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At least capitalize the H to look like me
363-152-169 :) Always on for constant trades!
You truly have autism I'm saying this person to person believe me I'm good at seeing the facts
Welp...many of us. But we dont replying to retarded kids' post or some shit that only wasting our precious time
rip farming feel bad for you now gtfo and start searching for a real fucking job
lol It's not that bad, this card is not essential.
ouh so you gonna cry or something stupid fuck
ouh really a hard time eah ? ouhh soo sorry for you pfftt stupid ass
but enishi is great card to make a came back when u got wrecked by CA or when u dont get a rebirth.
I've been playing this game since April. Even with XXk keys and farming event LD, no Destiny Draw. The current meta needs this skill. I'm sure, the time it will drop, it will be nerfed XD
First hand : Sphinx + Cerbere + Beast Rising + Double Summon. Perfect Hand for my 3SD deck. My opponent gave up.
Also not to forget the sphere mode effect where RA ATK/DEF become 4k u can transfer your remaining lp to RA make it 7.9k ATK/DEF! if your lp is 4k
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Dedalus and Neo Dedalus are fun to play... And their art is beautiful too.
Look me up on grinder @Limp dick gabriel I'm the one that looks like a dirty Mexican
Rub Alexis’ booty and legs ☺️
Wkwkwkwkwkwk jajajajajajajaja kelekekekekekek hahahahahaha
Is there any updated version of this? Tried few different variants I made myself but it's hard to compete with CA unless you pull mausoleum invader and golem in same hand....
Dimmensional Gate is not working anymore to farm characters
Black Bible is my favourite book
Você come o que?
Yes, confirmed Mai use this card as a tribute for its own effect
is it possible to build an ice deck like alexis' deck in the manga?
anti magic fucking arrow your ass
this is my Michizuri.
I was gonna insult your stupid comment but since you fap to tea, so you can be forgiven
exchange ticket rare
take it the sale is going really well then
LMAOO this thread seems epic <---- kekeke whoever commented this is a stupid fool!!!kekeke!!
I don't have Shard of Greed, Murmur of the Forest and Twister, can I replace it with something else?
Skill 408
The starting hand still reflects the card balance of your deck, but the cards you start with are always random. Meaning you don’t always start with the same hand or something similar every duel
I use both in my deck not at the same time usually but Malus Token+Amulet of Ambition=OP my max so far is DM(MT)+Yami+AoA 2500+200+3000 5700 dueling Arkana to get Dark Magician
doesnt the manga show alexis using "ice" themed cards (deck)?
hey guess what nobody give a shit
lvl 7 = R lvl 5 = SR noice.
2 beast-warrior vanilla monsters and one gemini warrior with 1900 attack for Joey, but this card isn't available. It would be nice with Transmodify and Armed Dragon Lv 5.
they added them to the gates and you get them at a cretin stage now
Current Neos Knight x Thunder Giant Deck. Thoughts?
just play a burn/stall deck im just gonna use extra - extra and mill the fuck out of him
Sorry, I mean ritual.
It would be funny to see what would happen if an Amazoness Swordswoman hit an infinite attack Obelisk, though. XD But the TCG version of Obelisk sounds pretty good already.
you can't p2w to max out a character idiot. That means the person actually grinded and leveled him up. Spell gear can only be obtained when you get to crowler lv 40. no other way. try to make some sense when you post stuff.
lol no it wont. highly doubt they will make this an ability like HHG or Field of Warriors but if they do it wont be Ishizu but it will be Marik Ishtar.
Maybe 1-2 birdface, but not 3.
Works great with Ra's disciple since it summons 3 monsters in one turn



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At least capitalize the H to look like me
363-152-169 :) Always on for constant trades!
You truly have autism I'm saying this person to person believe me I'm good at seeing th...
Welp...many of us. But we dont replying to retarded kids' post or some shit that only wastin...
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