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You need to adjust your thought. Because the AI seems to know what you wanted the most and decided not to give it lel.
i am so upset that yugi muto didn't drop even 1 union attack but i have been fighting lv.30 yugis because i just started and reached stage 30 to find a severallv.40 yugis now i lost my hope for a good farm deck :( i dont have enough ur cards for riryoku
I see this more of a Zombie type rather than Fiend type.
Oh sorry you mean 6400 XD sorry im being a jerk there
Works extremely great with wonder balloons, if u want to see it urself, add me: TheLegend27 and i will duel you (come to chat room 1)
You guys so lucky that you can build a deck while I still keep farming to get a Recruiter. Don't even have one yet after dueling Odion like 50 times.
Excuse me while I auto-duel through all SDs with the expensive version of this deck.
But for some reason it doesn't always work for mobile phones. mine fail to upload. In PC though it always works.
Spirit orb plus asura is great recovery
Tips for using doesny fit example deck
i wouldn't recommend it imo. Venus can be better in this case since you put order to charge to take care of any monster, and bubonic isn't a normal monster. You can definitely use bubonic in an atmosphere deck, but just not replacing it with venus in this example deck.
Don't talk to bae like that.. I mean my dad
Murmur of the forest works well here too.
At least can change for UR stones :) I cant obtain gandora Igot 45 bloqs 35 beavers 2 toys 1 magical blast 1 rain And 2 union attack
Not sure if this is a boy or girl, one thing for sure, he/she got a fabulous pose!
^ think so. :(
I fought yugi moto so many times and got 2 SR cards, And fuck they were both rain of mercy the 1 card i diddnt want.
(Copy)(Copy)(Copy) lol XD
It's because this card is situational if you asked me. Rather pick to destroy than return to hand.
all u need is gandora, banish all bakura cards. HAPPY ENDING
Use pot of greed
Karate OTK isnt gona work lol its a garbage deck
I just gotten a Prismatic one from a Duel Reward, I think I just got myself a pure farm card!
Hey Mau, you seem to be a very good deck builder. I do have many many keys for kaiba, and would like to try a few decks to make one perfect deck. Can you build a sealsman Tao/ Angel07 deck? These two cards I feel could be useful in locking out Econ and DD warrior. If you don't want to test the deck it is fine, I will be glad to test it myself with the extra keys I have. let me know what you think!
The last guy is saying utter bullshit. Its battle damage is affected by all card effects. Sadly I haven't found a way to make Sonic Shooter's effect work, It's a shame. It is a very interesting ability.
Maybe I was lucky but I went to the portal and just versed everyone at level 3 third time around it finally dropped for me;) so basically it just took me one day
Get rid of a trap/spell card for it Just don't get rid of windstorm or riryoka
UR = Skill? Just make replacements. If you don't have Sonic Bird and Senju why even try to make a Ritual deck
nice. deck?
then quit. nobody even care. I do not have any relinquish. you just need card to counter it, dont you?
i think that you would put some monster level 6 whose attack is over 2000
Can't summon this one, tried with both normal Harpie Lady and one of the effect ones, nine worked
If you don't have that Eatgaboon card, Use Ready for intercepting - flip time wizard facedown before his activation.
You can't use a trap the same turn you set it. And Gandora's effect will destroy him before overwhelm can be used the next turn
good thing this is is anoymous lol
A lot of people seem to think relinquished is better than this card, but I think it's better for these reasons: -The atmosphere adds the attack of the monster to its 1000 atk and 800 def providing better stats than if you you use relinquish - The atmosphere does not require a ritual spell, which allows it to be more flexible. - Considering the other cards in the pack, there seems to be winged beast and banish synergy. - Cannot be taken by possessed dark soul - Better art than relinquished imo
It can be countered by divine wrath, overwhelm or chain destruction to a lesser extent, also having a kuriboh of your own would help..
I started after the Pegasus event. Does that mean j can't get the toonworld cards?:(
Because people are looking for decks to farm Tea, not to kill Tea.
Quill Pen of Gulldos is good for reclaiming Harpies into the deck while returning one card to the opponent's hand
Harpie Lady Sisters (2 copies, 3 Elegant Egotist, 3 Harpie Ladies). Do NOT, however, combine it with the Harpies' Hunting Ground ability (combining it with Peak Performance, however, is perfectly fine).
I'm still getting both eatgaboon and abyssal in stage 38. I think the cards can be obtained throughout all stages.
i have the same question man. do those random useful cards stop dropping after you level up or is it just rng?
How do I get the challenge beat keiba 4 times if I'm playing with him?
I could see this easily being used with a Warm Worm deck.
what are the names of all of these cards cant see the names from the pic. Also, what is the extra deck card?
"Those two Gravekeeper's cards are necessary to build Gravekeeper's deck, but that deck is not very powerful." This stuff needs updating hahahahah
This can be great with Different Dimmension Gate
What really creeps me out are her eyes.. it's like she's going to tear your heart out while you're sleeping. And talking about eyes: What the fuck's wrong with Vagabond's eyes? His hat is not covering his eyes, HE HAS NO EYES at all. Just look at where the shadow of his hat starts. It's exactly where the eyes of the other chars start! It creeps me out



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You need to adjust your thought. Because the AI seems to know what you wanted the most and decide...
i am so upset that yugi muto didn't drop even 1 union attack but i have been fighting lv.30 ...
I see this more of a Zombie type rather than Fiend type.

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