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update 04/11/2016

Hallowed Life Barrier

Hallowed Life Barrier
TypeTrap Card
Card Effect TypeCost / Card effect


Discard 1 card from your hand. This turn, any damage you take from your opponent's cards and effects becomes 0.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory against--
Card trader--
OtherRanked Duel Ticket










ActionsDiscards for cost / You discard
LPPrevents effect damage

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Anonymous 10days ago
Good in Craneless Bujin.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
is that a thing though? not playing them myself, but im prettyx sure that crane is the thing that made them playable in the first place
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 6days ago Reply
Too bad junk deck is actually kickin some much bujin ass !, guess junk synchron is getting popular at least for a while.
Duel Links is under OCG format so it's should be a UR card, because SR is not enough.
I got a ticket and didn't know what card to get and then I saw this one and thought "waboku"? But it's a different one and I'm surprised because it has helped a lot xd :o
This card cannot protect monsters in anime but in DL. lol
Recently, i used this card and my monster was destroyed. What happen with this? Was the effect got nerf also? Because before all the rebalancing and nerf my monster will not destroyed if i use this card
I feel like this is an underrated card. I don't know if it's due to the confusion of the ruling, or because it's not used a lot, but I've had more than a few duels where people honestly don't understand that it protects monsters for the whole turn, and will still try to attack me multiple times after I have used it. This card is a hidden gem in my Right Back at You deck.
<< Anonymous(Valencia)
Anonymous Reply
It's definitely confusion over the ruling. You look at the card and think, ok they don't take damage that's fine. I can still kill their monsters. Then you think to yourself, OK no way I missed something with a continuous effect that protects monsters, maybe it's a once per turn thing. Then you go read the ruling page and realize that Konami is lazy about errata.
Why defense draw still destroyed monster while this card doesn't?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
hallowed life barrier follow the ocg rule read about it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
duel links follow the ocg rules
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
A quote stolen from Frapplejacks on Reddit. "Duel Links uses the most updated TCG printing for the effect, yet uses OCG rulings. This is why we have some dumb shit like Hollowed Life Barrier having battle protection despite it not being listed anywhere on the card, or having archaic wording of effects like Dark Elf. Darkness approaches got an erratum released online, but has yet to have a printing
This card is bugged. Monsters should still be destroyed after you activate this card.
This card should be SR or UR. Even the cost is just discarding 1 card is too good. In Addition, your monsters cannot be destroyed by battle in the turn you activate this card. Although, There is no description about "monsters" in the text
<< Anonymous(candend)
Anonymous Reply
Which is really confusing
<< Anonymous(candend)
Anonymous Reply
I think because damage taken is 0, 0 atk monster can't destroy another 0 atk monster so the card make atk damage from their monster to your monster became 0 so your monster not destroye imho
For some reason this card does not activate dark worlds and I don’t know why...
<< Anonymous(WMDJMD)
Anonymous Reply
Because this card discards as a COST......
Will this card be a staple in glad beasts?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nope, impenetrable shield more versatile than this.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
budgetter glad beasts sure. but impenetrable comes in the same pack so its debateable
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
main advantage of that card is because you protect your monster and don't get dmg so it's is like both effects of impenetrable attack together. As a bônus it's protect you from effect dmg too.
If I have to choose between cloning and hallowed life barrier, which do u think is better? I can't take both because I wanna have pairs of the card or should I take both? With one each?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
hallowed life barrier is a cheap Impenetrable Attack with a cost of a discard yet does both effects of impenetrable attack so i prefer it, cloning is a drop reward for kaiba i believe so i won't go for it with a ticket

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Were at a 1000 plus gems for this event so far. I think will be fine with gold
Note: this card had an errata and now his effect dont target(its a spellbook of judgment but as m...
Maybe you can tell us, are they using the same deck? Espa from event vs at the gate?
Jaden has lines for Dark Law and MC2 (probably for CPU only). But you are right, highly doubt the...
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