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I'm a F2P player and made this deck with the cards i own: 3x Lightray Diabolos 3x That grass looks greener 3x Wulf,lightsworn beast 1x Lyla,lightsworn sorceress 1x Jain,lightsworn paladin 1x Celestia,lightsworn angel 2x BEWD 2x Dragon spirit of white 2x Protector with eyes of blue 1x White stone of legend 2x Alexandrite dragon 1x Arkbrave dragon 1x Dragon knight of creation 1x Eclipse wyvern 1x Silver's cry 1x Ancient birthright 1x Dragon's rebirth 1x Wall of disruption 1x Castle of dragon souls 1x Ultimate providence Extra deck: 1x Azure eyes 2x Giganticastle 1x Stardust dragon 1x Avenging knight Parshath
Why can't I find it in the Card Trader?
black stone of legend
Then you should try to build a deck instead of a desk
This page is old. Where's the Yugi Muto unlock missions?
I just uninstalled Duel links. It felt good!!!!!. The game is dead.
Someone piss in your cereal?
Anyone else having this? Screen says "You lost - No winner after 4 turns In the menu I see it as if the game has been canceled, wonder if it's a bug or it was just a cheater.
fire fist deck tech card anyone?
When can we get the rewards for the KC cup, the in-game info says they’re already available from the results page but I can’t find them?!
It works really well with his monster destroying Counterpart
You may combine it with Gemini Monsters and/or 1800+ ATK Normal Monsters.
We’re all on gamea we have no life XDDD We’re no different
It's weird how this is a yugioh game yet people are more focused on the ruined meta than getting new summoning techniques like xyz,link and pendulum.
Six samurai losers
still weak againts my fur hire xD
This game sucks asses
This game is a bucket of puke
Thanks yall for the jinzo idea
Is this still viable ?
We have charging now, will it work?
Bro U can’t lie this game is heavy luck base I’ve went from 15 game win streaks in plantinum to legend got to kog then literally no exaggeration had only spells n traps for 3 turns then lost after 3rd draw shit hands
KoG player, 24/7 online - challenge: both players start the duel with 7 cards 260-367-018
Hopefully they'll release this in a ex structure deck
Shi En just negates all the cancerous bs you all thought of.
i have so many level 3s in graveyard, but cannot use the effect of the card to Synchro summon..
wish list (still) - Grapha, Gold, Silva - Cyber Dragon - Archfiend Heires
why were special duels removed?
Me run big monsters. Me ram meself into swords woman and kills meself. Me mad me want nerf.
Remind me again when summon skull was actually meta? 2004 tcg?
1st generation where tributes don’t exist and everything is just a beatstick
burial from a different dimension?
You can use six samurais now. I've been using them against multiple characters and it's very efficient. Just have a shien relatively consistently and you'll do well. Consider putting a few copies of power of guardians too.
You must not play this game to even say that
Yubel 386
You just called it a guy nice contradicting
what a great addition to the game, neo spacians were kinda forgotten by the devs or something. Anyway, it's good to see them playable, they might become meta in the future
If I'm not wrong there is a quick-spell that sends cards to graveyard and puts spell counters in a card. Forgot the name though :/
The artwork is lit though
I've seen Magical King Moonstar in plenty of competitive decks. Seems like a great card
yes, because its a card effect discarding them
Here's an example of what AG builds, try to pick 20 card but it's gonna be bloody expensive Core cards: 3 Reactor Dragon 3 Wyvern 3 Gear Town 3 Fortress Pick 3-6 depending on your choice 1-3 Galaxy Cyclone 1-3 Double Cyclone Tech cards, pick what fits your style 1-2 Breaker the MW 1 TTH 3 Canadia 3 Floodgate TH 1-3 Cipher Soldier (Six Sams Vietnam flashbacks) 1-2 Econs 1-2 Bad Aim
"When" and " can" are two separate things, though. "When" without "you can", is also known as "mandatory When", meaning it has to activate, even if it's not the last thing to happen. So a mandatory When cannot miss the timing.



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I'm a F2P player and made this deck with the cards i own: 3x Lightray Diabolos 3x That gra...
Why can't I find it in the Card Trader?
black stone of legend
Then you should try to build a deck instead of a desk
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