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Yugi Muto 513
How do you farm union attack then
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Nope, there is no cure for you.
The card literally says the turn it was summoned i.e. only once.
Lmao mill tier 3
Dennis you are useless without and skill. Don't compare yourself to superior players than you.
The fact that this is a quick play makes this OTK potential for sure.
this is my current deck, I think I use both restart and balance,already tried 3sd but i am very unlucky and almost time brick my hand
Obviously worst of the worst and lv change goes to chazz
'cause Jinzo's original name was Jinzoningen (Android, which means he's halfhuman)
You are retarded!
More 3000 coins and 0 Barrel Dragon :( Only Kuriboh
Say..if Apophis is Floodgated and returns to the backrow, can the user flip that Apophis again next turn to be front row monster?
I wait for Yami Bakura to get my 3. Necrofear
Add silent swordsman please
This picture isn't even related to Duel Links... It's from another Yugioh game called Duel Terminal. Lmao
I keep wondering.. If both players control this card, would all monster on each side of the field lose their effect???? Im assuming the first one who summon this card take the advantage. But idk for sure :/
go watch anime series bakura vs yugi, bakura use this skill in that awesome but at the end...haha
Yes it's the same effect Horus has only for Traps.
Of course. It has a stat-changing eff so it can be used in any phase
629-950-591 -I have no life and play all day ,add me for 1 hand challenge :)
I LITERALLY just said f it and put 10 1800+ 4 star monsters in a deck with 3 enemy control, 3 horn of unicorn, 3 lucky axe(not exact name), and 1 mirror wall. Haven't died against anyone before kaiba at lol 40 since. Does good against standards too. Got me to platinum online because it can be hard to catch up when you need a combo and all I need is a monster and an o.o (unicorn) equip card.
I love this card!
I added lava golem in this deck. Chain reaction is a complement.
I think adding Heart of the Underdog would be good for any other Vanilla deck
I bet you Donald Trump made that deck. Walls for everyone!!
This decklist is shit without sonic bird and senju
I hope there would be a PC version of Duel Links. It oocupies a large space on my Android.
I'm building a deck based around the Blue-Eyes and with only 2 of them in my deck I'm finding it hard to actually draw the card. Here's what I have currently in my deck,since the picture is too large. 1x vanguard dragon. 2x kaibaman. 2x Blue dragon summoner 3 totem dragon. 1x mirage dragon. 2x crystal seer. 2x Blue-eyes. 2x wattaildragon. 1x soul exchange. 2x enemy controller. 1x champion's vigilance 3xwild tornado 1xadhesion trap hole 1xdragon's rebirth 1xjar of greed. Any advice on how to improve the deck?
You summon monster in atk position with this card and your opponent econ take it and otk you while soul recursion summon monster in defence which can't lead to otk.
Zolga monstermorph airknight gain 2k LP special summon Neo-Parshath The Sanctuary in the Sky in field GG
Congrats on making it to the front page of the Duel Links subreddit dudes!
Just re-install your game, mate. it'll helps.
Hmm i think there's no such thing as those ranks like you mention while you in KoG. So, KoG is just KoG. In general, KoG is same as Casual Duel. You can try whatever deck you wanna play without worrying to get a rankdown from losing.
not sure it's possible to make it to legend with spirits dude
18-4 usually over power my opps beat sticks and other times get real lucky hitting 2 walls they lose LP from attacking with 0 AtK monsters
there is power bond using his skills when his lifepoint drops below 500
naturia isn't dead .... yet!!
lp is meaningless lol
yea there's never been a meta in this game until yesterday
Can i unlock Bastion playing on DM and winning with 3 or less cards?
i got to platinum quick using this
It's already out- I think, because Bakura has a line for it, but not yet available for characters
Clearly the guy above doesn't know King of the Skull Servants...
ca isnt unbeatable you know
and its not just this i also find myself in situations where i cant summon and i just lose. the nerf for regular ritual hit pretty hard imo
rubbish? i think you meant radish bro



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Yugi Muto 513
How do you farm union attack then
My love life has changed for better since the interference of the most powerful spell caster on e...
i have big dick lets fuck
Nope, there is no cure for you.
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