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update 30/12/2016

Mausoleum of the Emperor

Mausoleum of the Emperor
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeIgnition-like Effect


During either player's Main Phase: The turn player can pay 1000 Life Points x the number of monsters normally needed for the Tribute Summon of a monster (max. 2000); that player Normal Summons/Sets that monster without Tributing. (This is their one Normal Summon/Set for that turn. This is not a Tribute Summon.)

How to Get/rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card traderTradable [SR]
[Required trader items]
  • 35,000 Gold
  • SR Jewel x5
  • Stone of Spell x40





  • You need to pay 1000 Life Points x the number of monster needed for the tribute.
  • Your opponent can also use this effect.

Tips, related cards, skills

Recover Life Points

By using these cards, you can recover the Life Points that you lost from using Mausoleum of the Emperor. You can gain 2000 Life Points from Supremacy Berry if you have less Life Points than your opponent. While you can gain Life points equal to the attack of the monster that is destroyed by Guardian Angel Joan.

Search from deck

You can immediately get Mausoleum of the Emperor from your deck by using Planet Pathfinder's effect. While you can draw it on your next turn by flipping face-up An Owl of Luck.

Prevent opponent from using its effect

Prevent your opponent from using Mausoleum of the Emperor's effect by returning it to your hand after using it. Use cards such as Gravelstorm and Murmur of the Forest.



Summoning categoriesNormal Summon without Tribute / Set without Tribute / Normal Summon with card effect / Normal Set with card effect
LPPays Life Points for cost


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Superior Than You
Lifeless fuckers playing this pathetic card games. Kill yourselves for the sake of humanity
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Anonymous Reply
If you had it you'd love it lol
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Anonymous 19days ago Reply
This comment hurt my feelings... I hope you're happy <:(
<< Anonymous(Superior Than You)
Mistyy 6days ago Reply
I know right? Like, how dare we enjoy something you don't? Just you keep wanking into your socks in your bedroom :)
<< Anonymous(Mistyy)
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
we will die a horrible death because we love this game ohhhh superior one
Anonymous 12days ago
It works well with Destiny Draw (skill) but if I dont draw Mausoleum during my 1st turn then it's hard to win.
Anonymous 19days ago
played with a mausoleum deck that was really fun!! would replace one of my barrel dragon with another ancient gear golem when I get it.
I'm thinking whether should I take away my econ for another supremacy berry. but it works really well with Fenghuang
Anonymous 26days ago
I don't understand why life cost zero doesn't work. If I have cyber stein set for a turn, then flip summon him, activate life cost zero, I HAVE NOT used my normal summon/set for this turn. Yet this card still cannot be activated. Also, the card says specifically "this is not a tribute summon" therefore it is a card effect. No one seems to be sure according to both skill and card definitions why this isn't working
This doesn't work with Life Cost 0, for some reason. Anyone else confirm?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Probably there's a difference between paying to use the card effect (Stein's effect) and use a card effect to pay for tribute summon (Mausoleum). I guess when it comes to Mausoleum you are using its effect to pay for tribute summon, you are not paying to activate Mausoleum.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Mausoleum's effect cannot be activated without paying life points, since the effect depends on how much the life points paid. Life cost 0 make you unable to choose how much the life points paid
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
If "Spell Economics" is active, "Star Blast" cannot be activated without paying Life Points, since the effect depends on the Life Points paid. - maybe this line in wiki make sense for the skill
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 26days ago Reply
It specifically says "this is not a tribute summon". Therefore it is a card effect...
Anonymous 27days ago
Is a program that automatically auto-duels standard duelists and recharging orbs when all spent(only recharge the amount you have) considered cheating???
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
That sounds like botting, of course it is considered cheating in many games, not only Duel Links.
Anonymous 31days ago

Fun deck using Monstermorph Evolution!
Here is the price
<< Anonymous
Luck16 Reply
I have played every event. They usually give out tons of gold and i got all character past lvl 31. Also been playing since january , also havent wasted my gold on useless card i wont use at the card trader
<< Anonymous(Luck16)
Anonymous Reply
Very few SR cards are useless...
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
i'd say most of the SRs in this game aren't very good, at least atm.
<< Anonymous(Luck16)
Anonymous Reply
I've been f2p since release, playing a bit more than casually (all non-gx characters are lvl 38), and I just broke 2.5m gold and usually hover around 100sr jewels. Have you bought ANYTHING from the trader?
Can this work for angel 07
<< Anonymous
SmallyBiggz Reply
I don't see why not
<< Anonymous(SmallyBiggz)
SmallyBiggz Reply
I lied. 07's effect only works if you TRIBUTE summon. Mausoleum lets you NORMAL summon monsters
Some guy
This card has such good synergy with Destiny Draw skill. -2000lp is exactly what you need to activate DD.
I'm guessing it works with roll and boost as well, but I'm mostly using DD.
Some guy
"Mausoleum of the Emperor" AKA.. "Now Anyone Can do Three Star Demotion!!"
basically 3sd for both players.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
when you use this field card you already -1 compare to 3DS skill, and you need get field card to hand also
<< Anonymous
Thewrudio Reply
3SD is kinda brainless, this is waaaaaayyy balanced.
<< Anonymous
Little kuriboh Reply
This is way better than the skill. Sure both players get to use it with is bad but let's look at pros and cons 3SD Pros- doesn't require a card to summon lvl 5-7 CONS- 1. can't summon lvl 8 plus 2. Requires 3000 life points per activation 3. Reduces the monsters lvl to 4 for the turn( 4 star ladybug) Masoleum of the emperor PROS-1. can summon lvl 8+
<< Anonymous(Little kuriboh)
Little kuriboh Reply
2. Needs a Max of 2k life to summon 3 life point cost scales allowing you to summon lvl 5&6 for cheaper 3 doesn't change lvl so can use things like champion vigilance on turn you summon CON 1 requires you to have masoleum out to summon 2 weak to s/t removal

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