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Yes, he has. He can activate the destiny board skill if he's at 2000 LP or lower and you send his necrofear to the graveyard, or he steals one of your monsters with it. I'm not sure when he'll activate the skill and when he'll steal the monster though.
Maybe but they are very recommended in this deck. If you have one or two double summon then put that instead
Because you starts 8000 LP in TCG. But you starts 4000 LP in Duel Links.
suck i cant summon fusion monster from extra deck, bug version 1.70
3SD Soul Exchange will summon it Instantly, like all other lv8. You can build a deck with 3 copies of this Empress and 3 of the one available in the card trader that negates quick play spells, 3 Soul Exchange, 3 puppies, maybe some Cost Down. I think a deck like this would be very competitive.
Voltanis didn't drop from destiny board of doom event, it was like that since the first event. Voltanis was dropped from normal bakura spawn event, its a different ones.
Why not normal Marik? He's already in the game files so it could be possible. The quote suggests that it's Arkana next, but the non-Yami version of Marik will probably make it into the game too at some point. Maybe in an event like Yugi Muto and Mokuba.
Need more pay to win.
2k is too little, probably 8k..
Tried the destiny draw version for 10 times, 5 wins only. If you don't get Counterblow in starting hand and Bakura starts with Burning Land, it is difficult to heal your lifepoints.
Wow u really go count? Very impressed with the length people go into for articulating their journey.
I think that it could be a good backup plan in case you don't draw storm + enough spell/trap and need an instant backrow destruction. So yes, 1 copy of it could really help a bluff trap amarylease deck.
So, anyone know the most effective way to get EX jewels?
Im f2p player too but I care. I think u meant you don't care how others feels but only yourself. Don't use the excuse of f2p to brag about this deck. This affect all players, despite f2p,p2w. You are just bloody selfish, plain and simple.
Keep getting the same fucking card over again!
Not yet but they are "working on it"
I'm thinking about what deck to use since I don't have Destiny Draw or Labyrinth uilder or Surprise Present,I'm very unlucky when it comes to farm skills..
This card is obviously the best counter trap card besides Champion's Vigilance. It's divine wrath + magic jammer + better trap jammer. And it's only a rare lol.
the error shows when i try to upload a picture
Sorry ?? Divine wrath is garbage ?? So why is it UR rarity ?? And I suggest the other card because it's a substitute for those who doesn't have Divine Wrath. You think every1 have E-con and OTC ?? Your suggestion is close minded. LOL
3 Poly is better than 2 Poly and 1 Fusion Sub. Fusion sub is terrible since it requires you to fusion from the field, which you probably don't want to do.
Is there any other way to get this card besides for the event? The event only allows you to buy one per event from what the event rules say.
Double summon with this
228-177-407 All day, everyday. 1 card Leggo
its broken atm, check the announcements
Don't lie. I've already used the card and it's not required to be make-up to add the equip.
3SD is no match for the legendary top tier Tether of Defeat. But for real I have no idea how anyone thinks this skill is good rn LOL
the same happens on my phone
True that and if you don't build around necrofear as your ace card then it becomes hard to summon. So it's kind of a lose, lose.
Actually his era dipped for a while but he's starting to make a comeback. When they enforced my favorite archetype the toons with toon kingdom the only thing that can switch them to def mode is sphere Ebola
You can discard any dragon, not just normal type dragons.
auto-duel deck, but sometimes you need to infer it becoz AI intended to do stupid things and fucked you up. No skill needed. 1-S.Kuriboh 2-D.K.Ishzark 2-Leotaur 2-ladybug 3-amarylease 2- 1800+ atk monster spell/trap - optional, use mirorwall if u have one.
Any update for this deck?
Just add gravity axe will do just fine.
why can't i activate smoke grenade thief effect on this card? is it a bug or something?
8k assessment entire event and only got 2 beacons and 1 advance. Fuck everyone complaining about not getting 3 of everything.
I have last gamble. Would that be great for this deck?
Skill 291
So who wants to battle me with my LG deck oh a d dude just have hope that's all you can do trust me Destiny board is a well let's just say I give up on that
This card destroy because there is no longer a monster for it equip to, at that point it's effect is not affect the monster which has become the equip spell card that it's not equip to anymore.
i feel your pain...
Great card to use as fuel for Diskblade Rider. Also good to use with Odeon's Chain Reaction skill.
3 econs and 3 kuribohs in the same deck isn't good. Econs are just straight better in the large majority of decks, and you would rather have something that actually helps you rather than have a bunch of worthless stalling cards.
Also banished from the dark dimension can be used at the same time because skull lair will always keep the banished zone thick.
I'm finally done with him! :) Thanks for the Paradox Brothers' Elements Unite! :)
Don't forget about Champion's Vigilance! :V


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Yes, he has. He can activate the destiny board skill if he's at 2000 LP or lower and you sen...
Maybe but they are very recommended in this deck. If you have one or two double summon then put t...
Because you starts 8000 LP in TCG. But you starts 4000 LP in Duel Links.
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