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Dear player, Yes, we should. But we won't. Thank you for playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links!
Use this card It is F2P
Yes, and a picnic box. Let's have some fun.
Guessing it helped you Xyz summon DRXyzD which hits them very hard even when they have that stupid Netdeck Princess. I like to see those decks with 0 backrow suffer for it. I’m sorry. I know the reason for the problem is because Dragoon D End is not available to players. There are more problematic cards that are, so it should be now.
I can't wait in vrains world is coming
into the deck for no immediate advantage.
Flopping sunrise
Meme skill for meme deck Why not?
Why use that on buster blader when the destruction sword can do just the exact same thing without a cost?
the level 8 is searchable tho
It's R because we don't have many generic "2 Level 1 monsters" Xyz monsters yet.
The only way for cyber angels to shine is to get Alexis Arch V version wigh some busted skills, because atm Cyber Angels is just an OTK deck, that cant even OTK.
War Rock Waifu
Yet another "meant to be a powerful boss" card that's only N rarity due to having zero protection lol. No built-in protection at all = worst "powerful boss" ever.
Problem is, after you resolved its activation effect, it's useless and take up a backrow zone for no good reason. It's not so much of a problem in master duel format, but when we only have 3 backrow zones, it's a big problem. Unless you also run those removal that destroys one of your cards too so you can get rid of this card after the fusion summon.
he/she doesnt want to play kaleidoscope because dkayed said so
side deck in tournament play at best
So the best scenario is to play this card turn 1, end turn, next turn get a massive hit and (hopefully) survive and then special summon a cyber angel monster. And all these assuming that you have 2 cyber angel ritual monsters of the same level and also that this card wont be destroyed. Yeah, it can propably work on silver and bellow.
gift box
Is it just me or since master duel fusion festival in MD, Konami is generous to give more gem for DL? Like 20 gem per 20 matches ranked duel now, which usually only 5 gems even for per 20 matches. Also gift campaign that usually 20 & 50 gems obtainable, but now 50 & 100 gems.
Normal Tuner AND Pendulum! Very versatile. I use it in my Pendulum Normal Heart of the Underdog unga bunga deck.
Have the feeling this interaction is gonna cause tons of iZ tHiZ a bUG posts
Sempre Online!!! 298-333-036
Not in the mood Komoney
it is a SURVEY an Jim is an honest person. No manipulation involved.
Not bad since it can use your own monster as target to get rid of the opponent's otherwise untargetable (or has targeting effect negation) boss monster. Sadly it's just destruction, which is often a less desirable form of removal nowadays.
Finally a format where War Rocks could be rogue.
fortune fairy and FA would love this card. copying effects while keeping its level is why this card was banned.
gladiator beast support
A lot of DM and GX era cards are funny like that. I remember Future Fusion is similar, its Japanese name basically translates to "Future Fusion - Future Fusion".
GDI, just read the new Issue announcement, they actually nerfed the skill You can't run Reactor at all, the skill won't activate at all if you have Reactor in the deck, ALL the AG in the deck must be level 8 or lower
Yes i did. Coz gagaga girl can mimic lvl as gagaga magician. The weird thing was that I was able to use gagaga sister, magician and girl to have 3 number 9 monsters and I was able to xyz #92-heart earth dragon but can't xyz cipher dragon (the one above). I was like ... I am so confused. There's no other card info or skill info that said not able to summon with monsters can alternate lvls.
we are missing the good s/t support
tenki search rooster, rooster search imagen. fuse into this card
When you have to use someone's ace monster, that person always has a skill that lets you add that card to the (extra) deck
Maybe now eventually, they'll make a bundle deal for Fusion Destiny along with a dhero main box and give Aster a skill that adds Destroy Phoenix Enforcer to his extra deck.
Probably as a skill, like the Zexal skills.
why Overlay Gain?
All i wanted from this box were the Red Eyes cards. Was really happy when i got my Meteor Dragon in my 27th pack. How f001 i was. Red-Eyes Fang with chain was IN THE FREAKING LAST PACK OF THE BOX!!
Or just give them a low attack monster and swarm for game. No suprise this card was in the semi limited list of tcg for many years when ig girst came out.
and yuma and all zexal and arc v charachers
Weird place to post this . You’re pretty gross.
Penguins definitely. Then some random ice stuff. .....You know what, they can and might also finally give us a second and third copy of Windstorm of Etaqua via her level up reward.
Urgent Schedule + Revolving Switchyard for next box would be great, but I'd be happy even if we get just Urgent Schedule. Urgent Schedule makes the deck flows so much better.
Very sure it was never meant to be funny anyway. People make such post because as already said, in Yugioh they do refer to two very different things, regardless of whether it's obvious or not which one the person meant. So write it properly.
Bien, gracias, ¿y tú?


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Dear player, Yes, we should. But we won't. Thank you for playing Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links!
Use this card It is F2P
Yes, and a picnic box. Let's have some fun.
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