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With ash in the pokemon app, this is a yu-gi-oh app discussion board, what did you expect?
I am sure that no one will use this in a high level game anymore. For KOG climbing this may still be good, but Keeper of dragon magic is now mandatory.
is this card only in animes?
I love seeing big brain deck s dominated the meta. After Metaphys, Triamid, Vendread,now Skillvan will return, I still remember how hard it was to play Skillvan
wow I remember this taki.. still a b!tch until today how sad lol
konami execs are so crooked that they would nick the rings from under their mothers eyes
this @@@ is broken
However "IF" implies a state in time. It is closer to "did this happen" rather than "the moment this occurs" as with "when". In a chain, IF condition is met not WHEN it occurs is still true; the condition to activate did indeed happen. Thus effect resolves.
You're a idiot if you believe that. This card is a game changer and can easily snatch a few wins especially with the pathetic amount of Life Points we have.
I used this along with Phantom Beasts in order to make it little bit more viable but still sucks
Would this work with six samurai for a farm deck?
It's better than the wussy idea about shoving a ton of "flowers" from a @@@ ton of other anime in here just because someone wants to jerk off to "waifus" or whatever the hell. At least this would all just be yugioh characters.
We can use a called “Exchange of Night and Day” that has the same idea but sends it to the graveyard. But the only problem is it’s a TRAP Card
Nice artwork gg
This. Gamea, the post-banlist version has no way to summon Elemental Hero Gaia. Maybe it's a mistake and it is supposed to be another card?
And for that to happen, we have to get Dante first, and Dante is an Xyz, so.....
*cannot revive the one already destroyed, within the same turn. Sorry, forgot to add that part.
The TCG recently got them all at once (the OCG got them over time), and they're cool enough cards. I doubt there's any real motive behind it, they're just recent cards within DL's power level.
You can also remove ur field too
Oh really? I know you idiots are school shooter level losers, but again- you’re too stupid to even succeed in that lmao
Not even, at least Obelisk can’t get its summon negated- and it’s protection is always active, unlike Odin who does to any quick play spell or trap on the turn you summon him
Heck no, this card is way too broken
This card is one of the best. I'm seeing a fusion based meta.
Agreed with op
It can also search WATER and EARTH monsters, however, and there's a fair amount of variety there. ...And, come to think of it, there's like 10 billion LIGHT ones, too. Flash, Captain Gold, Neos Alius and Neos all exist. How useful the search targets are doesn't really matter anyway, you're likely just using them as Fusion Material.
I'm pretty sure that violates the Geneva Conventions.
You should post this on the Vampire archetype page. That would be good trolling. But I like the fact that it will "make you make" stronger.
Passing fad card
m8 just use that nintendo controller to stole his yubel 1,2,3 form get double summon (card) and get high monster attack damage dont tribute the yubel and bam easy win :V lvl 40 yubel
How to get event points
this card so broken
Yes...Why aren't there more people playing a SECRET deck? I guess we'll never know.
Has to be the most annoying deck in the game
Yes, plenty of people use trap, but those are generic/staple traps that either have less or no condition to use them.
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Really? I think he cool, but somehow... DIFFERENT than the Kaiba we know!
Yeah, I think so
Easy to summon, I like it
This deck... was ... LEGIT !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this dude was devastating
Rose Lover x3 but Marshleaf miller at 2 would make Gigaplant meta. Hmm... anyway, maybe we can still try.
I want to play this. Greetings from Germany by the way.
I spend money to gain more money. Banlist doesn't affect my income from youtube
it would be meta if infernity archer would be in the game as playable
Dun count on this. Its definetely s npc skill for the upcoming tag duel tourney



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With ash in the pokemon app, this is a yu-gi-oh app discussion board, what did you expect?
I am sure that no one will use this in a high level game anymore. For KOG climbing this may st...
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