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update 20/12/2016

Toon World

Toon World
TypeSpell Card
Card Effect TypeCost


Activate this card by paying 1000 LP.

How to Get / Rarity

Level-up reward--
Victory againstPegasusl level 30 or more [SR]
Card trader--
OtherPegasus unlock event [SR]


Rating5.5 / 10


Allows you to run "Toon" monsters and trigger their effects.


  • Costs 1000 LP to use.
  • Vurnerable to removals such as De-Spell and Twister.
  • Not a field spell card, so this takes up 1 spell/trap card slot.
  • Destroys summoned toon monsters if this spell card is destroyed.


  • Use cards like Magic Reflector or other negate spell destruction cards to protect this card.
  • Gravelstorm can be used to return the card back to your hand, and since it's not destroyed, it will not destroy the current face up toon monsters on the field.

Related skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
[It's a Toon World]
Begin Duel with the Continuous Spell "Toon World" activated.


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Hot New Top
With the new EX orbs card trader could we just get toon world from that?
I have unlocked Pegasus, and does the skill for Tw ONLY drop if Pegasus is lvl 30?
Or does it work too, if you duel legendary duelits who's levels' are 40?

<< Anonymous(Maxi99)
Ulle Reply
You have to play as Pegasus against any Legendary Duelist. It doesn't matter what level they are but I'd say the best chance to get it is against Lvl 40.
Just hit 5.5 mil and finally got my first copy of toon world! Yes!
I got super lucky and he dropped three of them for me , but you definitely don't need the skill drop
Finally got my TW card after a million tries. As for the skill, you don't need to have it to get the card drop, I don't have the skill but have TW. I've been farming for the skill drop since the first peg event so...
I been dueling Pegasus for his toon world card lvl 40 and got nothing but toon monsters and gold. Konami needs to up the rng or have the card as a progression reaward. The drop rate is too low. And also make it so we earn star chips from pvp Seriously the npcs are too hard at higher levels.
<< Anonymous
Hero Reply
Same here. I've had every other one of his cards at least twice but not Toon World. Literally puts half his cards to waste if they reduce the drop chance of toon world.
<< Anonymous
Nob Reply
i think it's harder to get spells and traps from him for some reason. i've gotten 2 toon mermaids and three toon masked sorrcerors, and only one spell card, card of sanctity :(.
Yeah it's dropped from ishizu lv40 keep farming player
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
My toon deck
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
My toon deck
<< Anonymous
Hero Reply
So you have to get a skill from other duelists before Pegasus will drop the card? That's so stupid i cant beleive it.

I've been fighting pegasus almost exclusively as the event is limited time and got everything except the toon world card.
Hello!! Finally after a duel with level 40 ishizu I had drop skill its atoon world!
I started after the Pegasus event. Does that mean j can't get the toonworld cards?:(
<< Anonymous
Calvin Reply
They said that the event might come back :) when is a mystery (:
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
It's coming tomorrow
<< Anonymous
Niz!!! Reply
Comiing todaaaay
Got this as a drop today against a lvl 10 Joey
<< Anonymous(Aizen)
Kanchi Reply
So u got hight score or low score ?
I got this skill and dont know what to do. Not many good toon cards currently
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
When u got this skill ? Event Pegasus or after event gone ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Drop from LD. i forgot which one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I know it's drop from Tea, my question asking when ? Before event or after event ?
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I mean during event or after event gone ?
how to get this card drop skill.someone please help me(-_-)
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
you HAVE to fight legendary duelist and get a high duel assessment. There is also a possibility of getting it with a low duel assessment. But u have to fight LD

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