Standard Duelist Lvl 45

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update 02/10/2018

Stage 45-50

Here is a list of decks that used by standard duelists. Defeat them by getting to know what cards are used in the deck!

-- Lvl 45 (5D's)

-- Lvl 45 (5D's)

-- Lvl 45 (5D's)

-- Lvl 45 (5D's)

-- Lvl 45 (5D's)

-- Lvl 45 (5D's)

-- Lvl 45 (5D's)

-- Lvl 45

Magic Gone Haywire Lvl 45

-- Lvl 45

Monster Cards x14QTY
Des FrogDes Frog3
Swap FrogSwap Frog3
Poison Draw FrogPoison Draw Frog2
Treeborn FrogTreeborn Frog1
Spell Cards x4QTY
A Legendary OceanA Legendary Ocean2
Trap Cards x2QTY
Extra Cards x2QTY
D.3.S. FrogD.3.S. Frog2

-- Lvl 45 (DM & GX)

Silent Magician Lvl 45 [New Updated]

Machine's Unrest Lvl 45 [New Updated]

Master of Orz Lvl 45 (DM & GX)

Monster Cards x13QTY
Big KoalaBig Koala3
Des KangarooDes Kangaroo3
The Earth - Hex-Sealed FusionThe Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion3
Spell Cards x7QTY
Fusion SageFusion Sage2
Trap Cards x0QTY
Extra Cards x3QTY
Master of OzMaster of Oz3

Divine Grace Lvl 45

Meteor B. Dragon Lvl 45

Masked Beast Lvl 45

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Lvl 45

White Dragon Ritual Lvl 45


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RR 16days ago
Is it me or the Master of Oz deck was downgraded? At first I thought it was a glitch/bug, but I keep getting a weaker version with only 1 extra deck card and lots of weak monsters.
<< Anonymous(RR)
Anonymous 16days ago Reply
I believe that deck was changed with the Tea update. They also hindered the Lv57 Gem Knight and Ultimate Athlete decks, which I'm quite happy about.
So since im lvl 43 in DM world i havent went against Synchro Decks in 5ds that supposed to happen?
I'm stuck on stage 50 because SD's deck from stage +51 are freaking annoying to auto dueling or farming keys when 2x event is coming.
Best decision ever :p
🔥ing Doesn't even include the 🔥 master of oz deck 🔥 that dumb 🔥 deck
<< Anonymous
Aster lover Reply
I have the lv. 51 SDs now, and yet they are much less annoying than the master of oz deck.
Please update with this one:

Magic Gone Haywire:
3x Silent Magician LV4
3x Gather Your Mind
3x Alchemist of Black Spells
3x Magical Exemplar
2x Tower of Babel
2x Spell Power Grasp
2x Anti-Spell
2x Mythical Beast Cerberus
This list is outdated. :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Refer comments section for updated list. Actually if these people take the time to email these new decks to the website moderator they will update
This is my auto duel deck
This is a deck I created to auto-duel L45 standard duelists to win quickly and hopefully get 2-4 chests. Did a lot of tweaking over a couple of days when I'd lose a duel and this is the end result with what cards I have available. BC would be a lot better than SOrb.

1x Sphere Kuriboh 
3x Des Kangaroo 
3x Big Koala 
3x The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion
2x The Dark - Hex-Sealed Fusion
1x Riryoku 
1x Fusion Sage 
1x Super Rush Headlong 
3x Polymerization 
2x Security Orb 

Extra Deck:
Master of Oz 

Video of the deck in action:

I did swap out the third Koala for B.E.S. Big Core basically for an easy tribute and protection while I get the fusion together.
I also pulled 3 fusions and 3 koalas after the video so I felt I needed an easy tribute that could survive a couple turns.
<< Anonymous
Aceress Reply
Believe me or not, I just faced a SD that used a similar version of this deck, called "The World of OZ".
He had 3x Skelengel and 3x Master of OZ. I'm at Stage 48 so my SDs should be lvl 45.
<< Anonymous
Newbie Reply
They use it as new standard deck the world of oz at level 45
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
there's no way you got more than 2 wins in a row with this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i agree
Stage 44 now. Should I raise stage and get 10 max SD in duel world or stay at stage 44 to farm keys, gold, event items (map fragments etc) ?
<< Anonymous
zastaph Reply
Lvl 45 feels overall about the same difficulty as lvl 39 duelists, only "The World of Oz" deck is causing me trouble. I had to build special deck to counter that and cannot auto-duel it. So yes, I recommend raising to 45 to gain 1 more duelist. But wait for some others' opinions, too.
<< Anonymous(zastaph)
Anonymous Reply
Tq.. Any other pro tips?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
stage up to stage 60 the LD is so easy and you got 200 gems + sphere kuriboh icon
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When the list calls for 3 Lord of D. when you can only get two :kappa:
Magic Gone Haywire:
3x Silent Magician LV4
3x Gather Your Mind
2x Alchemist of Black Spells
2x Magical Exemplar
2x Tower of Babel
2x Spell Power Grasp
2x Anti-Spell
1x Mythical Beast Cerberus
3x [Unknown cards]
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Unknown cards 1 & 2 are Magical Exemplar and Mythical Beast Cerberus.
Still need #3...
<< Anonymous
zastaph Reply
the missing card is the 3rd copy of Alchemist of Black Spells
The World of Oz:

3x Big Koala
3x Des Kangaroo
3x The Earth - Hex-Sealed Fusion
3x Skelengel

3x Polymerization
3x De-Fusion
2x Fusion Sage

Extra Deck:
3x Master of Oz

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Gamea showing the respect to dark magician and blue eyes unlike dlm.. but karakuri is not tier 1 ...
Well to be fair, in the anime he only has the card for literally one duel. Shark Drake was mor...
This deck is pretty fun with Xyz... if we had more monster zones...
Aero Shark is a terribly bad card, it totally should have been an N card reward in the event lol
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