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update 15/10/2018
Please note that Structure Deck EX can only be purchased once with gems.


Who should buy this deck?

This structure deck contains support for the Blue-Eyes Archetype along with support for other Normal monsters. Out of the box this structure deck is quiet playable with a number of powerful effects and high stat monsters, although with some potential to brick because of these monster's high-level.

People looking to build a Blue-Eyes deck should buy this pack for Dragon Spirit of White, Bingo Machine Go!!!, and Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon. Cosmo Brain, Symbols of Duty, and Birthright are good for decks centered around Normal monsters like Dark Magician decks, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and Hieratic decks.


Useful Skills

[Skill] descriptionUser
A Trick Up the Sleeve
Your starting hand will include 1 Lvl 7or higher DARK spellcaster-type monster, randomly selected from your deck. This skill will not activate if your DECK does not include 1 Lvl 7 DARK spellcaster-type monsters.
[Skill] descriptionUser
This turn, the Atk of all Level 5 or higher face-up monsters on your field increases by the number of monsters of Level 5 or higher on your field times 300.
Seto Kaiba
Seto Kaiba


Monster Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Blue-Eyes Solid DragonBlue-Eyes Solid Dragon [UR] 1B
Dragon Spirit of WhiteDragon Spirit of White [SR]2A-
Cosmo BrainCosmo Brain [R]1B+
Hieratic Dragon of SuHieratic Dragon of Su [R]1B
Hieratic Dragon of EsetHieratic Dragon of Eset [R]2B
Hieratic Dragon of NebthetHieratic Dragon of Nebthet [R]1B
Mekanikal ArkfiendMekanikal Arkfiend [R]1B-
Luster DragonLuster Dragon [R]2C+
Rider of the Storm WindsRider of the Storm Winds [R]1B
Spell Card [Rarity]QTYRating
Symbols of DutySymbols of Duty [UR]1B-
Bingo Machine, Go!!!Bingo Machine, Go!!! [R]1B
Non-Spellcasting AreaNon-Spellcasting Area [N]1C+
Hieratic Seal of SupremacyHieratic Seal of Supremacy [N]1B-
Trap Card [Rarity]QTYRating
First-Aid SquadFirst-Aid Squad [SR]1B+
BirthrightBirthright [SR]1B-
Cry Havoc!Cry Havoc! [R]1B-
Common CharityCommon Charity [R]1B-
Extra Card [Rarity]QTYRating

Feature Cards

Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon [UR]

Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon
Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon
LIGHT Dragon★8
ATK 2500 / DEF 2000
The White Dragon of Legend [UR]
If this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; negate its effects. When your opponent activates a card or effect (Quick Effect): You can shuffle this card from the field into the Deck, and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your Deck. You can only use each effect of "Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon" once per turn.

Dragon Spirit of White [SR]

Dragon Spirit of White
Dragon Spirit of White
LIGHT Dragon ★8
ATK 2500 / DEF 2000
The White Dragon of Legend [SR]
(This card is always treated as a "Blue-Eyes" card.)This card is treated as a Normal Monster while in the hand or Graveyard. When this card is Normal or Special Summoned: You can target 1 Spell/Trap Card your opponent controls; banish it. During either player's turn, if your opponent controls a monster: You can Tribute this card; Special Summon 1 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" from your hand.

Cosmo Brain [R]

Cosmo Brain
Cosmo Brain
DARK Spellcaster ★7
ATK 1500 / DEF 2450
The White Dragon of Legend [R]
Cannot be Normal Summoned/Set. Must first be Special Summoned by sending 1 non-Effect Monster from your hand or face-up field to the GY. This card gains ATK equal to the Level of the monster sent to the GY this way x 200. You can Tribute 1 Effect Monster; Special Summon 1 Normal Monster from your hand or Deck. You can only use this effect of "Cosmo Brain" once per turn.

Bingo Machine, Go!!! [R]

Bingo Machine, Go!!!
Bingo Machine, Go!!!
Normal Spell
The White Dragon of Legend [R]
Reveal 3 cards from your Deck that each meets at least 1 of the criteria listed below, your opponent randomly picks 1 for you to add to your hand, and you shuffle the rest into your Deck. You can only activate 1 "Bingo Machine, Go!!!" per turn.
- "Blue-Eyes" monster.
- Spell/Trap that specifically lists the card "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" or "Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon", except "Bingo Machine, Go!!!".


Hot New Top
Brazilian Guy
How lucky am I?
<< Anonymous(Brazilian Guy)
Scoop ZaZam Reply
Not lucky at all since the card is pure trash and no sane Blue-Eyes player would ever run that garbage besides for the memes.
<< Anonymous(Scoop ZaZam)
Anonymous Reply
Yeah, Solid is just no. IF it was easier to bring out, maybe
<< Anonymous(Scoop ZaZam)
Objection! 24days ago Reply
But... it looks cool, no?
<< Anonymous(Objection!)
Anonymous 4days ago Reply
Looks cool, indeed, and is easier to bring out too now that we have the White Stone of Ancient.

(which is ironic considering how Modern this card looks lol)
i need some substitutes to the rarer cards help plz
<< Anonymous(Tackrad)
Kaiba 14days ago Reply
Sorry dude u jus have to get rich. ;)
<< Anonymous(Tackrad)
Tofu 5days ago Reply
Use your brain and improvise or copy it online like every other degenerate.
<< Anonymous(Tofu)
Arya 5days ago Reply
Oh, look. It's the same person now excavating ancient posts to insult people who dare ask any questions about the yugioh card game on a site that was DESIGNED to help people with said card game by encouraging communication with players. Cry me a river with your salty tears, because these comments just make you look bitter from losing to all of this. Otherwise, you would not be angry at simple Qs.
Haha trick up my sleeve skill got nerfed good luck with summoning Cosmo Brain
<< Anonymous
Kaiba 14days ago Reply
It really isn't hard, customize the deck so it becomes easier ;)
Jason B
People who get salty because they nerfed a mere skill are pretty cringy tbh
Let me remind you there are plenty of players that are fairly competitive even with the most meme among memes (but the blue-eyes deck is clearly not the case), this being said, there are guys who reach kog with aromages, amazons, totally limited fur hires, and many other decks that are OUT of the tier list. This deck is still very competitive, but in all honestly, if you are a dumb hater you won't win not even with the best deck.
<< Anonymous(mvpdr0se)
Anonymous Reply
wow dude I envy you !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
The banishing effect is the real MVP.
<< Anonymous(mvpdr0se)
Anonymous Reply
There's a version of the deck that it's mvp, but you need 3 arkbrave slash. No trick up the sleeve at all.
Seto Kaiba
3 $ ????
<< Anonymous(Seto Kaiba)
Anonymous Reply
This deck is actually pretty good with Arkana's Skill "a Trick under the sleeve".

:] !
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I guess this is what happened when the guy saw this box was being released.
<< Anonymous
nolan Reply
Lol this is one of the best memes by far
This is not actually an extructure deck, cause its literally unplayable by its own.
<< Anonymous(Dr.Agon)
Anonymous Reply
konami just calling the price tags they release whatever they want these days
Don't dream to reach KoG with this structure deck.. noobs are expecting too much and kept begging konami to limit every other cards so that they can win with this alone.
Which cards would y'all recommend strengthening this structure deck with besides Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Protector with Eyes of Blue, Silver's Cry, Burst Stream of Destruction, Champion's Vigilance & Luminous Spark?
<< Anonymous(Spook8919)
Anonymous Reply
Monsters that destroy backrow
"Compatible with Beatdown"

more like compatible with "A Trick Up the Sleeve"

Konami please nerf that skill it's too broken with Cosmic Brain.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Or maybe DON'T nerf it and instead start buffing weaker skills so they can see some use?
Use my 5Ds celebration gift to buy this deck
This is a good deck. Not consistent without pulling Azure eyes and Blue-eyes support

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It's still good, but not the best now.
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