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PK 6days ago
Do they still update this page? Seems to be missing a few decks.
Aspiring Duelist
Rate my deck plz
<< Anonymous(Aspiring Duelist )
Anonymous Reply
6.5, good balance, enough control of field, lack combo of cards, better replace some of them, Flamevell dragon + gamushara + rising energy good combo but one order of charge will break it. The second, third fifth and sixth card in second row useless, better thinking about replaceing them to Great Angus. And you need cards to deal with face up spell/trap,I suggestMei-Kou or Twister, that's it.
<< Anonymous(Aspiring Duelist )
Anonymous Reply
Basically none of these cards work together, there isn't more than one copy of any of these cards in this deck. Trash it, pick a theme, goal, or card and base the deck around that.
<< Anonymous(Aspiring Duelist )
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
Fuckin' trash . Re-build from scratch with better knowledge of how to make a deck. You're better off not knowing your deck rating . He gave it 6.5 wouldn't have even given it a 3
<< Anonymous(Aspiring Duelist )
Anonymous 13days ago Reply
And this is how you stay in silver running 30 cards or not running a deck. This is not cards for a specific deck this is just a deck of cards you need stuff like cyber angel from Alexis, or Phoenix with card's from dawn of destiny or silent magician from echo's of silence...smh I can tell your only in silver or lower
luke 14days ago
I need help building a deck please e-mail me
Yami bakura 27days ago
My troll deck works :D I put exchange card because people run grandpa skill do not give your openent spirit barrier and steal one of there exodia piece what other cards can it run ??
Deck kog muito bom
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Should i use Pyrorex with this deck?
<< Anonymous
rtfg Reply
nah, it's way too situational
Meu deck de gemeos ... Avaliem por favor
Hello everyone!
How can improve this deck? I usually use this in autoduel mode to crash lv.33 enemies.
Any suggestions to improve this?
<< Anonymous(Davide)
Anonymous Reply
Not many, ritual decks are always inconsistent, you may get 4k score in one match the lose another, which means 5k 2 match's, I run a strong beater deck with many glossy and prismatic cards, I have been getting well in autoduel, always around 4 k, sometimes 4, but always winning
Guess what Pokémon
What card is this?
This is a fun and somewhat effective (but slightly costly) Thunder deck that works well with both Umi and Three Star Demotion. If you want just 20 cards take out 1 Sanga.
<< Anonymous(Raijin)
Raijin Reply
Extra deck is 1 copy of Twin Thunder Dragon
Anyone got any good deck ideas to base around chaos necromancer?? Just thought you might be able to make a cool deck with it
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
yea with a doomsday horror deck or dark necro fear deck, basically anything that can mill cards without it being detrimental to the deck. i kida like this card along with the new card that mills top 5 cards to grave mix that with prometheus, doomsday horror, and that guy that summons tokens while hes in the grave if enemy monsters get banished
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Tried a lot of combo with it. The best is run 2 of them along with 2 monster removal and 3 magical merchant (making sure that you will have at least 1 necro in your hand) in a 28 monster deck, but it's hard to deal with opponent backrows, making it pretty inconsistent. It's also susceptible to any kind of defensive card and milling-deck.
Black Jinzo
My Simochi Deck so far; if I had "Last Gamble" I would replace it and add some more burn cards.
Any suggestions?
<< Anonymous(Black Jinzo)
Anonymous Reply
The eye of truth and red asmodian can help a lot, combining them with simochi.

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