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"thanks" for apologizing in my name, but don't need to, because i never apologize. Especally to sweaty fat neckbeard yugioh losers who are barely able to read a sentence without help. Plus i was right about everything, so really save your "funny" i write in the name of others very mature even 7 years olds find cringe level joke for someone else.
Re-use field spell effects like Gateway to Chaos.
Pros : This card could be activated anytime after it was set on the prev. turn. Note that several deck such as gaia would be unable to use its effect ( or forced to) if you active the effect. Cons : -Also affect your monster. -Only affect effect monster -Switching attack means some card might actually get benefit from it.
Does this work against token monsters?
Just ask dude someone will reply at some moment
Pippy, not Popeyes but it is pippy
You have a very Kelly Clarkson way of do. If your do is okay, then you should be fine.
At that point it's just bad luck.
Nonsense. Miniboxes always contain the word "of" not "from". You're a liar.
Meh, Harpie Ladies are better off using Phalanx Pike.
Yeah, it goes to what variant you are using. I didn't run lance in 30 card variant and didn't run sign or harpist in 20 cards variant. The 20 cards tend to turbo cyber slash and protecting it while 30 cards is literally disrupting opponent with backrow and reinforcing your hand from the discarded harpie cards.
Double İnfernity barrier? What? How?
putting this card in a megalith deck surely means he doesnt know how to play megaliths.
F is for Fear and H is for Hysteriic
Just hit kog with an edited, but similar build to this. A good starting hand is what you need. Can OTK very easily. Going first is the best with this deck. You just need the right cards.
I'm '1 paladin and 1 ignister short of making this deck
Someone seemingly had the same question in mind:
The event details says it's random. But it only appears for rainbow gifts.
Power bond only affect the fusion summoned monster. I think you are refering to limiter removal effect
Why do I still see this event in the header???
brutally want to revive this deck in the pendulum era
I just want fog blade and silent boots
Yes, and considering Red Carpet just got released as an event reward, this skill is now more unnecessary than ever.
Did you read the card text? "...You can Fusion Summon 1 Level 8 or higher "D/D/D" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck..." LEVEL 8+ NOOB. LEVEL 8+. LEVEL 8 = ONLY BEOWULF.
Dino decks are obsolete now for DinoMIST but this card is perfect for those.
During the old time back when that post is posted, they would have seen play.
Well, there's only 1 Plant Xyz deck in the game right now, Rikka (and no, Sylvan doesn't really count because summoning an Xyz isn't the deck's main focus, their self mill effect is)
which makes it funny that in the anime, Yuya used this card against Jack Atlas, and ends up only using this card as extra deck summon fodder
there's an alternate art? where, because I don't see any
yeah, you tribute itself and then read the "whose total Levels equal the Tributed monster's Level on the field" part and kick yourself in the @@@
not all selection box cards are in Main Box lol. There are also some that are in Mini box.
Dark Magician are playing lvl 1 tuner's now, so it will see some plays
True. Here's why: Limit a UR card -> people will only go through the box once to get that 1 allowed copy of a UR card Limit a R card -> people will get that 1 allowed copy very soon but might go through the box several times anyway to get the UR cards That's why they prefer limiting R cards instead of SR or UR.
1. Prepare a deck strong enough to beat Zuzu Level 30. 2. Add some useful cards that reduce your own LP (Cosmic Cyclone, Herald of the Abyss, etc) 3. At the start of the turn you are about to win the duel, make sure your LP is lower than Zuzu's.
This deck was really good before 2 years. I used it and hit kog. However, today, with the limit of aloof wolf has lost its power. In addition, vs a DDD is instant surrender due to their ridiculus skill that skips stand by phase. Freed is bad since you have to rely on a summon in a meta full of book of moons, treacherous etc. Soul release is a guarantee use and can also counter your opponent gy.
Yah i failed activating this cards many times. I already removed this card..
Looks like the birth of a new copy pasta
Not many peeps is using the set batteryman and they have hand trap to last the next turn.
Oh yeah, he played this card at least once in Vrains anime.
Personally I'd take this card working off Normal Summon only, had this card is a Level 4 (with slightly lower ATK) instead of Level 5.
I'm not sure why Link Streamer, but yes, for an N rarity card, this is quite a good low level monster.


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"thanks" for apologizing in my name, but don't need to, because i never apologize....
Re-use field spell effects like Gateway to Chaos.
Pros : This card could be activated anytime after it was set on the prev. turn. Note that sever...
Does this work against token monsters?
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