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update 07/05/2017

Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry

Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry
Monster TypeWinged Beast
Card typeEffect
Card Effect TypeContinuous Effect / Trigger Effect / Unclassified Effect
SupportsWIND / Normal Monster


Both players Tribute Summon WIND monsters with 1 less Tribute than required. If you Tribute Summon this card by Tributing only WIND monsters, return up to 2 cards your opponent controls to their owner's hand. This card is treated as a Normal Monster while in your hand.

How to Get

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherRanked Rewards [UR]




  • Allows you to summon WIND monsters for 1 less tribute.
  • Has an effect that lets you return up to 2 cards from your opponent's field back to hand.
  • Good stats.


  • Can be costly to summon especially if you want to trigger the removal effect.
  • Opponent will also be able to summon WIND monsters for 1 less tribute.


Tribute Fodder

You can tribute these monster to lessen the cost of summoning Simorgh. Additionally since they are both WIND monsters that count as 2 tributes, Simorgh's effect that returns 2 cards on your opponent's field back to hand will be triggered making full use of Simorgh's effect and possibly gaining advantage depending on what you return to hand.


Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry counts as a Normal monster while in your hand, therefore you can use Ancient Rules to special summon him. Or you could use Mausoleum of the Emperor to summon him by sacrificing your LP. Because he was summoned this way Simorgh cannot use his removal effect. But the advantage is that you special summoned a big monster to your field with minimal cost whose effect allows you to summon other high-leveled WIND monsters with reduced cost.

Mecha Phantom Beast

Mecha Phantom Beasts are easily able to generate tokens to be used as tribute for summoning Simorgh. Since these tokens are WIND attribute Simorgh's removal effect can be activated.

Reduced Cost

With Simorgh on the field you can summon WIND monsters for 1 less tribute making level 5 and 6 WIND monsters summonable for no cost. For WIND monsters that are level 7 or higher, you can summon them with only 1 tribute. Here are some good monsters that you can summon with this reduced cost.




ActionsReturns from field to hand / Returns from your opponent's field to your opponent's hand
Stat changesTreated as a Normal Monster


this bird remains me of KFC and yes I'm hungry
Slow card, dont ever bother with it!
Does this card target?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i think this is op lol
powerful and can be special summon by ancient rules/ similar methods
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
But you lose the effect if you use ancient rules
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
umm, no, Ancient Rules doesn't negate effect
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You don't get the return 2 cards effect if you special summon with Ancient Rules.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
To be fair, the anon doesn't specify which effect. You'd still get the "1 less tribute" effect even if it was special summoned via Ancient Rules.
You can use dynatherium because is wind type.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Still needs another tribute tho, cause it's treated as a normal monster in your hand
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
More like because it is a level 8 monster and thus requires 2 tributes normally.

The normal monster part is just to make Wind Effigy actually has something to work with.
I think this is star for the new EX structure deck

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As mentioned before full field or as a discard cost for some cards such as "tribute to the d...
Oh really? Too bad I don't believe GameA's comments. I think Dartz will be added anyway...
I wonder where is Kuribabylon
Wow you must be very dumb, my guy. Don't tell me you keep losing to econ, that's sad.
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