Duel Quiz Guide

This page notes what duel quiz is, how to unlock it, a list of quizzes and rewawrds, and tips for completing each of them.
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Difficult Questions

[★★★] Generation Next-2

Duel Quiz

How to unlock quizzes

LevelUnlock condition
1From the beginning of the game.
2Reach Stage 10.
3Reach Stage 15.

Difficult quizzes

Tap the name of the quiz for tips for solving it.

3-4Amazoness Village

Level 1

List of quizzes and rewards

1Summon a Monster.
Gem x15
2Tribute Summon a Monster 1
Gem x15
3Tirubte Summon a Monster 2
Gem x15
4Chance Attack/Defense Battle PositionGem x15
5Select Your Targets
Gem x15
6Use a Spell 1Block Attack
7Use a Spell 2Banner of Courage
8Use a TrapGem x15
9Destroy a Powerful MonsterGem x15
10Destroy a Spell
Gem x15
11Destroy a TrapRemove Trap
12Activate a Monster EffectGem x15
13Activate a Flid Effect
Gem x15
14Use a Field Spell CardGem x15
15Fusion Summon a MonsterGem x15
16Ritual Summon a MonsterGem x15

Level 2

List of quizzes and rewards

1Check Card Attributes
Gem x15
2Inflict Effect DamageGem x15
3Reversal of Attack and DefenseGem x15
4Sealmaster's TalismanGem x15
5Thunder Dragon FusionGem x15
6The Ultimate Rising-1: Mightiest Illusions Ever
Gem x15
7The Ultimate Rising-2: Power of CharmerGem x15

Level 3

List of quizzes and rewards

1Check Card TypesGem x15
2Lord of D.Gem x15
3Awakening of Wicked GoddessGem x15
4Amazoness VillageGem x15
5The Ultimate Rising-3: Runaway Divine DragonGem x15
6Generation Next-2Gem x15


Hot New Top
Echoes of silence quiz please?
<< Anonymous
Just a Guy Reply
That's how all quick-play spells work.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
uhh dude they give you a hint and you can read what a card do so you have to figure it out yourself ouh wait you cant lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 15days ago Reply
Way to help guy. You're clearly the salt of the earth
<< Anonymous
Xenon 15days ago Reply
Salt is important you know?
Anyone help with the new quiz level 3? The insect queen one? :/
<< Anonymous
Pedro Reply
You have to summon the monster that begins in your hand, equip it with the equip spell then use the cocoon of evolution to bring the insect queen. The you activate the effect of the monster on the graveyard to bring the last card from your deck then special summon it.
<< Anonymous(Pedro)
Anonymous Reply
Funnily enough, the tips implies you have to attack with Meta Insect Queen more than once to win the duel, but you actually don't have to. Just attack once with Doom Dozer first, then attack directly with Meta Insect Queen. The game still treats it as the correct solution since you still win on that turn.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I recall there's another quiz that can be solved without doing what the tips says, but I forgot which one.
The new "Call forth the phoenix" quiz is easy.
Use tribute to the doomed, sacking the trap card. Use the Fire King Island ability to summon red dragon ninja. Use its ability to send the security orb back to his deck. Summon Hand of Nephthys. Use its ability to summon the phoenix.
<< Anonymous
FiendsRus Reply
It's absolutely NO problem. :D Just please, don't even mention it :)
<< Anonymous(FiendsRus)
Anonymous Reply
I just want to mention a thanks nice work
<< Anonymous
FiendsRus Reply
Yeah. But I also said not to mention it, already... it's no problem... already.
<< Anonymous(FiendsRus)
grimlock the duelist Reply
thanks loads
Can anyone help with the Archfiend quiz? I'm doing something wrong but can't tell which step.
<< Anonymous
bamers Reply
there are many on YouTube already, one of them is this >>
<< Anonymous(bamers)
Anonymous Reply
Thank you
duel quiz day 3 pls the harpies against ojama someone helppp
<< Anonymous
I don't understand Reply
What an asshat of a community I see why I stopped playing yu gi oh a while back.
<< Anonymous(I don't understand )
Verner Troy Wilson Reply
...THAT IS THE LAST -STRAW-. Just so u kno, I wish to NO LONGER b part of this community. Too many gays n asians in this community!!! I went out of MY WAY to say this specfcally to u: I can no longer STAND these conversations n the fakeness emanating form it!! N gamea admins just let penis n pornos fly around!! Wel I will not STAND for it NO MORE!!
<< Anonymous
Patrick star Reply
I don't know about these othere noobs but it worked for me. Thanks Anonymous
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nooo! You can get a second copy of Gravekeepers Vasall! Noooooo
Could somebody please post solutions to both Primal Burst quizzes? They’re the only ones I haven’t beaten, and both are insane.
<< Anonymous(Yamcha)
Anonymous Reply
First quiz. Summon the 1900 monster and detach tri-blaze accelerator. Activate it. Summon the 3k monster by tributing it. Attack with the 3k monster. Tokens are summoned but are immediately destroyed and your opponent takes 1k damage. Attack with the 1900 monster. U win

Second quiz: activate Lightning. Kill the monster. Discard Ceruli (not sure how to spell it). Discard rainbow.
<< Anonymous(Yamcha)
Anonymous Reply
Continued: destroy all spells and traps. Summon mad king. Attack with rainbow. Attack with mad king. Discard the 1600 card. Attack with him. You win
someone seriously needs to update this fri@#$$ page
Ultimate dragon duelist challenge
1 - use Venus effect summon shine ball x 2
2 - use order to smash tribute ball to get rid of riryoku field
3 - use Venus summon another ball
4 - tribute ball for skull
5 - use order of charge and white elephant gift on skull and ball to draw and get rid of 1 ultimate dragon
6 - summon sky and use effect to banish another dragon
7 - summon atmosphere use its effect and attack GG
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yeah i'm noob i need guidance, and i bet 10 ten year old still need guidance to play this game.
<< Anonymous
BrBr Reply
>calls people who needs help in a majoritys kids game kid
>plays that kids game

Shut bro.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
then why are you here?
I <3 Trolls
Servant of kings 2 (3-star quiz) is SUCH A TROLL!! HAHAHAHA! Can't believe I easily got baited and fell for the trap (which ironically, is what the quiz's title is). LOL. So for those of you who can't figure the hell out of it, just ATTACK FIRST WITH DARK MAGICIAN, only CHAIN the spell card's effect if OPPONENT ACTIVATED HIS TRAP CARD. Finish with DMoC direct attack.
<< Anonymous(I <3 Trolls)
Anonymous Reply
Damn that was simple
<< Anonymous(Sincerely.Arii)
Center Reply
1. Summon Red eyes zombie dragon, tribute fear from the dark.
2. Activate Give and Take, Summon Gozuki.
3. Attack Gozuki.
After that just go with the flow. You'll get to summon two monsters from the graveyard, use them both to attack.
<< Anonymous(Center)
Anonymous Reply
Nice one, perfect advice

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