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Konami please release this card in duel links
2 questions, why gishki over senjus and what is the card with cardnumber 17-18(I cant see)
I used Shiranui, need luck to get the red coin toss tho
Yes, just listen to your credit card and make some purchases. Whatever you buy you cannot go wrong.
So bad it's too late for red-eyes darkness dragon, it won't see play. My favorite card art
Then let me tell you that the real life card game, the TCG/OCG version of Yugioh, uses 5 zones instead of 3 Play that instead of asking for a Speed Duel game to change, 5 zones is not the intention for this game
Where can I get this card, the Card Trader doesn't seem to have it... I've gotten one copy, and now it doesn't even appear in the "Featured Cards", did Konami change something?
thanks you zane!! get KOG this season with -CYDRA-
Me to I want this card even if it is weak
Just use those UR Dream ticket on three Cosmic Cyclone and be done already!
This is the meta from the new box everything else fell short.
Meanwhile, Cathy holds herself against Yuma that's helped by Astral. Without using any Number. She only lost against the dog girl due to plot, when she should have won on all accounts. The rest....are not even worth to talk about.
Using Special Summons is a much better way, though.
Darklord and Aromage deck can use this skill too. This is basically LP Boost Alpha, but better.
We have Anti-Raigeki already
What This monster isn't a turn 1 play most of the time anyway
Humid are those girls. Me they want. Generous I am. Myself I shall offer to them.
Sooner or later these cards will become a problem. Just like "the grass looks greener". There are tons of other cards to be released. I believe we can still play the game without the overpowercards and the monstrosity TCG has turned to.
There are so many ways to take sunsaga off the field right now. Stop whining and git good.
Just reached KOG from this season. I played about idk maybe 40 duels, farming gems, farming skills, you know and i did not see any "Infernity Archfiend" deck, Is that strange? My friend, who has Legend 3 Rank is using this deck: 3x Infernity Archfiend 1x Infernity Necromancer 3x Infernity Mirage 1x Watch Cat 3x Infernity Launcher 1x Infernity Break 1x Infernity Barrier 1x Infernity Avenger 3x Paleozoic Canadia 3x Bad Aim Extra Vermillion Dragon Mech Hundred Eyes Dragon Infernity Doom Dragon Dark End Dragon Crystron Ametrix Hi-Speedroid Hagoita He said that He did not lose any game from legend 1 to Legend 3. Is this can be true? It's really hard to say about "Infernity" deck when you've not played against it.
Show them your manhood. Release them from their virgin frustration.
Let the destruction commence! I summon my 7 years old waifu in ATTACK position! Welcome to the shadow realm!
unlimit dyna and donpa are fine now since so many recover and distruption
Yes, but Lava Golem is free. Whereas the others are hard-limited/restricted/banned by their cost which results in them being way more balanced. Remove Lava Golem from every accounts, then make it obtainable only in a main-box. Then we can consider this card not overpowered.
Like many people, the P2W version of Blue-Eyes with lots of Cards of Consonance is ugly. May as well not call the BE meta from DLM a Blue-Eyes deck any more.
Yes, it's overhyped but it's not bad. It's a KoG worthy deck but it might not become tiered.
Unfortunately the beginning of the end...
Still kept after all this time
That's likely to happen, actually.
Yeah, it's Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, whose effect is arguably better, at least in my opinion.
This card really doesn't need to be Flamvell Firedog target, who the hell would play it in Fur Hire deck just for Bravo?
I thought it was a Dragunity deck. I don't know much about Evil Eye, but since there are some people who can get KOG, it might be just as good.
Sucks that I keep seeing this card in deck lists and it's currently unavailable in-game.
Yes, thank you! Knew I would find smth useful here
I mean, you are dueling against AI not ranked which you duel real person. Still he can activate skill like real life players do?
Are you replying to someone? XD There is no post above yours.
Most card are done when they are already removed. If there is no easy and cheap F2P way to consistently remove that card turn 1 then that monster is P2W.
Returning the Lava Golem to your own deck with Drowning defeats the purpose of your own burning damage.
Yes at KoG it's lightsworn witchcrafter, but legend you get a lot of trash decks. Also I have 2 chain disappearances in my DM. So when I chain disappearance a withcrafter they're done :).
if u think sb is slow ur gonna hate when we get Xyz.
And just like that all of those meme fusions get useful.
You right but I mean monster space, cause we can only have three monster slots so In that scenario there is almost no point in using three launchers To summon a potential total of 6 monsters when we can only have three at a time unless you synchro summon twice but still You can Ritual Summon this card with any "Nekroz" Ritual Spell Card. Must be Ritual Summoned WITHOUT USING ANY Level 8 monsters, and cannot be Special Summoned by other ways. Use Legendary Ocean to work around that limitation. This is just an example:
because maybe you have 1 or 2 monsters in your banish that was special sum this turn .. RB monster can only special sum once every turn
I’m going to try using this card in a fabled deck. It’s really easy to special summon enough monsters in one turn to get this card on the field and then to OTK your opponent using any other monster with higher than 1000 attack (assuming you go second).
It doesn't target which is great


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Konami please release this card in duel links
2 questions, why gishki over senjus and what is the card with cardnumber 17-18(I cant see)
I used Shiranui, need luck to get the red coin toss tho
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