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Edit: Yusei has lp boost A. But he also uses ties that bind with it.
Swordswoman is great, but I still like the queen and sage the best for design because they have blue hair.
It must be a different one form the list in this page.......maybe evil eye?
Don't you hate when you lose just because you dared to summon something in atk position? I do lol
It’s a little bit different situation for fusion monsters as it’s materials are clearly listed on the Fusion monster. However that’s obviously not the case for Synchro/Xyz monsters. But ultimately the rules are that when a monster is banished and returns to the field/graveyard, the materials are null and void.
I hope when his unlock event returns, they make Metal Skeleton a farmable reward. There are only 2 TG Effect monsters left. Metal Skeleton, and Gear Zombie
If only they change that gold into prize money then that would be a reason to participate.
I hate switching the button too it became annoying fast lol
For the vagabond it is, I don't see how he's gonna make use of abyss scorn, set it as a bluff? Only a mo ron would fall for that, there are only 3 monsters in the main deck even if he opened 2 overflow he can't do a da mn
When this card will be added to duel link. Very powerful card
That is true but if you look at the bigger picture fire kings has more favorable matchups against meta decks than water xyz does.
That would make the game a little bit funnier. It just pointless not being able to use forbidden/limited cards again npcs, it's not lie we'll use them to steamroll npcs the AI is to stu pid to handle anything besides normal monsters and equip spells
Don Zaloog sooner or later will appear in tickets/trader/event etc. According to my experience every time I got a card for "collection" I ended up having 3+ copies after some time making me feel like jerc. Nt to mention that don zaloog is just a stroner white magical hat. And white magical sees 0 play.
When your opponent summons an extra monster sometimes it's too late. I was waiting with the trap ready, toggle on, my opponent summons some Stellar monster and destroys all my traps before I could even activate anything. Just one example
They come back, I like it
This card just keeps getting better and better
Yep. Or at least allow this Skill to be used anytime, on any turn, as long as you control a Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon. Not just on the turn you Synchro Summoned BRD, that's utterly pointless. I'd just use BRD's own effect in that case, the result would be the exact same anyway.
Why is he still not dead from canc er lol.
Hawk is not a troll. Hawk is just living in 2016
That’s where you’re wrong Anono-Boy! He’s much more cuddly, wouldn’t you say? On a serious note: Yes, typically the original is better to use bar instances like a toon deck. Although, most toon decks now typically focus on getting out TDM and TDMG for fast swarming and damage.
Antimony talked about Z-One and Aporia at the end of his unlock event. However, there are currently no leaks or information about Z-One or the Timelords.
Thought this was a glitch lol. My opponent tried negating my GEPD with their lunalight’s graveyard effect, but I kept on reacting until he ran out of negates. He raged quit right after.
I like chicken legs
You have some serious problems
actually, if you select Harpie Lady, then Harpie players also cannot revive from graveyard ALL the ones that are treated as Harpie Lady in the graveyard. So this card essentially also stopped Harpie Lady Elegance and Hysteric Party from working.
do you have enough empty monster zones to summon 3 monsters?
With SSA it’s very easy to keep this card on the field, and even summon more of him. He destroys all those stupid flip monsters like man eater bug without touching them, and if the stall burner tries to target him with something SSA can protect him for a turn.
"Flashimg staple into deck isnt counted as backrow deck" Backrow is your main deck. Monsters are fillers. As well said insert archtype: Shiranui, amazoness, gouki, tellarknights etc etc. Without the 10-12 staples traps these deck are just meh.
Like the OP said, too many resources for a mild effect at best. Barring specific decks like Subterror, not many players put more than one monster facedown at once.
You can also use it with Tethys for FTK or Exodia
It’s dope Mai has voice lines for this card. Meaning it’s made for Harpies
yet another backrow deck like many others play stall instead it's easier to build and as boring to play as this
Now that lightning vortex is up you can add 1 copy of it (not more it's a brick turn 1) vierte can kinda add it to your hand for free
but but my g od and the wise people of reddit said infernity were tier 0??? why would they lie to me???
It works, it's just a pathetic attempt of a tr oll that writes things like this in random posts
Raigeki Break also cannot be activated in Damage Step, so I don't know why you bring Damage Step up. Also, I'm very sure this card's effect can be chained to Raigeki Break.
Blackbird close can easily be swapped with fiendish chain. Also you don’t News to use cosmic cyclone, because delta crow is a better option to destroy your opponent’s set cards
Magician Girl is your go-to deck. Fortune Ladies and/or Fortune Fairies do also work with Silent Magician. Technically, you could even build an Amazoness or Harpy deck and throw in a random Dark Magician Girl. I wouldn't recommend it but it's certainly possible.
It can miss the timing
Make sure you use Red-Eyes Gearfried's first effect, not the second effect. The second effect doesn't destroy the equip card.
there's also that summoned skull fusion, beast eyes I don't think was out yet, if you're messing with DNA surgery, there's even more.
SR at top
I'm not the one who's posting on every deck and crying like you re tard.
When the other person starts using curses, you've won the conversation.
I don’t understand why only a few people play with blackwings. They are still one of the strongest decks. Everyone is playing with blue eyes deck. I want to play againts different and powerful decks like D/D/D
So if this guys was released as a Legendary Duelist, how good would a skill be that gave all Dark Scorpions and Don Zaloog you control an additional 500 to 600 Atk points, or make a field spell that boosts and could let you attack directly with them if you had three or more with different names for fixed damage (say, 800 or so)?Because let’s be realists, their stats are really weak. I wouldn’t mind a refrain of these guys as a good battle-focused archetype. Their cards have so much personality and I always liked the play style.
Level aug I mean.


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Edit: Yusei has lp boost A. But he also uses ties that bind with it.
Swordswoman is great, but I still like the queen and sage the best for design because they have b...
It must be a different one form the list in this page.......maybe evil eye?
Don't you hate when you lose just because you dared to summon something in atk position? I d...
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