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Duel Links on PC, how to play PC version, how to install.
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New level rewards have been leaked?
update 22/09/2017

PC version

Release date2017 Winter

Recently, Konami announced that they will be adding a PC Steam version of Duel Links this coming Winter 2017. Included with this announcement is that you can link your Data from your phones to PC version and playing PC version against mobile version. Also, they will increase the amount of information displayed on the PC version. So expect a better graphics and possibly new animations!

How to install

The PC version of Duel Links hasn't been launched. It's coming to Winter in this year. We will update this page once it's launched!

Android Emulators

To play the game on PC, you can use android emulators. Bluestacks and Nox are known to work, but you can also use Memu.

APK File

Once you have them installed, you will need to download Duel Links APK file. You can do this by going to either APK Pure and install it on your emulator,

Or download QooApp to your emulator so you can download other games and install directly.

How to play on Nox

Once you have Nox installed, hit the Google folder and just like in your Android Phones go to the Play Store.

You will be asked to add your Google account. Click existing then Log in by using your Google's Username and Password. Press the forward button then press okay when the pop-up box shows.

Just wait til the sign in is done then you can set up Google services and payment info to your preference. In this step I skipped the payment info. Another box will pop-up after this, just click accept.

You're now in the Play Store. Searh for Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links then press Enter. Click on Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links by Konami then install. A pop-up box will appear, just click accept then the download will proceed. When it's over, the Duel Links icon should be at the Nox home screen now. Click it and you can now start playing Duel Links on your PC.


Hot New Top
Anonymous 11days ago
BNluestack crashed Computer don't download
Lavloz 23days ago
The PC game is available, I play it everyday after I've lost my phone, you have to install through Steam.
itis the best game ever
<< Anonymous(will)
KDT 25days ago Reply
you are new, aren't you?
<< Anonymous(KDT)
Captain obvious 24days ago Reply
KDT lol right
Anonymous 26days ago
I cant play pvp with pc version, keep getting disconnects every time...
Can you switch between your phone and the pc or will the data not transfer between them?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
I also am curious to know about this too
Anonymous 27days ago
I managed to DL the game on Nox from the Google Play Store but it's not showing up on my home screen. Always requires me to go through the Play Store, find the game and then open it from there. Has anyone else had this issue?
apkpure 27days ago
Entertainment has a very important role in our lives.Every one of us, who works hard daily, needs entertainment in one way or another. Different people use different kinds of <b><a href=""> 1.9 APK</a></b> for entertaining themselves. For example, some people watch movies. Some of us like going to hotels. Some of us prefer shopping. Similarly there are also many other means of entertainment in our daily life.
<< Anonymous(apkpure)
Anonymous 27days ago Reply
Since when does going to hotels count as "entertainment"?
we create them on pc
because we all want money
<< Anonymous(konami(real))
Anonymous Reply
unless they make a real PC version, duel links won't become a serious competitive card game, because the WCS will be dudes playing on a mini tablet.
noobs just play with a modded apk like from hokage(search in google). Free wins and farming no time to waste. U can also see opponents cards in pvp but i wouldnt reccomend to use for pvp or ur account will get banned
<< Anonymous(ProGamer)
Anonymous Reply
Lol you don't need mods to be competitive that's the dumbest thing I ever heard you just need a excuse too because you suck hard
<< Anonymous(ProGamer)
Anonymous Reply
Welp, since KONAMI doesn't care about cheating, maybe it's time to use mod apk. konami.
<< Anonymous(ProGamer)
Anonymous Reply
Who needs mods when you use a Red Eyes deck? Deck is so broken.
<< Anonymous(ProGamer)
DJPlace Reply
well starting march the konami's laying the smack down...
update your s

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