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I return to the game and Obelisk appears finally.
Took a few months off, not much change here.
Since we got Yugi .. Is there a hope for Marik and Bakura ? Also, I need ObeliskBlue Ryo/Zane because one Zane isn't enough in DuelLinks
This works for lvl 30 and 40. With labyrinth builder
Not 100% "pay to win" guys don't get advantage, nor every old deck become irrelevant. I just say that the game isn't around paying money to stay competitive. The payment part is to shave a lot of time of grinding, and I'm okay with it only if it wasn't frustrating. Konami rewards players in a way that makes them so pissed, just to drive them into spending money. Plus, they nerf gems time to time.
I like this card with Traptrix.
Konami needs to give us this to help slash
KONAMI Touching boys since 1969
KONAMI Touching boys since 1969
lol so its may to june biggest tournament of DL
probably lavals' best card?
Let people enjoy their fetishes no matter how weird they are
A weapon to surpass metal gear
I'm so confused and uninterested right now.
Great card!We really need more options of decks and some plant cards would be great!
We got your Proteges (Vice Dragon and Earth Armor Ninja) We are ready for you Master CyDra!
TBH most people want Cyber Dragon to play the damned archetype, if people wanted the ability then you have that earth Ninja monster. I could care less about -500 ATK if I want to tribute or make synchro plays.
Maybe it'll come to them card trader eventually.
Oh man it's that lich thing from adventure time.
What is the point of limiting it? There is also a card that allows you to play it up to 3 times from the graveyard.
Not anymore, now it's a card trader card.
Great effect, terrible stats.
Don't forget to NOT convert your dark magic attack. XD
Trunade in this deck will get Maximus semi-limited soon. That’s just insane when they open Trunade.
Is the attack of this card optional or not? Although it says "it must attack first", that I guess doesn't mean that it is forced to attack. In other words, it says you can pass if you don't want to attack but if you want, you must attack with this card first.
I'm a sis actually ;)) But I also know many boys that want him as a playable character
You only have 3 cards to distroy Yubel This deck will brick HARD unless you put some Fire King Yakshas in it.
Vassal doesnt work it has to be effect damage with an activation.
My thing is, I don’t think they’ll add anything past Zexal bc in a game where you only have three monster slots and spell/trap slots, arc-v is going to be a little tough to pull off given the limited space. If they updated it to have all five slots, and 40 card min. decks, then arc-v would be sensible. If they did duel gen but in duel links I think it would be a better game in general
Well it was used by yubel.
Poweful rebirth is an SR from a mini box, what's the difference of being an UR or SR when you're on a minibox and you're only a 1 copy for reset.
Pls share the deck
She's on the gate, complete the mission to unlock Zane.
yup which make it worthy for synchro summoning!
Why is this card bugged??? I summoned Zorc with a ritual summon first and then used call of the archfiend to bring him back several times. In total I activated its effect 5 times in one duel and every time the dice landed on a six. This is not the first time this happens, it seems to me like it would be a fun card to use, but if the result of the dice roll is six every time, I'm getting very annoyed. I haven't managed to roll anything else than a six with this card since the duel quest event started.
I definitely agree with limiting, but i guess semi-limit should be fine to prevents use other cards.
Super Zane event maybe where he comes back to his senses, Zane wasn't a jerk by the end of GX like he was portrayed in the game.
This game is generous? Poor soul, you clearly have not played generous games. No trade, no craft.. New decks come out and old ones become weak or no longer relevant. This game screams buy new cards or lose.
Yeah, Citadel whale directly searches for SSA and even doesn't activate it yet which is good.
Yeah because of AG
And also is a continuos spell, so bear or gorilla can use it for their effects.
Thanks dude.
These two look like the like to chain each other up and have sex until there assholes are raw then jizz in each other masks and then put them on
yeah like wtf i thought it was like a black hole or smething
I do agree with this as an option. Standard duelists should be there as a farm option and occasional challenge. I end up ignoring anything I know is pure BS and just cycle until I get something fightable. And to all you yelling "built counterdecks", we already have the Legedary duelists who are a huge challenge themselves to built counterdecks for. When it comes to the basic mooks, maybe I don't want to make specific decks for everything. Maybe I just want to play the decks I like and enjoy myself. Ever think about that?
Actually using this to farm Bakura , 7-8k based on how many Lp I lose during duel
Re-Spark still less situational than Starlight.



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I return to the game and Obelisk appears finally.
Took a few months off, not much change here.
Since we got Yugi .. Is there a hope for Marik and Bakura ? Also, I need ObeliskBlue Ryo/Zane b...
This works for lvl 30 and 40. With labyrinth builder
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