translator's note: Keikaku means plan.
Yes. This card's effect is a "When...You Can" effect, which means the condition to activate its effect must be the last thing to happen. If you use it as Tribute, even if it's Tribute Summoning a vanilla, this card would miss the timing, because the last thing to happen is not this card going to the Graveyard, but the Tribute Summoned monster entering the field.
If you guys talking about onomat, wouldn't they just use roach to destroy photon dragon? Bounzer + roach is your usual turn one against onomat
As an aromage player it doesn't
Everything is can cer except my deck
Just use metalmorph. At least it doesnt forces you to have a beast monster. Or if you desperately need it use a special event super rare ticket (not legendary).
No, we don't need more can cers in this game.
Don't even think that this card will be forbidden. It will remain a limit 2 and more cards should be dump into limit 2 then you have to choose between them.
It broke rookie rank tho
Okay, I'll wait.
MOFO is back and wanted Consonance ban again!
becuase this is SR rarity card
The supreme emo an his hero garbage yet again I guess that means at least 1 box will go to waste, well probably get another sd filler too
ah...the elite
>> People saying Master Duel is better definitely doesn't play Master Duel at all in the last 5 to 10 years Yes, Master Duel will be a lot better ONLY IF skills like Onomatoplay & Cyber Style don't exist. Skills should not exist in the first place. Not even LP boost.
I don't think you can compare them in the first place. It was between an xyz monster that has to be summoned in a specific xyz-focused deck vs a single spell that could be stocked in any deck in general. Monster vs spell also has a difference way to deal with them
Well, blueEyes usually struggle against lunalights. Not surprised there are some old obscure cards like those that can help them. It's a bit self destructive though. All of your own dragons will be sent back to the hand too.
Gimmick Puppets need this Foolish Burial


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Dude, A free win ain't can cer .
Exactly 7 deck Will be limited but that's not seem a nuclear. I think with New main box and...
The biggest problem is the Rampage Dragon. It should not be summoned easily like this in 4000LP f...
Now both Aloof and Gold Sarco at limit 2. Serve you right.
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