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Why does lvl 40 drop 500 gold chests i dueled about 20 times and still havent dropped a platinum pack
OP here, now, I simply agree with you. E Saurus and Sgt Electro are far better than this. Looks like Uraby's been relegated to farming.
The survey has failed my lads
I want to see a man who doesn't have a dick. I'll pulverize that scum.
farming is literally all luck tho lol, effort does not translate to rewards at all in this game. i spent like 5k keys on weevil, with like a 95% total winrate (8k,) and only have 2 skull ladybugs. i dont really care because its mediocre anyways, but you dont get rewarded based on effort at all in this game.
Would it kill this guy to drop Metalmorph? I have gotten nearly everything else from him except this at least once, and I am so tired of always getting Alligator Swords and Red Eyes Black Metal Dragons! Just how many times does Joey want to get his a** kicked by Kaiba before he coughs up the card I want?
If you plan on using Fusion Weapon with this card.
i am just a local memer
2 glossy URs and 1 prismatic SRs. And free 50 gems with guaranteed 1 UR
Just get a card that can atk lp directly(A water shell snell thing), jack it's atk up (mag card with "gift" in it's name), then atk! :D I'll come back with their names later >·>
This long list makes me think that you want to urge DM to stay still and not other generations to come out.
Maybe it would be something like this: Duel "Yami" Joey in Duel World to collect whatever the heck the token would be this time, then when you have enough of them and have saved Joey, you can duel Marik Ishtar at the gate for the first time. After that, keep dueling duelists in Duel World for even more token-things to challenge Marik at levels 10, 20, 30, and 40 to earn enough event points to unlock him and win other rewards. (Yes, I know I am kind of obsessed with being able to get Marik, but I can really see an event like this happening).
This is actually wrong as it's not how it's stated in the rule. E-con description says "take control until the End Phase", which means no matter where the card travelled, its control should return to its original owner after the EP, anytime it returns and is controlled New meta for Mai
so why does it matter if you dont remember the names of cards in the tcg again? and why is it an insult? lol
That ritual card is OP in DL. I know they try to make it similar to the RL card game, but with only 3 mon slots, it should be higher than lvl 1 with that being the only discard lvl you need. Too strong for mini DL gameplay style.
That's why I said sometimes, hence 5 out of 10 times I usually get completely destroyed in the first couple turns if I can't draw veil and skull lair, and hence why I use balance because I have shitty draws 24/7
I had problems with that too. Right below the captcha image there is an link to change it for another one. I think I got it right at the 3rd image. I personally can't distinguish between the o (letter) and 0 (zero). I always write "o" and all in lower case. If you're still having problems maybe you should try with another keyboard or check if the current one has a hot key pressed.
Cannon soldier just obliterated me using his special ability. Pairofcrocks has figured out a way to beat Unhappy Girl deck even with Holy Guard.'s not that the turn I normal summon it, it prevents ALL traps (for one turn only). Rather it's that no trap can affect it's summon? That's...rather useless.
what's wrong? done already? what's the matter dweeb? scared to fight?
Is goka a must, don't feel like opening CK packs what is a decent replacement have DD, Neo, UR cards
mw is better in almost all decks, and econ is generally superior.
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Eat your heart out Paradox New meta for Mai
Will send back
Mind scan works here and it's better since you use 3 red ninja but I think you should get rid of one transformation art and add in storm to help clear your backrow because you will get clogged up and you destroy your opponents backrow as well.
Lol. Hilarious!!!
They should make it droppable from bandit or joey as a rare drop. I don't think this card would be OP even with 3 of them, but they could make some great combos with cards like Machine Duplication and Chthonian Alliance.
So what? Just get enemy controller because your gonna use it in many decks, what are you gonna do with gravity blaster? Its limited to a certain deck?
Chivalry for easy counter
Very underrated and situational but pretty fun build this deck.
dont feel bad ive dueled him 67 times and finally got one
This card never works for me. It just won't activate.
Hey Guys..I have only 2x Relinquished atm and good wins but can only reach plat 4. I tried toon, venus, hhg with and without Vanilla. Always the same, gering mostly an anti my played deck. Any suggestions for this deck to get FINALLY KoG? Thx in advance
gay-wise, it is NOT
Being in plat doesn't mean it's a good deck. I can play any sort of meme deck if I am in plat 1, for example.
Econ to tribute a weak monster, take their high stat monster and destruct potion it.
Great deck, however with the current meta it makes it hard to perform all combos especially when dueling against Sacred Phoenix.
Hahahaha take that, Vagabond. Ya jerk
Odion 54
200 traps activated.
is this card still bugged? i finally have a deck built around it and i just wanna uuuuuse it :c
how can u be bad at flipping coins :O
lol you can either spend 100 years getting all the cards gk use, or spend 15 min and get all the cards naturias use. if you started today, what option would you pick? be competitive in pvp today, or be competitive in 2 years? either way you dont get much out of experience in this game since it's heavily reliant on luck lol. i pity you for not being able to figure that out......................
Yeah, Toon Kingdom is totally OP for Ranked duels, I think it's more powerful than Amazoness Village
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Why does lvl 40 drop 500 gold chests i dueled about 20 times and still havent dropped a platinum ...
OP here, now, I simply agree with you. E Saurus and Sgt Electro are far better than this. Looks l...
The survey has failed my lads
I want to see a man who doesn't have a dick. I'll pulverize that scum.
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