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Structure Deck EX: Return of the Fire Kings
update 07/02/2017


Popular skillRoll 'n' Boost
Essential cards



Example deck

Tyrant DragonTyrant DragonTyrant DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBlue-Eyes White DragonBubonic Vermin
Bubonic VerminBubonic VerminPossessed Dark SoulPossessed Dark SoulHalf ShutHalf Shut
Stamping DestructionStamping DestructionStray LambsMirror WallThe Golden ApplesThe Golden Apples
The Golden ApplesWindstorm of Etaqua--------

Set skill

[Skill] descriptionUser
Roll 'n' Boost
Can be used each time your Life Points decrease by 2000. Show 1 monster card in your hand to the opponent and roll the die once. The Level of the monster shown becomes that of the die number untile the end of the turn.


How to use this deck

Using Joey's exclusive skill, summon Tyrant Dragon, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, or any high level monster with 0 or 1 tribute. The Golden Apples helps you safely receive enough damage to activate the skill. Additionally you can perform tribute set to use those high level monsters if you have Stray Lambs in your hand.

Possible OTK

Inflict the effect of Half Shut on a monster your opponent controls and attack it with your Tyrant Dragon twice. This combo may allow you to finish a duel in a turn.

Get your dragon stamp a spell/trap card!

For the high level dragon monsters in the example deck, Stamping Destruction can be used. The spell is effective against Mirror Wall, The Golden Apples, and Michizure.

Other useful cards

Barrel Dragon
Barrel Dragon
The goal of this deck it just to use a powerful high level monster card that you want to.
Trap Jammer
Trap Jammer
Most of trap cards used commonly, such as The Golden Apples and Mirror Wall, are activated in battle phase in many cases.
Enchanted Javelin
Enchanted Javelin
Helps you activate the "Roll 'n' Boost" skill.
Mirror Wall
Mirror Wall
Useful to adjust the amount of damage you receive.


The decklists on this website show the optimal deck build. If you don't have all the cards you can find cheaper substitutes such as Tribute Doll instead of Stray Lambs and Enchanted Javelin instead of Golden Apples.
<< Anonymous
oi Reply
Tribute doll for 7star only
<< Anonymous(oi)
Thewrudio Reply
There's a card called Limit impulse, its a poor man's stray lambs.
Ethan Kae
It's worth noting that L7 monsters could be summoned Without a tribute Doll, Bubonic Vermin can create fodder as well, etc.
then use a different deck, unfortunately there are other people out there that have the cards to build these decks and we appreciate good competitive deck lists, go build the "useful decks at early stages" if you don't have the resources to build proper decks yet instead of making comments about box resets & SR/UR card amounts, its ridiculous.
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
I've spent over $60 on the game, I'm stage 50, and I have 6 level 30's. The only SR I have 3x of (out of any set) is lambs.

I've bought 200 packs from the first set, 120 from the second set, 140 from the third set, and 11 from the fourth set... and I can't even dream of any of these decklists that are being posted...
<< Anonymous
Mizu Reply
By "resources" you mean obscene amount of money to throw at a game?
Well, making expensive deck is fine and all that but don't try to pass it as a masterfully designed deck.
Well, I suppose for some people, money is always a good fill in for skills.
3 Stray Lambs and 3 Golden Apples. lol okay then
This is very difficult to build... double reset on two booster packs and 2 extra BEWDs
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Two extra BEWD? I started out with two then it's just farm Kaiba for the last one
<< Anonymous
Anonymous Reply
Nvm on that I started with one

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