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No... Teach US master zen
Thank you komommy for this Zane event. I am an F2P player using gems only for blue eyes syncrho deck. With this event, i have an alternative deck to be used. To build this deck is cheap, the free gems are still enough
How to summon this the best way?
Rod of Silence and all these Vylon cards in here for the combo... BUT WHERE'S OMEGA
I wish I could invest in this pack but the kc cup is a month away
it is not you this deck is guano and it will be absolutely dead after the next mini box comes out
im sorry but ur probably gonna get disappointed
I believe arkana can use that skill too
This card is good actually but normal vylons we have/will have are not good to make a deck for them.
The Zane gate is bugged for me, its just empty when I click on it so I cant use My 1k GX Marks, anyone else have a problem accessing his gate and start duels with him?
Konami is really interesting organization, at previous zane unlock event, they give us cyberdarks as event reward, but WITHOUT SUPPORT, AND GIVE US SUPPORTS FOR CYBER DRAGON BUT NO CYBER DRAGON CARD... And now give us cyberdark supports, but not Cyberdark Inferno, whyyy komoney..?
this thing bricks like I don't know what, it's really really bad lol
Sooner or later cards that you missed from an event will be available through sr/ur tickets
Birthright doesn't care if the monster's a Normal Monster or not after it's Summoned. It'll continue to target Dragon Spirit of White (or a Gemini Monster that gained its effect, for that matter).
Hey guys i dont understand the legendary rank system so if anyone knows how the ranking works plz help me.. I am Legend1 i lost 2 games then i won 4 in a row then lost one and won 3 (LLWWWWLWWW) since L1 is a safe spot losing should always reset to 0 so since the first two defeats are meaningless why havent i gone to L2 after winning 7 games) ??? Thanks
I miss the silent magician can i get her in the other ways
This is better if we have Scrap Beast.
If your able to get it on with blue eyes or other high level it can help alot,vs buster too
Skill Suggestions Hell Kaiser: For one time only when your Life Points decreased by 2000. In the Draw Phase, instead of doing a normal draw, play the field spell "Cyberdark Inferno" from outside your deck.
Well that's just a special kind of stupid
925-079-401 Playing every day.looking for regular vagabond exchange. always give 3 stars challenge
you can add amazon and fur hire to these bans.
Why does the auto-duel keep summoning this to defense mode? It happened twice in a row where it didn't benefit me.
ur right.true enough. lets see what the mini box will bring abt
It's just a beatstick, not even blue eyes decks can use it and naturias rather use their other syncros.
Noble Knight deck? Gemini deck optmize only use 3 equip spell.
I would expect the skills above and no good cards from the event given how 5ds rolled out.
You can use offerings to the doomed instead of econ in Vamps deck. It helps the deck in so many ways! Scroll up to see my deck for more info!
I have had opponents activate cards when this card attacks, which should not happen because of its effect. Is it a bug?
I tried using this card in combination with gift of the martyr but the union attack did not include the atk of the monster I tribute with gift. Is that suppose to happen or is that a bug?
I'm hoping more for the synchro and tuner to be in the card trader like the other aromage carda
What did you expect? Duel Links is a "gatcha" game. LOL! The dev's job is to sell broken cards, nerf them, then sell more broken cards to milk the player base dry.
Damn this archtype is still so solid, even with the limit using 1 donpa, wiz, and dyne, I still able to get KOG with ease.. simple broken!
How? I have three of this, please share what is the future meta you've been speaking of?
Azure protects vs destruction
Just stick a bunch of summon traps like Tiki Spirit and the like accompanied with the rest of your deck space being traps and do Yugi LVL 10. You should finish it within 2-3 duels.
Crow isn't difficult to unlock. I unlocked him well before I unlocked Leo. Just wait for Sector Security to appear with a deck that's easy to grind against.
i was using it with sylvan deck and normal summoned it on main phase by tributing 3 monsters, and none of my cards,nor any of my opponent's triggered anything, but i still missed the timing. (was using power of the tributed tho)
They should sell his HAT as merchandise. Imagine YTDan wearing it ! it'd be epic !
Probably Will come with tons of Red Eyes support, or maybe will turn spheres into META material.
Quick-spell yay! quite nice to summon tokens during your opponent's End Phase.
A reference for One Piece's Katakuri !(?)
3$? for what? C'mon, you need to forget about a lot of boxes and wait for a Tier 0 braindead deck if you want to keep playing in the game and be competitive. Leveling most of chars is not enough, even if they are the greatest source of gems so far. If that is how I should play (and enjoy) this game, then I'm out of here. If you want to enjoy, then you have to pay, not few but tons of money.
This counter is actually pretty decent and not expensive at all !



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No... Teach US master zen
Thank you komommy for this Zane event. I am an F2P player using gems only for blue eyes syncrho d...
How to summon this the best way?
Rod of Silence and all these Vylon cards in here for the combo... BUT WHERE'S OMEGA
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