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You can chain Mask Change to Sylvans's effects, unless they were excavated by a Komushroomo you just flipped face-up by attacking (because those will resolve during the damage step)
nah wasnt targeted anyway
The dark magician deck have at least 1 sphere kuriboh for the tilt..
and now use it again for Fur Hire .. LMAO
A pretty shitty card, a worse SRH that is slower and doesn't always destroy the card you want. TBH destruction effects are easily preventable in the current meta. It is banishing which is the powerhouse.
ever got this one ? VWXYZ
I'm sure they will nerf spell book soon since it's so over used
It's not fair i want to buy it with gems I never see a card game force us to buy card with real mony . I really disappointed from yugioh . I hope they let us to buy it with gems in future
To 2) While you got a second monster on the field, it may not the one you can need. Especially you still needed 2 cards for just 2 monsters on the field contrary to 1 card(and 2k lp) for 3. And you would have every monster you need(anti monster, anti backrow and attacker). I don't have this deck, but those are my thoughts how it would be with those replacements for ties.
Add more Spirit Barrier and and other direct only cards
Yeah and the skill is f*cking useless and impossible to pull off. Maybe it’s possible against a standard duelist in Duel World, but a pulling off the combo of: 1. All 5 pieces in the GY 2. Exodia Necross in the hand 3. And the spell card to summon him without dying first is impossible. The combo moves way too slowly, especially for the Miasma levels or for PvP. It needs a new skill/cards
That's really good for me. I love all meta that can reach(me)to KOG.XD
You are wrong. Understand how something works first before you start whining.
Life cost 0 Cyber Stein should do the job go in with HP 1000 and below with some mallet, econ, windstorm/anubis/hallowed life. Deep diver for search. I use gatling dragon/Jumbo drill/other suitable fusion monster.
Very well. Once I got what I need, I'll give Mega Ultra Gia-I mean, The Winged Dragon of Ra a go.
It is tough for sure since they are really good, but I did see someone beat fur hires with Amazoness once, so it can be done. What I should do is use more effect-killers for my deck.
Stop putting this stuff here! This is an awesome card and the page for it does not deserve this spamming garbage!
Do you have any pictures of that leaked conversation with Zane you mentioned here?
You can use Tethys Slifer.
Thank you. But if I use it for dangerous, then I can't get RESD. Having more than 1 dark hex would clog up the deck, I think.
Replaced by Gemini Elf
Gemini Elf > Neo the Magic Swordsman
This is a good combo with LAVA GOLEM smh
Yep, through the Yami marik event. As such it's currently unavailable for unlocking
I tried running 3 copies of it. Very useful but the cost is too great (banishment) plus its hella hard to draw unless u run three and thats way to sitaluational todo so
Which means his unlock mission will come so that you can unlock him anytime.
There are a ton of better monsters to use Intrigue Shield with.
It's impossible to summon it from outside the game in real life. What actually held this card back, are two things: 1. This card is incredibly weak when considering its materials. 2. Mirage Knight itself is a Nomi that lasts on the field for only a turn, not worth it to use despite its complex summoning condition.
"Sylvans were never broken" Anon, I think you need to consult to a doctor, your brain seems to have some damage.
UR for sure. Maybe Espa Roba's lvl 45 reward?
The deck took heavy nerf? Define heavy in context. What happened to sylvans was "heavy nerf"
Top 10 Anime Suicides
Lets send each other vagabonds. 932-939-034
You can use gigagagagigo to substitute this creature,
steelswarm big boss needs steelswarm monster for tribute to gain its effect
Gamushara wrecks this card
There's always one new set of cards that get overshadowed.
Say bye2 to all of your trap cards because im summoning jinzo
Konami i beg to u to release cyber dragon at same time you release zane
Just hope your opponent doesn't run King Of The Skull Servants.
That ll make this card meta.
As long as you use at least one prismatic card and use Union Attack twice, you can replace the fusion summon with one Caligo Claw Crow to get exactly 10000 ATK and still get 8000 score. You can special summon Caligo because Gate Guardian is a DARK attribute monster. Means your hand is less full during the duel since you have less cards to save till the last turn.
Sure, why the heck not.
Deck incredibly fun with beatdown but not so strong in the current meta



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You can chain Mask Change to Sylvans's effects, unless they were excavated by a Komushroomo ...
nah wasnt targeted anyway
The dark magician deck have at least 1 sphere kuriboh for the tilt..
and now use it again for Fur Hire .. LMAO
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