What is forbidden/limited card?

Forbidden cards are essentially "banned" cards, while limited simply means that you can only put 1 in a deck, semi-limited is up to two in your deck only. Some cards in the OCG/TCG are either forbidden, or limited, and this is due to their ability to create an unbalanced experience for the game.

In Duel Links

There are currently no Forbidden/Limited cards yet, but on Jun 30, there is a news announcement which gives further detail about this feature, and that it will be implemented on Aug 3. Restructer Revolution is the only thing that's mentioned, showing that it will be a Limited (only 1) status, along with the details of why it's on the list.

List of Forbidded/Limited cards

Restructer Revolution
Restructer Revolution
LimitedFrom 2017 Aug 3 ~


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I think the game is relatively well balanced. If they limit e.g. econ or mw they might break the balance in favor of high atk decks like red-eyes and then they'd have to limit insight, then vigilance etc. Just stop crying and git gud. They real banlist is cards that are not released (yet) like raigeki, black hole, heavy storm...
<< Anonymous(aiehiaeht)
Jana Reply
Your whole argument went to shit the moment you said "just git gud" especially in a game based all on rng and matchup
<< Anonymous(aiehiaeht)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
There are a bunch of alternatives for econ and mw, it honestly wouldn't hurt to limit them to at least 2. Also git gud? Ok, just send me a load of cash so I can get 3 copies of Sphere Kuribos and Mirror Walls.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20hour ago Reply
Why do people still think Kuriboh is amazing lol. Read its effect, do you actually think that is great?
Guigeek 26days ago
2 copy of Econ (even if I'm using 3 copies of them)
1 copy of Mirror Wall
1 copy of Sphere Kuriboh
1 copy of Champion Vigilence (the worst)
2 copies of Red Eyes Spirit.
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
Mirror wall and sphere kuriboh are annoying af, especially when you're getting screwed over by luck, you're about to make a comeback, and they reveal that card, and instead of red eyes spirit they should limit red eyes insight, and econ and srh are too good for a 4000lp 20card game. Should ban several toon cards too
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous 25days ago Reply
sphere kuriboh is literally bad lol
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Mirror wall is annoying but not overpowered. You can easily destroy the backrow. Sphere Kuriboh is needed to prevent OTK combo decks. Phoenix would be out of control without Sphere Kuriboh.
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
This would be nice, too bad it's probably not going to happen.
ihatesrhandmirror 7days ago
ban srh and mirror wallet please,
<< Anonymous(ihatesrhandmirror)
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
<< Anonymous(ihatesrhandmirror)
Anonymous 1days ago Reply
Limit sure, but ban? No way.
Cards that should be limited to 1
Econ(enemy controller)
Order to charge
Champions vigilance
Big wave small wave.
Red eye spirit( I've seen too many use red jewel send 2 to grave and get them back way too easily at 3.
Semi limited cards
Mirror wall(too many run trap jammer in pvp to make it 1)
Supremacy berry. Having 3 makes 3ds way too powerful even with the upgrade to 3,000 lp as that just gives the ability to double berry in 1 turn
Hammer shark with alo added you can 1 otk to easy
Twin barrel dragon
Barrel dragon
Reason is with the skill to always get heads these cards are too broken
Dark magician girl. ( she makes 3ds too strong as you can 3ds her to field and sage stone dm or double sage.
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Tea 30days ago Reply
You can't ban my signature card.
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Gia 20days ago Reply
First of all who runs 3 copies of wave? You would end up with the copies and no monster to play. Hammer its way to easy to counter, I have a friend named Possessed Dark Soul he knows what to do with theses 3star b*&**%es
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
Anonymous 7days ago Reply
You don't understand the whole reason of limiting the cards. Those cards you listed does not cause the player to lose in turn 1, i.e. you have a fighting chance, while having 3 restructer revolutions can result in the player to lose without even making a move.
<< Anonymous(Razaelriezen )
IDGAF 3days ago Reply
As i said before....Insane *1000000000 and maybe go watch pro players and listen to their opinions.
Anonymous 7days ago
They should limit Toon Barrel Dragon to 1 because it's OP in this meta.
<< Anonymous
IDGAF 3days ago Reply
I think Konami add Monster reborn. in OCG the monster reborn is Limited :D and this game is Japanese. Japanese have the OCG.
<< Anonymous
YamiMarik Reply
Pot of greed is Forbidden in OCG :(
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Elder Entity Norden in the OCG is banned. so... the jap player's in ygo-pros cannot summon?:D
<< Anonymous
Yami Reply
Yes :D They have 0 Elder Entity Norden :3 BUT JAP PLAYER'S HAVE MONSTER REBORN C: (better)
<< Anonymous
Pinguin345 15days ago Reply
The Card is in the game If you go to the duel school and play the Up and Down duel Quiz you can see the cards of your oppenent and he has a Monster reborn card
Anonymous 15days ago
People be broke.
Cvuchoa 17days ago
update this post :)
<< Anonymous(Cvuchoa)
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 17days ago Reply
Anonymous 20days ago
ban super rush headlong! limit econ and Mirror wallet
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 20days ago Reply
not happenin
Anonyboy 30days ago
The cards that should be banned for use against NPCs:
Unhappy Girl
Piranha Army
Union Attack
Gravekeeper's Vassal
Gift of the Martyr
Secret Pass to the Treasures
Mythical Beast Cerberus (That's it's name, right? The one with the spell counters?)
I don't have any problem with these being used in competitive play, but the issue is that they are used for farming. The thing about the creation of farm decks is that they limit creative play. "But Anonyboy," you say. "It's completely up to the user as to whether or not they use a farm deck." Well, TOO BAD! Farm decks give an absurd advantage to players with certain cards, and also doesn't force the players to think. I don't care that the deck board exists, one of the main appeals of Yugioh is the ability to make your own deck. Copy-and-pasting other people's decks to get a ridiculous amount of loot shouldn't be a part of the game. Also, raising the drop rate would help, as with a raised drop rate, farmers have no excuse.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 22days ago Reply
1: He is joking, nobody is dumb enough to actually want Blue-Eyes White Dragon to get banned 2: He was talking about Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, not Blue-Eyes White Dragon 3: Horrible reason to keep something unbanned, if its broken then ban it, having a card become unusable shouldn't be a worry, especially if that card isn't relevant to the meta
<< Anonymous(Anonyboy)
Farmer 22days ago Reply
The reason this will never happen is that Konami is in this just for the money. I know Google gives apps money just for the amount people play the game. By limiting the drop rates and making people spend more time playing the game, they make more money.
<< Anonymous(Farmer)
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
it's not gonna happen because it would literally tell the majority of players to stop playing the game
<< Anonymous
Anonyboy 21days ago Reply
sorry guys...It's cause I don't have 2 union I decided to rant here....feel salty that others can farm so easily while I.......*sob
Anonymous 22days ago
Bitches be like man I rather play Angry Bird then this shit show of a game.
Anonymous 27days ago
This SOB should be banned!
<< Anonymous
Guigeek 26days ago Reply
Great onster and great art. No. + it's easy to counter because of its weak DEF.
<< Anonymous(Guigeek)
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
How is it easy, when 90% of the times it's summoned it will empty the field and attack you directly? If your enemy manages to summon this, chances are you're in trouble.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 24days ago Reply
it's a 3 card combo minimum and all of the other cards used for the combo are worthless if you dont have them all at once. either way if you chain econ to use and have another monster u basically win because they threw away their entire hand for no reason lol

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