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update 28/05/2019


Note: :To see the pass Toon Decklist, please click the link below:

Example Deck

Red-Eyes Version

Lava GolemToon Dark Magician GirlToon Dark Magician GirlToon Dark Magician GirlRelinkuribohRelinkuriboh
RelinkuribohRed-Eyes Toon DragonRed-Eyes Toon DragonThe Black Stone of LegendThe Black Stone of LegendPlanet Pathfinder
Planet PathfinderToon KingdomToon Table of ContentsRed-Eyes InsightRed-Eyes InsightRed-Eyes Insight
Red-Eyes SpiritRed-Eyes Spirit--------

Previous Version

Toon Dark Magician GirlToon Dark Magician GirlToon Dark Magician GirlToon MermaidToon MermaidToon Mermaid
RelinkuribohRelinkuribohRelinkuribohToon KingdomEnemy ControllerEnemy Controller
Toon Table of ContentsDemise of the LandDemise of the LandPaleozoic CanadiaPaleozoic CanadiaMemory Loss
Memory LossMemory Loss--------

Set Skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
It's a Toon World
Begin Duel with the Continuous Spell Toon World activated.
Maximillion Pegasus
Maximillion Pegasus

How To Use


You can Tribute Relinkuriboh to Special Summon Toon Dark Magician Girl or Toon Summoned Skull and then draw a card via its effect or activate Enemy Controller, Tribute Relinkuriboh to take control of an opponent's monster, draw a card and finally Summon one of your “Toon” monsters by Tributing the monster you’ve taken control of.

Relinkuriboh makes it easier to draw into cards like Memory Loss or Forbidden Chalice that will protect your Toon World and Toon Kingdom from cards like Dragon Spirit of White and Koa'ki Meiru Maximus. Toon decks generally take a lot of resources to set up properly, which gives a lot more value to this card’s effect.

Demise of the Land

Using this Quick-Play Spell, you can activate Toon Kingdom directly from your Deck. Demise of the Land can only be activated when your opponent Special Summons a monster.

If you activate Toon Kingdom via Demise of the Land, the effect of the Field Spell will miss timing, so no cards will be banished from the top of your Deck.

Toon Kingdom

Toon Kingdom will prevent all of your “Toon” monsters from being targeted by your opponent’s card effects and, at the cost of banishing one card from the top of your Deck face-down, it will also prevent them from being destroyed.

If Toon World or Toon Kingdom, which is treated as Toon World while in the Field Spell Zone, is destroyed, your “Toon” monsters will be destroyed as well, but, if your opponent banishes one of those cards instead, nothing will happen to them.

Toon Dark Magician Girl

While Toon World is on the field, unless your opponent controls a “Toon” monster as well, Toon Dark Magician Girl can attack your opponent directly.

With 2000 ATK, this card only needs two turns to end a duel and, unlike Toon Mermaid and Toon Summoned Skull, it can attack the turn it’s Summoned. Ideally you want to use Relinkuriboh as Tribute to Summon this card, but Paleozoic Canadia is also a good option.

You can use Toon Rollback, which can be searched by Toon Table of Contents, to quickly OTK your opponent with this card.

Additional Notes


[Skill] descriptionUser
It's a Toon World
Begin Duel with the Continuous Spell Toon World activated.
Maximillion Pegasus
Maximillion Pegasus

Toon Mermaid, Toon Dark Magician Girl and Toon Summoned Skull can’t be Summoned unless Toon World is on the field and, although Demise of the Land and Toon Table of Contents do give you access to Toon Kingdom, the deck wouldn’t be quite as consistent if you relied solely on them.


  • Toon Kingdom banishes three cards from the top of your Deck on activation and then, each time one of your monsters would be destroyed, it banishes one more card. With only 20 cards in your Deck, it really doesn’t take that long before you deck out completely.
  • If Toon Kingdom or Toon World are destroyed by Koa'ki Meiru Maximus, Destiny HERO - Celestial or Galaxy Cyclone, you will likely lose all of your monsters.
  • Toon Kingdom’s activation can be negated by Koa'ki Meiru Wall, Silent Magician or Silent Swordsman and its effect can be negated by Silent Swordsman LV7. You still have to banish three cards from the top of your Deck, even if the activation is negated.


Hot New Top
I never knew this existed.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
That is true, but a tad different. The first wave of Toons, such as Mermaid and Blue-Eyes, were released IRL before they appeared as physical cards. But later Toons were all physical cards (as were the older ones in later appearances). Toon Ancient Gear Golem was never a card in the anime. Also, as I mentioned, the Collector's Packs are dedicated to releasing anime cards. Toon AGG was never a card
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Lol I'd be fun to watch a Pegasus x Crowler match in which Pegasus summons this card to mock him for a while
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
They did fight and Pegasus did use it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous 21days ago Reply
Lol he looks very funny
u can summond RE TOON whit black stone?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
id summon RE archfiend of lightning instead
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I'd summon Red-Eyes Baby Dragon instead. :D
Toon deck
That's all folks
black metal dragon is good tribute fodder for toon dmg (and can then search for insight/spirit)
Psychic Ace also good for Backrow and Monster removal.

Ein zweites Toon Königreich wäre auch mal ganz nett :)
<< Anonymous(Bloody)
Anonymous Reply
Ich denke nicht, dass sie ein zweites Toon Königreich rausbringen werden. Sonst sieht man im PvP nur noch Toons :P
<< Anonymous
Bloody Reply
Oder meinetwegen als Skill, z.B. wenn man 1800 Lifeponts verliert aktivere Toon Königreich von außerhalb deines Decks xD
<< Anonymous(Bloody)
Anonymous Reply
Das wäre richtig nice :O
Hoffentlich werden bald solche Anpassungen folgen. Ich freue mich jetzt erstmal auf das Freischalten von Kalin Kessler Ende Juni :D
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
istn natchi kai tshagen, ife nitsukhaighut??
PSA: Throw dark burning attack into your toon deck if you run 3 toon dm girls. Great frontrow support, works w/ toon dm girl
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It says it needs 'Dark Magician Girl', not a 'Dark Magician Girl monster'.

So don't.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Mods can you delete my comment? Just read the card. My bad.
<< Anonymous
Kris Reply
The spell card works with her I tried it out
<< Anonymous(Kris)
Yugiknowz Reply
Can confirm, it does indeed work with TDMG, wether Komoney intended it to or not.
ya but what if you just replaced all the cards with toon alligator, then youd have a real deck
Those who think toons are weak are quite mistaken, this deck can make it to Kog simply because it's kinda easy to OTK with it. Most of OTK decks such has Hazys, Dragunitys, etc are totally Kog worthy thanks to their crazy ATK factor.
Toon Ace
I made it from Gold 1 to Legend 1 with only toons. So it is possible Toon fans! KoG here I come!
Can you use Pseudo Space if your Toon Wolrd gets killed?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
You can but Psudeo space will only become Too kingdom for one turn so it's not entirely useful

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