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Pianta 1days ago
Here's m'y Buster Blader prototype deck. Any advice guys ? (skill is balance)
Aspiring Duelist 2days ago
Rate my deck plz
<< Anonymous(Aspiring Duelist )
Anoymous 2days ago Reply
6.5, good balance, enough control of field, lack combo of cards, better replace some of them, Flamevell dragon + gamushara + rising energy good combo but one order of charge will break it. The second, third fifth and sixth card in second row useless, better thinking about replaceing them to Great Angus. And you need cards to deal with face up spell/trap,I suggestMei-Kou or Twister, that's it.
Black Jinzo 3days ago
My Simochi Deck so far; if I had "Last Gamble" I would replace it and add some more burn cards.
Any suggestions?
Check out my new deck...appreciate your thoughts
<< Anonymous(Mka*)
Anoymous Reply
Add Senju, G Apple, and Remove Healer, 21 card is still smooth.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous 30days ago Reply
Would only run 2 of the Z's, you won't always be hit with a 2k+ beater. If your opponent has the advantage they may not always tribute summon.
Mr. Gold
how do you make a deck and can you enter cards you accually own in the real life?
<< Anonymous(Mr. Gold)
Mr. Green Reply
You can only make a deck using the packs + character cards allowed in the game. The game itself is a Mini-Yugioh game. It has its own Meta.
I want a legit, white dragon ritual deck. Any rips for me. I have 3 paladin dragons and 3 blue eyes. As well as 2 sonic birds and 2 of the other one.
<< Anonymous
Rabbit Reply
3x BEWD 2x Sonicbird 2x Senju 3x Paladin 2x Ritual 1x Polymerization 1x Fusion Sage 3x/2x Fulfillment of the Contract 1x Windstorm of Etaqua 2x/3x monster 4star like BE Summoner, Vylon Ohm, Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu.
<< Anonymous
Apophis Reply
3 BEWD, 3 Paladin, 2 senju, 1 or 2 sonic birds, 2 or 3 blue dragon summoner ( 2 if you have 2 sonic bird, 3 if u have 1 sonic bird),1 sphere kurboh. throw in ultimate D for fun 1 poly (if running ultimate D,) 3 white D rituals, 1 Champions Vigilence, 2 Mirror wall Run with Kaiba with either Peak Preformance or Beatdown or Kieth with switcharoo its purley ritual based no kaibaman no kaiser
Anyone got any good deck ideas to base around chaos necromancer?? Just thought you might be able to make a cool deck with it
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
yea with a doomsday horror deck or dark necro fear deck, basically anything that can mill cards without it being detrimental to the deck. i kida like this card along with the new card that mills top 5 cards to grave mix that with prometheus, doomsday horror, and that guy that summons tokens while hes in the grave if enemy monsters get banished
Us newer players need versions of decks that don't include any of the packs no longer available.

Or, you know, they could just give us those packs back so all new players aren't permanently disadvantaged.
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
i agree
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
I agreed, the cards such as OTC, Michizure, and sphere Kuriboh(I just have it one) are very versatile. I know we should be more adaptive to the meta, but I think those cards are very important to the all meta decks
<< Anonymous
Anoymous Reply
No reason now. Just wait 4-5 days.
cadê deck de gemeos
cadê deck de gemeos

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I'm a Bakura fanboy but this deck works much better with Kaibas beatdown.
Three star cancer counter ?
Hahaha best ur cards hahahaha last I checked kuriboh was rated best card in the game. I don'...
Iv lost sometimes and won a good card I'm like wtf lol
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