Duel Quiz Guide

This page notes what duel quiz is, how to unlock it, a list of quizzes and rewawrds, and tips for completing each of them.
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update 19/12/2016

Table of contents

Duel Quiz

What is Duel Quiz?

How to unlock quizzes

LevelUnlock condition
1From the beginning of the game.
2Reach Stage 10.
3Reach Stage 15.

Difficult quizzes

Tap the name of the quiz for tips for solving it.

3-4Amazoness Village

Level 1

List of quizzes and rewards

1Summon a Monster.
Gem x15
2Tribute Summon a Monster 1
Gem x15
3Tirubte Summon a Monster 2
Gem x15
4Chance Attack/Defense Battle PositionGem x15
5Select Your Targets
Gem x15
6Use a Spell 1Block Attack
7Use a Spell 2Banner of Courage
8Use a TrapGem x15
9Destroy a Powerful MonsterGem x15
10Destroy a Spell
Gem x15
11Destroy a TrapGem x15
12Activate a Monster EffectGem x15
13Activate a Flid Effect
Gem x15
14Use a Field Spell CardGem x15
15Fusion Summon a MonsterGem x15
16Ritual Summon a MonsterGem x15

Level 2

List of quizzes and rewards

1Check Card Attributes
Gem x15
2Inflict Effect DamageGem x15
3Reversal of Attack and DefenseGem x15
4Sealmaster's TalismanGem x15
5Thunder Dragon FusionGem x15
6The Ultimate Rising-1: Mightiest Illusions Ever
Gem x15
7The Ultimate Rising-2: Power of CharmerGem x15

Level 3

List of quizzes and rewards

1Check Card TypesGem x15
2Lord of D.Gem x15
3Awakening of Wicked GoddessGem x15
4Amazoness VillageGem x15
5The Ultimate Rising-3: Runaway Divine DragonGem x15


Anarchy 11days ago
Does anyone have the solution for the Psychic Power Quiz?
ThE1337b0t 11days ago
Yes, 1st of all summon the monster with 1600AP and activate it's effect twice to destroy his traps. Then activate the spell for the double normal summon and summon the Psychic with the 900 points, activate it's effect and select the same monster in your hand (the only left xd) and activate the field spell card. Attack your opponent monster with your monster with the lower AP and then you know what
No-one 12days ago
How do you do Choatic Compliance?
pixel1331 11days ago
destructron destructron effect 2x double summon summon other monster activate other monter effect field spell attack
anoymous 12days ago
For Gemini strike:
-Summon Goggle Golem
-Activate Gemini Booster on Goggle Golem
-Activate Symbols of Duty
-Special summon Darkstorm Dragon
-And use the effect of Gemini Booster on Gemini Soldier
Hope this helps someone.
anoymous 12days ago
Really helpful, thanks
anoymous 12days ago
I had no idea sword of the soul eater had that kind of interaction with gemini, thanks
Jutah 11days ago
You can only equip sword of the soul eater on a NORMAL monster, activating the gemini's ability makes the card an effect monster, therefore the sword gets destroyed.
anoymous 7days ago
God bless thy soul
Tom Hanks 4days ago
Logan 12days ago
Need help with the new Gemini Strike!! Please Help
anoymous 12days ago

Rodney/JoJo 15days ago
I also need help with this Duel​ Quiz, as well. Thank you.
Internal Memory 11days ago
Summon Mistress Doriado using the 4-star monster. Activate the trap and choose option 1. Now use your equipment and choose the turtle.
Rodney/JoJo 15days ago
Could somebody give me the steps to completing The Ultimate Rising - 1: Mightiest Illusions"? Please? I'm really stuck on this part in Level 2 of the Duel Quizzes.
MasterSlayer 30days ago
need help with flame of tyrant 2
anoymous 30days ago
summon the chick > she summons 2 of her bitch minions > activate spell card to sac one of the bitch minions > activate chick's spell thing again to summon another bitch minion. you get 500 (fresh summon), her attack at 1600, then the first summoned minion (with spell card sac effect of +100) with 1500 attack. win.
Red(YokoSeo) 1/1/1970
Wonders of the sky-2
1.Activate Big bang shot(Target: Summon skull)
2.Activate Desert Twister(Your monster)'s effect and discard your 2nd Big bang shot spell card and de-spell your other Big bang shot spell card
3.Activate Wacky Magic and destroy all remaining monsters
(this combo really works well with jerry beans) <3
anoymous 1/1/1970
Thanks bro! <3
slaap je op 1/1/1970
you are a legendary super hero that's what you are :D
anoymous 7days ago
Not all heroes wear capes
anoymous 7days ago
you are the greatest
Rick 1/1/1970
What is Alligator's Sword Dragon type on check card type I tried beast
anoymous 4days ago
You summon hunter with 7 swords and you use the dragon sword as your call to attack your opponents dragon monster. Hunter will destroy dragon and alligator sword will finish off your guide.
ujinn 1/1/1970
any idea how to beat the ultimate rising-3 quiz level 3
alhafidz 1/1/1970
How to clear the sealmaster talisman quiz in level 2?
anoymous 4days ago
You summon the seal master and activate his spell card that negates trap cards but be sure to not chain effect the trap card that negates spell because then the mirror will stay in effect and screw you over.

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